9 Clear Signs That A Scorpio Man Likes You (Is he Attracted?)

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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So, you’re wanting to know if a certain Scorpio guy likes you.

And if he does? Well, I hope you know what you’re in for! These guys are intense right out of the gate in relationships.

But before we get too far into contemplating the potential relationship – let’s sort out whether he’s truly attracted to you. Because these guys can be tough to read.

Lucky for you, I’m a Scorpio man myself! Yes, this site is made by a Scorpio. I know how all of the signs act when they have a crush, but I know Scorpio guys especially well. And by the end of this article, you will too.

So buckle up and get ready to dive into this cautious and complicated man. You’re about to discover all the subtle clues he reveals when he’s interested in a woman.

1. His eyes have been locking in on you

This is #1 for a reason. Eyes are the windows to the soul and can tell so much about a person – especially if that person is a Scorpio! These guys have the most intense eyes in the zodiac.

If a Scorpio man likes you, you can glimpse his longing for you when you lock eyes with him. If you catch eyes and he holds your gaze, expect to feel a flutter or a shudder because of how transfixed and penetrating his eyes are as they bore into you. You might even feel caught off guard and a little perplexed. How can he infuse so much emotion into his steady gaze?

If he averts his gaze from yours, it can also be a sign of much you affect him. Shy Scorpio’s won’t be able to hold eye contact for long with a woman they’re into. The important thing here is how strong his reaction is to you when you meet eyes. Is he calmly looking at you and then glancing away unflustered? Or do his eyes dart away super fast, almost like he doesn’t want you to “see” him or that he’s been looking at you?

Another thing you can look at: is he’s catching glances at you when you’re not looking? Scorpio guys silently observe the people around them, especially a crush. Their nature is like a predator. I don’t mean that in a negative way, just that these guys examine the target of their affection intensely in an effort to understand them. Like a leopard stalks the patterns of its prey.

So, what are his eyes doing?

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2. He regularly initiates conversations with you

A Scorpio who’s crushing on you will want to talk with you a lot. These guys are the Zodiac’s investigators and tend to be consummate romantic detectives.

When a Scorpio is into you he’ll look for endless opportunities to peer into your mind. He won’t harass you or try to initiate conversation constantly. He’s far too calculating for that and doesn’t want you to feel like he’s coming on too strong. But he will take advantage of any realistic chance to get you talking.

When talking with a Scorpio guy who’s into you, expect him to ask you a lot of questions about your life. And expect these conversations to progress into you revealing deep and vulnerable information about yourself. These guys have a knack for getting to the heart of your life experience. He does this because he wants to understand if you’re a good fit for him.

Also, expect him to text or call a lot when you’re not around.

6. He’s respectful and shows genuine interest in you as a person

Scorpio guys are generally quite deep and seek partners who are deep as well. They rarely enjoy superficial people, relationships, or romances. At least not in the long-term.

If he likes you, he’ll display his depth early on with genuine interest, attention, and immersive focus. He’ll want to know about your past, your current life, your future. This includes connecting with your deepest emotions and potentially your biggest traumas. These guys move quickly in this arena.

Even when he presses for sensitive information about you, he won’t be crash or pushy about it. There’s patience to Scorpio. He knows what he wants and will confidently work through the process of seduction in a relaxed manner that respects your boundaries and process. (The good Scorpios will do this, at least).

Some other ways he may exhibit a genuine interest in you:

  • He builds a genuine emotional connection with you that makes you feel seen and heard.
  • He uses your name a lot in conversation. It means he’s invested in building a good rapport with you. Scorpio men know how much people like to hear their own name said by others.
  • He remembers the details of your conversation. Scorpio men tend to have good memories, but often only remember details about people they care about.
  • He stays off his phone when you’re together. Scorpio’s understand the power of focus. If he’s distracted when talking to you, then he’s likely not invested in you.
  • He takes an interest in your hobbies and interests. A Scorpio who’s into you will want to figure everything about you, and that includes the contents of all of your interests. Don’t be surprised if he watches some movies that you mentioned liking.
  • He confides in you. These guys are PRIVATE! A Scorpio guy will only open up and share emotionally with someone who he respects. If he’s sharing his emotions with you, you are likely important to him.

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4. He opens up his body language with you

Scorpios prefer to keep their cards held close to their chest. This is why it can be hard to figure out when they’re attracted to you.

But, like all men, they tend to signal their interest in a woman with their body language. This can be a conscious maneuver on their part, but many times it’s done unconsciously.

How do when a Scorpio man is signaling attraction via body language? Here’s what to look for:

  • He orients his body in your direction. When he likes you he will face you, either directly with his head, face, and torso, or indirectly with his arms, legs, hips, etc.
  • He mirrors your movements. Scorpio men are intense one-on-one. They really zero in on a person if they’re into them and will typically mirror the majority of movements they make.
  • He makes self-grooming gestures. You might notice when you walk up to him or during a conversation that he makes little movements and adjustments to look his best for you. This could be fixing his hair, shaping his beard, straightening up his clothes, etc.

5. He’s getting physically closer to you

A Scorp guy who’s into you will bridge all gaps between you. First, he will start in with your mind. Then he’ll move on to your physical body.

Are you noticing that the physical gap between you has been getting narrower and narrower? Is he finding innocent reasons to get closer to you? Is he standing closer? Leaning towards you when you talk? Pressing into you?

You can test his desire for physical closeness by getting a little closer to him yourself. How does he respond?

9. He creates opportunities to spend time with you

A Scorpio guy who’s into you will work to spend time with you.

Here are some examples of ways he will try to spend more time with you:

  • He’ll initiate conversations on the phone. This could be calls or texts. He might reach out to figure out your schedule or just to talk. A Scorp who isn’t into you won’t spend the time or energy to do this.
  • He looks for opportunities to make himself useful to you. A Scorpio that’s into you will want to show how valuable he can be in your life.
  • He tries to include you in a lot of his plans. He’ll work to figure out your schedule and attempt to get you involved in his.

7. He treats you differently than other women

This is the most important section of the article. Because nothing that’s written above matters if he naturally acts in those ways with many women in his life.

To really be sure that he likes you, you’ll want to verify that he’s showing attraction-signaling behavior to just you (or possibly a couple of women that he’s potentially interested in) – but no more.

Here are some examples of him treating you differently:

  • He pays more you more targeted attention than the other women around him.
  • He gets a little awkward at times around you, but not with other women.
  • He’s incredibly responsive to you in social settings, but not women. Think laughing at all of your jokes enthusiastically, but not theirs.
  • He’s more teasing and playful with you than other women.
  • He’s more protective over you than with other women. He might even show signs of jealousy or possessiveness, but only to you.


So, after reading this what do you think? Do you think he’s interested in you, or not? Do you have more questions?

Hi I’m Loren. Welcome to Popular Astrology. You can learn more about me and this website here.

6 thoughts on “9 Clear Signs That A Scorpio Man Likes You (Is he Attracted?)”

  1. I met a Scorpio man online. We have texted and talked on the phone. We have had a lot of phone sex and sexting. We are very attracted to each other. I’m a cancer (female)

    We have not made plans to meet. We are 3 hours apart. He sends me songs, tells me he has strong feelings for me and is very attracted to me. He also said he does not easily let someone in his life. I trust him and believe what he says.

    He tells me about his family and his work and what he’s doing daily. He’s protective and jealous and says he wants me to be his only.

    When we FaceTimed he was nervous and said he felt insecure (beauty and the beast) he said…lol

    He couldn’t hold his state at me and kept looking away. He’s adorable.

    I hope it’s everything it seems to be and I’m not being played

  2. I met a Scorpio man we dated 2 months I avoided having sec rate away but the second date we did after spending 2 weeks on the phone then one day he backed off me then told me I was acting paranoid after sex so he got mad went into his shell it’s been almost two weeks we nearly talk I don’t know if I should continue to try or continue to move forward I am so confused the connection so strong I’m. A Pisces I fell hard for him real hard what Should I do ?? I’m lost I’m sad

  3. So, im not sure if he likes me, hes really good at eye contact but bad at comunication, he makes sure that i know that he likes me, and he tries to make me jealous with other girls, but i can feel that he treates me diferently than the others, hes more soft with me, and by the way im a pisces, what should i do?

    1. Hey. This definitely sounds like a shy Scorpio kind of behavior! I’m sure that he does have feelings for you, but isn’t sure how to communicate it. I would keep making him feel safe and welcomed energetically. He just needs to feel confident that he’ll be well-received if he were to make a move on you. Overall, Pisces and Scorpio is a great combination.

  4. soo, me and this dude have been friends, he’s a scorpio… and im a – Ariess. I looked up on the internet that they arent to compatible together but, it also said they are compatible sexually. Im trying to figure out if he likes me for me or if he is just using me as a flirt. we are very touchy and we do talk. he loves hugs and food lol. we talk daily and he tells me things he wants me to do to him. But us emotionally isnt strong, i might say something i think is funny and he gets sensitive and mad and then i feel that i did something wrong and then i get sad but at the same time im mad. and i just leave him to himself so he can calm down. its very hard for me to understand him but i could say im kinda reading him now and figuring out what to do so this could work out.

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