Single Question Q&A Reading - $25

Includes One (1) In-Depth Astrologically based Question & Answer Response

How it works:

1. You’ll pay for the session via the PayPal button below.

2. After paying, fill out this Google Form questionnaire (opens in a new tab) and submit it.

3. I’ll review your submitted form and work on an answer to your question. I’ll email you your answer complete with personalized interpretations and advice.

Note: Please include your exact birth time, if you have it. (As well as your partners, if your question is relationship based). This will allow me to provide you with the best results. Please limit your inquiry to one question and try to keep it under 500 words

Current wait time: 2-3 days

Example Questions for your Q&A Session


  • Is this the right job for me?
  • What should I focus on for a Career Path?
  • Are they a good business partner?


  • Specific dating advice
  • Is this the right partner for me?
  • When is the best time for me to marry (or divorce)?


  • What can I do to improve my mental health? 
  • What sort of  health issues am I predisposed to?

Working with Loren

Loren Elara is a professional astrologer and personal coach who’s focused on improving his client’s love life, dating, emotional health, and personal success. He’s dedicated to helping people better understand themselves and the people who surround them.

He is available for full-chart astrological readings, as well as individual question sessions that utilize targeted astrological analysis. His international clientele means he is typically booked 2 to 3 weeks out for full chart readings and 1 to 2 weeks for single-question readings.

Astrological readings with Loren are always light, fun and collaborative. His readings are approachable, as he uses clear and concise terms, and readily adjusts his readings to the tastes of each client.

Ready to get started?

An Astrology Q&A Consult Can Help You in Several Ways.

  • An overview of your personality can lead to self-understanding and acceptance.
  • Understanding the cycles at work in your life can give you renewed purpose.
  • Realising the patterns at play can ensure that you are making the most of your opportunities for self growth.
  • Relationships with others can be viewed with greater understanding.
  • Decisions may become clearer.

Astrology is a fantastic tool, to assist personal development and to guide the timing of significant life actions. My goal is to help you achieve better insight into yourself and your current life situation, so you can make more informed decisions and live more consciously.

If all you know about astrology is your zodiac-sign (i.e., the sign where the Sun was traveling on the day of your birth), you’ve been missing out on the profound illuminating power that your full astrological birthchart holds.

Astrology consultations are used for acquiring all types of insight and foreknowledge, to know what to expect, for romance and relationships, to find the best place to live, to get the best place to celebrate your birthday to create a dynamite solar return chart for a great year ahead.  Perhaps one of the primary reasons people want to have their astrology chart interpreted is to be able to know oneself better. There are several types of astrology consultations and you can approach astrology for whatever your current needs are. Astrology is used as an inner road map to understanding oneself and to achieve success. It helps you to discover your talents through analyzing your horoscope (astrology chart) to uncover different parts of your character that perhaps has been buried. That is one reason why astrology reveals secrets that were previously unknown. Whether you are seeking an astrological consultation forrelationship compatibility, natal chart analysis, solar return, or other important decisions in your life an astrology reading can support you in your life path and decisions.

Need quick help with one issue or problem area in your life?

This single session Q&A is perfect for quick answers around any single issue. 

Questions are often related to love, money, career, and health. But I can give astrologically based advice for pretty much any topic!


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