The 4 Most Hated Zodiac Signs in the Zodiac (Who are They?)

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Most people have a sign they love to hate on. And, as you might have noticed, people usually tend to hate on the same signs.

There’s the undeniable influence of groupthink – we’re all influenced by the tribe, and it’s easy to double down on who everyone else seems to be hating on.

But are these signs really that bad? Do they deserve all the hate? Well, it seems that, fundamentally, some signs do seem to get under people’s skin more than others. And I’ll be diving into the traits that landed each hated sign on this list.

It’s important to note that, by compiling this list, I am not saying that any of these signs deserve the hate they get. I will say that taste is subjective, and that, ultimately, no sign truly deserves to be hated. Signs are much more complex than the common generalizations they’re given.

With that said, let’s dive deep into the stereotyping that is the most hated zodiac sign and dissect each commonly hated sign, one by one.

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1. Gemini

Poor, poor Gemini. I really mean that. It’s a hard world to live in as an astrologically-aware Gemini. While the top two signs on this list easily get the most hate out of the group, it’s Gemini that gets the shortest end of the stick.

Here are the Gemini traits that people love to hate on:

Two-faced. Gemini is the sign of the twins. There’s a strong duality in Gemini people, which makes for a turbulent personality. They often get hated on for being the hot and cold friend, or worse, the liar who goes behind your back and discloses your deepest secrets to the last person you’d want to know about them. Even the non-nefarious Gemini’s get heat for trying to be a bit too cunning, slick, or conniving. 

Inconsistent. Flakey, flighty, unreliable, Scatter-brained… These words are often used to disdainfully describe Gemini people. The truth is, you never know what to expect with this sign. And they usually don’t know what to expect from themselves, either. It’s likey as much of a surprise to them that they’re flaking on your plans as it is to you. It’s true that they might not be the first person you should call to ask for a favor (maybe check with Cancer, instead).

Indecisive. Making decisions is not Gemini’s strong suit. They usually prefer to leave the heavy lifting to others, which can breed disdain over time when all (or most) of the shared decisions are left for others to make. In extreme cases, Gemini’s can lack fundamental stability at all due to their happy-go-lucky indecision. There’s also their notorious penchant for being non-committal. Serious-minded signs like Capricorn, in particular, can become quite frustrated by this.

Inauthentic. Gemini often gets knocked for acting fake. They struggle to show authentic emotion to others (and to themselves for that matter), so they cope by creating a curated image of themselves that can feel forced and disingenuous. 

Incessant talkers. Many people hate on Gemini for talking way too much and for too long. They can be incessantly chatty, and while the content of their discourses might seem fascinating to them, the rich details they share might be seen as fascinating by their audience.

The verdict on Gemini: So, does this care-free, sporadic Air sign deserve the top place on this list? I’ll leave that up to you. Just remember that when you need a spirited conversationist, or in the least someone you can count on texting with, then hit up your favorite Gemini. Because while the sign of dualities loves to talk, they can also be great listeners.

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2. Scorpio

There’s no doubt that Scorpio is a frequently hated on sign. These people are polarizing and carry a lot of dark intensity that can often rub people the wrong way. They can love very deeply. However, they can also hate very deeply.

Here are the Scorpionic traits that people love to hate on:

Secretive. Scorpio people are naturally distrustful and reflexively hide their emotions and motivations from others. While some find this mysterious and endearing, others just get annoyed at their concealed nature and unpredictability. 

Moody. Compounding on Scorpio’s secretiveness is their highly volatile emotional nature. It’s easy to feel like you’re walking on eggshells around Scorpio because their moods can be so angst-filled and tenuous. Few things hurt as much as having an angry Scorpio lash out at you. 

Cruel. Diving deeper into the often hated emotions of Scorpio, their cruel side is especially maligned. Scorpios are sensitive, but when they’re in a darker place they can bulldoze people from a place of total indifference. They have a razor-sharp tongue and know exactly how to punish people with it. Their coldheartedness can make them seem sociopathic at times. And many will admit that, in their darker moods, they really do feel like they want everyone to die. This is the dark influence of Pluto. Some Scorpios certainly hate more deeply than they love.

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Vengeful. Scorpio isn’t the only cruel sign. Capricorn and Aries stick out as well in this area. But, no one is more vengeful than Scorpio. Many people hate on them for their grudge-holding. If you’re on a Scorpios shit list, it can be a living hell if you have to be around them. Regaining their trust is nearly impossible, as they hardly ever let go and forgive, instead choosing to fixate on punishing people who they feel have wronged them. Of course, they’ll get a lot of hate directed back at them for this.

Stubborn. Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs in the zodiac. And they are by far one of the most stubborn signs you’ll encounter. If they don’t want their mind changed about something, you’ll never get them to relent. It’s often like talking to a brick wall as if they’re not listening. They may likely be listening, but only so they can pick about your argument in their own selective way.

Possessive. Scorpio people are big on personal freedom, but they can have a big double standard with how they treat others. Jealousy often fuels their lovestyle. They can be extremely possessive of partners and friends to the point of controlling and micro-managing their movements and decisions. This can really put people off and make them hate to be in Scorpio’s orbit.

The verdict on Scorpio: This intense water sign really can be tough to live with. Sure, they can be loyal, protective, and sensitive, but you need to find a Scorpio who’s managed to rise above their numerous darker tendencies. They are the sign of extremes, after all. The great Scorpios can truly be fantastic, healing powerhouses, but the unevolved ones can be tormenting to be around for many people.

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3. Leo

Up third on the list of most hated signs, we have perhaps the most polarizing selection yet. Yes, I’m looking at you, Leo the Lion.

Leo does get a lot of love (and self-love), being the charismatic sign of the Sun. But there are also some not-so-loveable traits that people seem to despise about Leo.

Here are some Leo traits that people love to hate on:

Narcisistic superiority complex. When you hear people hating on Leos, you might hear the term raging egomaniac thrown around. Or arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, thoughtless, etc. Some of the hate is overblown. Leo has a strong personality, and many people can’t handle that. But it is built into Leo’s worldview that they should be treated as royalty, and they might not do enough to earn that praise, while simultaneously talking down to the “peasants” around them. Not a good look.

Inconsiderate. Leo is competitive in all aspects of life. They can be domineering to the point of depressing those around them, especially when they work to control and manipulate beyond reason. Dominance isn’t always bad, but there are gradients, and Leo can take things too far in ways that are inconsiderate and unpleasant. 

Attention seeking. Leo is addicted to positive affirmation from being the center of attention. They are very ego-driven as a result, and this behavior can draw a lot of hatred & resentment from others. Especially when Leo is acting ingenuine to bolster their looks. 

Vengeful. Like Scorpio, Leo gets a lot of hate for their tendency to seek revenge. When their ego is wounded by someone, they’ll often struggle to cope with it internally, and instead very carefully plan out their revenge. Watch out for their temper issues, too. They can put someone on blast in an overblown way out of nowhere.

The verdict on Leo: Everyone has a bit of egotism. It’s a good trait to have a strong, healthy ego. But Leo frequently takes things too far in an egoic way and pushes people away. If they struggle to maintain a healthy ego, Leo can be a pain to be around, and stir up a lot of hate directed their way. With that said, an internally validated, high self-esteem Leo can make for a delightful friend.

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4. Virgo

Next up, we have the earthy sign of Virgo. Why would the sign of the Virgin end up on the most hated list? Virgo is practically a model citizen – they’re organized, detail-oriented, and service-oriented.

But, alas, there are some particular qualities that Virgo boasts which seem to easily put people off.

Here are the Virgo traits that people love to hate on:

Judgemental. Virgo people are deeply ingrained with a sense of criticism. They judge everyone they come in contact with, just as they judge themselves, day in and day out. Many Virgos come across as totally disapproving of just about everything. Virgos gaze might not be overtly condescending, but it can be subtly so. This icy snobbishness tends to turn people off fast. No one enjoys being disapproved of at every corner.

Know It All. Of course, Virgo wouldn’t be so judgy unless they knew better, right? And they often do feel like they know the answer to everything. Their ruler Mercury gives them a bright mind, but they need to watch out how they come across when they believe someone isn’t doing things to their perfect standards. It’s very hard to convince a Virgo of something, and it can be frustrating to try when they are being pessimistic, overly serious, or lost in the details (a state they fall into frequently).

Overthinking. Virgo is the overthinker of the zodiac. They worry a lot about tons of little details, and it sometimes drives them into a chronically nervous and fidgety state. When Virgo gets in a cycle of overthinking, they become even more critical and judgemental of others, which can drive the people around them nuts. 

Lost in the details. Virgo’s perfectionistic streak tends to backfire on them a lot. They fixate on things and lose the big picture of the circumstances they’re so deeply invested in fixing. This can cause them to sabotage, procrastinate, and abandon mutually shared projects and plans. They don’t mean to do this, of course. They love to be completionists. Regardless, it can cause headaches for the people they’re working with.

Stingy. As an earth sign, Virgo is pretty materialistic. But they’re mostly the penny-pincher type that enjoys nice things but never works themselves up to acquire them. It can be annoying to have a well-off Virgo that works hard day in and day outlook to save pennies rather than just enjoy themselves. 

The verdict on Virgo: While they can be tough to be around at times, it’s good to recognize that they really do try their best. Their judgemental side is a defense mechanism, and while it may seem like they really have it out for them, know that they are judging themselves inside just as much as you. 

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Everyone Else

Well, those were the top four hated signs. You may agree with them, or you may not. Remember, most hated is a very subjective sentiment.

Since every zodiac sign gets its fair share of hate, let’s briefly cover the remaining signs and dissect which of their traits draw the most amount of hate.

(5) Aries. Aries is warlike and fiery. Their intensity and scary fits of rage can keep people on edge. A lot of people hate on Aries for their explosive unpredictability, as well as their patent immaturity and lack of impulsive control.

(6) Libra. Libra has a reputation for being sweet, innocent, and charming, but they can also be backstabbers who leverage relationships to get what they want. They’ll often go undetected due to their smooth delivery. Also, people tend to hate Libra’s indecisiveness, lack of consistency, and occasional fake social persona.

(7) Aquarius. Aquarians can lack empathy to the point of sometimes being antisocial pariahs. Do you expect emotional intimacy in your relationships? Don’t hold out hope for Aquarius. They’ll have all sorts of fun with you, but unless you put in serious work getting them to open up, you’ll probably be left disappointed. They’re also stubborn and individualistic to a fault.

(8) Taurus: The Taurus haters out there disdain the signs obsessed with material objects, like clothes and food. There’s a self-indulgent bend to Taurus that simply rubs some people the wrong way. Taurus can also be arrogant, possessive, jealous, stubborn, lazy, and dismissive. 

(9) Cancer: Cancer is super moody, emotional, and often clingy. Unemotional people will really tire of Cancer’s constant mood swings and emotionally manipulative tactics. 

(10) Sagittarius: This is a loud, exuberant sign. A lot of people love Sagittarius’s buoyant and bright personality, but others hate their bluntness and unapologetic air. Sag can be quite the know-it-all, and is usually pretty self-interested in an opportunistic way that turns some people off.

(11) Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn can be a heavy, heavy influence on someone. These people often live repressive inner lives, and can hold other’s down energetically as well. They can be domineering, despotic, inflexible, uncommunicative, and passionless workaholics. Watch out for their sharp-tongued, criticism as well. They hold themselves, and the people around them, to exceptionally high standards. Many people hate Cap’s heavy nature and resent their powerful influence. 

(12) Pisces. Like Cancer, Pisces is another wellspring of watery emotionality. Pisces energy is selfless and kind but can be evasive and unstructured. These people can avoid responsibility and love to escape into fantasy. This turns a lot more of the sober-minded, intellectually driven people off.

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What did you think about this list of hated signs? Do you agree with the rankings? Was your sign on the list?

Remember that this is a basic astrology article. We’ve only touched on some generalized analysis of individual Sun signs. Try not to judge a person simply based off hearing their Sun sign. Astrology charts have far more depth than just the Sun sign.

Each sign, and each person, has a depth that’s worth exploring. Writing any sign-off is just not a worthwhile venture. There’s so much to learn in life, and oftentimes quite a lot from the signs that trigger us the most.

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