The Top 5 Best Kissing Signs in the Zodiac, Ranked

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When it comes to the intimate realm of kissing, we have the haves, and we have the have nots.

Some signs are particularly equipped to stun in all the right ways, while others simply fall flat at this delicately sensual art form.

So if you’re on a hunt for the best kisser, get started with a sign from this list.

But a disclaimer before we dive in: remember that Sun signs aren’t everything. In the end, subjective tastes trump all else when it comes to kissing (and traits in general).

For example, someone who’s an innately great kisser might seem like the worst kisser to a person who struggles to skillfully kiss to begin with.

Ultimately, individual compatibility is more important than skill when kissing is on the agenda. But, skill does exist (and is the focus of this article)

With that said, let’s get on to the list – starting with the best kisser from our list.

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1. Pisces

Yes, the kissing crown goes to watery and immersive Pisces. These sensual, quiet, and passionate souls are powerhouses in the sex and sensuality department. 

For one, they are hopeless romantics who put everything into their relationships. They are givers and caretakers and want to provide their partner with all of the perfect moments (and love) that they feel they deserve. 

While Pisces loves sex, they’re able to make a long make-out session feel just as immersive and powerful as sex. They get lost in their partner both emotionally and physically, and their partner is liable to get lost right along with them.

They’re also not shy about taking the lead with kissing. It’s such a natural strength of there’s that even the shiest among them feel at home with the experience.

It’s easy to see how Pisces is the number one kisser – and that’s even before getting into their actual mechanical kissing skills (which they are also top-notch at).

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2. Scorpio

Scorps are number two on the kissing prowess list. Like Pisces, they too are immersive and unafraid kissers. They are the most sensual and passionate sign in the zodiac and will defend their reputation with each and every kiss. They are an all-in style of kisser. 

While kissing Scorpio, you can’t help but become lost in the enveloping experience. Scorpio is incredibly passionate and knows how to amp up the arousal with just the right amount of forceful energy. When they want you, they want you. And it shows in their style of kissing. 

For the right person, Scorpio’s passion and intensity are irresistible. They’re highly affectionate kissers and love to jump into the passionate throes of a deep kiss or sensual neck kiss at any moment. The only sign that enjoys more consistent bouts of kissing is Cancer (more on them later).

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3. Taurus

Taurus is a sensual, earthy, Venus-ruled sign. These people drip with sex appeal and raw carnal passion.

Taurus loves all aspects of lovemaking, kissing in particular. They’re connoisseurs of foreplay, and understand the importance of kissing as an essential element of sensual passion. 

Like the two signs above, the art of kissing comes naturally to Taurus. They are born with the deep knowledge of how to navigate the act to sensuous perfection. They may kiss gently, with perhaps the softest lips in the zodiac, but don’t let their tender approach fool you – they’ll have you hooked and begging for more in no time. 

Kissing a Taurus is always an enriching experience because they love to satisfy and please. They don’t kiss to impress or put on a show, they genuinely want to overwhelm their partners with loving, gentle, and sensuous energy. It shows in the effort they put into it. They kiss in a way that makes you know that every part of them is tuned in to you.

You can always be open about what you want with your Taurus partner. They love to satisfy their companions, and will adjust to your wants on the fly. If they weren’t your favorite kisser right away, no worries; kissing with your Taurus ages is an experience that evolves like a fine wine. 

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4. Cancer

Ah, Cancer. The soft heart of the Zodiac. Kissing them is always a life-changing experience, as they pour their overflowing hearts into every kiss. Every kiss of theirs is filled with emotion.  

The seductive nature of Cancer is encapsulated by their kissing. There’s a magical element to kissing them that keeps you coming back over and over again for more. Cancer loves deeply and is full of heart, and each kiss gives you a certain sense of belonging in the universe.

Kissing this sign is akin to getting lost in a sea of love. Their kisses are never just about the lips. Kissing them is a sentimental full-bodied experience. They envelop your body in kisses that will melt your heart and make you feel cozy beyond belief. Their warmth and spiritually maternal passion permeate their love style, and their raw emotionality and eroticism will make you feel like dropping into cosmic bliss. 

If there’s a kisser in the zodiac that can overwhelm their kissee with emotions and universal love, it’s Cancer. And boy do they love to kiss. cancer is the most receptive sign for constant nuzzling and kissing. Cancer is extremely generous with their time and effort when it comes to kissing. 

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5. Aries

While the signs on this list so far have shined due to their sensuality and deep-running feelings, Aries makes the top kisser list based on pure fiery passion.

Aries kiss well because they want to kiss well. They want to impress you. To overwhelm you with passion. They love to ravish and melt their partners into a sensual puddle of love. 

Because of this, they put their heart and soul into every kiss. They mean business, and they won’t half-ass any makeout session.

Another plus for Aries is their boldness. These fire signs won’t hesitate to initiate kissing when the mood strikes. They’ll take your hand and lead you right into the perfect place and mood for kissing to happen. Kissing them makes you feel wanted and oh so turned-on. 

Just make sure you mirror back their intense passion and raw sexual charge, and you’ll be in for a good time.


There you have it, the top five zodiac signs worth kissing.

What do you think of the list? Are there any signs you’d add or some you’d remove? Let us know in the comment section below.

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11 thoughts on “The Top 5 Best Kissing Signs in the Zodiac, Ranked”

  1. This list s*cks! Aquarius are the best kissers. Not only are they sensual, passionate but they’re erotic and unpredictable. So I’m guessing the author and half these people on here have never encountered a love trist with one. smh

    1. I only dated one Aquarius guy, and I hated that he was a smoker. He had the most beautiful lips, and I always wanted to kiss him, but he was not good. He would stick his hard pointy stinky tongue down my throat taking me by surprise. There was no build up to this. Is there such thing as being mouth raped?? That’s how I felt, he was not sensual at all, very cold aggressive kisser. 3/10.
      My best kissers have been all Leos, their opposite/sister sign. I think they have the right amount of aggression passion and warmth.

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