What’s The Best Zodiac Sign? Ranking The Top 5 Signs in Order

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Out of all twelve zodiac signs, which one is truly the best?

I hate to break it to you, but it’s a bit of an impossible question. No single sign can objectively be the best, because everyone has different opinions about what makes a sign the best.

But for fun, I’ll be ranking my top signs in order from best to worst and explaining how I got there. I’ll take into account all the positive and negative traits of each sign in the process.

Sorry ahead of time if your sign didn’t get ranked too highly on this list. Remember, opinions are varied, and there are plenty of people out there who would rank your sun sign number one!

Maybe you’ll love my list. Or, maybe you’ll hate it so much that you’ll get the motivation to write out your own list. Win-win either way!

Now, let’s dive in.

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1. Capricorn

Right away, many people who read this might go side-eyed at number one. Capricorn? Cap rarely makes the top of lists like this. But, due to my own unique birth chart, I’m predisposed to love Capricorn energy. And here are the shining attributes that caused me to place Capricorn so high:

Patient. Capricorn may not be the quickest or wittiest on this list, but they, along with Taurus, are masters at patience. And patience is hard to come by trait in our rapid-paced, instant-gratification-driven world. With Saturn as its ruler, Capricorn views things in the big picture of time and rarely gets lost in short-term influences. They make excellent lifelong plans and easily stick out their massively ambitious goals.

Pragmatic. Caps are very practical. They have the most grounded mind in the Zodiac. They look at circumstances with a sober savviness and learn quickly from setbacks or mistakes. They make fantastic advisors for practical matters.

Hard-working. Capricorn works the hardest out of any sign in the zodiac. They prepare well and put their knowledge into practice expertly. They are gritty completionists and perform well under stress. They have great earning potential.

Self-controlled. Capricorn is sure-footed in a wobbly world. They master self-control in a world full of temptations. They’re just built differently and get far more pleasure than most people from focusing on truly ambitious, long-term goals.

Reliable. Need something done on time and done right? Capricorn will be there for you, day in and day out. Cap takes responsibility seriously, and one of their worst fears is to be seen as unreliable or irresponsible. They know how to keep promises and make excellent, caring friends.

Capricorn’s Shortcomings: Capricorn often neglects home life and emotional awareness. We are emotional creatures, and this neglect can wreak havoc on Capricorn’s heart and spell trouble for those they are close to.

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2. Cancer

Next up, we have water Cancer, which is actually the polar opposite sign of Capricorn. 

Here are the Cancerian traits that caused me to place Cancer as second best:

Comfort-giving. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and these people make those around them feel very at ease with their warm, tender nurturance and fantastic hugs. Cancer loves to love, and they care tremendously about making those around them feel their best. They are incredibly considerate and loyal to the people in their life, which creates an air of safety and comfort in their relationships.

Emotionally intelligent. Cancer people respect the realm of human emotionality and intuition. Yes, they hardly have a choice in the matter, since they are frequently awash in emotions. Still, this is a powerful trait, as emotional awareness helps us resolve inner traumas and setbacks in life. As a result, Cancer people are usually very happy in love. They intuitively know what they (and their partner) need in a relationship, and aren’t afraid to dive into the emotional muck of their inner world.

Amazing hosts. Cancer is the sign of the home, and these people tend to have some of the most comfortable abodes out there. They love to play host, as well, and their instinctive ability to take care of others shines when they have people over to visit. They’re great bakers and chefs, as well. Never turn down an invite to a party at the home of a Cancerian. You’ll be presented with great humor, good cheer, and perhaps some excellent emotional advice.

Cancer’s Shortcomings: While selfless and loving, Cancer can also be volatile and hyper-sensitive. They hold onto hurts and can close up tight from others, nursing emotional wounds that keep them feeling safe but ultimately unfulfilled.

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3. Libra

Third on my list of best signs is airy, Venus-ruled Libra.

Here are the traits that got them here:

Balance seeking. We all seek to find balance in this topsy-turvy world we live in. The world of humans really is off-kilter and out of balance, and we’re all feeling a bit extra exposed to that reality lately. Libra is so great because they are the Zodiac’s harmony finder. They are excellent at picking out exactly what’s out of sync in the world around them and have the tact and charm to influence others in a way that restores the balance around them. They make for excellent mediators and judges. They usually have interesting ideas and theories about all sorts of topics.

Socially graceful. Libra has great charm, charisma, and intellectuality. They are easy-going, curious, and non-confrontational. They are natural conversationalists that know how to make yous feel heard, cared for, and desired. There’s a natural beauty that emanates out of them in social situations, and their lack of sharp edges makes them a great person to have by your side one on one or at any social engagement.

Architect of beauty. Ruled by Venus, Libra people love art and beauty in all forms. It’s a sign that boasts a sort of ethereal beauty. They tend to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye, while also surrounding their environment with graceful words, flowers, beautiful music, scents, greeting cards, and wholesome food. Everything Libra touches ends up more beautified. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ugliness in the world, call up your Libra friend and go take a peaceful vacation in their well-curated backyard patio.

Libra’s Shortcomings: Libra can be gripped by a fear of living alone. As a result, they can be impatient and push people into forming a relationship with them. Their constant desire for balance can also make them indecisive. They see all sides and can’t decide on a plan of action. And for all their genuine gracefulness, some Librans can be slimy and sickly sweet in a backstabbing, egotistical way.

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4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius’s best traits: Sagittarius has a broad-minded intelligence and adventurous spirit that pumps life into the human experience. They’re very self-driven and don’t care what other people think of them. They can take in a lot of information and love to explore their mind just as much as the world around them. They love different cultures and new experiences. They’re perhaps the best sign to travel the world with. You’d pretty much be guaranteed a good time on your trip. 

Sagittarius’s Shortcomings: Their biggest shortcoming also comes from one of their strengths. They really just don’t care that much about other people’s opinions or expectations. This can result in them being incredibly blunt with others and just frankly not caring about them. They can also be lazy and unambitious in life, beyond finding new adventures and indulging in sensual pleasures.

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5. Taurus

Taurus’s best traits: Like Libra, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. They have a great sense of beauty and are aesthetes at heart. They’re hard workers and love cultivating success. They’re humble but determined and make excellent leaders in industry. They’re one of the most sensual and giving signs and love to touch and pamper their loved ones. 

Taurus’s Shortcomings: They struggle with being inflexible and stuck in their comforts. They can be very materialistic and conservative with their life and easily fall into a place of dissatisfaction with the world. They can be obstinate, hard to please, and frequently jealous. Inertia is their Achilles heel. They often bore more excitable signs.

6. Scorpio

Scorpio’s best traits: They’re intensive, magnetic, powerful, and highly sexed. There’s a depth and mystery to Scorpio that’s hypnotically alluring. Their passion is palpable, and their beliefs run deep. They’re resilient, driven, and can read people with ease. They respect the privacy of others and can be incredibly loyal to those who matter to them. Their emotional connections are the deepest in the Zodiac, and their partners are often left irreversibly changed by Scorpio’s intense love style and the feeling of profound understanding.

Scorpio’s shortcomings: They aren’t easygoing and are often too complex for those around them. They can be critical, suspicious, jealous, and overbearing to a fault. Their trust issues often sink their romantic relationships, and they rarely forgive and forget. Once a Scorpio closes to you, it’s likely for good.

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7. Leo

Leo’s best traits: Leo is a smart, sexy, and funny sign. They’re born stars that tend to shine bright in a super attractive and charismatic way. They’re highly generous and protective of those in their tribe. Their enthusiasm and unbridled creativity permeates their life and makes people want to be around them. 

Leo’s shortcomings: Leo can be cocky and needy for attention at the same time. There is a royal quality to them, but it becomes more annoying than awe-inspiring when they’re treating the people around them like peasants. Their desire to dominate often puts people off and leaves them lonely. Leo definitely needs to work on moderating their ego and learn to self validate a bit more.

8. Pisces

Pisces best traits: Pisces people have this charming sensitivity, gentleness, and vulnerability that makes people want to take care of them. They have the softest hearts in the Zodiac and are always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. They are very flexible, patient, and non-judgemental. There’s an old soul quality to Pisces that is captivating. They are incredibly intuitive, sometimes to the point of being psychically attuned to others. They provide a great shoulder to cry on when life is feeling hard. They know how to whisk you away into a more poetic and mystical experience of the universe.

Pisces shortcomings: They can be lost in the ethers and detached from the world. Many Pisces turn to drugs and other escapes to cope with their environment, and they can become so out of sync with the rhythms of mundane life that you can’t rely on them in a practical way.

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9. Gemini

Gemini’s best traits: They bring excitement and stimulation with them everywhere they go. They’re constantly upbeat and desirous of new experiences. They talk a lot and can keep you engaged endlessly with all sorts of conversation topics. They’re also open-minded, accepting, and great listeners. 

Gemini’s shortcomings: If you want stability and consistency, look elsewhere. Gemini can be very erratic and hot and cold. They can be consummate flakes, gossips, and manipulators.

10. Aquarius

Aquarius best traits: These outside-of-the-box thinkers have a boat-load of street-smarts and unique perspectives to share with the world. They are detached, rational thinkers that see the world from a cosmic birds-eye view. They have a lot to give to humanity with their innovative ideas. Relationally, they can be a bit aloof, but always seek to support the group that they’re a part of.

Aquarius shortcomings: Their rational detachment channels brilliance, but also comes at a price. It’s hard to relate emotionally with Aquarian people. They fear their internal emotional world and usually choose to live in their brilliant minds. This can cause them to lose perspective and friends.

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11. Virgo

Virgo’s best traits: Virgo people are intelligent, communicative, loyal, and love to learn. They’re hard workers with a perfectionist streak, which makes them reliable colleagues. If you want any sort of detailed work done, whether it be a home renovation, taxes, or trip planning, Virgo is likely your go-to. They don’t let a single detail slip by them. They love to be of service, too. 

Virgo’s shortcomings: Virgo can be icily judgemental and condescending at times. Their subtle disapproval of the world around them can push people away. It also reflects an inner world of self-criticism and harshness – something many Virgos struggles with.

12. Aries

Oh wow, Aries is last? I didn’t intend for that. It just goes to show that I randomly put this together after the top three signs. Sorry about it! Anyway, let’s finish this article out.

Aries’s best traits: Aries is the initiator of the Zodiac. They might not have the best, most well-thought-out plans, but they’re the ones that get the ball rolling. Aries has quick decision-making, high risk-taking capacity, strong leadership abilities, and unbridled creativity. If you want to shake things up a bit in your life, spending time with Aries is the perfect solution.

Aries shortcomings: Aries people tend to act impulsively and suffer from anger problems. As the first sign on the Zodiac wheel, they’re often referred to as the children of the Zodiac. Watch out for those notorious Aries temper tantrums.


There you have it, the best zodiac signs, ranked. What did you think of my list? Did it resonate at all? Would your list be entirely different? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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11 thoughts on “What’s The Best Zodiac Sign? Ranking The Top 5 Signs in Order”

  1. I did not expect Capricorn’s to be the best zodiac sign! I way more like the worst traits of an Aries than a Capricorn! My self-control isn’t the best either, nor I am very patient. But can definitely say that I can be an emotional wreak sometimes.

      1. No way !!
        Capricorn are sneaky plotting and manipulative!
        Cancers are overly emotional
        And whiney!
        I’m a Gemini and most people are boring

  2. I don’t like how you ranked the zodiac signs. All of them are amazing and different in their own unique ways. Yes, some are social butterflies while others are extreme introverts, some you will become best friend with immediately while others need to know you for a while before deciding but that doesn’t change the people they are in the inside. I personally am an Aquarius but personality-wise I am a mix between Leo, Aries, and Gemini but I think this could hurt some people’s feelings.

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