7 Clear Signs That A Pisces Man Likes You (Is he Attracted?)

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Ah, the Pisces man. These guys are sweet, fun, and tend to be highly devoted partners. But they can also be hard to read.

Sure, they’re emotional and wear their hearts on their sleeves. But they can also be quite guarded as well due to how sensitive they are. All three of the water signs are like this (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio).

In this post, I’ll teach you how to understand the Pisces man so you can tell if he has feelings for you.

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1. His eyes have been locking in on you

When a Pisces guy likes you, his eyes will linger on you.

And when your eyes meet you’ll likely feel as though there’s a soulful glimmer emanating out of him and into you. It could feel like he’s staring into your soul or somehow merging with you in a way that strikes you.

Conversely, when you catch him looking at you he might look away from you quickly. Pisces men can be timid, after all. Especially with a crush. They tend to prefer an indirect route of attracting a partner. So direct eye contact (early on at least) could make them feel ill at ease.

To check his interest level, try to see if he’s checking you out. He might try to be cautious and conceal how much he looks at you, but use your intuition and you can probably notice him sneaking glances.

Be sure to notice what he does when your eyes meet. Does he stare back at you? Or do his eyes dart away? The more strong of reaction that you feel from him, the more likely he likes you.

Also, notice if/how much he looks at you in social settings. Does he lock his eyes on you attentively when you speak to the group? Does he glance at you to share a moment when something funny or interesting happens? Take note.

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2. He regularly initiates conversations with you

A Pisces guy that’s into you will try to get the conversation between you two flowing. He’ll constantly initiate conversations with you about a range of topics and have more topics geared up to discuss when there’s a lull in the conversation.

All of this means that he’s invested in having your conversations together feel interesting, which means he probably likes you and wants to impress you.

If he likes you, you can expect him to ask you about your opinions on a wide range of topics. He might ask about your family, your spirituality, your hobbies, your favorite foods, your childhood, your travel experiences, etc. Watch to see if he asks questions that make you reveal about your relationship availability. These could be questions about where you live, whether you live alone, your social life, or even your relationship history.

If he’s asking you questions about these topics regularly, that means he’s probably into you. And if he’s texting you out of the blue to ask you questions or to arrange a time to meet up to talk more, you can almost be sure that his feelings for you are strengthening.

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3. He compliments you frequently

Pisces men are highly sentimental and compassionate. They like to make the people around them feel good, especially their crushes.

When a Pisces man has feelings for you he will be sure to go out of his way to compliment you. He might compliment your looks – perhaps your sense of style, your smile, your hair, etc.

He also might give you compliments on the deeper parts of your personality. Such as your sense of spirituality, your composure, how your mind works, how good you make the people around you feel, etc.

The more he compliments you, the more likely it is that he’s subtly hinting at it that he has feelings for you.

To be sure, you should also pay close attention to how much he compliments the other people around him. If he’s clearly giving you more compliments than others, it means he probably likes you.

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4. He lets you know with his body language and facial expressions

A Pisces man may try to hide his attraction for you from a fear of rejection, but he’ll still give away some indicators with his body language.

If you think he might be into you, check out how he sits when he’s with you. Is he facing you? Is his body turned in your direction, even when he’s talking to other people? Is his chest open and expansive with you, or conversely, does his body language look unusually guarded around you? (He could be shy.) How does he react when another man comes near you or talks to you?

Also, check to see if he mirrors your movements or tonality. When you adjust your body, does he follow suit? Mirroring behavior shows interest.

Finally, is he smiling at you a lot? The face tells a lot about how someone feels. If he’s smiling at you for no apparent reason – especially if it looks genuine and he’s smiling at you more than he is at others – it’s a big sign that your Pisces guy is into you.

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5. He creates opportunities to spend time with you

A Pisces guy who fancies you will want to spend time with you. As mentioned, Pisces guys can be a bit shy and unsure how to approach asking a woman out because direct expressions of feelings can be a hurdle for them.

A Pisces man might try to spend time with you by showing up at a group event that he knows you’ll attend, offering to help you with something (Pisces loves to provide a helping hand), or by coordinating with his friends to create an opportunity for you and him to have alone time (a classic move).

If he’s more direct, he might simply ask and make an effort to include you in his day-to-day plans. He might invite you to gatherings, hikes, the cinema, or even mundane activities like grocery shopping or other errands (which would be a sure sign of his interest in you). If he’s initiating by phone or text to meet up with you and spend time you can bet that he’s into you.

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6. He’s starting to act very caring and nurturing toward you

Pisces men absolutely love to take care of their partners. They possess very sensitive and nurturing souls.

If he’s opening up to you enough to start taking care of you and being emotionally involved, he likely is attracted to you. You might find him really trying to dig into your emotional life in an effort to help soothe you and be present for you. These guys want to provide their crush a shoulder to cry on.

He might even start to want to take care of a lot of your needs. He might go out of his way to help you with things. He might offer to grab all of your groceries for you and deliver them. He might offer a massage if you seem tense or stressed. He might rush to grab you chocolate or ice cream if you’ve had a bad day, etc.

Overall, these guys want to deeply bond with their love interests. And nurturing behavior is a major way that they will bond with someone.

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7. He’s getting closer to you physically and goes out of his way to touch you

Pisces men tend to be pretty mushy-gushy and physically affectionate with important people in their lives.

If he likes you, you’ll notice the proximity between you two start to get narrower and narrower. He’ll want to enter your personal space and will find innocent reasons to do so.

He might sit or stand right next to you in a group setting when space would allow him to be further. He might graze his shoulder or hand against you in a seemingly innocent way.

He might be more directly physical with you, likely in indirect ways like initiating arm-wrestling or play-fighting. He might be particularly physical during hello’s and goodbyes, perhaps allowing his hugs to linger a bit longer than you’d expect.

Any physical contact with you, especially prolonged, is a strong sign of his potential interest in you. Pisces men will rarely touch a woman who they dislike, especially because they’re cautious and don’t like giving the wrong impression to someone.

To get a better idea of his physical comfort with you, try getting physically close with him and see how he reacts. If he’s responsive, he probably likes you. If he gets jumpy, he might still like you but is nervous. If he hardly responds at all and just backs away slowly, then he might not be that into you.

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There you have it, seven ways that a Pisces man will signal his interest in you (consciously or not). If he’s confiding in you, taking interest in the thing you like, remembers details about you, gives you his undivided attention, or is being protective of you, you’re likely in with him.

The biggest thing you should do next is verify whether he treats other women in the same way. Some Pisces men are highly affectionate with all the women in their life. So if he’s paying you a lot of attention, care, and compliments – check to see if he is or isn’t treating the other women around him the same.

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  1. Thank you for this! There is a Pisces man at work (he’s 40, I’m 36) that I’ve been interested in. And I’m seeing all these little signs, and wanted clarification. This helped a ton!

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