5 Ways to Get a Pisces Man to Chase You (Make Him Obsessed)

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  • Sign: Pisces
  • Dates: February 20 – March 20
  • Ruling planets: Neptune & Jupiter
  • Planetary principle: Sacrifice
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Quality: Feminine

Pisces men can be elusive lovers. There’s a magic to them, and they’re quite complex, as the sign of Pisces is a kind of amalgamation of all the signs before. Rarely will a Pisces man end up being exactly who he appears to be.

These guys are undoubtedly sexy. They have this dreamy appeal; maybe he’s a bit disheveled but pulls he pulls it off well. His idealism, empathy, and ability to love in a deep, expansive way make him easily draw women to him. Being with a Pisces man is like stepping into a fantasy. You and him both get swept away into this kind of alternate, cozy space. 

If this sort of tryst sounds good to you, then the elusive, romantic Pisces man is probably right for you! But first, you have to get pique his interest get him longing to chase you.

One thing is for sure; these guys can be a bit vague in the early stages of attraction. They’re often flirtatious with a potential love interest, but even if he’s flirty with you, you might still be left wondering if he’s really into you or not.

It doesn’t help that Pisces men can also be a bit picky, shy, and unfocused when pursuing romance. They are slippery charmers!

With the tips in this post, though, you’ll be able to reel your Pisces man towards you with ease.

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1. Establish a soulmate vibe

Pisces men are all about connecting and merging. Step one, build that connection! You’ll entice the Pisces man into chasing you by capturing his affection and imagination through focused bonding.

These are highly emotional guys and seek out partners that they vibe with on a deep soul level. No superficiality with a Pisces.

Pisces guys zero in on the eyes of potential love interests. Start by building emotional intensity and rapport with your eyes. So be sure to make your eyes expressive, emotive, dreamy, even a little bit aloof. Get him wondering about you (more on building up your mystery later).

Be as present as possible with him. Open up and be vulnerable whenever you get the chance. Share secrets, talk about intimate things, listen closely to his stories, always mirroring his emotionality. 

Be as warm and loving as you can. Boost his ego, compliment him, and always be unflinchingly accepting of him.

Pisces men like soft, caring partners who are playful and flirty. They’re romantic junkies and are suckers for the idealist, magic carpet ride sort of romance.

You want him to feel an almost otherworldly connection with you like your souls are intertwining. Not in a crowding, pushy way, though (Pisces guys hate to feel cornered or boxed in). Remember, you want him to be chasing you, which requires giving him abundant space to do it.

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2. Send the signal that you’re a catch

Pisces men tend to pedestalize potential lovers. Once you’re pedestalized in his mind, the Pisces guy will chase you wholeheartedly.

To do this, work on presenting yourself as confident, sensual, sexy – and above all – high status.

Do this by being a little hard to figure out. To make him want to initiate a chase, he needs to guess a bit of you.

Pisces men will fall head over heels for a woman who strikes just a little bit of fear in him that he might not be able to have her. You want him feeling a tinge of: am I good enough for her? Do I deserve her? That’s when he chases.

How to specifically do this?

Be emotional, warm, and affectionate much of the time, but sometimes a little aloof. This displays that you don’t rely on him for emotional validation. That you enjoy him, but that you’d be plenty fine without his company, too. This makes him want to prove himself to you and causes him to chase.

You also don’t want to pedestalize him. Instead of worrying if he’ll chase you, start to assess him with a critical eye. Is he good enough for you? You have to shift into a chooser mindset, from thinking “does he like me” to more closely scrutinizing if he’s a worthwhile match for you

Remember, to get a Pisces man chasing you; you can’t be chasing him. You create a vacuum and push him to be the pursuer by stepping back a little and acting like a prize. This makes him reach out more and work for your attention (i.e., chase).

To do this well, you really must work on your self-image and cultivate a high-value, abundant personality that makes you feel like the prize worth chasing.

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3. Be a little mysterious

This was already touched on in the last point but deserved its own section. 

Pisces men love to idealize beauty. They’re total romantics, and a mysterious feminine energy tugs on their heartstrings like none other. They don’t fall in love with the small details, say; a Virgo would. They want to see you from a bit further away, as it gives him the best opportunity to idealize your presence wistfully.

As mentioned, you can do this by being a little hard to figure out/aloof. You could hold eye contact with him, giving a blank stare that makes him confused and stirs him a little bit inside.

You could highlight your creative expressive side by curating a simple, sexy, yet artistic and dreamy look like a walking work of art that he can fall in love with.

You want to showcase some of your more magnetic natural charms and allow him to amp them up. Perhaps you’re playful and childlike. Double down on that. Make your experiences together feel like adolescent exploration. It makes you feel unique and hard to grasp.

Resist the urge to disclose everything about yourself too quickly. Just don’t come across as overly manipulative or calculating in the process. Your mystery should be fun, light, playful, flirtatious, and above all, natural. Like how kids act and play make-believe.

Do this well, and your mystery will be the perfect spice to get him chasing. What’s a chase without a bit of mystery, anyway?

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4. Show him your loyalty

Pisces men are usually quite sensitive and soft-hearted. They want a partner that appreciates them and encourages them to express themselves.

You want to show that you’re loyal, patient, and compassionate to get him to chase. Help him work through his emotions and make him feel competent and sexy. 

You don’t have to profess this all bluntly. You want to avoid smoothing him. This won’t get him chasing.

Instead, signal in little ways that you appreciate him and don’t take him for granted. That you won’t be cruel or break his heart.

If this sensitive guy trusts that you’d be a supportive, faithful partner that would help support his dreams, he will chase you.

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5. Make it clear that you’d be open to escape into a cozy, immersive world of bonding & fantasy

Pisces guys are the dreamers and escapists. They often struggle with the world’s harsh reality and want to create a cozy nest of a life with a well-matched partner.

To get him chasing, you’ll want to indulge his idealistic nature. Make it known that your dreams match his. That you see his vision and support it through and through. 

Be able to get into your feelings with him. Emotional contagion is the spark that Pisces pines for. You want to go right for his heart and make him feel that you’re ready to dive into the depths with him.

Done right, this will make him feel like you’re the perfect match to partner up and escape into a shared fantasy world together. He’ll be chasing after you left and right.

There you have it, some essential tips to get the Pisces man chasing you. What did you think about the tips? Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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