7 Potent Tips to Get an Aquarius Man to Chase You Endlessly

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Looking to find the best ways to get an Aquarian man to chase you?

I’ve got your back.

Aquarian guys have a calm demeanor and a relaxed self-assuredness, making them tough cookies to entice into chasing you. But it can be done.

I’ve collected the most powerful and effective methods to get this guy seeking you out in this post.

Apply these techniques well, and he’ll be knocking at your door in no time.

As you read, you’ll notice that I put a lot of emphasis on how to draw him in without being manipulative. Being manipulative can build attraction, but it can also make things blow up in your face, especially with the Aquarian man – who hates deception and coercion.

We all test potential partners. It’s a natural part of the process. But no one wants to play endless mind games—even the mentally agile Aquarius man.

You want to draw him to you in a natural, playful way. You want to spark his curiosity and capture his heart. You want things to feel good and light.

With that said, let’s get to the tips and tactics to get him chasing you.

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1. Show that you find him interesting

You want him to know that you’re receptive to him as a potential mate. But don’t go crazy and fawn over him. Coming on too strong will make an Aquarius man weary.

You want to create just enough of a spark to want him to chase you and bridge the gap. The rest of the tips will help you build on this initial spark.

Note that you can sometimes get an Aquarian man to chase you just by showing some initial interest. If you’re a good match, you shouldn’t have to do extraordinary to get him chasing you. Aqua guys are straightforward and will communicate when they’re into someone, and the feeling is mutual.

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2. Be a challenge

Now that he knows you’re into him, the next step is to present yourself as a challenge.

Making yourself a challenge will accomplish multiple things:

  • It conveys high self-esteem and independence by showing that you are confident on your own. Traits that are highly appealing to the Aquarian man.
  • It makes him curious about you and triggers his innate puzzle-solving mode.
  • It sets you apart from his other potential suitors to whom he could have access whenever he wants.
  • It makes you a prize that he will be proud of when he finally can have you.
  • It allows you to establish a relationship on your terms.

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Some important things to consider when making yourself a challenge:

  • You shouldn’t come across as cold or unfeeling. You want to seem mildly available to entice him to get you to open up but not unreachable.
  • Use playfulness and teasing to build sexual tension. Maybe you want him; perhaps you don’t? You’ll get his mind stirring as he tries to figure out where he stands with you.

Aquarius men yearn for a partner they can’t have right away and have to work for. Playing hard will satisfy this yearning and inspire the “thrill of the chase” in him, which is precisely what you want.

Simple tips for being a challenge:

  • Be busy with your life. Make him want to peer in and see what’s going on in your world.
  • Don’t seem to need him – show that you’re willing to walk away.
  • Play a bit coy with his attempts to get close to you.
  • Only give him your undivided attention when he appeals to you in a way that’s satisfying to you.
  • Tease with the idea that he could have you soon if he just chased you a bit more.

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Do this right, and he will be a bit shaken up and want to prove himself to you. Do this wrong, and he might think you’re not interested in him or are just toying with him (remember step #1).


  • Some Aquarius men are busy with their lives and won’t want to engage in a play hard-to-get game. Their time-crunched lives mean they’ll only engage with available women. Judge your situation accordingly.
  • Playing hard to get is a confident move. If your Aquarian man is a bit insecure, you could scare him off from chasing you.

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3. Be exciting

If you want him to chase you, you’ve got to show him that you’re worth chasing.

The best way to entice the Aquarian man is by having an exciting persona and a ton going on for you. Everyone craves more excitement, especially the novelty-seeking Aquarian man.

So show him how exciting you are when you’re with him, especially if you only see him on rare occasions. You can do this through any social channels that you know that he might notice you on.

Create shared experiences that feel exciting and adventurous. Be playful, silly, funny, original, and authentic. Emphasize any fun, childlike qualities that you possess. Take his hand and run somewhere. Through the rain, through a museum. Be spontaneous, and he will be enthralled.

If you do this right, he won’t be able to resist the breath of fresh air you bring into his life. And he won’t be able to hold himself back from chasing you when you’re not around.

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4. Delay sex and intimacy

The pursuit of sex is a primary motivating factor for men, Aquarius men included.

Most men will have sex with a woman quickly after meeting them. But rarely will this create sustained interest.

Delaying sex is an expansion on the idea of playing hard to get. The more you delay it, the more he will feel inclined to get it, resulting in him chasing you like crazy. He’s getting closer to you, but you’re still delaying the culminating power of sex.

So don’t give in to sex early on, even if he chases you and actively pursues it. Delay a bit, even if you want it, too. Build up his anticipation. To really stir him up, deny sex, but at the same time be subtly sexually suggestive.

When you do finally give in to sex (after he’s chased you a bit), he will be more satisfied and will value you more than if you had given in right away.

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5. Chastise him for overstepping (i.e., create solid boundaries)

Aquarian men love to dig into potential a partner to figure them out. He’ll poke, prod, and investigate until he understands all of your inner workings. He can be shameless about this.

Even though it can be flattering, you shouldn’t give in all the way. Especially if he’s invasive or otherwise oversteps your boundaries, he might do this by asking too intimate of questions, teasing you too hard, belittling you, or otherwise mistreating you.

If you enforce boundaries and chastise him, he will only grow more interested in you. He might apologize and step back, but his desire to chase you will only grow more inflamed.

He’ll want to chase more because your boundaries signal high self-esteem and personal value. That you won’t allow him to walk all over you. That you’re assertive. That you’re comfortable with denying him and risking the connection by withdrawing.

As I’ve said before – you don’t want to come across as cold and unavailable when employing these strategies. Instead, you want to dangle the potential of closeness in front of him while at the same time making you avoid seeming like an easy catch.

So chastise him when he oversteps while also teasing him about what more could come when he does things right – and he will chase.

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6. Be elusive & mysterious

Being mysterious is a potent seductive lure and adds to the boundary creating we just discussed.

As mentioned, Aquarius men are curious and are always looking for puzzles to solve. He will analyze you like a puzzle until he’s put together all of the pieces.

Even if he’s not being rude and overstepping, you still don’t want to indulge his curious nature entirely. Staying a bit of mystery is essential – because if he learns all there is to know about you too early, he’ll lose interest (and won’t chase).

Here are some ways to be elusive and mysterious so he’ll chase you:

  • Avoid initiating contact too frequently.
  • Disappear right when he expected you to be there.
  • Don’t rush to text him/reply back after a great date.
  • If you’ve frequently been talking, go radio silent for an entire day out of the blue.
  • If you’re holding back sex, don’t let him know when you plan to give in (number of days or dates, for example).
  • Don’t share everything about your life. Intentionally leave specific stories or stages of your life out of the conversation. Be a slowly developing story.

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To get an Aquarian man chasing you, you need to build his anticipation. Mystery builds intense anticipation. He’ll savor in pulling back each layer of your complex personality.

Being mysterious also reminds you not to rush the connection. If he’s a good match for you, then you guys will have plenty of time to get to know each other. Being an open book instead of revealing yourself to him slowly over time ensures that he’ll grow tired of you and will lose interest in chasing you.

Aquarius men are not outwardly emotional and recoil from strong displays of emotionality. By holding yourself back, you appear in control and not needy. Being mysterious also keeps you from laying big emotions on him too early.

A general rule of being mysterious is to reveal enough of yourself early on to get him hooked and chasing you (by revealing, say, 70% of yourself), and then leaving the rest of your character to be shown slowly over time in an intriguing fashion.

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7. Build an interesting life

Overall, the biggest key to getting the Aquarian man chasing you is for you to have a fun, confident life that he wants to be a part of.

When you are happy with yourself, from the inside out, everyone around you sees it. And makes you a magnet for the confident, individualist, and freedom-loving Aquarian man.

If you’re happy, genuine, unique, and confident, he will travel far and wide to be with you. Chasing will happen effortlessly. You won’t have to do much of anything to get him coming after you.

So instead of fixating on ways to get him to come to you, fixate on making your life extraordinary. This alone can make him gravitate towards you and fall into your orbit.

Who knows, you might get so wrapped up in your awesome life that you’re not even sure that you want to spend your precious time and attention on him. Now that is high value – and a great way to get an Aquarius man to chase you.

Remember, you are the prize.

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3 thoughts on “7 Potent Tips to Get an Aquarius Man to Chase You Endlessly”

  1. Im an Aries guy and My girlfriend is a Sagittarians trying to stop an Aquarius man chasing after her because she’s moving on with me. But that guy, just can’t. Is there some steps she could use to help her? She really need coz he’s threatening her and I’m worried about her too just like an Aries should and my worries about her is changing slowly into Anger and I don’t wanna do that. Wish you could help me with some steps so I can help her to do the right thing..

  2. As a triple aquarius, I disagree heavily with this. Yes, be mysterious, interesting personalities are always interesting to analyze, but it should be exactly that: a personality. Don’t put on an act, don’t purposely avoid, just be yourself. If you are a person who ignores me for a day just to make me more interested, I’ll just take it as a sign that you’re not interested and move on. If you turn getting to know you into an entire chore, then it just gets frustrating after a while, especially when we can usually tell what you’re doing, because playing hard to get is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It just feels ingenuine. Sure, you might hook someone for a short bit, but once they start overanalyzing your behaviours and realizing that they’ve been played, 9 times out of 10 they’ll just walk away, either out of annoyance of being deceived, frustration for letting themselves be decieved, confusion for why you felt the need to deceive them, or a mix of the three.

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