5 Ways to Get a Gemini Man to Chase You (Make Him Obsessed)

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Gemini men are free-spirited, aloof, and a bit flighty – which means getting them to chase you can be tough.

They’re flirty as hell, but they also tend to be a bit commitment-phobic. This can make them feel hesitant about to showing heavy interest through chasing.

But these guys do love the thrill of the chase, and they can’t resist chasing a woman that displays their favorite qualities.

You’re about to learn what those qualities are in a woman that he’s looking for.

Let’s get to it.

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1. Lead an eclectic, independent, and lighthearted life

Gemini men are highly independent and seek women that are independent themselves.

After all, these guys love freedom and hate constraints (especially in their romantic relationships). So a woman who’s individualistic and has a lot going on in her life draws him in.

When he sees independent traits in a woman it signals to him that she won’t overcrowd him or put too much pressure on their relationship if they hit things off.

To get him to chase, remember that the more complete, fun, and high-vibe your life is – the better. Gemini guys love exciting things and exciting people. He’ll see all that you have going on and he’ll want to be a part of it.

Being lighthearted and positive-minded is important as well. People who are negative and pessimistic really disinterest him. He really only makes time for positive vibes and is skillful at swerving away from situations (and people) that bring him down.

So display positivity, high self-esteem, and self-sufficiency, and you’ll easily entice your Gemini into chasing you. He’ll be pleased to see that you have a strong sense of self and a life outside of your romantic relationships (essential qualities for him in a committed relationship).

Chase the things that light you up inside, and he’ll surely want to chase you.

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2. Have a light (non-needy) vibe

Gemini men are some of the most free-spirited guys in the zodiac. And they usually go after women that are entirely comfortable being with an independent-natured partner like him.

Any clingy or needy behavior usually repels Gemini men. He needs the freedom to roam, explore, and be himself – both in and out of a relationship. If you’re needy with him, he’ll feel suffocated and will probably run the other way.

To get him chasing you, you’ll want to show him that you’re comfortably independent. That you won’t be scrambling to catch all of his attention if you got together. That you have friends, hobbies, and a variety of interests going on (beyond getting a boyfriend).

So no possessive behavior. No pressuring him romantically. No making him feel that he’d lose his freedoms if he were to chase and date you. No making him feel like you want him to spend all of his free time with you.

Really highlight to your Gemini guy that you’re self-sufficient and capable of handling many aspects of your life. This is not the type of guy who wants to devote himself to solving all of his partner’s problems for her. He wants someone who knows how to take care of their own life.

If you can showcase an ability to emotionally and financially support yourself, and that your self-worth doesn’t depend on getting his attention, it will go a long way in building his attraction.

You want to make him feel that he’d be entering into a relationship with a woman who’s already happy and fulfilled. That’s what makes him chase.

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3. Showcase your communication skills and mental versatility

Gemini men thrive off intellectual discussion and novel thinking. If you want to get him chasing, you’ll have to impress him with your mind.

When in conversation with him, try to keep his mind stimulated. Ask him good questions, introduce intriguing topics of conversation, and introduce him to new ways of thinking.

Above all, display adaptability in the way you think. Show him that you’re an open-minded, resourceful thinker. That you’re open to new ways of viewing things and not stuck in your ways.

Your mental rapport with him is so important when getting him to chase. He bores quickly and tires of people that lack knowledge and communication skills. So really work to never leave him bored with your conversations.

Do this well, and he’ll be chasing you to keep the good conversation flowing.

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4. Be a little mysterious

Gemini men possess sharp and intuitive minds. They’re able to read people and situations quite well. They’re also restless and require a lot of stimulation.

To get him chasing, you want to keep him on his toes by being a bit mysterious. If he figures you out too soon at the beginning of a courtship, he’s liable to lose interest.

Avoid the temptation to reveal everything about yourself early on with him. You should keep a lot about yourself (and your intentions with him) under wraps, revealing them slowly over time. This fuels his curious mind and gets him wondering about you.

You want to keep him engaged and playful, but wondering about you. Wondering what you’re like inside. Wondering if you like him or not. That’s what grows his desire to chase and figure you out.

Be sure to avoid seeming “game-playing” when applying your mysterious allure. You don’t want him to think that you’re being coy about yourself just to create an effect. Go too far, and he might think you’re insecure or just not interested in him. So keep it light and playful, always!

If you’re accustomed to revealing everything about yourself to your crush, hold back about 30% more than you usually do.

Hint at things, but don’t reveal all of the details. These could be stories from your past, your favorite interests, past relationships, your plans for the future, plans for your relationship together, etc.

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5. Make yourself scarce

We already discussed not being needy because it makes you not seem desperate and not like a catch (plus it gives him no room to chase you).

To continue with that theme, it’s good to make yourself hard to attain by being a little bit elusive.

You want him to chase, after all. And if he’s struggling to get a hold on you, that you’re not always available for him, that motivates him to get around you more and more (i.e. chase you).

One of the best ways to do this is to already be busy with your life! You can also disappear for a little while right after you had a good interaction/experience with him. He’ll be riding that high from your last encounter, and it’ll be punctuated by your sudden absence, making him crave more of you.

If you’re selectively absent at times, it might give him a tinge of fear that he could lose you. And fear of loss definitely motives men to chase. Creating romantic triangles also gets Gemini men chomping at the bit to impress and claim you. But, keep in mind that you want to play it all with a light touch. The worst thing you could do is come across manipulative or make him think you’re just not interested in him at all.

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There you have it, five tips to get the flirtatious but elusive Gemini man chasing you!

Above all, be playful, lighthearted, and adaptable. Show up as yourself and have fun with him.

Do this well, and if you’re a good match for each other, he’ll start to chase.

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  1. Ha ha, I’m a Scorpio sun with Cap moon and rising, so after dating a Gemini at 19 I swore that off as super toxic for me. But my dad and my son are both Geminis as well as an important work partner. So I was getting that I have to use humor to act like all this that is total BS for me, in order to even have a basic relationship with these important people in my life. I will just have to laugh deep down that Ms. Deep and Dark is going to play being playful and light. Oh my God that is truly hilarious. Hopefully I can get the belly laugh deep enough to excavate the immensity of my resentment towards these a-holes. Oops, lol, don’t act cynical! Be yourself! Thanks for your advice, I truly, clearly need it😂 I just want to be deeply rooted together forever. Yeah, I get how this is frustrating and I’m left feeling abandoned. I’ll try to have fun with it.

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