5 Pro Tips to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You Endlessly

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Taurus men are modest, cautious, and tend to be a bit reserved. They have a notorious love of comfort and can be a bit slow, even complacent, in matters of romantic pursuit.

These traits can make getting a Taurus guy to chase you a bit of a tedious process.

No worries, though. Because Taureans have attraction buttons – just like any other guy – that you can push to trigger his dormant chase instinct.

Let’s get started.

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1. Be independent, stable, and have a balanced life

Taurus men like to chase grounded, successful women and have an anchored sense of self.

These men are material-minded and self-sufficient, and they like to see similar qualities in a potential partner. Taurus men are ultimately after a relationship that provides domestic bliss, and these traits lend to success in that arena.

So show him your capabilities. Show him that you’re independent, authentic, and reliable. The more you know yourself, the better. Taurus guys aren’t drawn to women who constantly change themselves to please their partners. They’re attracted to women who are classy, down to earth, and above all, anchored in who they are.

Taurus men are eminently practical and know that a woman who’s confident, intelligent, and possesses high self-esteem will make sharing a life together a much easier process. Display that you’re that sort of woman, and he’ll chase you.

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2. Avoid acting out needy behavior

Taurus men won’t typically chase needy women. They go for self-validated women who aren’t desperate for male validation.

They’re drawn to nurturing women but also who don’t need a lot of reassurance. If you constantly look to him for encouragement and validation, he’ll tire of the connection.

Plus, if you’re acting needy, he has no room to chase you – even if he wanted to! Neediness is suffocating and gives no room for pursuit.

To get a Taurus man to chase you, you need to behave in ways that are the opposite of needy. You need to make him feel like you don’t need him. That your worth isn’t dependent on him. That he may not even deserve you.

This sort of self-sufficient mindset is precisely what perks a Taurean man up and gets him chasing. It shows that you’re a catch!

So be relaxed and patient when getting to know your Taurus guy (more on that soon). Make him feel that he’d be entering a relationship with a woman who’s already found her happiness and fulfillment – and that perhaps she’ll want to share it with him.

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3. Be patient with the courtship

Taurus is the slow and steady sign of the Zodiac. These guys act quite differently than the sign before them, Aries. Aries guys tend to dive headfirst into a romance without a second thought. Not the Taurus.

While the Taurus guy loves to romantically pursue women as much as the next guy, he marches (or meanders) to the beat of his own drum. A slow, methodical drum that starts with an almost inaudible (but resounding) thump.

So it is essential to be relaxed and patient while you get to know him and work to get him to chase.

You want a vibe that communicates you’re not in a rush, that you’re content to see how things work. You’re taking your own time – you’re not even sure if you like him yet.

Yes, it can take time for him to chase and give you the attention you want. But if you don’t want to spook him – take it in stride. If he’s coming on slow, avoid becoming antsy or abrasive.

Remember that he takes relationships seriously – and his slow, methodical pace has its purpose in helping him seek out the relationships he desires.

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4. Play up your home-making, feminine allure

Taurus men tend to be relationship traditionalists and have a solid domestic sense.

He’s not necessarily antiquated, but he wants a woman who feels like home to him in that deep feminine sense. Home is so important to Taurus people, and if he can have both a home and a woman who feels like a sanctuary to him, he’ll be enthralled.

So give him a sense of what life would be like with you. Highlight your warm, nurturing, feminine nature. You can be sensual and sexy, but don’t flaunt it. Being understated is always a good look to Taurus.

If he visits your home, make sure it is clean, cozy, and well-stocked. Have good sights, smells, and tactile treats. Really play to his senses.

Taurus men love the nurturance of good food. So take any opportunity to feed him – whether it’s your homemade food or not. But try to keep your cuisine choices on the healthy side. Health is important to these guys because good health equals stability, and stability is their favorite thing in the world.

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5. Be cautious about playing hard to get with him

A common strategy to get a guy to chase is to stir their insecurity and get them chasing by playing hard to get.

We, as humans, give little value to things that come easily. Romance is no different. It makes you a challenge, and guys love a challenge.

Of course, being a challenge should always be authentic. You want to genuinely have a full life that presents a natural challenge for him to become a part of.

This works well for more aggressive signs, especially Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio, etc. But when it comes to attracting Taurus men to chase through challenge, you must apply a light touch.

Taurus guys are prone to relational insecurity and will withdraw if they feel unappreciated or manipulated. Safety and security are essential to them. If a Taurus is made to feel jealous or undeserving, you might not see him again.

So employ a little light mystery, share and uphold your boundaries, and don’t be available all the time (especially early on). But also avoid being harsh, creating triangles, being overly aloof, or too hot and cold if you want to get him chasing you.

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There you have it, five tips to get a Taurus man to chase you romantically.

There are, of course, more strategies to get him chasing. You can learn all about them (and plenty more about building his attraction) by getting a reading from me or picking up my (soon to be released) course: How to Attract a Taurus Man.

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