5 Essential Tips to Get a Pisces Man to Miss You Like Crazy

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It’s easy to get swept up into a Pisces man. He’s like the tide of a powerful ocean.

But what to do once he’s caught your attention? How do you get him to fall for you romantically and miss you when you’re not around?

Pisces guys are great lovers, but they’re also slippery and hard to pin down to a relationship. Ruled by watery and elusive Neptune, these guys are true escape artists.

They fear both rejection and losing their freedoms. And they’ll resist disclosing their attraction due to these fears.

In this post, you’ll learn how to get a Pisces man to miss you so that he’ll open up to you and pursue you romantically.

Pay close attention to the tips you read here! Pisces guys can be hard to read and navigate. Pisces’ elusive nature makes these guys willingly blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Done well; the advice here will get his mind churning with thoughts of you. Suddenly, he’ll find himself caught on your hook and shedding his usual cautious reserve.

Let’s dive into the first (and arguably most important) tip.

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1. Lead a confident and compelling life

Your lifestyle needs to be interesting if you want a Pisces man to miss you when you’re not around.

No amount of tricks or tactics can replace this. At least not long-term.

You’ll have to actually lead a life that’s worth missing. You need to have things going on and mysteries about you for him to solve. 

Pisces is highly curious and drawn to magnetic people. He likes confident initiators who can be strong leaders in a relationship. 

Don’t underestimate your ability to attract him with deep conversation and passionate interests. 

Pisces guys are particularly drawn to edgy and artistic types. Artists, photographers, musicians, comedians, etc. Your pursuit of an artful and interesting hobby will pull him to you. 

Confidence and decisiveness strongly attract Pisces men, as well. You don’t have to be domineering, but Pisces can be wavering and appreciate a woman who shows enthusiasm when it comes to decision-making. 

If you are willing to plan solo adventures and create new experiences, he’ll take notice and want to join you.

You can also go a long way with a Pisces man by impressing his friends and family. These men are strongly influenced by the opinions of those close to them. If they envy you, his attraction for you will grow.

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2. Keep up a mysterious persona around him

Be sure to remain elusive in his eyes, and he’ll always want more.

Remember, these men love a mystery. If you’ve traveled a lot, slowly reveal your experiences. If you’re often busy, don’t tell him all of your plans.

Let him wonder about certain things, and he’ll be sure to start thinking about you and missing you more.

Reveal just a little bit about yourself each time you interact. Even cut conversations short on occasion when there’s sufficient sexual tension that’s been built. This will keep you on his mind. 

The more you leave him with questions about you, the more he’ll be left thinking about all the things he wants to talk to you about the next time you see each other. 

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3. Wrap him in a subtle fantasy romance

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac. They want to experience a love that feels like it came out of a movie. 

If you want a Pisces guy to miss you, appeal to this deep, romantic feeling side of his and make him feel like the excitement and magic of his fantasies are coming to life.

You can steal this man’s heart with drip-fed affection. Sentimental gestures and gifts will get his mind swirling with romantic thoughts about you.

Classic romance appeals to him. Candies, flowers, tickets to shows, love letters, custom-made playlists, romantic picnics, etc. Make sure that any gift you give him has a deep personalized touch with sentimental value. Generic gift cards are unappealing to Pisces. 

The more idealistic you get with your shared plans, the better. He loves magical, fanciful scenarios where the two of you can get swept up together and step out of the humdrum of daily life. 

You can do this by going to new places together in nature or simply discussing ideal locations you might go to together someday. Keep plans surreal and unexpected.

Discuss artistic visions you two could share. Maybe music you could create or a short film you could make together. Whatever his artistic visions are, enmesh yourself in future visions of them. This appeals to his sentimental nature.

Just don’t come on too strong with this approach. You always want to leave him wanting more and never want to make him feel overwhelmed or pressured by your attention. 

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4. Show him your vulnerable, feminine side

Pisces men have a weakness for femininity. They tend to love a nurturing, motherly woman with a beautiful, feminine voice. And she ideally understands the darker depths of his underworld and accepts him wholeheartedly.

If you can display to him just the right degree of warm, feminine charm, his mind will fill with you, and he’ll want to be in your presence. 

As mentioned, Pisces men tend to do best with strong and put-together women. But he also likes to feel needed in a relationship. He wants to be with a woman who lets him know what her troubles are. That she gets worried and sad at times; this way, he can feel able to contribute with his signature attentiveness and perceptive nurturing. 

The Pisces man wants to know the real you. He prefers an honest partner that embraces her own opinions and unique quirks. He doesn’t like it when someone’s fake or manufacturing aspects of their appearance to get his attention. So open up and be emotionally vulnerable with him.

Speak freely and be honest about your life experiences. It’ll make him feel connected to you and at ease in your presence. So show him that you’re comfortable with yourself at your core. 

Just remember not to tell him everything about you right away! A bit of mystery is essential to making him miss you. Also, you don’t have to reveal all of your insecurities or anything. But opening up about some dilemma you’re going through will speak to him. 

Bonus points if you show love and affection to your friends and relatives. If he notices this, he’ll feel a much warmer sentiment toward you.

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5. Understand, acknowledge and support him

Pisces men are emotive and sentimental and want to be with a partner who’s compassionate and builds him up.

Selfish and dramatic people turn him off. He’s drawn to high emotional intelligence and a capacity for open-minded presence.

Trust is a big thing for these men, and the traits above make them feel safer around you. He has a world of sensitive emotions inside, and he doesn’t want to be with someone callous and judgemental. He craves support and admiration from his lovers above all else.

So show him that you’re attentive to him and genuinely care. Make him feel that you will be there for him no matter what he’s going through.

If he gives you advice, really try to listen to him. Compliment him on his listening skills and apply any truly useful advice he provides. If it was helpful, let him know.

Take the initiative to get to know him and understand what’s important in his world. He likes feeling wanted and important. Ask him about his dreams and ambitions and share about yours. Compliment his unique talents and strengths.

Pisces men typically feel misunderstood, so make sure he feels understood when talking to you. 

If you really want to get him to miss you, go out of your way to learn about his passions and unique hobbies. If you express interest in learning more about his hobbies and doing them together, he’ll want to be around you much more.

At the same time, you want to display a bit of mature protectiveness to your Pisces. These guys can be a bit delicate sometimes, and a woman with a strong sense of structure and boundaries makes him feel safe.

If you can display that you’re able to take care of banal details like scheduling, bills, deadlines, etc., it can significantly appeal to his space-cadet mind. 

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Bonus Tip: Give him plenty of space to miss you

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to get someone to miss them is to crowd them.

The (fearful) logic goes: if I show them how much I like them and am there for them, they will surely start to miss me when I’m not around.

But this always backfires. Being too available doesn’t make someone miss you. It makes you seem needy and disposable. 

This is particularly true when it comes to the flighty Pisces man. He tends to feel like bolting when things get too real too fast, especially if you’re pressuring him to like you or commit to you before he’s signaled strong interest. 

Even if he craves emotional intensity and seems happy to pour his heart out, you might be surprised to see that he suddenly vanishes the next day. 

Remember, Pisces fears losing his freedom. If he senses that you’re trying to close in on him, he’ll turn into a slippery fish, flop right away, and slip into the depths to get away. 

Remember that timeless phrase: absence makes the heart grow fonder when working on getting your Pisces man to miss you. 

Take a step back, give him space to miss you, and he’ll swim right to you when he’s ready.

And don’t grow upset if he disappears into his own world at times abruptly. Pisces are fickle creatures and sometimes like to withdraw into their own world. They get overwhelmed by life at times, and on these occasions, solitude appeals to them deeply, at least temporarily solitude. 

So to hook him, prepare to give him plenty of line and be patient while he slowly takes the bait. 

Never pressure him or guilt him into closeness. Offer equal doses of togetherness and autonomy. Grant him his solitude when he needs it. With the correct balance, he won’t help but miss you.

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Now you have some solid tips to get a Pisces man pining for you and missing you when you’re not around.

Remember that these guys are a little shy and often need confirmation that you like them before they allow themselves to miss you deeply. 

So express your interest, but be a little hard to read and keep him guessing about you. 

Just make sure that you remain sincere. These guys don’t love game-playing. 

Pisces’ attraction is hard to articulate. It’s often a sensory/intuitive sort of thing. Always keep aware of the little things that appeal to him. These guys often zero in on specific traits or features. They can be a bit of a fetishist. So do what you can to discover what little quirks he’s into.

And always remember that Pisces guys often need a reasonable amount of time to figure out how they’re feeling. So never pressure them or double-text them. They don’t do well under pressure. So being pushy is a no-no.

Ramp up his feelings through closeness and sentimentality, then give him space. He’ll start to miss you and will come to you.

Do you have any experiences or advice for making a Pisces man miss you?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. my pisces man loves when I do things for him that he didn’t expect me to do like surprising him with a nice meal ironing his work uniform he gets really thrilled and I think he knows that’s my way of showing I appreciate him and cherish him.

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