The Pisces Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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The sign of Pisces is elusive, slippery, and hard to grasp.

Pisces guys tend to be total enigmas. These men are sensitive, creative, sensual, expressive, and often kinky in bed—emotionality, romanticism, and passion flow through him. 

They’re choosey lovers who carefully select their sexual mates. If someone doesn’t pass his subtle vibe check, they won’t end up in bed with him. 

We’ll be diving deep into how the Pisces man operates in bed in this post. By the end, you’ll have the tools to navigate a sexual relationship with these men expertly.

Let’s get into it.

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1. How important is sex for a Pisces man?

As a water sign, Pisces men are highly sexual and sensual. They’re usually hopelessly romantic, and sex is like glue for their desire for romantic bonding. 

Because of this, they’re often preoccupied with sex for the closeness and bonding it brings to a relationship. While not the most sexed sign, these guys still usually think about sex daily.

While their sexuality is highly developed, Pisces men don’t always need actual sex to satisfy their urges.

Intimacy is their ultimate goal, and deep conversing, cuddling, and kissing can be all they need at times.

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2. How long do Pisces men like sex to last?

These guys aren’t usually in a hurry between the sheets. They’re after quality and intimacy, not quantity or expediency. 

They appreciate that the type of bonding their after requires time. Sure, he could be open to quickies on occasion. Still, he understands that the deeper emotional and spiritual merging that he’s after really doesn’t start to set in until an hour or more of sexual intimacy. 

Foreplay is a crucial feature of the Piscean man’s sexual process, and they’re very skilled at it. It wouldn’t be a surprise for you to still be in its throes when you would have already finished sex with another lover. Overall, these men typically have good endurance and staying power in bed. 

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3. Are Pisces men usually vanilla or kinky?

Pisces men usually have a wide range of sexual expressions. They love the intimacy that straightforward, vanilla sex provides and are also turned on by more experimental play like S&M.

Most Pisces guys will be open to trying anything and everything that a partner was into. Dominance & submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, age play, and a wide-spanning use of toys can all appeal to his adventurous side.

While often drawn to the taboo, some Pisces men can repress their urges hard. These men are sensitive and can repress themselves quite easily. To these Pisces men, the kinkier stuff is best left to the safety of their fantasy realm. Even if they indulge their darker side for a while, they’re often too sensitive to stay in an excessively hardcore or fetish phase for long. 

When experimenting with kink, the most important thing for the Pisces man is emotional intimacy. Intensity without connection doesn’t appeal to him. He wants maximum skin contact, eye contact, and soul contact. Wild sex is great, but ultimately, it’s that innocent, first-time sort of intimacy they’re after.

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4. Pisces men’s sexual turn-ons

A woman that’s organized, dominant, yet maternal and nurturing. Pisces guys don’t mind being with a partner who takes control and is a bit particular. Many Pisces men get extra turned on if their lover is even a bit intimidating.

Health & physical fitness. Pisces guys can be particular about the physical attributes that initially spur their arousal. They typically focus a lot on legs and breasts. Fit, feminine legs, well-formed breasts, and bright, healthy eyes get him going. 

Enthusiasm. While physique is the first turn-on, excitement and eagerness are a close second. He’s particularly aroused by how his partner speaks and her overall energetic engagement. 

Tranquil settings. A romantic by nature, the Pisces guy gets aroused by the atmosphere of moonlight walks, canoeing on a tranquil lake, or pacing along a calm ocean shore. These atmospheres emphasize his sensitive nature and encourage heartfelt conversation.

Closeness and physical touch. Often, being close and sharing intimate space is enough to get a Pisces man sexually engaged. He’s in his happy place when eaning into you, conversing, taking in the smell of your skin, hair, and perfume, all the while peppering you with light touches and caresses. His senses keep turning him on further as the physical intimacy heats up. He loves the smell and taste of her sweat and aroused secretions.

Indulging in romantic fantasy. Pisces men see sex as an opportunity to immerse themselves in the “art form” of love and romance. If he senses a partner’s willingness to indulge in a mental, physical, and emotional sex “vacation” with him, he’ll want to dive right into bed together.

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5. Pisces men’s sexual turn-offs

Feeling rushed. The Pisces guy doesn’t want to rush to the finish or dive straight into sex. He’s all about the process of slow, mutual seduction. He’s inflamed by the teasing and titillation that leads to sex and feels a bit empty if that phase is glossed over.

Crude, unromantic manners. These lovey-dovey guys want a picturesque love affair. They want to idealize their partner, and it becomes a tall order to place them on a pedestal when they’re gruff, unkempt, or use foul language. If he can’t get on a cozy romantic level with a lover, he’ll lose interest. If they outright shoot down his romantic gestures, it’s likely game over.

Too much emotionality and emotional availability. The Pisces man might love intimacy and be quite emotional himself, but he doesn’t want you to be too similar to him. He likes a partner who’s a bit mysterious, exotic, and hard to figure out. It breaks the spell for him if a partner becomes clingy and overbearing, 

Poor aesthetic taste. Art, clothes, and music tend to be very important to the Pisces guy. This aesthete of a man will likely turn sour on any potential lover that doesn’t have a sense of style or artistic appreciation. 

Pressuring him to commit. The symbol for Pisces is a fish, and these guys will slip right out of your hands if you try to grasp them too tightly. If your relationship with him turns to commitment before he’s ready, his sexual interest can drain right out of him. 

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6. What are Pisces men’s Best Sexual Skills?

Foreplay. These guys are masters of the art form. They’re tuned in, well-paced, and give their everything while worshipping their partner’s every inch. They’re highly tactile and oral and know precisely how to touch in a profoundly intuitive manner that fully satisfies. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the experience when they’re savoring every touch and state of your body.

Making their partner feel appreciated. Pisces men make their partners feel extremely loved and cared for, even during rough bouts of play. They always make sure that their lover feels valued, important, and entirely desirable. 

Making a romantic connection. There’s no disconnect with the Pisces man in bed. He won’t make his partner feel taken for granted like a pleasure item. Even if he comes across as distant or far away, that’s probably him tuning in to his lover’s subtle energies and desires. 

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7. Are Pisces men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

Younger, inexperienced Pisces men are often timid and overly gentle, making them struggle to initiate sex.

But the older Pisces guys tend to be at ease with kicking things off between the sheets. And they’re usually pretty good at timing their advances.

This is because they’re highly intuitive. They pick up on a woman’s cues quite easily, so they don’t have to second guess her interest. They simply know when a forward move is welcomed or expected.

He leads gently, rarely aggressively. His subtle approach can be thrown off by a woman who’s curt and requires a lot of explicit instructions or discussion. 

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8. Are Pisces men typically into casual sex?

For the Pisces guy, sex with someone they’ve already built a strong emotional attachment with is the pinnacle experience, and anything less falls short of his lofty romantic ideals.

So the short answer is yes, but he’s well aware that casual sex is a poor substitute for his deeper love-making desires.

So long as there’s some amount of emotional connection and mutually expressed care, he can totally indulge in one-night stands or friends-with-benefits arrangements. 

But when he does have a lover of his own, he tends to be faithful to them wholeheartedly. These men will rarely risk sacrificing a solid bond for fleeting pleasures.

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9. How important is the sexual environment for Pisces men?

Pisces guys typically prefer privacy and cleanliness in their immediate sexual environment. 

If they’re in the comfort of a private setting, they can enjoy sex just about anywhere and at any time of day. Intimacy is essential to him, and an environment that nurtures that quality is necessary for putting him into the mood.

Pisces men love fantasy and a bit of magic in their life, so the more majestic and awe-inspiring the moment, the better. Sex with the morning sun streaming in through the bedroom windows can feel divine for him, as can a private, moonlit romp on the beach or out in the forest. And sex in the warm spring rain can be a thrilling experience that he’ll never forget. 

If he can feel like he’s in the setting of a romantic movie, he’ll be enthralled by the experience. 

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10. How well do Pisces men communicate their sexual needs?

Pisces men usually like to express their sexuality through movement and sound. They prefer to gesture and insinuate with their body language and energy. They’re often a bit shy to ask directly for what they want.

If you find that your Pisces male lover is struggling to sync up with you in bed, try to better tune into his non-verbal signaling rather than pressing him with words. 

11. Are Pisces men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

Pisces men savor connection and bonding and usually want to leverage that post-coitus afterglow period to further solidify their relationship. They’ll usually want to spend time cuddling, talking, eating, or relaxing and listening to music.

So expect to cuddle, kiss, caress, massage, and embrace after a sexual bout with your Piscean guy.


Hopefully, this post has helped you better understand the wants and needs of the Pisces man in bed.

If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations of your own, please share with us in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “The Pisces Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side”

  1. My Pisces man is an older gent, when we are apart I don’t hear from him for 3-4 days. It’s like he has a particular day for me. Sexually he likes to brush against me lick my neck and stick his tongue in my ear. He doesn’t kiss and that’s what I want, but we only kiss after , I feel he rushes and he hits an organism really quick , and I don’t hear from him in 3-4 days later. I work nights and he works mornings. We are both in the medical field but not in the place. I’ve been dating him for 1 1/2 years. Sometimes I feel he’s not being sympathetic to my needs, I want more time . He says he will but I feel he brushes me off . And I let him know I don’t like how he does me. And say maybe we should just be friends just not intimate. He says I need to see a psychiatrist.and tells me to stop driving him crazy. How do I handle this better

    1. That is called gaslighting. When you tell him your needs amd he tella you to see a shrink…thats a BIG sign.thay he doeant want to meet your needs but wants you to feel insecure so you will quit asking for anything from him. You deserve better. Look up gaslighting.

  2. I am about to marry a Pisces man…On the night of marriage, I do not know how I will have sex with him…I am a Cancer and he is a Pisces..Can you give me exact steps how to start with it…I mean from the moment we entered the room …Because I am afraid that he will not be satisfied, and this is my first time with a man

    1. To Lily, from someone who wishes you the best

      Hi Lily

      I hope you find this well and that the beginning of your marriage is as whimsical as you hope it to be. I believe communication is key in any setting, especially the bedroom so help set the tone for the occassion. Foreplay will help since it is your first time with a man too and experiences tend to be awkward or uncomfortable because of that lack of mental preparation. Make sure to breathe, communicate and be willing to allow your partner to pleasure you. When you get into that room, try to follow the energy of the room. If it’s nervous but excited, then be willing to bare those emotions in the gentle kisses that lead to more heavier actions. As for things to *do* here are some suggestions to kick start the sensual atmosphere: massages, a celebratory “we just got married” cuddle (those can lead to an increase in sexual tension), changing into lingerie if you or your s/o is into it, scented candles in the room, or a personal favorite that someone shared with me – doing your first dance again whilst slowly undressing one another. Hope this helps and if you have already shared your first night together as wife and husband then I hope it exceeded your expectations!

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