7 Expert Tips to Sexually Satisfy a Cancer Man in the Bedroom

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Cancer is one of the most sensual & sexually driven signs in the zodiac. He’s exciting, alluring, and sensual. Loving him is an entirely immersive experience that has to be experienced to be fully understood.

He’s an adept lover, albeit one who has more emotional needs than your average guy. As his partner, you’ll want to methodically satisfy each of his needs to fully experience the wonders if his sexual potential.

Below you’ll find all of the information you need to have a happy and fulfilling sex life with your Cancer man.

It’s important that you read this article closely and apply it well – because when you two are sexually fulfilled together, everything else in the relationship will fall into place more easily.

Alright, let’s get to it.

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1. Show off your curves and play up your feminine touches

Cancer men prefer highly feminine women who can pull off that girlish allure.

Get him hot for you by playing up your unique feminine strengths. Wear your favorite lipstick and lingerie. Let your hair down (he loves flowing hair). Don’t be afraid to be super feminine and submissive. He’ll eat it up, trust me.

It’s important that whatever you do to enhance your femininity makes you feel comfortable. Because when you’re comfortable, your natural vulnerability will flow more easily, which is an essential component for good sex with a Cancer.

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2. Create those dreamy romantic vibes

Cancer men are charming lovers that revel in romanticism. His water sign emotionality and penchant for bonding and intimacy make him a deep and immersive lover.

This guy is a traditionalist and, barring any strong Uranus or Aquarius in his chart, will enjoy classic romance and passion. He wants to be the gallant knight who sweeps you off your feet. He wants to “take” you and entirely ravish you entirely – and he knows how to do it.

So indulge his fantasies with a liberal dose of romanticism.

To create this atmosphere, think:

  • Scented candles/incense/essential oils
  • Mood lighting
  • Massage oils
  • Flowers
  • Fine food and wine

One clever way to build sexual tension is to create playful obstacles to him bedding you.

Remember, he likes to fulfill the archetype of the gallant knight who overcomes you and sweeps you off your feet. So playfully make yourself seem hard to get in the hours before you culminate your love. Act like maybe you don’t want to have him ravish you tonight, with a little wink of course.

It’ll make him wild for you, trust me.

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3. Indulge his love of foreplay

So, you’ve set a romantic mood with romanticism and some nice atmospheric touches.

Now let’s build on that sexual tension. Get closer to him and your sexual culmination by diving into some indulgent foreplay.

When it comes to foreplay with the Cancer man, feel free to take it slow and enjoy yourself. You don’t want to rush things with the Cancer guy, just as you wouldn’t want to be rushed yourself. He’s a moon-ruled sign and is sensitive in bed. He’s not in a rush to get to the main event (or to the finish) like most guys. He enjoys the slow build.

Honor his patience and sensuality by slowly building the connection with some sensual massage, caressing, deep kissing, and slow but passionate oral sex.

Cancer rules the breasts, so take some time to give attention to each of your chests. Let him enjoy your breasts and pay some special attention to his pecs, as well.

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2. Be affectionate and emotional

To have entirely satisfying sex with the Cancer man, it’ll be important to establish a shared emotional connection.

Because to truly garner his sexual interest you must appeal to his emotional state. He’s a softie who loves intimacy. He’s also guarded and needs to feel comfort and trust with someone before he can open up to them all the way.

He’s a lot different than, say, an Aquarian, Aries, or Sagittarian guy, who enjoys the pure athleticism and physicality of sex above all else.

With Cancer, you’ll never hear him talk about the best sex of his life without also mentioning the powerful emotions that underpinned it.

If you want to be his best experience, you’ll need a strong emotional connection that gets him fully turned on and tuned into you.

So open up to him. Share your emotions. Be affectionate. Validate his emotions. And always remember that he doesn’t easily separate sex from love.

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6. Be highly communicative

Abundant communication is a key part of healthy sex with the Cancer man.

Communication is important for a variety of reasons:

  •  He wants to know what you like so he can best satisfy you. He’s an attentive lover and wants to give you pleasure and nourishment during sex. Telling him what you like and want, as well as what you don’t like, is an essential ingredient for him to attune his touch to you.
  • He can be a little timid when it comes to expressing his own desires. Openly communicating with him and asking what works best for him is the best way to discover his wants and needs.
  • Open communication helps to draw him out of his shell. And being open and uninhibited is an important ingredient for him to enjoy sex. Communicate that you care for him and are pleased by him. He’ll be reassured and will feel safe around you, enabling him to fully relax.
  • He’s filled with so many feelings that open communication during sex is basically essential for you to be able to keep up with his internal churning of emotional states.

Great communication also has the added benefit of making you feel more like a married couple. Cancer is all about this. He loves close, bonded, marriage-esque connections with his lovers.

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4. Consider incorporating some role play

Fantasy and role play are right up the Cancer guy’s alley and can create some memorable bonding experiences together.

These guys are typically a bit shy, so if you’re close to getting him to break open more emotionally, use roleplay to create that extra push. He can really come out of his shell when he’s immersed in playing a persona.

Feel free to ask him if he has any sexual fantasies that you could act out with roleplaying. If he seems even slightly interested, roll with it and see what happens! Just remember never to criticize him, unless it’s part of his kink!

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7. Be open to play with domination and submission

The water signs love a bit of BDSM-type play, Cancer men included.

Oftentimes he likes to be the dominant one in bed. He goes weak at the knees for a submissive, feminine partner who lets him take control. He can be into some pretty kinky dom stuff.

But he can also enjoy a bit of a masochist streak as well at times. He certainly loves doing everything he can to satisfy you. Feel free to direct him around a bit and tell him exactly how to satisfy you. Indulge any of your own control-oriented fantasies here.

If he’s shy about initiating sex, you might want to take the reigns there, too. Cancer men typically like a partner who kicks things off sexually. When you take control in bed it reinforces to him that he’s loved and helps him open.

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So there you have it. Some solid tips to make your sexual experiences with a Cancer man larger than life.

The most important thing to know is that he can be slow to open up. You want him to feel cared for and safe. From there, he’ll open up and provide you with wonderfully explorative sexual experiences.

I haven’t mentioned it yet (props for reading to the end), but there’s one big thing to avoid with this guy – and that’s being cold to him. These guys can’t really bear it when their partner is cold to them. He’ll feel hurt, fast, will take it personally, even if it’s not, and it won’t be a good time for either of you.

So make sure he’s feeling cozy and that mutual love and warmth are spreading between you two!

Oh, and one final tip: sex by bodies of water are great. He’s a water sign, after all, and water has a wonderful effect on him. As does the moonlight… Sex under a full moon? Yes.

Ok, I’m done!

Have any questions or comments? Leave them below!

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  1. That was great! I am falling in love with the sweetest Cancer man and this was so helpful to me. Thank you for the fun tips! 😀

  2. my Cancer man and and I are so much in love, and reading these tips are really going to come in handy, you see he’s in Army in Syria and is coming to me next month so we haven’t made love yet. he’s passionate, caring and I’m so looking forward to the future with him. thank you for your tips.

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