7 Key Things To Know About the Sagittarius Man in Bed

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This post covers some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Sagittarius man’s sexual tendencies and what he likes most in bed.

Some FYI: this post will be exclusively about the Sagittarius man’s sex traits and his style of lovemaking. I won’t be going into detail about his romantic/relationship proclivities because I have other posts about those topics on this site. So check those out if you’re curious to learn more in-depth details about the Sagittarius male.

If you don’t find all that you were looking for, please leave a comment at the end of the post and I’ll be sure to answer any specific questions you have promptly.

Alright, read!

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1.) Are Sagittarius Men Good in Bed?

Curious how satisfying a romp in the sack with the Sag man can be?

The answer is: it depends. Sexual tastes are always subjective.

But he does have certain ways about him that may or may not line up with what you like.

For example, he is a fire sign who likes to act fast and bring physical intensity to the bedroom. So if you like adventurous, passionate, and athletic sex, then you should be plenty satisfied with the Sagittarian guy.

If you instead desire lots of foreplay, empathetic sharing, and emotional depth during sex, then the Sagittarius man might not be your type. He’s not particularly keen on diving deep into feelings and emotions (unless he has some water placements).

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2.) Are Sagittarius Men Freaky?

Yes – you can count on Sagittarius men enjoying some kinky things. Sagittarius is a novelty-seeking Fire Sign, after all, and he likes to try a bit of everything.

He tends to have a dominant personality – and that translates to his bedroom proclivities. Any power play is likely to turn him on. He loves a woman who is comfortable in her femininity and enjoys being sexually submissive with him. Any bondage, spanking or other S&M ideas you throw at him he’ll probably be eager to explore.

If you aren’t at all kinky – there’s a chance he could be put off by that. He’s a man who likes to explore and expand. He wants what he wants and might dislike his sexually adventurous, explorative side to be turned down. But, if he has a moderate level of maturity, he will respect your boundaries.

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3.) What are his Favorite Sex Positions?

Everyone is different in this regard, but there are some positions that he’s likely to favor. He enjoys positions that are athletic and put him in a dominant position.

Some potential positions: Doggy-style, Shoulder stand, The V, Downward Dog, Cello, Prison Guard, Captain, Missionary Plank.

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4.) What are the Sagittarius Man’s Erogenous Zones

The Sag man’s main erogenous zones are his hips and thighs (inner and outer).

If you’re looking to turn him on at any time, pay close attention to these areas. He’ll be extremely responsive to your touch. You can lightly graze, or grab him. They’re great spots for massage, too.

Try to explore these areas during sex, see if you can find a position that stimulates these areas in him or allows him to stimulate you, as he likes touching those places on you, too.

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5.) The Sagittarius Man’s Biggest Turn-ons

A high sex drive. The Sag man is high energy and very physical. Sex is an athletic event for him, and he likes to enjoy it often. He loves a partner who can keep up with him.

A fun attitude. He’s turned on by fun, excitable energy. Sex for him is intense, but not broody. He prefers a partner who keeps sex light and heavy on laughs.

Confidence. He’s a dominant guy who wants a confident sexual partner. He wants someone who knows what they’re into and is game to explore new things.

Intelligence. Wit and mental agility are potent aphrodisiacs to the Sag guy. If you attract him and can match his mental prowess, it’s on, and you should have no problem talking him into bed.

Directness. The Sag man is blunt and direct and appreciates the same in others. He doesn’t like a guessing game in bed and prefers a partner who will say exactly what they want.

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6.) How to Satisfy a Sagittarius Man in bed

Try to surprise him. Anything that’s spontaneous and adventurous will excite him. Introduce a new toy or position, pull him aside at a party, or at a family gathering. Outdoor sex is great, and car sex as well. Give him road head out of the blue and he’s sure to become enamored with you.

Encourage his dominant side. If you’re comfortable being sexually submissive, let him know, and you’ll be in for a good time. You could also try going full-on dominant yourself some of the time, he appreciates strength and initiative in a woman.

Don’t push a ton of emotionality on him. He’s uncomfortable with too much emotional expression. This is especially important in the early stages of your sexual exploration together. He is a flighty guy who hates feeling romantically overexposed to someone due to his fear of commitments. Too much emotion can scare him off.

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7.) Sexual advice for the Sagittarius Man

These are tips for him to better enjoy sex.

Avoid being selfish. The Sagittarius man sometimes gets a bad rap for being a selfish lover. He’s a fire sign, so he has tons of enthusiasm, which is great, but he can tend to get lost in his own satisfaction. It’s sometimes good for him to tune into his partner’s needs a bit more.

Be more open to emotional expression. Sex for Sagittarius is mostly physical and athletic. It’s great to have rough, physical sex – but sometimes his partner could use a little more openness and sentimentality.


Have you had any sexual experiences with the Sag man? What were your experiences like, and do you have any tips for us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “7 Key Things To Know About the Sagittarius Man in Bed”

  1. My Sagittarius man lied to make me interested in him. He had/has a sex cams addiction and was having virtual sex with hundreds of different woman a night/every other night through to early hours of the morning. When getting to know him had lied and said that he hadn’t been doing stuff like that for months of in order to manipulate stronger feelings towards him.
    When confronted he lied with pathetic excuses about having an app that makes up its own internet history in order to cover up real browsing history. ‘How do you know it was me and not a friend’.. first an app then a friend.. he tried many different contradictory excuses then told the truth, after telling the truth lied about it again then told the truth and lied ect.

    If he was open to begin with I would have been accepting but concerned about the scale of use and would have detached emotionally.

    I do not trust my partner because of his unnecessary compulsive need to lie excessively and I have seen him grows to believe his own lies through ‘forgetfulness’
    He was also using hook up websites to find sex after asking me to be his girlfriend.
    I don’t agree that the Sagittarius man is more interested in satisfying himself in bed I have seen the opposite in my Sagittarius partner.

    1. Hi, Nanu. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with his manipulation. Shame and denial breed secrecy and disingenuous behavior, unfortunately. I would deeply consider if his actions make the relationship worthwhile for you. Though that’s good to hear that he’s interested in satisfying you in bed.

  2. I’m a Libra, and I’ve been having a secret affair with my Sag guy for over a year. We don’t get the chance to meet very often. Every time we meet in public we both feel a strong attraction to one another. We have great conversations where we laugh and finish eachother’s sentences. Great chemistry! We often end up hot texting/video after meeting in public. When we meet in private we just melt together. Passionate kissing, wonderful sex and lots of eye contact…. It’s crazy how well we match in that departement! (I was married to a Gemini for many years and although we loved eachother and the sex was good we never had THIS kind of sexual connection.) When my Sag and I have sex, I feel LOVED because of the way he looks into my eyes. Sometimes it’s a playful, teasing look, sometimes a soft smile and sometimes it’s like he’s amazed by me. He makes me feel like a princess, I feel safe and I feel worshipped.

    However; «It’s just sex». At least that’s what the deal is. He has obligations elsewhere (relationship and children) and doesn’t want me to think the two of us are in a relationship. Although I’m a Libra I’m not too keen on relationships myself at the moment. Also, I have no intention of breaking up his household.

    My problem (other than the obvious bad conscience for having sex with another woman’s man) is that he always goes silent on me after we’ve had sex. Not immediately – we usually hang out for a conversation and a cup of coffee. We laugh, he opens up a little… we don’t cuddle after sex (I don’t mind, but I do notice). We hug or kiss before parting, but more like friends than lovers… And then comes a time of no texting, almost no respons if I text him. The contrast between that warm, fun, pleasant and attentive guy I had sex with and this…cold bastard is HUGE! And SO confusing. My gut tells me he is afraid of falling for me because that could cause serious problems in his current relationship (yeah, it’s kinda stupid skipping the fact that there must already be serious problems in a relationship where he is being unfaithful!). His biggest fear is hurting his kids. I’ve asked him if he struggles with a bad conscience after having sex with me, but he doen’t want to talk about it. So he shuts me out. And that’s when I usually break up. Or he, if I suggest he should. No quarrelling, just coming to our senses.

    Sag and I have broken this thing off several times, but we keep falling back into eachother’s arms. Last time we «broke up» I was really brave and confessed I had feelings for him, and that I might want more than «just sex». I reconned that would scare him off for good, but I thought «so be it, probably for the best». We agreed that we had really enjoyed ourselves and eachother, but that it was more important to take care of oneself and thus be able to maintain a friendship. And his relationship. I even advised him to work out whatever is wrong in his current relationship, and (as a joke) not to go silent on future lovers. After that he sent me subtle signs that he reciprocate my feelings. I pretended I didn’t notice. I mean; it was so subtle I might have imagined it. But it was there.

    Our «break up» lasted a couple of months, and then he initiated contact again. We met a few times, and the sex was even better than before! The way he looked at me….! He was more cuddly than usual when we parted and he has not been so rigidly on silent mode as before. And here we are… I don’t know where this is going (if anywhere), and I don’t know if he loves me or is just playing me. My gut says both.

    1. I know this is none of my business, but I just read your post and feel invested now. 😉 Do you want to give an update as to how things are going for you?

    2. Being a Sagittarius Man, I can tell you what I think is happening with him, but obviously everyone is not the same, even when we share Zodiac signs. I have experienced something similar to your situation in my life before. I was in a position where I felt really torn in my head and my heart. I was in absolute love with someone, but my sexual needs were not being met at all. I did everything I could to try different things, I expressed myself and talked about what I was feeling and try as I might, nothing would change. I am absolutely a total pleaser and spoiler im my relationships, im all facets, not just sexually. My entire focus is on my partner and making her feel like she’s the only woman in the world and her every wish is my command, I want to make her s every desire come true. I’m very romantic, love to kiss And make out, very affectionate. I worship the woman I’m with and I want her to know how much I find her beautiful and sexy, her body is perfect for me. I loved this woman with my whole heart but despite everything she was very rigid and would never be anything but cold towards me,I felt like I was having sex with a Dead person! She refused to go on any type of birth control and every condom we tried caused her iiritation. I was never able to finish if you know what I mean and it completely ruined everything when you are being scolded about you better have pulled out in time and got know relief from sex it was never a release only more stress. She was never info oral sex and that’s fine, but there’s no variety at all, it was always missionary and I said I felt always pressured and it was like hurry up and then when I did, it was tr all al

    3. Sorry I didn’t get to finish, but he probably feels very guilty after sex, because that’s what would happen to me. I didn’t want to go out and seek sexual satisfaction from another person at all and the moment I would orgasm, the guilt would end up consuming me! I’m not going to sit here and tell you all my rationalization about this, it was absolutely wrong and I know it. Then I started to resent her, because I would do everything to make her happy and satisfied. I would always get her off first thing and maybe that was a mistake on my part?? None of it matters now this was a long time ago. But if you can’t keep your feelings out of it, then you should let him go. He is obviously still very connected and must love his partner, he is not going to leave for any reason other than his own. And God help you if you pressure him in any way, it’ll just push him away more and make him do exactly the opposite of what you want. You would be better off acting like it doesn’t matter at all to you and don’t get any further attached. He is going to flee if he feels like you are getting too attached and he is going to fear you trying to break up his relationship. Either take what he can give you and be satisfied or pull the band-aid off fast and be totally done with it. I will say if you can be laid back about everything and not get attached or put any pressure on him and be loose and fun, if he does leave his partner there’s a good chance of having a relationship with him then. Good Luck.

  3. So I’ve been in a secret relationship with a saggitarious man. He has a girlfriend plus other women(unsure of how many) Oh and we work in the same institution. He makes me feel so loved, gives me all the attention that I want, often expresses how much he misses me and craves me and always comes to see me everyday for my daily kiss to start off my day at work. We don’t see each other outside of work and I don’t know why. He always seems to be too busy and I stopped asking to meet up. On our lunch breaks sometimes we have car sex or we go to his home nearby. Sex with him is amazing because of his sensuality. His dick isn’t that big but his sensuality, passion, kinkyness, intensity and wanting to ensure that I’m pleased all the time(making sure that I cum), makes up for it. He is very dominant and brings out my submissive side. I always let him lead.. sometimes he wants me to get on top and i show him my confident and sexy side although I’m not sure if im pleasing him.. I fell inlove with him and I wish I hadn’t because its clear that he won’t commit to me. He already has other commitments. I don’t quite see a future here and I know better than to hope. All I know is I always wanna move on but everytime I see him his charming and flirtatious ways that is so manipulating wins me over everytime. He pretends like nothing happened between us and I fall right into his traps. I love him let me know what you guys think.

  4. As a Sagittarius woman (5 times in my chart) I just wanted to comment – especially reading some of the other comments. I think it’s important to let other signs know that it is kindof a Sagittarius thing to make people feel special and like they’re the only person in the world when we’re with them. I don’t have as much trouble with this as a woman vs. probably Sagittarian men bc men don’t always tend to get as attached (although there have been a few). But from the Sagittarian perspective we generally just love and are interested in people. To your Sagittarian, you are special, but so are a lot of other people – you know what I mean? I just think it’s really important to know this because I think with Sagittarians it’s really easy to project into something and think it’s more than it is, but for the Sag – when they’re with you, they’re with you and when they’re not…. they’re often not… they’re interested in someone or something else. So just… beware of your own projections in a relationship with a Sagittarian where they haven’t been absolutely clear that you are ‘the one.’

  5. Hi my name is Sam. I have met sag man through dating agency. We have hit the ground running. Sex texting is out of this world. I am a Virgo woman. Everything so far i have read abt compatibility seems to be coming to fruition. He is aware that i have only had two relationships and have been on my on for 24 yrs. i am worried that i may not be enough for him. He does not seem deterred by this but spurred on. He is a confidence giver but will i be enough for him. I dont want to get hurt. We have texted and FaceTimed and are shortly to meet. He is so confident and relaxing to talk to. He gives me so much confidence to express myself. But will we work. I am not a clinging violet by any means. We are both self sufficient and independent but he will be the first man in ages that i will be with. Any advice?

    1. I’m a Virgo woman who was in an on and off relationship with a Sag man for a year. From the moment I saw him walking across the street toward me, the chemistry was unbelievable. For one thing, he is absolutely beautiful to look at, and on top of that his intensity, humour and charisma had me immediately hooked. We’ve talked about that first meeting many times and how we both felt really knocked over by the mutual attraction we felt. Our first date was 12 hours of talking, laughing, touching and feeling a deep connection. Sex with this man is MIND BLOWING. I don’t know if this level of intuition is common for Sag men, but he knew exactly how to navigate my body from day 1 – hours of foreplay, kissing, touching followed by perfectly paced, deep, satisfying sex that was and continues to be the best I’ve ever had. His control of his own body was impeccable, he could (and always did) give me several orgasms before even thinking of himself. HOWEVER As soon as we had sex, his energy, eye contact and communication completely dropped and this became the pattern for the next year of my life. A supernatural physical connection followed by a crushing emotional disconnect. He always pulled away after sex, even sometimes physically rolling away from me. His normally chatty demeanor would go silent, if I tried to initiate a conversation it would yield one-word responses. He could never discuss his emotions and the topic would visibly annoy him. He would say very bluntly that he cared for me deeply but didn’t understand what it was I wanted. I spent a lot of time with his family and friends as he included me in many relationship type situations but always introduced me as his friend, never as his girlfriend while his family members just awkwardly shifted glances, clearly as confused by it as I was. When pressed about our relationship status, it would usually turn into an argument resulting in me getting angry and breaking it off only to have him initiate contact again within a week or two. He told me he had never been in love or in a serious relationship despite both of us being close to 40 and that he generally felt he couldn’t relate to people who discussed love around him. With regard to me, he said he viewed the possibility of love like climbing a tree that would be dangerous to fall out of, and so he consciously could only climb to a height from which he knew he would survive a fall. On one occasion when we reconnected after 6 weeks apart, he put his head on my shoulder and started to cry, I felt his whole body start to soften against my shoulder and then, within a minute, completely pulled back and said, “Sometimes, I feel so strongly toward you and then, in my head, I just ruin it for myself”. I asked him to explain, but he shut the conversation down. Our inability to connect emotionally in the way that I needed with a real commitment led to us finally calling it quits for good earlier this year. I still think about him every morning when I wake up, every night before I fall asleep and a hundred times in between. I’ve dated and been intimate with other men and always wind up looking across the table and wishing they were him- even though I logically understand that I was never going to have a fulfilling and generous love with him. Again, I don’t know what is true of all Sagittarius men, but if yours is anything like mine: prepare yourself for the most intensely satisfying sexual experience of your life, and prepare yourself as well for the fact that you will bear the brunt of the emotional labour. If you are sensitive, if words of affirmation is your love language, if you fearlessly express emotion, if you want a communicative partner who is comfortable surrendering himself to vulnerability and holding space for you to do the same, if you are looking for a deep emotional connection that sends you both tumbling into a passionate and lifelong, loving partnership involving trust and commitment, if you want someone who will climb to the top of the tree with you…well… be prepared to fall alone with a man who may not catch you at the bottom.

  6. I agree with Nikki. Prepare to be hurt. You should really re-read Beth’s response. I’m a Gemini female and Sag men are some of the Most playful yet charming men I’ve ever met. I mirror them most of the time and give them nothing of my body. The good ones get some of my time and that’s it.

    Be careful about how much you like any man. And be careful how much of your past you share with them. It’s not hard for that info to be used against you to manipulate for sex and such. And Sag men are great but it can be tough to know their true intentions early on due to their charm, wit and positivity towards you.

  7. Hello to whomever is reading this. I am a Cancer June 24th but feel more like a Gemini. I have 2 Sag men in my life. I met the first one back in 2016 and met the 2nd Sag in June 2017.

    Sag 1: Wasn’t attracted to him at first but now I adore him. I hate that I do. Perhaps in love with him still. Started off as a blind date, invited me to his home, cooked a meal for me 2 days later. Continued to invite me over, had conversations, couple weeks later, had sex. He and I have the best sex. He is addicted to the sex. I am itrigued by him. He’s a hardworker, go getter, but said to me in 2020 that he has had a girlfriend for 5 years and that they do not have sex. Sex is amazing. Sex occurs at least once per week. Feels comfortable with him but all we have is sex.

    Sag 2: Wasn’t attracted to him, still not attracted to him. Had a good job, treated me very well. I got pregnant in 2018. Beautiful little girl. Sag is a great father. Lost is job in 2019 never really got back on his feet. Works but don’t make close to what he was making. Smoke weed, can’t function without it. Can’t afford to pay hardly any of the bills. Ask me for money at times (not much). Sex feels like a chore. Sex occurs every 3 months, maybe.

    Me: Great mom, live with Sag 2. I pay rent, childcare, was paying the other bills (utilities) up until 2022 while Sag 2 gets back on his feet. Great job, not a model but efinitely not a hag. Fun, witty, put family first, but feel stuck with Sag 2 because he’s a good dad. Fault: I want Sag 1 as a partner; more than just sex. I want Sag 2 to just be a dad, nothing more.

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