The Libra Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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Are you crushing on or in a relationship with a Libra man?

Do you want to surprise him with expert knowledge of how he functions sexually?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll be diving into all the ins and outs of the Libra guy’s sexual nature.

Let’s get started.

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1. How important is sex for the Libra man?

Ruled by sensual and romantic Venus, Libra is the most relationship-focused sign in the zodiac.

They love connecting with and pleasing romantic partners. So it makes sense that the sex side of romance would be high up on their list in interests. 

Most Libra guys are highly sexual and would be happy to have regular sex in a loving relationship. Sex quite fulfilling for them and find the act far more meaningful than a quick release of energy. 

If you love to bond deeply and have regular, loving, and playful sex – then Libra might be right up your alley.

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2. How long do Libra men like sex to last?

Libra men are usually not in a rush for sex to end. They’re not goal-oriented around sex in the traditional way. It’s not a race to the finish line for them. Their goals tend to be more around nurturing the bonding and connection that sex brings.

Most Libra guys would prefer to have at least an hour devoted to sex, with a lot of that time devoted to foreplay. 

He’s okay with quickies sometimes, but not as his main sexual diet. They don’t fulfill him nearly as much, especially his love of foreplay and kissing. 

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3. Are Libra men usually vanilla or kinky?

Libra guys usually land closer to the mainstream-vanilla side of sexual exploration.

They’re less likely to be into BDSM-type play or any heavy dom-sub stuff. Some lighter bondage can appeal to a number of Libran men. Regardless, they often try anything their partner wants at least once. 

Some Libras are budding exhibitionists that enjoy a discreet bout of public sex. Others love having their partner dress up in lingerie, leather, latex, etc.

Sex toys of all varieties can be a fun accessory for him. He likes the quality time spent together that playing around with new and varied sex toys gives. 

Again, he can be a bit of a chameleon here due to his strong desire to please his partner. He might become full-boar interested in certain sex acts that he’d otherwise not seek out himself so long as his partner enjoys them.

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4. Libra man’s sexual turn-ons

Foreplay. Libran guys are heavy into foreplay and kissing. They like it pure and simple. Naked bodies, rubbing, mutual masturbation, oral sex. He loves a partner that’s content to slowly build up the sexual energy between them with extended foreplay.

Beauty. Libra is the sign of beauty and the arts. He loves a clean, aesthetically pleasing room and a partner to share it with. He’s very drawn to warm feminine energy that’s refined and intelligent. A pretty face and good physical attributes will always go far with a Libra man. He loves the attention to detail of accessories and lingerie. While some Libran men care mostly about physical attributes, others care mostly for the beautiful soul inside.

His partner’s arousal. Libran guys go wild for a lover that’s thoroughly turned on by him. Seeing her in a state of pleasure always has an arousing affect on him.

An in-sync connection. Libra loves harmony and balance. He yearns for a partner that he can be totally in sync with. Someone who’s receptive and responsive to his every move in bed and that shares his drives and fantasies. 

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5. Libra man’s sexual turn-offs

Crudeness. Libra guys are all about refinement. They like soft, feminine women who have an elegance to them. A woman who’s loud or crude, both in public or private, will turn him off. Crude style is also a turn-off for him. He’s not drawn to women who have little interest in how she dresses or otherwise take care of their looks. 

Being in too much of a rush. This man doesn’t like to be hurried, both in life and in bed. He wants a woman who’s patiently indulgent in the long prelude to sex that he offers. His performance is slow but steady and sensual. He will explore every part of a woman’s body, taking his time. 

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6. What are Libra men’s Best Sexual Skills?

The Libra guy’s best sexual trait is his desire to please. He thoroughly enjoys giving pleasure and is very supportive of his partner’s sexual needs.

He is attentive and pays close attention to detail. He’s very supportive of his partner’s sexual appetite and fantasies.  He becomes entirely immersed in exploring his lover and has an excellent sense of timing and intuitive touch.

His skill shines with a communicative partner. The more open and clear she is about what she likes, the better he’ll be able to please her. With the world being so sexually self-focused, it can be a relief to be with Libra guys who enjoy giving so much in bed.

If we were to pin a certain physical sexual skill that Libra excels at, it could be his oral abilities. He loves to kiss all over and perform oral sex. Going down on a woman might be more exciting for him than her.

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7. Are Libra men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

These guys are quite open about approaching partners sexually. Libra is a relationship-focused sign, and they enjoy pushing the relationship forward.

They’re rarely pushy or aggressive, though. Libra is too considerate and diplomatic to be forceful like that.

While he’s typically comfortable initiating, he’s also very open to his partner being the initiator. Rarely will he turn down sex, especially if he knows his lover is really in the mood.

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8. Are Libra men typically into casual sex?

Libra guys usually don’t feel a strong pull towards casual sex. Bouncing around between partners just doesn’t satisfy their nature in a deep way.

These men can be strictly monogamous or into structured open relationships. Monogamy appeals to them the most, as their desire for true love is strong, But for many , the desire to be multi-amorous satisfies their deep need for comfort and familiarity.

Casual sex usually just leaves them wanting more. They might engage in it plenty of it, but it’s not without the desire to find a solid mate or mate(s) to settle into a more devoted groove with. It takes a trusting bond for them to feel their best.

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9. How important is the sexual environment for Libra men?

Libras appreciate the mood that an ambient and peaceful environment brings.

Bright, cool spaces, open windows, warm colors, soft sheets. Basically, comfortable and harmonious. They like luxury and cleanliness. The space doesn’t have to be immaculate, just clean enough to not be distracting.

Spontaneous quickies in miscellaneous places don’t have too much appeal to Libra. He doesn’t like to feel rushed, remember, so an enclosed, private space with lots of time and no distractions is pretty much ideal. Think the bedroom, kitchen, or shower.

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10. How well do Libra men communicate their sexual needs?

Libra is a very communicative sign and these men really do their best to talk through sex so that the act goes as fluidly as possible.

They want to hear what their partner likes, and will actively seek out suggestions for how to make things work even better.

He’s usually comfortable expressing what his needs are, though some Libran men can hold back a bit or assume that she knows what he wants in bed. They’re often more concerned with getting their partner off more than themselves.

It’s good to tell him what you like sexually, rather than surprising him with it. He’s not big on surprises. That is unless you feel like you really understand his temperament and know that it will likely excite him.

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11. Are Libra men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

Libra is the sign of marriage and partnership. These men love the closeness that cuddling brings, and how it enhances the sexual act. It really satisfies their sense of connection.

Even if there’s not enough time for cuddling pre or post sex, he will still want to indulge is some form of check in or bonding activity. 


There you have it, 11 things to know about the Libra man in bed. What do you think about this list? Is there something that seems off, or something about his sexual nature that was left out? Do you have any stories about the Libra man to share?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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