11 Essential Things to Know About The Capricorn Man in Bed

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In this article, we’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of sex with the Capricorn man.

You’ll learn all the ins and outs of how he likes to operate between the sheets.

By the end, you’ll know what he likes, what he dislikes, and how to satisfy him.

Alright, let’s dive in.

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1. How Important is Sex for the Capricorn Man?

The Capricorn man might not be the first sign that comes to mind when discussing sex and the bedroom. But these earthy guys are surprisingly sex-driven and lustful.

They’re often quite shy, which is why they don’t have a huge reputation, but underneath their cool, detached persona is a drive for sexual conquest. Most Capricorn men possess considerable sexual appetites and can keep up with even the most sexually driven partners. 

While some Cap guys become preoccupied with sex and will seek out daily (if their partner is willing), on average they desire sex 4-7 times a week.

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2. How Long do Capricorn Men like Sex to Last?

With Saturn as their ruling planet, Capricorn is the most patient sign in the zodiac. These men won’t rush sex or leave a partner unsatisfied. They are thoroughly dedicated to pursuing their goal of mutual satisfaction. 

These guys tend to be quite patient with a woman’s arousal. They’re usually more than willing to enjoy some slow-burning foreplay to really ensure that her arousal gets boiling before regular intercourse.

Typically, quickies don’t appeal to Cap men all too much. They’ll of course indulge in them if there truly are time crunches, but if there’s an abundance of time, they’d instead opt for a longer session around an hour.

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3. Are Capricorn Men usually Vanilla or Kinky?

Though reserved on the surface, Capricorn guys can be quite kinky behind closed doors.

Capricorns are dominant by nature, which makes them lean towards more rough play and experimentation. They typically love the feeling of being in control of the sexual dynamic, both subtly and overly dominating a submissive partner.

Pushing his partner to the edge sexually satisfies an edge for conquest that he carries in all aspects of life. He’s unlikely to have too wild fantasies – Capricorn is traditional by nature – so his penchant for S&M usually remains somewhat tame. 

Feel free to proposition him, though. He’s likely to gleefully indulge any desires you have to be restrained or otherwise dominated. 

Capricorns are also big into bonding with a partner that they just, just not the way a Cancer or Pisces might be. They’re not as emotional about it, but they do enjoy slow, passionate, intense sex. 

As far as PDA goes, Cap men aren’t huge on it. They like natural gestures in the moment, as long as it doesn’t feel showy or as a way to mark territory.

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4. The Capricorn Man’s Turn-Ons

To feel desired by feminine energy. Capricorn is the “dad” of the zodiac, and he’s turned on by submissive partners who draw out this polarity. He wants to feel wanted and to sense her complete willingness to succumb to him intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

Security in partnership. Capricorns like stability in all areas of life and are most turned on by a sexual partner with who they feel a solid, bonded tie. Planning a future together with a woman he’s head over heels with will get him right in the mood for sex. Because when he knows his partner well and trusts them, he’s more willing to test the boundaries of sexual passion.

Grounded, straightforward lovers. Capricorn is not about fluffy language or pleasantries. They like straight-talking and actions over words. A partner who is direct, passionate, and driven like him will get his sexual energies flowing.

Pragmatic sensuality. As an earth sign, Capricorn is very physical and sensual. They like women who portray established personhood with a seductive smile and a clean, put-together look that alludes to sex and partnership. 

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5. The Capricorn Man’s Turn-Offs

Dramatic, inauthentic, or attention-seeking behavior. Capricorns are pragmatic and conservative in how they express themselves. They are aroused by partners that are cool, calm, collected, and carry themselves well. Anyone who compulsively tries to grab everyone’s attention around them offends his sense of class and will turn him off. No need for a spectacle to attract him, just humble, relaxed, and respectful.

Excessive emotionality. Capricorn men are headstrong and rational. They’ll rarely shy away entirely from emotion and feeling, but they don’t want to be with a partner that leans irrationally into emotion or cries at the drop of a hat. If they can’t cut through their partner’s emotionality and speak with them in a rational way, they’ll consider you over-reactive, and may quickly lose sexual interest.

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Uncleanliness. Capricorn men are typically clean and organized. A partner that’s somewhat of a slob and lacks neatness or tidiness in her life will put him off. If he enters your space and it’s unkempt with laundry everywhere, he’s liable to turn around and walk right back out the door. This goes for your general appearance, as well. Cap wants to see that you take pride in how you present yourself.

Impatience. Capricorn men are slow-moving in sex and love. They don’t like feeling rushed or pushed to move quicker than they want to be going. A woman who nudges, either through words or physicality, him to escalate things beyond his own measured pace will likely put him off. This is because he views patience as a virtue, and a woman who lacks it comes across to him as needy or otherwise out of sync with his natural flow.

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6. What are the Capricorn Man’s Best Sexual Skills?

His willingness to take charge. Capricorn guys love to dominate any situation and aren’t afraid to direct sex and ask clearly for what they want. If you like to sit back and let the man take charge, then Capricorn should be right up your alley. 

How dedicated he is to your making sure you’re satisfied. Capricorns are hard-working completionists. They’ll put a lot of effort into sex to ensure that their partner gets off. He’ll pay close attention to how he uses his fingers, hands, tongue, and hips in an effort to become as adept as possible at getting you off.

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7. Are Capricorn Men Comfortable Initiating Sexual Activities?

Yes, in most cases. Some Capricorns are beyond shy and can struggle to build enough confidence to push sex forward. But, for the most part, the sign of Capricorn instills these men with an astute ability to read a partner’s signals and take charge accordingly.

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8. Are Capricorn Men into Casual Sex?

Capricorn guys usually have a pragmatic approach to casual sex. They’ll rarely indulge in it, but might be open if they’re horny and encounter a sexual match that’s clearly not a good long-term option.

Overall, though, Capricorn places serious meaning into their sexual bonds. They’re efficiency-minded and can often see casual sex which leads nowhere else as a waste of time.

The best dynamic for Capricorn to engage in casual sex is with an equally emotionally-cool person. If they’re both clear and decisive about what they want from each other, it can strip any extra pretense from the arrangement and allow them both to indulge with certainty in the temporality of it.

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9. How important is the sexual environment for Capricorn men?

Order and cleanliness are paramount for most Capricorn men. They don’t want to hook up in squalor. 

As far as location goes, Capricorns tend to be pretty traditional. He’ll usually have a slight preference for the bedroom, but other fairy dark, quiet, and romantic places can pique his interest, as well.

He’s not going to be into public bouts of sex. He’s not after that kind of thrill. Though, he likely wouldn’t be opposed to a sexual jaunt in a more private outdoor locale. Camping together and sharing a tent can be a great option. 

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10. How well do Capricorn men communicate their sexual needs?

Capricorn guys usually like sex to be a more quiet affair, but they also want to be on the same page.

They’ll certainly be open to communicating about any and all sexual desires they share with their partner, but once sex starts, they like to focus more on non-verbal cues. Body language, breathing, sounds, and moans usually suffice.

They’re not opposed to discussing things mid-intercourse as a way to course-correct, but rarely will they appreciate a partner talking for talking’s sake. It takes them out of their focus and will frequently break their mood.

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11. Are Capricorn men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

Capricorn men aren’t hyper-emotional by any means, but they value their relationships and want to nurture them.

If Cap is having sex with a deeply bonded partner, he’ll likely want to indulge in closeness and cuddling after sex. But, if he’s having sex with someone to whom he’s not very committed, he might be a bit colder and not linger too much after the act is done.

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There you have it, 11 traits of the Capricorn man in bed. If you like sex with a more coolly-detached, dominant man, who makes you feel grounded and submissive, then Capricorn might be your guy.

He’s also a great match for any serious-minded, mature woman who’s focused on intelligence, spirituality, and self-growth. Capricorn does not get seduced by extravagant, dramatic personalities. He likes his sexual partners calm, grounded, and self-collected

What did you think about this list? Do you have any tips of your own about Capricorn men in bed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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