The Leo Man in Bed: 10 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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1. How important is sex to the Leo man?

The Leo man is passionate and lusty. His disposition is sunny, and he draws women to him with relative ease. A woman’s friendly smile or charming personality can put him in a sexual mood quite easily. 

It’s not uncommon for the Leo guy to have sex on his brain multiple times a day. Most Leo guys are at their most satisfied when having sex three to four times a week. 

Sex can be important and quite sacred for the Leo man. Leo rules over the heart, and he attaches mystical significance to the emotions surrounding his sexual impulses.

These guys are also capable of holding out on sex for a long time. They can be vigilant in their determination to “do without” until a worthy partner comes along. Leo has a pretty big self-image, and he won’t consort with just anyone.

If sex and its accompanying pleasures aren’t to Leo’s taste or preference, he’ll become dispassionate to the idea of it.

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2. Are Leo men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

Leo men love how leading the way makes them feel powerful and important. As a result, most Leo guys will be entirely comfortable spearheading the sexual phase of a relationship. 

Most of the time he’ll be quite composed and unrushed while moving into this delicate phase of a relationship. There is a chance that he might falter if he’s feeling insecure due to not feeling like he’s receiving enough attention. These men are quite self-centered and can suffer from stifling self-consciousness if they’ve been made to feel unimportant or ineffectual. 

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3. How long do Leo men like sex to last?

Leo men often enjoy sex that lasts between 20 minutes to an hour. 45 minutes can be a sweet spot for them.

As an active fire sign, Leo prefers to do most things in life quickly, so quickies might be more appealing to them than marathon sex sessions. 

Marathon sex sessions can appeal to some Leo men, though, if the situation is just right. On these rare occasions, Leo’s emotions and passion fully open up, and he can spend hours kissing, spooning, and rolling around. For this to occur, he has to find himself emotionally engaged with a highly compelling woman (which can be rare, he’s a bit picky).

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4. Are Leo men usually vanilla or kinky?

Leo man’s favorite sexual flavor tends to be vanilla. Even though sex is highly passionate for him, he tends to judge harshly any sexual indulges that he might consider disreputable. And he expects his partner to feel similarly. 

If you’re after a man with a more old-fashioned, sweetheart sensibility who enjoys the usual range of mainstream sex acts – then this vehemently moralistic man might be right up your alley.

If anything, he’s likely to be inclined towards dominance role-play, with his partner assuming the submissive role. This makes sense, as Leo has an inborn superiority complex and is desirous of authority. He may love the rush of being dominant in an exaggerated sexual setting.

Some Leo men get deeply invested in the dominant dynamic and like to indulge it in various ways, from light spanking to the full-on master-slave dynamic. He doesn’t require a full-on submissive partner for this. In fact, he prefers someone with a little fight in them. Strong women who play along with being subdued fuel his ego. 

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Certain Leo men can enjoy a bit of sexual exhibitionism. Leo is a performer by nature, after all. He likes the risk of it, and the idea of being caught might just be a turn-on for him, as it can make him feel like more of a stud.

Leo men may have a fantasy about engaging with multiple partners. This may include having a harem of women at his disposal or directing his partner to engage in sex with other men. But when it comes down to it, he’s one of the least likely men to actually participate in group sexual dynamics. His morality and ego insecurities around sharing and feeling like the dop-dog can trip him up, leading him to opt out.

Beyond this, your Leo might not have much of a kinky bone in his body. His bland sexual tastes can leave more nuanced and adventurous partners wanting more. If your Leo is a bit too tame for your liking, you might need to take the initiative to introduce ideas and mix things up. Or look elsewhere for your spice. 

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5. Are Leo men typically into casual sex?

Leo is too passionate and emotionally driven to really enjoy casual sex. When his heart isn’t into it, it might feel like an empty experience to him.

He doesn’t take relationships lightly and likes the feeling of being moralistically “above” casual flings. He’s certainly capable of remaining sexually unattached until his equal appears. These guys can spend much of their early life holding back, both emotionally and sexually, until they find a love worthy of pouring their whole self into.

When he does pursue sex without a relationship in place, it’s often born from an effort to feel wanted in an effort to prop up his flagging ego. Otherwise, sex has too many emotional and spiritual connotations for him to approach it casually.

Of course, some Leo men are much more adventurous and bold in the pursuit of their Lioness. These guys may explore every possible mating option until he finds his best match. In the process, he might break hearts and be labeled a womanizer. But he simply refuses to settle. Relationships are all or nothing to the Leo man. 

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6. What are the Leo man’s sexual turn-ons

Himself. In sex and in life, Leo men like to feel as though they’re the star of the production. Vanity mirrors were made for this guy. He’d love to take you from behind in front of one so he can view his body moving with yours. He might even want to film your sexcapades just so he can watch back to look at himself. His own reflection in the world is his secret fetish. 

Attention and affirmations. Direct, undivided, and unwavering attention and flattery fuel Leo’s sexual arousal. He likes a partner who eliminates interruptions in the bedroom and tunes into him fully during intimate moments. Someone who showers him with compliments and fanfare when he unzips his fly will inflame his desire.

A partner that dazzles him. Yes, Leo is self-oriented and wants to be adored and loved, but his fantasies around his partner also play a pivotal role in his sexual arousal. He’ll project himself onto his partner and his high standards result in him rarely being turned on unless he’s found a confident lioness to match him. He wants the whole package. And to him, that package is a woman with the following traits: physically beautiful, intelligent, energetic, dynamic, self-possessed, loyal, warm in personality, good endurance, and a quiet power (so as not to upstage him). A partner with a little bit of a superiority complex appeals to him as well. She can be a little bit bossy or power-hungry, so long as she’s submissive to him.

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An unbridled passion that’s worthy of the stage. Leo men are all about big love, big desires, and big affection. The partner that turns him on will be able to both handle, and fuel, his dramatic strokes in the sexual arena.

Playfulness. Leo is an exuberant fire sign and he loves to engage in play. He’s after a mate who wants to roll around with him like two matings lions on the savannah, pawing, tugging, biting, and scratching. Someone who swoons over his flair for acrobatic stunts and demonstrative displays of male masculinity. The partner who turns him on the most can match his animated, boisterous style with feeling and intensity. 

His body being worshipped. To really get the Leo man turned on, his lover needs to engage his love of adulation through touch. Hug him, rub his shoulders and head, run your fingers through his hair, massage his back – and he’ll be yours. Always entice him with new ways of touching, stroking, licking, and kissing. Treat his body as a temple and he’ll feel fueled to ravish you. Note: his chest and back are prime erogenous zones. And of course, verbal praise is always a potent aphrodisiac for him. He wants to know he is the best, and if you throw in numerous compliments about the size, elegance, and beauty of his penis, you will bring out the best in him.

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7. The Leo man’s sexual turn-offs

Arrogance. Yeah, he has a bit of a double standard here. These guys are self-confident to the point of being egotistical. Yet he really is turned off to see this trait reflected in his female lovers. So avoid any arrogance, rudeness, pushiness, or desire to always be right. Leave that to him. 

Tarnishing his reputation or making him feel emasculated. You don’t want to compete with a Leo and win too many times. You also don’t want to make him look bad or embarrass him in public. Upstaging him or mocking his poetic sentiments will turn him off from you fast. Raining on his parade

Clinginess. He wants to sleep with a powerful woman in her own right. He’s also very independent. Because of this, clingy or overly submissive women repel him. He only has so much bandwidth for giving others attention. Being too available sours him as well. 

Neglecting appearances. Leo guys are sexually put off by women who dress frumpily or so conservatively that they hide their figure. If a woman neglects her appearance overall or has poor taste, it will reflect poorly on his regal image and he’ll lose sexual interest fast.

Having a low sex drive or lacking in enthusiasm. The actual act of sex is big for dramatic Leo. And a lover who doesn’t share his heightened, dramatic perspective about it will turn him off. He doesn’t like to have to be the one to supply all the energy or coax his mate into having a good time. Halfhearted lovers need not apply. 

Pessimism and seriousness. Playful Leo can’t stand when things get too serious. He needs an all-in playmate. If you don’t bite enthusiastically on all of his advances and gestures, his spirits will be crushed, and he’ll be ready to move on. 

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8. Leo Men’s Sexual Shortcomings

When he’s too focused on his own satisfaction. Leo can get so caught up in his own pleasure and performance that a partner can begin to feel like a stage prop. Some Leo’s can be hugely impressed with their performance when sex culminates, entirely unaware of whether their partner was satisfied or not. 

His fixation on being the best. Leo guy’s love for the spotlight can go so overboard that they take your suggestion to use sex toys in bed as a personal affront. 

His fixation on monopolizing his lover’s attention. Leo men require approval and applause, and without your 100% focus, he can deflate and become pouty and testy.

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9. How important is the sexual environment for the Leo men?

Many Leo guys don’t find the sexual setting to be so important. His place might be a mess, but he’ll want his partner’s home to be at least somewhat orderly. 

He doesn’t like loud noises, interruptions, or other distractions. He wants to focus entirely on himself and you. Music can be an exception, as he might like to curate a soundtrack to his sexual performance. 

Some Leo guys will go all out with staging their homes for sexual rendezvous. Think ornate silks, lush rugs, and perhaps a disco ball. Privacy is pretty key, so he loves the intimacy of the bedroom. 

Some Leo guys are quite exhibitionists. Having sex outside in the sun is a sure bet to excite him. Leos tend to be ardent sun worshippers. He’s athletic and loves the heat.

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10. How well do Leo men communicate their sexual needs?

Leo is rarely shy in this regard. He makes his desires known through words, gestures, and sounds. He’s not shy about controlling his partner’s hands and guiding her to where he likes to be touched. He might be fairly vocal, but his body is likely to do most of the talking. These men understand nonverbal satisfaction quite well.

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We’ve reached the end. Hopefully, you’ve found this deep dive into male Leo sexuality illuminating.

If you have any experiences with Leo guys and would like to add your take, let us know in the comments below!

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