The Aries Man in Bed: 8 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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  • Sign: Aries
  • Dates: March 21 – April 20
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Planetary principle: Action
  • Element: Fire
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Qualities: Masculine, positive

If you’re interested in all things sex with the Aries man – then you’re in the right place.

Are Aries men sexually aggressive? Do Aries Men have high sex drives? What are the best ways to please an Aries man in bed?

We’re about to get into all of that and more. Read on.

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1. How important is sex for an Aries man?

Sex is top of mind for this male fire sign. Sex can feel as necessary as oxygen for many Aries guys in certain stages of life. These men often think about it daily, and it can easily become a primary preoccupation of theirs.

Aries guys are incredibly physical and his libido is usually quite high. Having sex four or more times per week is pretty ideal for him. And he can usually rise to the occasion if more is asked of him.

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2. How long do Aries men like sex to last?

As long as he can pace himself, the average Aries guy prefers sex to last at least an hour. But he’s often eager, hungry, and impatient. This can result in some ejaculation control issues on his part, which make many sessions end up as quickies. 

Even if he struggles to pace himself so he can last as last long as he wants, he’ll use a quick orgasm as an opportunity to set himself up to last longer during the second round. 

When he’s fully able to pace the way he likes it, he likes to indulge in some spicy foreplay that may last a half an hour or more.

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3. Are they comfortable initiating sexual activities?

Aries guys are Mars-rules and love to initiate in general in life. With sex, he likes to rip clothes off and dive in passionately. If love and lust are coursing through him, he won’t typically hesitate to act on his impulse. He doesn’t like to let moments of opportunity slip away from him. 

He won’t always dive straight in, though. He does tend to have some tact, especially if he’s not entirely confident that his sexual advances will be welcomed. These guys are brave and impulsive, but they also fear rejection. Performance anxiety can also stop him in his tracks. Aries are known to have paralyzing paranoia that affects them in irrational ways. Sometimes they need to regain their confidence.

Aries men are also quite open to having their partner initiate and kick things off sexually.

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4. How well do they communicate their sexual needs?

Aries men can be pretty good at communicating sexually. They’re fiery and action-oriented, which can lead them to be pretty straightforward and direct. 

These guys typically use body language to convey their wants and need more than words. But when pressed, they can verbally convey what they’re after in bed with relative ease. 

While Aries men can sometimes be selfish in bed, it’s not because they don’t respect their partner. It’s just the lens they usually view life from. If a partner is uncomfortable with something, he’ll typically be responsive and receptive to her needs. His ability to provide an impressive and fulfilling sexual experience to his partner is important to him and his image.

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5. Are Aries men typically vanilla or more adventurous in bed?

Aries rules the mind, which gives these men a lot of imaginative ability when it comes to sex. They like dirty talk more than some other signs. When done right, it can be irresistible to them.

When it comes to taboo territory, Aries guys can be enticed to dive into the deep end, but it won’t usually be as compelling to him as for other signs (looking at you Scorpio). Aries’ sexual fantasies are quite straightforward. He’ll usually stick to mainstream styles, enjoying some standard sex positions and oral sex (he’s a very oral lover).

Spanking, mild bondage, costume play, and sex toys can all turn him on. He’ll usually be open to new things a partner wants to experience, especially if there’s some dominance and submission involved. 

The most common kinky trend with Aries men is certainly dominance play. Sexually submissive women are aphrodisiacs to most Aries guys. A woman who can appreciate being on the receiving end of some healthy sexual aggression will satisfy him tremendously.

Of course, both partners should be equally excited by some harmless roughhousing. He has a lot of energy and desire for faster, more energetic sex. 

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6. What qualities in a partner are major sexual turn-ons for an Aries man?

It’s pretty easy to get an Aries man in the mood. All it takes is the right partner. The following are traits that turn him on beyond sexy clothes and a good scent.

A quick-paced personality. Aries is an impatient lover and hates to wait around for slow-moving people. He likes to speak and express himself quickly. He enjoys popping into bed, popping out, and then maybe popping in again. He can be a bit ADD in this way, and he appreciates a partner that can keep up with him. If someone makes him bored, it’s an uphill battle to rebuild his passion for them. 

An uninhibited willingness. Aries men despise restrictions. This includes sexual inhibitions. He’s the impulsive type and likes to have raw, passionate sex on a whim. With Aries, it’s usually setting up a sexual plan of action and executing it.

There won’t usually be much conversation, just a few agreed-upon cues, then full throttle ahead. If a woman stokes this quality in him, he’ll be enthralled with her. If she has a ton of sexual hang-ups or a prudish nature, he’ll be forced to begrudgingly control his sexual appetite.

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Physical fitness. These guys tend to be athletic and lead highly physical lifestyles. They want a partner who can keep up with them in life and in bed. A physically fit body is a huge plus and a turn-on for them. 

Submissiveness. These men are among the most masculine in the zodiac. They have a strong yang polarity and often seek out feminine, submissive women.

He doesn’t enjoy women who are total doormats, but he likes women who readily follow his lead. Even if it’s solely acting it out for the purpose of sexual enjoyment. An athletic lover with an urge to be dominated by him is his kryptonite. 

A challenge. While he loves a woman that’s willing to submit to him, he’s also equally drawn to strength and independence in his female partners. She may check her authority at the bedroom door with him, but if she’s a dominant force in the rest of her life, he’ll grow weak for her.

Strong women who don’t give in easily to him trigger his desire for conquest, which is a massive arousal trigger for these guys. Competition and challenges invigorate the Aries guy, as he wants to prove his worth to her. 

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7. How important is the environment for sex with the Aries man?

Aries guys are not picky when it comes to where and when they have sex. Any location or environment is fine for them. They’re impulsive as hell, and love to tear right into their partner whenever the mood strikes.

While he does enjoy a clean room with low lighting, it’s just not super important to him. Sex on the kitchen floor, in some isolated woods, in a car, or on the sofa is just fine to him, so long as it’s relatively secluded. As long as she’s down, he’s down, no matter where that might be. The urgency and immediacy of the moment are what get him going.

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8. Are Aries men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

Aries men want to feel loved and wanted. They’re big on self-gratification, while their opposite sign (Libra) is more focused on emotional bonding.

Their self-focus can make them have less empathetic emotionality than other guys. But passion is important to them, and intense cuddling and kissing usually play a big role in their sexuality. They may be self-centered, but they’re usually not selfish. 

Physical closeness is quite important to them. Regardless, for some women, Aries’s physicality lacks the loving affection they may get from another man.

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Ultimately, Aries guys are pretty straightforward and easy to please in bed. Lavish him with enough praise to satisfy his conceit (they love to be adored) and surrender yourself to his desire to ravish you. And make sure you can keep up with him!

Just remember to never give in too easily to an Aries man. Make him a bit for work for sexual access. These guys are notorious for losing interest fast if sex comes too easy to them.

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9 thoughts on “The Aries Man in Bed: 8 Things to Know About His Sexual Side”

  1. I am an aeries man, and 99% of this is right on target, amazing what you don’t really know about yourself until you read it and look at it… scary accurate, didn’t know we came from Mars, now I know I’m truly an alien.

  2. Best sex of my entire life is with my Aries lover…we are so in sync, he seems to read my mind and do exactly what i want, and his passion and creativity are off the charts! I CRAVE him constantly (gemini woman).

  3. I’m an Aries female dating an Aries man it’s literally fire between us. The chemistry is insane, he’s about the only one that can keep up with my drive and pleasure without skipping a beat.

  4. I came here seeking Aries sexual traits, as I’m married to an Aries, and it said exactly what I thought it might. He’s selfish in bed. I’ve communicated this to him, even cried afterwards, but nothing changes. I adore him, this is our, rather my, one area of discontent. I don’t know if I’m doomed to a life of sexual displeasure because our signs arent sexually compatible.

  5. Cancer woman here dating my first Aries man and I must say reading this is like literally reading about my man. This is si spit on that its scary.

  6. I am a 29 yo im a late July cancer woman with zero planetary placement in Aries and I am not particularly compatible with this energy.
    But boy! My best sexual partner so far was an Aries! It’s just no need for words, this man was taking matter into his hands!! He fingered me so good, while telling me firmly to stay serious, dominant vibe. He was eating me out so good and long while moaning, then drilling me so fast again and again, until for the first time in my life with a man, I became a fountain.
    I had squirted before playing with my clit on top of a man, but it’s different when it’s only from penetration and hitting G spot. I was always so wet for him.
    We were unfortunately not a match for the rest, he was very sensitive but emotionally repressed. I would create a safe space for him and he would open up, show a tear, then shut down and be very cold or cruel with his words. Outside of sex, he was not physical at all and I suffered from this as I am a cuddle buddy. He was very tall, athletic, and pretty face. But this man had demons only him could fight, and heal. Im still kinda sad we couldn’t play more, but his abusive side scared me away. And as a Cancer I don’t do well with meanness, nor casual sex, I need real connection, no fwb bullshit

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