The Scorpio Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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Scorpio is a sign that’s notorious for its sexuality. This Mars and Pluto dominated sign rules over the reproductive organs, after all.

Sex with Scorpio men can be highly drug-like and addictive. Few are prepared for what transpires behind closed doors with the Scorpio guy, and they’re liable to end up chasing that first novel high for the rest of their lives.

Making love with the Scorpio man often feels like dropping into another dimension. His full, penetrating attention envelopes, and his primal nature awakens a deep desire in a women’s brain that she might not know she has.

In this post, we’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty details of the Scorpio man’s sexual nature and sex life. He is perhaps the most fascinating sexual enigma of all the zodiac, so this should be an interesting one!

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1. How important is sex for the Scorpio man?

Unsurprisingly, sex is pretty high up on Scorpio’s list of importance. Scorpio may have a lot of interests that he finds deeply gratifying, and sex is usually near the top. His star sign literally rules the genitals, and Scorpio’s enigmatic charisma is inseparable from his sexuality. 

Scorpio is a relationship-focused sign that thrives on deep connection. And sex is the most potent vessel for entering states of soul-merging intimacy. 

Though sex is very important to Scorpio, he’s not usually in a rush to jump in bed. He wants sex a lot, but he’s often picky about when he acts on his urges. Sure, he can have blank athletic sex with a one-night stand, but it’s those deep, comfortable relationships that really satisfy his deeper sexual yearnings. And he’s willing to wait patiently for those opportunities to arise. 

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2. How long do Scorpio men prefer sex to last?

He’s usually a confident lover that enjoys lengthy sexual sessions. While he’s not entirely opposed to quickies, it usually takes him at least a half-hour to settle into a sufficient groove. 

These guys can definitely get off on drawing foreplay out in a teasing way, which can add a lot of time to their sex sessions. He likes to take total control, setting the mood and building up his partner slowly and steadily to a steamy boil. He wants her wriggling with excitement and frustration before he finally penetrates her.

And if we’re taking into account psychological foreplay, Scorpio is often setting the stage for hours with his partner before they even touch each other. Sex literally pumps through his veins. 

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3. Are Scorpio men usually vanilla or kinky?

In short, Scorpio is often the definition of kinky. Even the more traditional Scorpios are intense, broody, enjoy experimenting with the taboo. 

While he may enjoy novelties like public sex, bondage, sex toys, etc – it’s really the intense psychological dynamics that get his heart beating. Ruled by Pluto and Mars, the planets of power, dominance, and aggression, it’s common for him to enjoy power play in bed.

He wants to unleash his partners profound and hidden yearnings, especially the ones of a darker and more primal variety. He is all-in-immersive, putting his whole self into the act, and bringing his partner right along with him. Sex acts aside, there’s something inherently kinky about how damn intense he gets with his focus and reveling of her mind, body, and soul.

Many Scorpio men do go deep into obsessive and fetishistic sexual desires. It’s not uncommon for them to struggle internally while working to repress their darker side. He might slowly introduce more and more extreme kinks until they seep into his partner’s arousal patterning and become a regular part of their repertoire. Or, if he’s more straightforward, will find a self-declared submissive partner who’s innately as kinky as he is.

Ever complex, some Scorpios veer away from darker, more primal desires and into a more spiritual direction. Many Scorpios find themselves interested in tantric sex and turn intercourse into a transformative, deeply healing, and multiorgasmic experience.

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4. Scorpio man’s sexual turn-ons

Physical fitness and appearance. Scorpio can easily be entranced by appearances and appreciates someone who looks good and takes care of herself. He’s magnetized to a woman with composed, ladylike, feminine features. And a clean and pretty style goes a long way with him. He’s drawn to racy outfits, but never trashy. Don’t be afraid to Innocently pepper conversations with “secrets” about your lingerie collection, bikini waxing, or self-pleasuring preferences. His imagination likes to run wild with visual fantasy.

Self-assurance. A woman who carries herself with confidence and self-respect jumps out to Scorpio. His lust for power includes a powerful woman. Lust for Scorpio is always emotional. A woman who’s insecure, even if very beautiful, won’t tug on his sexual arousal strings all too much, at least not in a deep way. These are deep men, and self-realized inner beauty entrances them. A woman with strong, deep eye contact is one of his biggest aphrodisiacs. 

A sharp, present mind. It’s very important for the Scorpio man that his lover is tuned in. He wants a good listener with humor, wit intelligence, intuitive sense, and the ability to focus and go deeply inward. A woman who has worldly intelligence and can provide him with unique perspectives really draws him in.

Touching. It’s not that hard to get Scorpio turned on, as he always has some built-up latent sexual energy. Any sort of touching or massage is likely to send him into the mood quickly. Back rubs, foot rubs, and any stroking or caressing will get his engine revving quickly.

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Emotional vulnerability. Scorpio struggles to trust others, and he’s drawn to women who are open and whom he can understand. He doesn’t like going into any sort of dynamic blindly, and if he finds someone as mistrusting as him, he’s likely going to avoid the situation since it makes him feel out of control. Superficial or cool, nonresponsive women do not appeal to him. In this way, he certainly has a bit of a double standard. He’s guarded himself but wants to know everything about his partner.

Being on his team. Scorpio men usually feel like social pariahs in one way or another. They are intense and usually haunt the outskirts of society. One of his secret fantasies, then, is to be with a woman with who he can bond totally and create an “us against the world” sort of connection.

Subtle foreplay. Scorpio loves to build sexual tension throughout the day before the main event. Joking around with sexual innuendo, whispering sultry things to each other, sexting and phone sex are all great ways to turn this man on and get him hot for you.

Raw passion and feeling. Scorpio cannot disconnect from his passions and feelings. His lovers can respond with any kind of feeling, and it won’t throw Scorpio. Emotions of all kinds add heat and desire to his intimacy. 

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5. Scorpio man’s sexual turn-offs

Vulgarness. He wants a partner who’s classy and composed in public. Any cheapness or loud, attention-hungry antics from a woman will turn him off fast. He’s very collected and socially conscious and doesn’t want to be seen with a woman who’s belligerent, rude, or reveals too much flesh; especially in front of other men. Wisecracking, or otherwise trying too hard, will send him running the other way.

Absent-minded. Scorpio is all about laser focused intensity and presence. A woman who’s a bit aloof or spacey will bore him, especially if she interrupts him mid sentence. He’s unable to reach those intense sexual depths with a woman like this, and he’ll lose his all-important fixated desire for her quickly. 

Make him look bad in front of others. Again, Scorpios are very socially guarded and covetous of their image. A woman who knocks him down a peg in front of others or challenges him openly in a way that makes a scene will trigger him intensely, and he may just walk away from the situation right there on the spot.

Overly prudish. Scorpio needs to explore sexually to enjoy himself, both physically and emotionally. A woman who’s unresponsive or uninterested in the details of their sexual encounters will push him away. 

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6. What are Scorpio men’s Best Sexual Skills?

Scorpio is usually quite proud of his oral skills. He loves intense, deep kissing and is rather capable in the realm of cunnilingus. He’s also great with all things tactile, not just with his tongue. His touch is electrifying.

These men are also typically good with sexual self-control. They can hold back from orgasm until their partner has been thoroughly satisfied. 

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7. Are Scorpio men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

Scorpio guys are usually quite comfortable initiating things in the bedroom. They’re confident lovers that have a keen sense of sexual timing and know when to turn a spark into a flame.

They also tend to be the main initiators because they are so desirous with their sexual energy. It’s rare to have a partner that has a more considerable libido than Scorpio.

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8. Are Scorpio men typically into casual sex?

Scorpio thrives most with sex that has a depth that only close-bonded relationships can create. They want to merge body and soul with their partner, and because they’re so guarded, they really need to know the person well to get to these levels

But these guys are hypersexual and multifaceted. They know how to separate their emotions from their carnal sexual urges and will occasionally go for casual sex to fill their desire for novelty, variety, and, on occasion, the dirtiest kinky sex that they wouldn’t have with a true love whom they wouldn’t want to so thoroughly debase.

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9. How important is the sexual environment for Scorpio men?

Scorpio likes a clean and comfortable environment for sex. Sex for him is such an experience, after all. Romantic music, candlelight, and a hint of perfume or incense make his experience that much better.

Part of the ambiance for Scorpio is privacy. He doesn’t get off on tons of outside stimulation during sex like say, a Gemini, would. He’s a singularly focused kind of guy, and he wants nothing to distract him from his partner or his partner from him.

Though sometimes his libido does get the best of him, and he’ll want to take his partner somewhere spontaneously, whether that be tucked away at a park or in the back of a car.

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10. How well do Scorpio men communicate their sexual needs?

Scorpio men are open and communicative in bed. Whatever he’s into, he’ll let you know (so long as he doesn’t have repressive shame about his darker desires).

He’ll like to talk objectively about your fantasies, too. He doesn’t judge, and in fact, he might be relieved to hear your deeper, darker yearnings. 

He can truly be an amazing person to explore your sexuality with. He can be a teacher and is great at easing you into self-exploration. He reads body language well, and has something of a sex sense about what you need in bed.

He might not be the most vocal with sounds. Scorpios are usually a bit inhibited in this way. You might hear some deep grunts or pants while he does his magic. He’ll often communicate pleasure with bodily movements. It can be healing for him to have a partner that encourages him to express more through sound.

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11. Are Scorpio men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

While patently indulgent with sex, Scorpio doesn’t necessarily need it every time things get sensual. He enjoys hand-holding, cuddling, and kissing on their own. Intimacy is most important to them, and they can make out and cuddle for hours.

After sex, he wants to maintain the connection and prolong that deep state of bonding and rapt sensation you cultivated together. He might want to take a walk together, share a shower, listen to music, or go to sleep together.

If he really pushed your boundaries in bed, he will certainly be extra attentive and make you feel valued and loved.

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There you have it, 11 things to know about the Scorpio man in bed. 

What did you think of this list? Do you have anything to add or experiences of your own to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “The Scorpio Man in Bed: 11 Things to Know About His Sexual Side”

  1. My Scorpio lover (male) is very attentive in bed but is not interested in cuddling or holding hands after he orgasms. When I explained how important it was for me, that his physical affection and kissing would open me up to the next level, he delivered. He seems to dip in/out of deep affection to being cold and distant. As for what I read in your post, I agree with all that was written. I am a Taurus female but, are more water than earth (according to my astrological sky-chart). He is intense and obnoxious to the point of embarrassment. But, if I ever felt in danger, he would be the one I’d trust to protect me…with his life.

  2. I’ve been dating a Scorpio man for a few months now and we started sleeping together a month ago. We do spend weekends together because we work during the week and it’s early stages we can be together all the time. He is a distant man and cold at times, quiet and disappears when he is busy. My issue is that the doesn’t seem to care if I finish after having sex. The excuse is always I’m tired I tell him that I feel he is using me and that he doesn’t care and he says I care and I tell him it doesn’t look like it and he doesn’t want to talk about it. I ask him why and he is just silent. He says it takes him time to built emotions for someone and I told him that you get yours and I please you but you do nothing for me. I don’t know what to do

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