Why Are Pisces So Good in Bed? The Top 6 Reasons, Explained

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What is it that makes those dreamy, Neptune-ruled Pisces people so damn hot in the bedroom?

In this post, we’ll be deep-diving into all of Pisces’ attractive sexual traits that make us yearn for them endlessly.

Pisces is a water sign that’s highly sexual, psychic, and imaginative. So this should be a fun one.

Let’s dive right in.

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1. Their romanticism

After Libra, Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac.

They’re emotionally attached, dreamy-eyed lovers that are exceedingly sentimental and idealistic.

They love the process of courting sex through subtle romantic attraction rather than through overt pursuit.

They enjoy long walks and sweet conversations, leading things slowly and seductively towards sex through touch and telepathic connection.

True to their Water element, Pisces accomplishes their romantic and sexual goals by applying steady pressure with consistent attention and flowing feelings.

They overwhelm the object of their affection with loving sentiments and gifts (think flowers, cards, or romantic mix tapes).

They’re also experts at setting the scene for sex with candles, cozy sheets, and a great atmosphere that promotes relaxation and bonding.

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2. Their depth of feeling

When it comes to sex itself, Pisces are more interested in the heartfelt feelings of merging souls than the athletic sexual experience (though they enjoy that too).

They look at sex as a way to cultivate transcendent states that penetrate the larger mysteries that have fascinated them from an early age.

There’s something rare and super attractive about Pisces’ approach to sex. Their approach between the sheets transports us to simpler times when we were more concerned with the great ocean of life’s mysteries than the fulfillment of the ego.

Their mystery is on full display during intercourse. They may not consciously know what they’re doing, but their body and feelings do.

This unfathomable quality within them makes them alluring and extremely attractive partners.

While Pisces is highly sexual and can be turned on easily, they only give themselves entirely on a deep emotional level to a few romantic partners.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Pisces open up to you entirely during sex, it’s an incredibly intimate, hot, and dreamy experience that you’ll never forget.

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3. Their heightened sensuality

Pisces brings a good deal of gentleness, tenderness, and attentiveness to the bedroom. They’re one of the most affectionate sexual partners that you can find in the zodiac.

They’re hypersensitive, wild romantics that are always itching to get swept away in sensual intensity.

They feel everything so deeply and are much bigger on sense exploration than talk. Their hands, mouth, tongue, and bodies do the talking. 

Pisces knows how to inject passion and intimacy into even the most mundane circumstances. Sometimes just handholding with a Pisces in a crowded place can get you both feeling hot, sensitive, and intimate. 

They’re masters of cuddling and soft touching and know how to make you feel cozy.

They intuit precisely what part of someone’s body needs touching and always know how much pressure to apply. It’s an amazing experience to be on the other end of.

When Pisces is sexually attracted to a person, they may remain in a high state of arousal for weeks or even months.

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They’re happiest when sex, romance, and affection blend naturally into a pleasing medium that they can swim around in all day and all night.

Because of this, a love affair with Pisces often feels like a continual sensual treat. The sexual energy and charge you share with them can truly feel never-ending.

Pisces’ highly sensuous nature makes them thrilling to be with sexually in the outdoors. If you’re being physically intimate anywhere out in nature with a Pisces, you can’t help but feel entirely immersed together and secluded into a world of your own making. 

Any sensual enhancement adds to the sexual atmosphere with Pisces. Music, candles, scents, flavors, textured materials, clothing, etc. Combing sex with food is always a good idea with Pisces. 

If you like to dance before getting between the sheets, then Pisces is likely to be a great choice, as they have a developed sense of rhythm and music. 

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4. Their compelling fantasy world

Sex with Pisces provides a rare escape into a world that’s removed from the cares of everyday life.

Their peak sexual experiences involve joining their fantasy world with their physical senses in the bedroom. 

Pisces gets off on going wherever your deepest fantasies bring you to. They can go back and forth between idealistic, dreamy fantasy lands to intense and imaginative kinky exploration. 

Ruled by hazy Neptune, Pisces’ fantasy escapes often include alcohol or drugs. And many Pisces like to combine intoxicants with sex. 

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5. How they love to be of service

If you’re after an attentive lover who’s content to service your sexual needs all evening long, Pisces might be your person. 

Like their opposite sign on the Zodiac wheel (Virgo), Pisces loves to care for their lover’s sexual needs in every way possible. They get a lot of pleasure from their lover’s delight. 

Many Pisces feel their best when in devotion and service to another. They get off on doing what you’re into and whatever sexual ideals you might dream up while you’re with them. 

Every sign gets apathetic towards sex sometimes. But even if Pisces is stressed or uninterested in sex, they’ll be happy to snap out of their wallowing temporarily to satisfy you if you’re in need of sexual fulfillment. 

Pisces also have innate healing abilities. Their desire to serve their partner in bed can be truly healing. 

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6. Their adaptability and openness to experimentation

As the last sign on the Zodiac wheel, Pisces has a mixture of traits from every sign that came before it.

They’re usually a bit amorphous and can express all of the major traits from each sign. They can be dominant, submissive, innocently romantic, and kinky all in the same evening.

When it comes to sexual experimentation, they can vibe with just about anyone’s tastes. It’s not hard for them to adapt to any color the sexual palette. 

Pisces are entirely susceptible to suggestion and will try just about any sexual scenario at least once, both out of curiosity and a desire to please their partner.

If it’s an aphrodisiac for you, then Pisces will be open to trying it to enhance your shared pleasure. 

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Pisces are great sexual partners and have proven to be many people’s favorite between the sheets. Expect ecstatic sexual and emotional highs whenever you find yourself in bed with a Pisces. 

Their sexual style is explorative, romantic, and often transcendently emotional. Above all, sex with Pisces is relaxing. Some signs have sex to relax, but Pisces likes to relax and then have sex. 

The worst sexual trait that Pisces may bring to the bedroom is passivity. Sure, having a submissive partner that’s down to go with the flow can be thrilling. But sometimes, Pisces’ inability to take the reins can diminish the spark between you.

On that note, Pisces must watch out for being too giving and sacrificing of their own pleasure. They can adopt a rescuer mentality, and it’s not uncommon for Pisces to end up in sexual relationships where they end up taken advantage of.

Remember to be gentle and patient with Pisces. They don’t like to feel rushed into having sex. It’s best when they feel comfortable, and sex just seems to happen.

Pisces love a partner who can lead and knows what they want. But someone who pushes sexual activity without foreplay or romance will repel them. 

What have your experiences been with Pisces in bed? Do you agree with the points listed in this post? Do you have any other things you love about being sexual with Pisces?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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