Why Are Sagittarians So Good in Bed? Top 5 Reasons, Explained

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Sagittarius is a fiery, expansive, and wildly gregarious sign that’s a ton of fun in the sexual department. This sign is all about pleasurable pursuits, like travel, sport, and sexual conquest.

But what is it that makes them so damn good in bed?

A handful of traits make these relaxed and confident lovers such epic lovers between the sheets. In this post, we’ll deep dive into each reason.

Whether you’re the lover of a Sagittarius person or a Sag yourself that’s looking to either validate your sexual prowess or attempt to discredit astrology; this post is for you.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

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1. Their playfulness

Sagittarians are deeply influenced by their ruling planet, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. In bed, Sagittarius wants to have fun and enjoy themselves and wants you to experience the same. They like to tease, wrestle, and play physical games that gradually turn into explosively hot sex.

These people often rose to popularity in their school friend groups via their good-natured, jester-type humor and dry wit. And they bring this fun and levity right into the bedroom.

Their flirtatious, outspoken, and spicy-yet-fun approach can feel like a breath of fresh air compared to more serious signs.

It doesn’t matter if Sag is in lust or love; they’ll bring the same free-spirited enthusiasm to the bedroom. This playful quality of not taking themselves or sex too seriously is highly seductive and is one of the reasons why Sagittarius is so great in bed.

Their partners just have to be sure that they’re able to loosen up, too. A monotonous, unexcitable lover will turn Sagittarius off quickly.

More sensitive partners can struggle with the overt playfulness of Sag. For example, Sag’s aren’t typically the super close-cuddly type. They prefer to play fight or goof off rather than cuddle.

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2. Their athletic, energetic approach to sex

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Indoor Olympics” used for sex before. No sign personifies this phrase better than energetic and physically robust Sagittarius.

Sagittarius has a physical touch-oriented sexuality and loves to express their libido in an active, fiery, and raucously passionate way. Sag can channel a seemingly endless amount of energy and power into their sexual passion. Sex with them is likely to feel like a workout, one that leaves you feeling simultaneously exhausted and deeply satisfied. 

It’s hard to go back to anything else after bedding these olympian-level sexual athletes. Other signs can’t compare to Sag’s boatload of physical, sexual drive (well, maybe Aries).

To get the best of Sagittarius’s potent sexual skills, you need to be able to keep up!

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3. How they make you feel conquered

Sagittarius is a wild child that loves to impose their will and influence others freely. They’re bold, brash, and stubbornly willful. As the sign of the archer, they the thrill of the chase and are usually quite comfortable initiating sex.

While they can rub people the wrong way in daily life, these are great traits for hot sex.

After some pro-level flirting, they swiftly initiate sexual activities and put their partner at ease with their playfully but assertive dominance. They hook you, then reel you in so fast that you don’t even know what hit you—what a rush. It can be so thrilling to be on the end of.

Few other signs can make you feel good at being conquered and metaphorically devoured. Sagittarius has this knack for being sexually persuasive and forceful without triggering discomfort. Even the women of this sign easily trigger their lovers to want to obey and indulge whatever fantasies Sag brings to the table.

Even their self-indulgence in bed can feel great to be on the other end of. Something about pleasuring Sag makes you feel sexually pleased and validated yourself. 

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4. Their sexual spontaneity

Sagittarians have an impulsive streak and substantial sexual appetite, leading them to initiate sex at both the most mundane and wildest times. 

This is a big part of the fun of being in a sexual relationship with Sagittarius. You don’t know when or how they’ll initiate sex, but you can be assured it’ll happen.

Think shower sex, kitchen sex, roof sex, car sex, period sex, nature sex. Any bucket list location you’ve ever had for sex can and will be satisfied if you’re bedding a Sagittarius partner.

While they love to initiate sex, they’ll be just as thrilled if you spontaneously start a hookup in a random location. With Sagittarius, you can enjoy a free, expansive reign in exploring all of your spontaneous sexual expression. 

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5. Their love of open-minded experimentation

While you’re checking off that sex-in-different-places bucket list, you might as well have your bucket list of sexual acts handy, too. Sagittarians are beyond willing to experiment outside of traditional sex acts.

I’ve heard countless stories from sexual partners of Sagittarians that they tried things with them that they never did with another sign. Sagittarius has this natural expansive quality that brings out the Wildside of everyone they lock lips with.

If you’re looking for something new, exciting, and boundary-pushing, Sagittarius might be your ideal sexual partner. They have no fear of experimenting and indulging whatever sexual whims arise, and they’ll make sure that any resistance you feel falls away, too. 

As a mutable sign, they’re very dynamic in the roles they’re willing to play. Sag is a masculine fire sign, so they often like to lead, but they’re flexible and can play around with multiple dynamics.

Just watch out if you’re coy or resistant to sexual novelty. They expect directness and a willingness to explore, or they will simply run out of patience. They won’t be aggressive about it, but they will know their desires. And if you can’t meet them, flighty Sag might dip out.

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Sagittarians are some of the best in bed, hands down. If you want an optimistic lover with a fun, flirty, and highly-sexed attitude, then Sag might be your guy or gal.

There’s no room for shyness or embarrassment here. So if you’re an outgoing, lusty individual, you know who to call. Or, if you’re a shy person that’s wanting to break out of their shell, Sagittarius might be your perfect, sexy balm. 

You might not get the intensity of depth that you would from a water sign, the cerebral stimulation of an air sign, or the grounded consistency of an earth sign, but you do get the thrill and kid-at-heart easefulness from Sag.

Just make sure to keep your Sag laughing, growing, and adventuring, and they’ll be sure to give you the time of your life in bed over and over again.

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