5 Sagittarius Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent The Sign

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Sagittarian people are playful, talkative, athletic, curious, sociable, generous, and (usually) embrace noble ideals.

Ruled by Jupiter, King of the Gods, Sagittarius is a high-flying sign with the royal progeny to back up its bombastic personality. 

Sagittarius is all about embracing the energetic flow of life and exploring as much of the physical and mental world as possible. They love to challenge their mind with education, philosophy, and puzzles. They also hate to be confined in any way – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You’ll find these traits, and more, reflected in the Sagittarian spirit animals on this list.

Let’s get to it!

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1. The Wild Horse

sagittarius spirit animal horse

While the mythical centaur/archer is the traditional astrological symbol for Sagittarius, the wild horse best represents Sagittarian spirit-animal energy here in the physical world.

Below are the main traits that Sagittarians and wild horses share that make them the perfect spirit animal match:

Freedom-minded. Wild horses are free-roaming and unrestrained. Their wanderlust runs deep, and they’ll refuse to be tamed. Their resistance to all attempts to subdue them gives them the freedom to explore the great expanses of nature, just like the Sagittarius. The wild horse lives in earnest the most profound ideals of Sagittarian people.

Self-driven. Like Sagittarius, wild horses are very self-possessed and self-motivated. They value their autonomy and individuality. They don’t rely on others’ rules or restrictions; they make their own. 

Physical resiliency. Wild horses, like Sagittarians, are built hearty. Wild horses have stronger legs and harder hooves than their domesticated siblings. This enables them to cover more ground and explore more territories. Sagittarians, too, maintain peak physical conditioning so they can meet any physical challenge head-on. 

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2. The Otter

otter animal sagittarius

Next up on the list we have the quirky and playful otter.

In traditional Celtic lore, the otter was an animal that provided protection in times of crisis and was a totem for inner investigation and wisdom.

Here are some traits that Sagittarians and otters share as spirit siblings:

Playfulness. To native Americans, the otter represented the energy of joy and availability. Otters always keep in touch with their childlike spirit, regardless of age. Sagittarius, too, has a potent ability to remain connected to their inner child and spread joy and fun to others.

A unique approach to life. Like Sagittarius, otters are independent thinkers and have a wildly different approach to life than the animals they live amongst. Otters do things a little unusual, and while they might be hard to figure out, they always do what works for them. Sagittarius, too, never minds behaving a bit unconventionally. 

Good-spirited optimism. The otter may be different and eccentric, but its differences do not make it antagonistic. There’s no warlike aggressiveness to the otter. On the contrary, its soul is generous, sacrificial, and peaceful.

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3. The Owl

spirit animal owl sagittarius

Next up, we have the radiantly majestic owl. What a spirit animal to have! We non-Sagittarians are a little jealous of this match-up, as owls are associated with deep wisdom and mystery.

Here are some defining traits shared between Sagittarius and the owl:

Enigmatic. Like Sagittarius, owls are an oddity in their environment. The owl is unique, hard to categorize, and defies all expectations. Similarly, Sagittarians pride themselves on their ability to shock others, stand out from the crowd and redefine societal expectations.

Ambitious. Owls may be calm and patient on the surface, but they have an intense and active internal drive that compels them to act impulsively. Sagittarius, too, is a fire sign that’s built on action. They may seem entirely calm and collected, but internally, they are full of fire and ready to take action on their ambitions at a moment’s notice.

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Wise and clear-sighted. Owls are notorious for their clear-sightedness and unique view of the world amongst their peers in the avian kingdom. Owls are very observant and perceptive, enabling them to operate with precision in the dark of night. On a spirit level, they can penetrate and anticipate all sorts of energies with their attuned intuitive senses. Similarly, Sagittarius has excellent perception and can unmask the motives of people and situations immediately. They also have an equally adept impulse to analyze and understand the wisdom that hides in the darker places of our collective understanding.

Self-centered. While owls and Sagittarians are often viewed as cheerful and lucky, they also share some potential negative shortcomings. They can both suffer from impulsive instincts that result in them being irresponsible, dishonest, abrasive, and overall self-centered. 

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4. The Capybara

sagittarian spirit animal capybara

Next up, we have the capybara. These Sagittarian spirit animals are unique and hold the record for the largest rodent in the world.

Here are the main similarities shared between Sagittarius and the capybara:

Friendly and upbeat. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is cheerful and optimistic. Capybaras are warm and emanate sanguine energy as well. This shows in how well-liked capybaras are amongst other species. They get along with just about everyone, and other animals love to hang out with them and soak up some of their relaxed vibes. This similarly happens with Sagittarius, as people are endeared by and love to bask in their Jupiter-buoyed persona.

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Adaptable. As a mutable sign, Sagittarius is one of the few signs notorious for its versatility and malleable nature. Capybaras, too, are highly versatile. They’re land animals but are also equally comfortable in the water. And, of course, they, like Sagittarius, can adapt to and socialize with various personalities.

Sociable. This spirit animal highlights Sagittarian’s social side. This is showcased by the capybara species’ extensive and diverse social structure. These animals live in groups of between 10-20 and occasionally form large groups of 100 members. Sagittarius, too, loves to have a wide social net and thrives in large group dynamics. Like the capybara, it’s rare to find a completely solitary Sagittarius. 

Highly sexed. Sagittarius is an active, gregarious, and fiery sign, which lends to them having a lot of sexual emphasis in their lives. They can be sexually aggressive and promiscuous. Capybaras, too, share these traits. Mating is significant for them, and there’s a lot of sex and promiscuity in their social groups. 

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5. The Centaur

sagittarius zodiac spirit animal centaur

Lastly, we have the centaur itself. This mythical man-beast is the official symbol of Sagittarius. It’s also referred to as the archer, with the centaur wielding a bow pointed to the stars, symbolizing higher aspirations and ideals around intellect, philosophy, and spirituality.

This half-man, half-horse spirit symbol represents the Sagittarian trait of galloping with wild abandon towards new adventures. It shows a rawness and animalistic attitude towards passion, sex, opinions, and emotion. There’s a sense of free-flowing naturalness to this symbol.

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There you have it, five Sagittarian spirit animals.

This list isn’t exhaustive, of course. There are more animals that share similarities with the sign of Sagittarius.
We have the fiercely independent cat, for example, which hates to be tied down and loves to march to the beat of its own drum. The red panda also represents some of Sagittarius’s cute, cuddle, and a bit lazy side.

It’s also worth noting that Sagittarius does well with animals in general. This sign appreciates all animals, and the feeling tends to be reciprocated.

Did you find that the spirit animals on this list resonated for you or the Sagittarius people in your life? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  2. I’m a Sag with piscis ricing, Aries moon, my Venus is in Capricorn and almost everything else in my chart is Sagittarius.
    Since I was little I always had this attraction for owls, then I got to the US and I went to San Francisco and saw the sea otters and I felt in love and now I understand why! <3
    I’m surprise that I didn’t see a frog or dolphin bc they are my fav too.
    Thank u for sharing this with us.
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