The Sagittarius Man: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

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Each sign has a thoroughly unique set of personality traits.

Below you’ll a well-curated list lot of Sagittarian man characteristics.


Sagittarius Man Traits

He’s friendly, open, jovial and fun. The fiery Sag man is social, happy and full of smiles. He is inviting, caring, compassionate, and empathetic to all. He fancies himself a grand player in life. He’s benevolent and likes to bestow his goodwill on others. He’s like a big wild child in a (mostly) charming way.

He loves to tell jokes. Sag men are gifted at capturing attention with dramatic stories and lavish jokes. He loves to be at the social epicenter. And what better way to do this than to make people laugh.

He’s masculine. As a male fire sign, the Sagittarius guy possesses an abundance of masculine energy. Now, not all Sagittarian men come across as highly masculine. Yet, even if he’s not showing it, it’s likely that he’s still craving for it to be awakened in him.

He likes to play the role of teacher. The Sagittarius man is philosophical and opinionated. He has views about every topic imaginable and likes to share them with the people around him. His challenge is finding a willing audience. Because sometimes he can be a bit zealous and overbearing and not everyone is receptive to his enthusiastic sermons.

He’s a foodie. The Sagittarius man loves to eat and eat well. Since he is so active he can burn off all of his culinary indulgences.

He’s lucky. Sag guys tend to have things go well for them more often than not. Why is this? Jupiter (which is his planetary ruler) is called the planet of expansion and luck. So even when things don’t go as planned he’s pretty much always blessed with a 2nd, 3rd, a 4th or 50th chance at it. It can seem like things are always falling into place for him. Love it or hate it.

He loves the outdoors. Sag thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and maintains an active lifestyle. Hiking, backpacking, kayaking, cave spelunking – you name it. If it’s outdoors he probably enjoys it.

He’s quick. Sagittarius is always speeding around. He’s always planning ahead and leaning forward to discover what’s next. Most Sag’s are fast walkers. No time to waste!

He can be blunt and outspoken. The Sagittarius man is a lover of the truth and always speaks his. There’s no filter on the Sag mind and his bluntness can sometimes offend. He can lay hurtful comments on friends or family without blinking an eye (or meaning to). For example, if a partner asks him “am I the best you’ve had?” and they’re genuinely not, he will flatly say “no”. Or if you’re brunette he might randomly quip that he’s most attracted to blonde hair. He just says what’s on his mind. It’s not that his intent is to be hurtful or malicious, it’s just that his nature is to voice any and all of his opinions honestly.

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He’s changeable. Sag is always shifting and changing. He loves new and exciting things. Being a mutable sign means he can get bored very easily. He always wants to find something new, to go experience it, then to move on to the next thing. His changeable nature also makes him tough to figure out. He may be cocky and confident one day, and meek and insecure the next.

He can be self-deprecating. But only because he wants to avoid needlessly outshining others. It’s not because he doesn’t feel superior (he might). Rather it’s that he wants everyone to feel that they’re on the same level. This is part of his charisma, as he always works to keep things fun and playful.

He wants to be able to predict his future. Because he wants to be in control of it. He’s an optimist, but he doesn’t want to hand over his future to fate. He will always be fighting for control of his path.

He can have anger issues. Sag is a fire sign and a dramatic one at that. He can blow up in a very dramatic and grandiose fashion. Yes, it can get messy. This is of course affected by other aspects in his chart. It’s typical that Sag’s born in late November are most prone to bottling up and exploding. While those born in December tend to bottle it up less.

He loves to travel and seek out adventure. Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. He needs constant fuel in the form of new experiences. His curiosity makes him see the world as a child does and his adventurous spirit and curiosity are always leading him to fun and new opportunities. He’s also very intelligent and wants to explore the expanses of mind. Both a 3-month backpacking trip across the world and a 10-day silent meditation retreat appeal to the Sagittarius man. Conversely, he hates to be stuck with nowhere to go and despises any limitations on his life.

He’s purposeful. Sag men, true to their fiery form, are growth-oriented. His energy is mostly directed outward. He competitive and wants to conquer the world around him. He has big dreams and fancies aiming for the stars while detesting the mundane and boring. He loves to push through and push forward. Because of this, he does his best when he feels like he’s going after something. He’s never without a plan of action and he’s all about sharing these plans openly.

He believes all his plans will work out. This is true even though some of his plans are probably too grandiose. He can also abandon projects simply because he’s grown bored of them or gets excited about something new. He might not always follow through on his elaborate dreams, but opportunities always seem to present themselves to him. He has a knack for manifesting lucky opportunities and typically sees a lot of progress and success in his life.

He’s hardworking. Sagittarian men love to play but he also appreciates getting down to work and can have a lot of energy for it. When he gets rolling with a business venture he often finds success and prosperity. Though he doesn’t always like the commitments that a highly involved business creates.

He can be flakey. Sometimes Sagittarius will overpromise and underdeliver. He never means to. It’s just his highly optimistic nature clashing with his changeable energy.

He can get dramatic when things don’t go his way. He can become a little pouty and childlike when things plans or projects fall through. He might get short and not listen to those around him for a bit, but he’ll get over it. To find his balance he needs to take some time to come to his senses. He bounces back quickly and gets to pursuing his dreams again.

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He fears becoming trapped. Sagittarian men hate the idea of being stuck in a situation or relationship that lacks passion. He needs excitement and to feel that things are moving forward. Laziness, possessiveness, jealousy, and clinginess are huge turn-offs for him.

He can take on a lot of projects at once. A Sag man tends to be happier and more successful the busier he is. This is a sign that doesn’t like sitting around and doing nothing. If he does end up lounging around for awhile he’s liable to become mopey and downtrodden. He needs activity and the thrill of the pursuit. He might get stressed out by all the activity, but he enjoys it even if he complains.

He may enjoy relationships with multiple people at once. Sagittarius men (and women) exemplify this trait more than most signs in the zodiac (except Gemini & Aquarius). Sagittarians experience intimacy as something light, fun an adventurous. They see life as not fully being lived if they don’t get to try out many intimate experiences. They are highly sexual and can enjoy bouncing around. He seeks adventure and carefree fun in relationships, which can make him wary of exclusive commitments that could bog him down. Sag is sometimes called “the bachelor of the zodiac” after all, due to his commitment phobia.

He won’t hide his dissatisfaction with a relationship. If Sag is unsatisfied with his partner he’ll let them know that he’s considering seeing others. His bluntness comes into play here. Many Sagittarian men are entirely capable of being faithful. Yet they also show a high potential for serial monogamy. Understanding his whole chart is important here. For example, a Sagittarian who has Venus and/or Mars in air signs is likely to exhibit a more romantically adventurous side. While a Sagittarian with Venus and/or Mars placed in earth or water seeks out more solid relationships.

He’s a romantic idealist. All Sagittarians believe, somewhere deep in their core, that their other half is out there. Even though Sagittarius has a highly independent nature, he’s also a romantic idealist. He’s a dreamer, and deep down the idea that there’s a perfect match out there for them ignites something deep within. His feelings around this belief will determine who and how he is in his relationships. If he denies this, it probably means he’s unlikely to give you his full devotion. If he agrees, then you’re on the right track with this him, and you might get yourself a Sagittarian lover for life.

The Sagittarius Man in Love

The Sagittarius man in love is a beautiful sight. He expresses his love openly and authentically. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is not too complicated about it. He’s not big into games and is simple in what he wants in a romance: to have fun sex, go on grandiose adventures, and savor the spontaneity of life with his partner.

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Sagittarius is often labeled as fickle or aloof when it comes to love. At times he can be, but much of this is due to his cautiousness. He is very wary about who he decides to open up to and fall in love with. Because when he does let himself fall in love he experiences it deeply and on many levels. No part of his existence is left untouched, and he will remember his lover forever. Still, he doesn’t hold on too tightly. His style of love understands that if you need to go, he will let you go. This willingness to let you go is proof of his love for you, as he wants you to always be free and chase your ideals as he does.

Signs that a Sagittarius man likes you

What does a Sagittarius man do when he likes you?

He’s genuine, open, and authentic with you. These are the traits of a happy Sag. You’ll know that a Sagittarius man is attracted to you when he’s showing you this great side of himself.

He’s spending a lot of time and attention on you. This is an obvious attraction behavior for any sign. But Sagittarius, in particular, has a hard time narrowing his focus down onto one anything. So if his gaze becomes fixed on you, take note!

He’s getting physical with you. Sag men are physical, playful and fun-loving. Hiking, working out, swimming, indulging in childlike play – he loves all of this. So if he’s bringing you along on a physical adventure, and touching you, you can be sure he’s enjoying your company.

He goes beyond simple compliments. Sag men can say a lot of flatteries at the drop of the hat. So look at his actions. They can’t help but bleed the truth through them. Are they making plans with you in advance? Is he introducing you to his friends? Does he tell you his deepest darkest secrets? These are the true signs.

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He wants to build you up and help you grow. Sag man likes to play the mentor and coach. So if he’s finding ways to try to help you improve your life it’s a sure sign he respects and admires you. He sees things in you that he wants to see grow, which will make him hooked.

He loves to talk and laugh with you. Sagittarius loves conversation and loves to laugh. If your time together is filled with both you can bet he’s enjoying the time that you’re sharing together.

He tells you outright that he’s into you. Sag is direct and he might just tell you straight up that he likes you. Whether you think that’s endearing or lazy, up to you! Alternatively, he will probably also let you know if he’s not into you. So ask if you want. He’s fine with direct communication.

What to do when a Sagittarius man likes you

First, decide if you really like this guy. Understand thoroughly what you’ve read in the post. Especially any potential aspects of a Sagittarius man that might bother you.

Find out if he’s the real deal Sag man. Is he an evolved or an un-evolved Sagittarius? Does he have a strong belief in his existence and what his place is on this planet? If he’s in alignment with his purpose, go for it.

How to know if a Sagittarius Man is Serious about You

He entertains the idea of being in a committed relationship. If your Sag man even hints that he’s thinking of you two being exclusive, and you sense he genuinely means it, that’s a clear sign he’s falling in love.

He gives you lots of freedom. And expects the same from you. Yes, this is how Sagittarius typically rolls in all stages of a relationship. But if he’s shown a good deal of investment in the relationship so far and is relaxed about having high amounts of freedom this can be a sign that he has a deep trust in the relationship.

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He tells you. Yep, he might just let you know that he’s falling in love with you. Straight up, plain and simple. He has no qualms about sharing his feelings like this, especially if you’re someone he’s really excited about. This is how Sagittarius men act when they’re in love.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Man

Sag likes a partner who is positive, has a good attitude, excitable, ready for anything. Below you’ll find the essential qualities he’s looking for. Master these and you’ll get him attracted to you in no time.

Keep things fun. Being light and fun is the key to winning a Sagittarius man. He loves a woman who continually shows him a good time. For Sagittarius, his life is a big show and a grand party, and he is at the center of it. Help make his party bigger and brighter and he’ll be sure to keep you around.  Be a constant dose of natural, happy and easy and he’ll fall right into your lap.

Be someone he can grow with. If you want to seduce a Sagittarius man be someone he can grow with. He wants someone who he can travel with, create a story with, laugh with, play with, grow a family with.

Show him your independence. If you want to please a Sagittarian man be able to do your own thing and let him do his. Ask yourself: how okay are you with giving your lover space? The Sag man prefers a relationship with ample amounts of space. He doesn’t like clinginess and doesn’t want to be caged in by always being together. If he doesn’t feel like you are dependent (aka a threat to his freedom) he will willingly spend ample amounts of time with you, and you will both be satisfied. Show him your independence by doing your own ambitious things. Improve your life, read more books, develop yourself spiritually, follow your passions. He will admire you for this and want to check in with you often to see what new things are going on with you.

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Be different, fun and cultured. Sag men don’t want to be with someone who’s like everyone else. Are you open to different cultures, experiences, and fun? Or are you closed off to it? Be adventurous, forthcoming and a little quirky. Any novel ideas you have, share them. He’d probably love to hear them. Always show him your openness to learning.

Don’t become lazy about attracting him. Your main focus should be how to keep him coming back to you. Remember, a Sag will always go out galavanting on his own, it’s their adventurous nature and how they exist in the world. So when he comes back home make sure things are warm, cozy, stimulating, and full of treats. If you become an overflowing well of experiences, awesomeness, love, and understanding then he’ll want to come back to you for life.

Keep up with him. Sag men are always thinking big, dreaming big and doing big. So they move fast to keep up with their expansiveness. They’re not really the type to sit down and think things through methodically before taking action. This means you’ll want to be fueling his big thoughts and big projects, as well as literally just being able to keep up with him on the sidewalk. If you can match him step-for-step with his fast-moving decisions and support him in his expansiveness he’ll become deeply attracted to you. It’s important to note that what he wants will probably change hundreds of times over time. So be ready to pivot on a dime with him.

Be honest with him. Sag men are honest (sometimes to a fault), and they appreciate honesty in others. If you show a lack of honesty he’ll likely be repelled.

Don’t push him to settle down. In fact, don’t expect to be settling down anytime soon. Sag men prioritize expanding, growing and adventuring in life which means settling down to start a life and a family is rarely high on his priority list. If that is what you want right now learn to be patient with him if he’s who you really want to be with. If you’re not entirely set on him and get annoyed at any flippancy he shows around commitment, perhaps looks elsewhere. That is unless your version of settling down is traveling the world and exploring life without boundaries.

Don’t impose rules on him. He won’t like that, especially early on in the relationship. It’s important to know what attracts a Sagitarrius man and making him feel hemmed in or controlled does not. He’s here to show you how to have fun and take things a little easier. Relax, go with the flow and see what happens.

Treat him like royalty. How to make a Sagittarius man miss your presence? Dote on him like a king. He can be a bit of a diva at times and will melt internally if you indulge him in this from time to time.

Let him have his pity parties. If some of his big dreams or goals go haywire he’s likely to get upset. He might get pretty downtrodden, moody and even push you away. If he refuses to be consoled just let him have his space. Even if he’s a mess, trust that he will get through it. He has to work it out on his own, and he will find a way. Sag men will always be able to come up with some new plan or pursuit to get themselves going again. He’ll be back to appreciating you and giving you those signature high vibe smiles soon enough. He’ll even be able to laugh about his being mopey once he’s past it.

Challenge and inspire him. How to make a Sagittarian man obsessed with you? Challenge him. Especially philosophically. He will fall for the woman who he keeps him growing and expanding and gets his mental gears turning. Stimulate new ideas in his head and you’ll have him hooked.

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Create your own reality. Sagittarius is a big believer in the forcefulness of their character and creating opportunities in the world. They won’t respect you if you always play a passive, victim role in life. Show your capacity to reach out, take opportunities and create your own luck in life.

Allow him to be a teacher to you. Sag men love to teach and share their knowledge and wisdom. While you should be stimulating new ideas for him, let him be the teacher sometimes and enlighten you about some of his own enthusiastic ideas. Even if you’re incredibly knowledgeable and don’t need his “advice”, let him play this role every now and then. He will appreciate you and how good you make him feel.

Let him be flirty. It’s just his nature. His energy can be a bit dispersed and he loves to enjoy the interchange between the sexes.

Help him manage the mundane. Sag wants to live big. Dream big, act big, be big. He wants the adventure and to have the world at his feet. Unfortunately, in life, that is not always so easy, as there are plenty of mundane and monotonous tasks to be done. So how to get a Sagittarius man to commit? Sweep him off his feet by giving him a solid place to land. Be his caregiving home base. Take care of the boring stuff and let him focus on voraciously following his grandiose dreams. He will love you for it.

When a Sagittarius man is upset or losing interest

Is your Sag man acting distant, ignoring you or mad at you?

When a Sagittarius man stops texting. Sagittarius men are somewhat aloof by nature. But if he’s seeming extra distant and not returning texts, that’s likely a sign that his attraction for you is fading. But it could just be a test too. Give him plenty of time and space, which is something he needs.

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He’s not being honest with you. A sag loves you when he’s telling you the hard truth. If he’s lying or being deceptive he probably doesn’t respect you.

If your Sagittarius man is cheating. It’s time to get clear with him. Bring up any infidelities and ask him for a straight answer about how he feels regarding your relationship. If he has any respect for you he will tell you in his signature Sagittarian bluntness. If he dodges, avoids or downplays your concerns, leave him. He’s not invested in you and it’s time to move on.

He’s not respecting your intelligence. Intelligence is incredibly important to a Sagittarius, and he might not think you make the cut based on your general intelligence or street smarts.

What happens when you ignore a Sagittarius man? Ignoring a Sagittarius man could be a good idea if you are trying to regain his affection. But this is always a risky play in attraction. If he’s starting to contact you less, dropping off the map for a bit could either cause him to wonder where you went or simply make you fall out of his orbit even quicker. This will only work if he still has some lingering interest and attraction for you.

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What are the Most Compatible Signs for Sagittarius Man?

When it comes to love match astrology, Sagittarians are best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they tend to share similar sensibilities.

Best Matches

Aries: The fiery natures of these signs blend well. They both lead active, fun-loving lives and are always on the hunt for new adventures and conquests. They both tend to have healthy and abundant social lives and know how to have a good time on the town. Their shared exuberance and optimism will carry them far together. This is a great match.

Aquarius: This is a fun pairing. Unique and inventive Aquarius will be drawn to adventure-loving Sagittarius. They share many of the same attributes which will keep them harmonizing on high levels. Their sex life will be active, innovative, explorative and above all fun. They both love to think big picture and talk about interesting, thought-provoking ideas. A great match.

Leo: Fire meets fire! Both of these signs have a flair for the dramatic and grandiose. They both lavish in amusement and entertainment. Sexually their tastes blend harmoniously. There’s pretty much guaranteed to be fireworks in the bedroom on the regular. They both see love and life as stimulating and inspiring, and they will find their time together full pleasures in every way and every day.

Worst Matches

Taurus: There’s a fundamental difference between these two signs that challenge lasting compatibility. Taurus is something of a stubborn homebody, while Sagittarius has a deep-held love for adventure. Taurus epitomizes slow and steady and loves to build and maintain their home over time. Sagittarius doesn’t entirely gel with this and will have a hard time fully appreciating Taurus’s skill and dedication. Taurus cherishes peace and security, which Sagittarius prefers a life that’s constantly on the move and trying new things. These incompatibilities can make a lasting union very difficult.

Capricorn: Capricorn is practical and conservative, while Sagittarius is adamantly freedom-loving. In this relationship Cap can become frustrated that they’re carrying the weight of responsibilities, while Sag can feel caged and restricted by Capricorn. And Sag’s flippancy and devil-may-care attitude may irk Cap’s security-mindedness. Finding long-term harmony can be a challenge for these two.

Virgo: This is a tough blend of energies. To feel comfortable Virgo needs order, security, and commitment; which Sag might have a hard time providing. Virgo’s tendency to nit-pick, find fault and criticize will likely aggravate Sag, who prefers to think big and look beyond what it perceives as small and unnecessary irritants. A relationship between these two can prove to be a rocky road from the beginning.

Wild Card Matches

Sagittarius: Two Sag’s can definitely have fun together. They will adventure together and should share a rich and fulfilling sex life. The fun can screech to a halt, though, if the direction is lost in the relationship. They can galavant together endlessly, but can they harness enough responsibility on either side to make their lives together secure and successful? Also, since Sag likes to roam, they might simply drift apart from each other when things get tough.

Gemini: Sag and Gemini both have light-hearted, easy and forgiving characters. They both have a fun-loving outlook on life and have similar interests and intellectual leanings. But are the great convos they share enough to hold it all together? Both of these signs can lack practical traits which are important for a thriving relationship. If the partnership lacks too much in frankness, steadiness, and accountability (common pitfalls of both signs) the relationship can unravel as quickly as it started.

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  1. Independant Leo woman

    This is by far the most in-depth, accurate and descriptive content on Sag. males! Loving your perspective. Keep it up! I have this site bookmarked and will be checking back for updates.

  2. This is truly detailed and so true of the Sag men I’ve had in my life! My only question is what happens if their words don’t match their actions? Sag male in my life shows all the signs of being severely interested but then says we’re only friends due to lack of “spark” (yet we touch constantly). I’m an Aquarius woman and just confused by him honestly.

    1. With such an incongruent response from him, it’s possible that he doesn’t know how to bring deeper intimacy into his relationships, thus why he’s flatly denying the spark you share. Or, perhaps he’s being honest and is just being playful and physical with you because that’s how he likes to “harmlessly” flirt with the opposite gender.

  3. As a virgo/libra cusp gal, being in a relationship with a sag man has definitely forced me outside of my comfort zones. I knew right away he was worth expanding my understanding of a relationship dynamic beyond what I had previously experienced. As long as it continued to feel right I was willing to put in the work. Having never before read anything about Sagittarius men, I am astonished at the accuracy with which you have detailed so many of his fundamental personality traits. In the 6 months we have been together I have listened, observed, cherished and absorbed everything possible in an effort to achieve a deep understanding of his motivations and needs. In doing so I have found I am capable of so much more patience than I ever knew. Your insight into the Sagittarius man has been so heartily validating to me because it aligns so magnificently with the interpretations I have made about him just based on living life together, using only my natural intuition. Every little nuance and initially uncomfortable adjustment I’ve made in the hopes to flow more harmoniously with him have been continually met with positive results (albeit a little slow and subtle for this all-in/feet-first/bleeding-heart/passion-prone Virgo Libra cusper) The results have been direct and obvious which is absolutely necessary in order for me to continue to push myself outside my comfort zone. The inner growth I have experienced as a result of our relationship thus far is invaluable not only for our relationship but for me as an individual. It’s not always easy. In fact sometimes it feels almost impossible not to resign to the clingy, over- emotional, insecure thoughts. But when the subtle markers of success aren’t flowing freely, your guidance and validation helps me stay the course.

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