4 Libra Spirit Animals That Perfectly Represent the Zodiac Sign

swan spirit animal libra zodiac sign
Loren Elara

Loren Elara

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Libra’s main symbol is The Scales, which makes it one of the few signs in the zodiac that doesn’t have a direct connection to an animal via its symbol.

Nevertheless, there are numerous animals that represent a perfect spirit animal mirror into the archetype of Libra. 

In this article, we’ll look at five Libra spirit animals and break down how they match up with the sign. 

1. The Raven

raven spirit animal zodiac libra

Our first Libra spirit animal is the raven. Like Librans, ravens are intelligent, charming, and peace-loving. 

Libra is a sign that’s known for being a great mediator. Ravens, too, are highly diplomatic in their social structures. They are sharp, clear-minded, and naturally facilitate group interactions. 

Like Libra, the raven can come up with ideas and solutions to any unexpected problem. Ravens encourage us to step into our personal power and to confront situations with a transformative focus.

Librans are seekers of peace, balance, and harmony. And ravens are traditionally associated with a connection to our more balanced spiritual natures.

When we think of Ravens as a spirit totem, which many native traditions have, it’s for their ability to bridge realms and persevere through challenging circumstances. 

To embody the raven spiritual animal, stick to high ideals like curiosity, taking life as it comes, braving difficulties, and awakening to the spirit worlds and a more divine connection to life.

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2. The Swan

spirit animal libra swan

Next, we have another avian spirit animal – the swan. Swans reflect the beautified, highly sociable, albeit slightly vain, side of Libran nature.

Traditionally, swans symbolize love, grace, harmony, and elegance. These are all Venusian traits (Libra’s ruler).

Like Libra, Swans also represent romance, partnership, and union. There’s that classical depiction of their long, curved necks coming together to create a heart together.

Swans also show their devotional energy by their penchant for mating for life. All of this leads into the mythological history of swans being associated with Aphrodite / Venus.

Like Libra, swans are able to find balance and ease in a variety of situations. Their beauty runs inside and out and is entirely original and impossible to copy or imitate. 

This grace shown by swans reflects an inner spirituality that all Librans are too able to access.

If a Libran is ever feeling disgruntled or disillusioned, they only need to look in the swan’s direction to be reminded of their own graceful, peaceful, and pure nature. 

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3. The Rabbit

libra spirit animal rabbit

Rabbits are sociable, adorable, and love to pair off. They’re also fast and quick-witted. These are all traits they share with Libra.

Like Libra, the rabbit is known for being affectionate, kind, and fond of groups. Libras and rabbits both love to be pampered and to share pampering with hers. Generosity runs through their veins. 

They both also thrive when in balanced and harmonious situations and surroundings. Neither does will with disorganized or disgruntling situations.

Any negative situations will drive them away, leading them to chase after a more reliable situation. 

Charm gives both Libra and the rabbit a leg up in social dynamics and their practical, unprejudiced approach brings them far. They are not driven to fight and are usually balanced and serene.

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4. Grey Wolf

grey wolf spirit animal libra

The next Libran spirit animal is a tried and true pack animal predator.

It’s no surprise to see these two linked, as they each give their all to maintaining the valuable relationships which they rely on to thrive.

The grey wolf symbolizes the importance of family and loyalty, as well as social cooperativeness. Like the grey wolf, Libras are known for their devout loyalty to their companions and loved ones, and they will defend them with ferocity.

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There you have it, four Libran spirit animals. 

There are of course more animals that could make the list, like the soft-hearted and relaxed panda, or the playful, smiling and charming seal that loves to nurture and support.

Any animal with camouflage has some association with Libra, too. Librans are skillful and adapt to others and situations. They blend in seamlessly with their tactful and charming wit.

This savvy ability to blend into new or uncomfortable surroundings is a powerfully adaptive survival tactic that Librans and a wide swath of animals share. 

If you’re a Libra or a lover of Libran energy, consider getting some of the more agreeable and peaceful-natured pets available.

Rabbits, for example, are relatively easy pets that bring in that symbolic Libran lightness and cuddly nature that we all love.

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