The Sagittarius Woman: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

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Looking to learn about the fun & freedom-loving Sagittarian woman? You’re in the right place.

Who is this post for?

  • A Sagittarius woman looking to develop a better understanding of herself.
  • Anyone who is curious about female Sagittarius energy or about a Sagittarius woman in their life.
  • Those interested in attracting and dating a Sagittarius woman and have a desire to comprehend her love nature.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits

She’s fiery. The Sagittarius woman is a mutable fire sign that’s somewhat masculine with a fluid, changeable character. Women from all three fire signs have a masculine quality (the other two being Aries and Leo). Sag women are perhaps the most masculine natured of the three – even more than the Aries woman. Her masculine traits can make her gravitate towards aggressive sports (either watching them or competing herself). She can also have an ambitious, goal-oriented, and future-oriented personality. She tends to know what she wants to do and where she wants to go in life. But she’s also a mutable sign, so she might oscillate with her goals and dreams as well.

She’s optimistic and benevolent. Sagittarian women always want the best for people. She is ruled by Jupiter, which bestows an expansive benevolence to her character. She envisions grand dreams for herself and wants to help others achieve their dreams, too.

She’s spirited. Sagittarius women are full of life. She has abundant energy, is incredibly passionate and her face beams with excitement and optimism. She puts her all into everything she does. This is a girl who wants to have fun and lead life to the fullest. She also loves to party. Fun-loving and extra social, she’s always up for a good time and loves to get rowdy and animated.

She’s independent. The Sagittarius woman prides herself on her ability do things on her own. Not just for ego gratification, either. The way she approaches life simply requires her to be able to get things done on her own. She’s full of wanderlust and has expansive desires which she’s constantly compelled to make happen. She will work hard to get her own stuff. She may start her own business, or in some way work for herself. She’s overconfident in everything she does, which can be a good thing, even though things always don’t go as planned (she’s great at bouncing back).

She’s intellectual and philosophical. Sagittarius loves to be mentally stimulated and enjoys thought-provoking conversations. She can be dogmatic and opinionated, as well, which she should watch out for.

She needs to be in action. There is a restless nature to Sagittarius females. It’s important for her to feel like she’s progressing. She loathes boredom and stagnation. She wants to be on the move at all times. Exploring, learning, growing – anything but sitting still. If an experience or person bores her she won’t stand for it for long. She will simply get up and leave. She treats anything (and anyone) who bores her or makes her feel trapped with disdain.

She’s honest, blunt, and outspoken. Sagittarius women will speak their minds. She sees the world as it is and has no reservations about sharing her opinions flatly and honestly. She prefers not to lie (she’s not the best liar anyway) and doesn’t think to temper her words. She can sometimes offend others or come across as thoughtless by saying things they don’t want to hear. She doesn’t mean to offend or hurt those close to her by always speaking the truth. She just rarely feels the need to choose her words wisely or sugarcoat anything. Her brutal honesty is truly innocent. She thinks she’s being helpful even in the times that you’re being hurt by what she’s saying. She just assumes it’s in your best interest to let you know something, even if it’s embarrassing for you.

That’s not to say she’s always innocent with her speech. Sometimes she will consciously use her honesty in a cutting way. She’s a dominant person by nature and will occasionally revel in the embarrassment that she stirs up in others when she catches them off guard with a sardonic comment. It’s important that she doesn’t do this too often, though, especially when her close friends or family gets in her crosshairs. Otherwise, they will tire of Sag and just tolerate her at times.

All Sagittarians need to take inventory now and assess whether their speech is coming off as insensitive, crass, or inconsiderate. If it is, she’ll probably want to work on reeling in her compulsions to say everything without a filter and without thinking about the consequences.

She can hold her own in an argument. This woman is very direct and doesn’t back down from a debate or argument. In fact, she can get quite nasty when she wants to. She’s not naturally expressive of her emotions, so watch out if they get triggered in a debate or disagreement. She knows how to use things you’ve told her against you, and can unleash very pointed critiques and criticisms at will (she’ll only do this when she’s truly angry though).

She can come off paradoxical. Is she complimenting you, or insulting you? Does she like being around you, or is she tolerating you? It can be confusing at times to glean what her real feelings are when speaking to you. She’s mostly direct but needs to watch for passive aggressive speech.

She’s a social butterfly. This is a woman with a nice presence about her. She knows how to talk to people, knows how to charm and how to lead others in a social setting. She has a big network and likes big groups. She can live something of a celebrity lifestyle. She loves to bump into people and knows everyone. You might be able to pick out a Sagittarius woman by how she walks into a bar and everyone recognizes and acknowledges her.

She loves all kinds of travel. The Sagittarius wanderlust is legendary. She loves to travel, loves her freedom and loves to be outdoors. She wants to see the world and immerse herself in as many unique cultures and experiences as possible. Sagittarius is the student and the teacher of the zodiac. Because of this, she loves to learn about the people and customs of a host culture. The more she learns, the more she can teach others. She will want to read, write and speak the language. She also loves to meet cultured, well-traveled people.

If she’s unable to explore outside her native country, she’ll resort to road trips, short holidays, weekend getaways, or visit friends (she loves short trips too). And if for some reason Sag can’t go adventuring out in the world, she will settle to explore her own mind. Sagittarius loves to learn and discover the hidden qualities of the psyche, which can keep her adventurous spirit occupied for a while.

She hates being controlled. Sagittarius is the quintessential independent woman. She is highly capable of navigating her life (this is in part why she’s so finicky with potential partners – she can get by on her own!). She does, however, love relationships, especially with dominant partners. She likes a strong man who can protect her. But she won’t tolerate a tyrannical partner who tries to order her around, set strict rules or otherwise tries to control her.

She’s not conventionally romantic. While Sagittarius women love to be in relationships, they dislike being put in the conventional female role of being doted on all the time. This is a girl who craves being treated like an equal. It’s part of her masculine side, and it doesn’t fade when she’s with a partner. Men will want to court and take care of her. But she feels perfectly capable of taking care of herself and resents any treatment that insinuates otherwise. She’s strong and independent, not some meek girl who craves constant chivalry. This can make her combative or rebellious when she feels pressured into that role. She doesn’t want to be subordinated and questions: why should I have to water myself down to accommodate his weak ego that needs to feel important? She will tolerate it, but never really likes it.

She can be a tomboy. A Sagittarius woman has plenty of feminine charm, but she also has an innate desire to be on the same playing field as men. She wants to call the shots just as effectively and efficiently as men do. It starts when she’s young. She resents having to sit on the sideline while all the boys play. She doesn’t want to have to water down her fun-loving and boisterous side just to be considered proper or feminine.

She’s not your typical housewife. While signs like Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus tend to be more than happy to settle down into a housewife role, Sagittarius does not. She’s okay with helping out with some of the domestic affairs, but it’s not in line with her lifestyle to dedicate herself to it fully. She won’t be totally happy if she has to sacrifice the more important, freedom-oriented parts of her personality. She needs to be able to get out, explore, run a business etc. Whatever satisfies her adventurous spirit.

She doesn’t feel like she needs to explain herself to anyone. She prefers to be unabashedly herself at all times and go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do. She’ll get annoyed if she’s constantly asked to justify or explain why she’s doing something. It feels unnecessary to her.

She can be hard to please. A Sagittarius woman is independent and self-sufficient. She craves (and creates) experiences that are exciting and out there. This makes it hard for family, friends, and lovers to truly wow her. Is there someone that can supply her with things she can’t provide herself? That is always the question for Sag.

To satisfy her, she needs to be provided with experiences that are outrageous, exciting, novel, surprising and take a lot of effort. If she gets this, she will be hooked. But if underwhelmed, she will grow bored and feel neglected. She won’t hesitate to move on to something (or someone) new that will keep her attention and make her feel passionate (or passionately desired).

She’s attracted to status, money, and resources. She loves the luxurious lifestyle and wants to lead a life of extravagance and grandeur. She will do what she can to create this for herself. She’s also drawn to partners who have these things because they represent freedom.

She’s not that emotionally expressive. Sagittarius women won’t often cry or express how they feel inside in front of other people. She will hide her emotions until she’s alone. This can confuse people, as they might believe her self-sufficient exterior and assume she doesn’t have much going on inside emotionally. In reality, she has plenty of emotions, some of them reflecting deep internal challenges. She’s not always feeling as strong as she appears.

Why does she put on a smile and masks her pain in public? It’s because she never wants to come across as weak. She relies on having a strong-and-in-control appearance to protect her from feeling vulnerable. For example, she won’t let a guy know if he breaks her heart. To do so would reveal a vulnerable, reliant side of her. She’ll cry when she’s on her own, but with him, she won’t reveal a thing. She may even portray that she wasn’t even that interested in him anyway.

She’s cautious about commitment. Sagittarius women can be very picky about who they spend their time with. They may want a boyfriend, but they don’t want to give up their freedom. She always fears her freedom being snatched away. She doesn’t want someone breathing down her neck, cramping her independent style. She’s also heartily skeptical about people. She doesn’t trust very often. For this reason, it can take a lot for her to want to commit or settle down.

She can be open to dating multiple people. The Sagittarius woman loves freedom, fun and novel experiences. She can also have a hard time trusting partners and struggles with expressing healthy emotional vulnerability. These characteristics can make various forms of polyamory appealing. If she chooses that lifestyle, it’s important for her to acknowledge any emotional insecurities around letting a person in. She can bounce around from partner to partner, never allowing herself to be truly vulnerable to any one person. This can be fun for a while but can ultimately leave her unsatisfied. Alternatively, if she opens up fully to her partners and develops deep communication, trust, and love, she can enjoy happy, supportive and stable polyamorous relationships.

The Sagittarius Woman in Love

She’ll put a lot of focused attention on you. Sagittarius women are extroverted, gregarious and are at home when working a crowd. She enjoys the stimulation of having her energy dispersed and constantly bouncing around. For her to put focused attention on any one thing for an extended duration is noteworthy. So if she’s focusing intently on you, she must find you fascinating.

She’ll express her desire for you through her actions. She won’t hesitate to grab your hand, hug you, touch you, kiss you. She’s always going to show that physical expression. Hopefully, you’re okay with PDA, because she won’t want to limit her expressive affection for you.

She’ll be submissive to you. In general, the Sagittarius woman hates to submit to anyone. She wants to feel equal to others, especially men, whom she envies for their dominant status in society. But deep down she wants to be dominated. She won’t admit this, and won’t show this side of herself until she finds the right partner. If she allows you to take control, it shows a high level of respect from her. She trusts you to lead and surrender her own control. Note that she will often get into romances where she is the dominant partner and controls the relationship. This can work for her on some levels, but it’s not what her heart truly wants.

She’ll tell you everything. A Sagittarius woman in love has no qualms sharing everything with you. It is a quality of her honest and blunt character. But when it comes to emotions and love, she can be surprisingly unexpressive at times. If she doesn’t trust a partner, she won’t share everything. So if she’s opening up to you and not holding back, you can bet she’s falling for you.

She’ll keep tabs on you. Sagittarius is normally content to do her own thing and focus on herself. But when she’s in love, she’ll find herself constantly curious about her partner’s activities. “Hey, where have you been? Did you eat? Check out any new restaurants? Find a new place to go?” This will only happen, of course, if her partner is exciting, adventurous and mysterious. They must excite her first. She wants to take part in a grand adventure, and pines for you to bring her on one. So if she’s curious like this, she’s found that adventure. If you’re doing something fun or out of the ordinary, expect her to want to go with you 99% of the time.

She’ll be supportive. When a Sagittarius woman in love sees you doing something with vision and passion, she will want to get involved and support you in any and every way. The more benevolent and admirable the better. If you’re doing a charity, for example, she’ll do whatever she can to make sure it is a success so she can see your visions come to life.

She’ll want to be involved in your life. Yes, in every single part of it. Not in a dramatic way – she won’t want to control you or anything. She’ll simply want to be there for you and nurture your goals to help them come to fruition. For example, if you play on a sports team she will come to every game. Rain or shine, win or lose. She’ll be your biggest fan.

She’ll miss you when you’re not around. And she hopes that you feel the same. A Sagittarius woman won’t typically miss someone unless she really cares about them. She’s normally so off in her own world, so content with her independent nature that she can’t be bothered with other people. This changes when she’s in love. She changes from aloof to all in.

She’ll want to be friends with your friends. Sagittarius is social and understands the importance of her role in your social world. She will want to leave a good impression on your friends and will try to be as friendly as possible.

She’ll do everything she can to keep you happy and in a good mood. She can’t stand it when you’re bored. Whatever she can do to keep you happy she will. This includes in the bedroom.

She’ll do her best not to ignore you. A Sagittarius woman in love will work hard to be attentive to her partner. Some sun signs may want to be there for you wholeheartedly but might be aloof at times. But not the Sag woman. She will be there for you no matter what.

She’ll go out of her way to accommodate you. But she needs things to be spelled out for her from time to time. If you want a Sag woman to do something specific, you’ll probably have to ask her. She’s caring, but not the most intuitive sign. She likes directness and sees the world through that lens. Indirect remarks or passive-aggressiveness do not work for you. She wants to help you, so just tell her.

Sagittarius women in bed

What does a Sagittarius Woman Like Sexually?

What satisfies a Sagittarius woman’s sexual nature? Of course, she wants her sex life to be physical, passionate, and spirited, as reflected by the rest of her personality.

But most importantly, she wants to be dominated.

Sagittarius women have a masculine streak. In their daily life, they’re dominant and always want to be in charge. This changes in the bedroom where she prefers that the script gets flipped. Sex allows her to relax her compulsive need to dominate the world. She can finally feel comfortable to release into her feminine side and be ravished.

This need can be difficult for some men to satisfy. The dominance she craves can’t be faked. A man needs to own his masculine side to own her feminine side.

How to attract a Sagittarius woman

Be dominant. Like Capricorn and Scorpio women, Sag women crave strong men and will quickly test your firmness. She needs a strong, masculine man. If you’re thinking about dating a Sagittarius woman you have to be able to prove you can handle anything she throws at you, or she will lose respect for you and treat you accordingly.

Expect her to ask you questions about what you should do together, where to go and what to see. She is perfectly capable of making these decisions herself, but she wants to see that you can take the lead so she doesn’t have to.

She doesn’t want a man who is compulsively dominanting her all the time. Far from it. She is far too independent and she hates to be controlled. She sees through such compulsions as stemming from insecurity. But she does want a man who will put her in check every now and then in a realistic way and keeps her true to herself and on her path. She finds a man worthy if he acknowledges her beauty, uniqueness, and strength; not a man who labels her and tries to fit her into a preconceived box or high up on a pedestal. She wants to be loved and worshipped, just in a nontypical way.

Know what you want. How to get a Sagittarius woman? Be resolute in your desires. She can’t stand weak or wishy-washy guys. Timidity and meekness repel her. Sagittarian women want a confident man who is going after his dreams. She finds it very attractive if a man is steadfast in achieving his goals. If he’s already found success, all the better. But it’s no good if he already found success but now has lost his drive to achieve further. That won’t do for her, as she is the type of woman who is always growing, always expanding her horizons. She needs a man who does the same.

Be physically fit. If you want her respect, you’ve got to be able to keep up with her. Sag women are physical. They love to get outdoors and complete physical tasks. So be ready to go on a long hike or workout.

Be mentally fit. Sagittarius has a keen mind that’s always growing and exploring. She loves debates and can hold her own in mental pursuits of all kinds. To get her you’ve got to impress her with your mind. Show her your intelligence and philosophical prowess. Show her your openness to new ideas, your love of learning. If you’re not able to impress her with your mind, she will quickly forget you.

Don’t be lazy. At least around her. This woman is a mover and shaker that can’t stand to sit still. If you want to have anything romantic with her, mirror this side of her. She rolls her eyes at those who are lazy and passive in life, and you don’t want her rolling her eyes at you.

Emphasize your status, money, and resources. This is a girl who loves a luxurious lifestyle. She can create it for herself, but she also loves men who have it and can appreciate it themselves.

Impress her with your cultured nature. Talk about your love of travel, cultures, higher learning, and spirituality. Speak about your past or planned worldly journeys and you’ll be sure to catch her ear: “when I go to Thailand I can’t wait to check out the Buddhist culture”.

Let go of your need to be right all the time. Watch yourself if you have this tendency, or there’s a good chance one of your debates might spiral the relationship downward. Remember that she doesn’t like to be wrong, so let her feel good by agreeing or giving her some wins. Never fold to her or bend over backward to make her feel good, but don’t be stubborn and try to win all the time in debates. She will resent it.

Don’t try to over-romance her. This is not the girl to shower with flowers, chocolates, or excessive compliments. She sees it both as weak and not respecting her fully. She wants your attention, but she also wants to be seen as an equal. By putting her in a cliche feminine role early on she will resent you. If you want to give her gifts, go for it, but make them sparce, timely and provide some utility. For example, say you’re painting your room, and she wants to help. Buy her a nice paintbrush and put her to work.

Don’t get clingy. Being clingy is rarely, if ever, a good look – especially when you’re dealing with a Sagittarius woman. She’ll immediately feel a reflex to withdraw when she senses clingy energy. And the earlier you exhibit clinginess, the more pronounced her withdrawal. If you have this tendency, do everything you can to root out the impulse. Overall you have to not need her. It shows in your body confidence. Do not look desperate. Have an air of lightness and ease; something could happen – she potentially interests you – but you’re cool either way.

Never diminish her. A Sagittarius woman is optimistic and expansive and she likely has huge dreams and goals. It’s very possible some of them will perhaps be too grandiose to be reasonable. Regardless, you should never make her feel like her dreams aren’t worthwhile. Instead, help her grow, help her expand, show her you’re there for her no matter how big or crazy the project she’s trying to take on is.

Don’t be moody or mopey around her. A Sagittarius woman will put a lot of energy into her relationships, and she expects the same in return. She hates low-energy, boredom or excessively sad emotions. It will discourage her own energy investment and bore her. If you have a melancholic nature, try to underemphasize it and work at any root emotional issues you have that fuel your bouts of sadness. If you can’t, or it stifles you too much to not show sadness, she might not be the right partner for you.

Give her plenty of space. Sag women are notoriously independent. She doesn’t crowd people and expects others to treat her the same. She’s a busy woman who keeps her schedule and doesn’t have endless time to hang out with a new or prospective partner. She also innately understands that absence makes the heart grows fonder.

Overall she needs both physical and emotional space. Don’t make her feel like you’re bearing down on her. Don’t look at her too closely or too obsessively. Come across as busy doing your own thing, even if you’re secretly pining for her. You’re looking to make the impression of a light-hearted companion. So after a date wait a few days before contacting her again. Be relaxed about the pace of courtship. If you reach out too much, she will sense your crowding energy. She will lose interest and reflect back to you the opposite energy – complete and total space, with no contact at all.

Be unfazed by her aloofness. Sag women may play aloof while getting to know a potential partner. She does this (consciously or unconsciously) as a way to test the waters without committing herself. This can make her potential partner unsure if they’re on a date with her, or just hanging out.  Even if she’s interested she might not give any indication of it. She’s incredibly casual and won’t define anything for you.

Some potential partners might assume she’s not interested at all. But the reality is she’s just risk-averse and fears vulnerability. She wants a safety net to be able to pull out if the early attraction sparks die out. If she decides to not pursue a relationship, she can easily play the friendship card, as she’s never really displayed more than friendliness. And if the other person ends up losing interest, she can brush it off, pretending she was never really interested at all.

Understand that her aloofness is simply a cautious reflex to protect herself against hurt and fears of intimacy. Just stay unfazed and continue inviting her to do fun things. Ride the grey area, and above all show her a good time. If she really isn’t interested, she will tell you.

Bring her places. Perhaps the most potent way to capture a Sagittarius woman’s heart is to bring her on novel and exciting adventures. She loves foreign things, foreign places, people, and histories. Bring her to somewhere that she can encounter something new. Perhaps a new art installation or a museum. Maybe fine dining at an immersive Thai restaurant. The more enthralling (and lavish) the experience, the better. Adrenaline sports are also a good option. Skydiving is a definite yes with Sagittarius.

Get her involved with your friends. Sagittarius women are social and love group activities. She will love to see the side of you that revels in having fun with your inner circle. Organize fun group activities and be sure to invite her. Don’t worry if it’s mostly guys, either. She is at home with men and can easily integrate with your male friend group. Plan something fun and physical and let her be one of the guys. She will revel in this chance to show you how fun she can be.

Involve her in your projects.  Show her you do cool things and ask her if she wants to help out or hang out while you do them. She loves ambitious people who pursue exciting goals. If she likes your project, she won’t be able to help herself in wanting to see it, and you, succeed.

Don’t force a domesticated or feminized perception on her. If she’s going to be labeled anything, she’d prefer to be labeled as an equal. Do not make her feel like a subordinate, especially if you’re still in the early courtship phase. There’s no quicker way to turn off a Sagittarian woman. Of course, you should still show her your dominant side. She will want a man who she can be submissive to. Just don’t play games that belittle her intelligence or disrespect her strong sense of autonomy.

Check her bluntness. Sagittarius women can easily offend others with their direct, unfiltered speech. She doesn’t mean to and it can make her feel down when she hurts people unintentionally. As you spend time around her you’ll develop a sense for when she’s about to say something unnecessary. Help her by telling her when to hold back her speech. She will respect you for it.

Don’t get over-emotional. She’s not comfortable with a ton of emotional expression, and if you show lots of emotion yourself, it can put her off. When courting a Sag woman, your best bet is to assume a calm and cool demeanor. As expressed earlier, don’t get mopey, clingy, sappy or over-affectionate. But don’t be a robot or come off as emotionless, either. Show her your passion in ways that align with her lighter energy. Get excited about adventure, ambitions and your enthusiasm for life in general. Overall, be light and easy going.

Be her type. This is obvious… but I really want to emphasize it for this women. She is the fall in love at first sight type. She sees someone, and she just knows. The surprise and sudden, unexpected feelings overwhelm her – and she loves it. Sagittarius love typically starts this way. She rarely falls in love gradually. She just knows right away that they’re the one for her. She will settle for a gradual seduction, but it is rarely true love.

Sagittarius woman compatibility

What are the Best Signs for a Sagittarius Woman?

Note that just because these are the best signs, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a perfect relationship, or that the sun alone will dictate how it goes. Much more needs to be looked at in the chart. This is only a general guideline.


Sagittarius and Aquarius energies work very well together. They’re both broad thinking, both love new ideas, and new, fresh things. They’re great with people in their own ways and are non-jealous or clingy.

They’re both freedom lovers that require abundant space and breathing room within a relationship. Aquarius in particular needs freedom and Sagittarius is happy to provide it.

These two love sharing ideas with each other. They both love to talk, so there’s tons of sharing that goes on with these two. They love to get deep on a mental level. Neither sign has a proclivity towards excessive emotion or emotional expression. They’re not moody or broody. They both prefer to bond on emotional and philosophical levels.

Overall they’re both loyal, caring, and giving signs that blend well together to create a very relaxed and supportive partnership. Group dynamics are their specialty, and these two can find themselves spending a ton of time together immersed in large gatherings and group events.


Sagittarius and Aries are a fiery combination that can work well if they don’t burn each other up. Both like to move quickly through life and will constantly challenge each other. They’re both very adventurous and enjoy engaging in frequent activities.

Both being fire signs, there is a risk for the romance to burn too hot too quickly. It’s a very exciting time for these two when they link up, but they have to be cautious to take things slow and not act too rashly or impulsively in developing the love affair.

They also need to be cautious about stoking conflict. Aries can be quick to anger and Sagittarius can be very blunt with their words. Disagreements can lead to explosive clashes between the two that need to be resolved or they can become destructive to the relationship. Luckily both of these signs forgive easily.

Overall this pairing is very exciting. They will have the desire to conquer the world together and can have a ton of fun doing it.


Another fire pairing, these two can have a very fun and adventurous relationship with lots of focused attention. Their sex life is passionate and bonding. They can really be themselves together.

As with Aries and Sagittarius, these two need to be cautious about fighting. Being a fire combo, things can get out of hand and insecurities can propel minor conflicts into major bouts. It’s good for them to step away and take a minute to themselves when in a disagreement. Let it blow over.


Libra and Sagittarius partnerships are fun and interesting. Libra keeps the Sagittarius woman happy with endless adventure. Sag keeps the Libra happy with emotional stimulation.

This is an extroverted relationship, as both signs are outward oriented. They can have a lot of fun charming and entertaining in groups.

They should be cautious about finances. Both like to spend money lavishly. Libra on looking good and having posh things, and Sag spending spontaneously on lavish items and travel.

More on Compatibility

The compatibility information on this page is very brief. I suggest checking out larger articles for compatibility advice for each sign pairing with the Sagittarius woman to get a bigger picture.

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  1. This is the most disgusting, misogynistic article I have ever read…. I am a Sag and I don’t want to be dominated by anyone or anything. I am not even sure if the writer is a man or a woman, but it needs to quit looking at horoscopes and start looking at the truth that science, such as physics, is the real answer to everything. I went on this website because I was looking up some stuff that one of my favorite youtubers was making fun of, and I came across what the cat dragged in. Thanks for your old Roman views, because this is awful.

    1. I wouldn’t consider saying that Sag (or anyone) having a desire to be dominated is misogynistic. Note I emphasize that Sag wants to be treated like an equal, and she can be dominated sexually while still being equal. Plus it requires a huge degree of respect and trust. It’s just a polarity thing and not bad. I think everyone has some palette for being dominated situationally and with total respect. It’s natural and human.

        1. Same here! Loved every bit of this, it was validating because it clarified how it’s possible to have a free spirit that detests control, but to also have a deep desire to find that person with whom you can submit to completely. In that sense, it isn’t about a power struggle of weak vs dominant, but a complete letting go and feeling free at every level. I long for that physical intimacy and emotional trust because it is the one thing that I cannot achieve alone. That is the joy of having a partner … at least for this Sag woman. We are great at finding playmates, but the one man who can create that other world for us – with us – that’s the wow you want for a lifetime.

          1. Beautifully said Jane *inserts heart emoji. This article was a great read. I am extremely independent but desire a love that empowers me while still respecting my freedom. Genuinely understanding my personality because I will be sure to do my homework and understand his. Some say we’re dominant, but I believe our confidence exudes and view life in black and white in many cases, this may come off as dominant because we don’t live in confusion. Allowing us to be direct with our words and thoughts. This sag woman thrives in a balanced lifestyle. We are direct, we analyze, ask the questions we wonder and move forward…either with or without you. Only a real man secure in himself, balanced in his thoughts/ emotions AND bag can tame this archer 😉

    2. If you don’t get your old ugly self on somewhere he is speaking straight up facts. Please quit trying to be that person that want to sound smart and negative.

    3. You must be a joy to be around.
      (sarcasm) You get offended too easily and must have some underlying issues. I bet you also had a bad father figure and you voted for Biden and you have a lot of cats.

      This article was 100% me!

      1. Check yourself please. Such comments are not constructive or conducive to thoughtful conversation and building community.

    4. Papaya whatever boo do you even KNOW what misogynistic means?? You have been preprogramed from society and friends. It mentions nothing of the sorts. So take your short blue hair back to your friends! Im sure those feminist’s are much more your type!

  2. Thank you. All these points are very accurate and insightful for this Saggie. 🙂

    And it’s really true that I would like to be dominated secretly and to be the little female in the relationship with the man I commit to. But on the other hand, I want him to have a balance of being masculine and dominating without being domineering. If he’s too soft, I will lose respect for him and the relationship will quickly go down hill.

    I guess it has to do with the freedom thing again. For a man who is able to lead purposefully, it means he is generally successful in life as his thoughts are actions are of the winner mindset. I can finally lean back and let him lead and trust in his decisions, which is really a big deal as I am pretty demanding. It takes a man who is really really good and have proven himself and to be better than me before I am submissive. And that willing to finally let go and surrender offers me a sense of absolute freedom of being a closet control freak. Lol!!

  3. Sag female here, I love to get dominated! It took me a long time to learn that about myself. I’m not almost 40 years old and I’m in search for this vision of an Alpha male who is gentle enough to have a desire to be my knight with shiny armor, but passionately take over control. On my previous relationships I experienced that I wasn’t getting fully satisfied, but I just couldn’t really put my finger on what I was missing. Since finding my missing link I’ve experienced orgasms at a much higher intensity than ever before.

    1. Nice to hear, Cynthia! That’s a common need that so many women don’t know they have. Good luck in your search for a man who can provide the balance you’re looking for.

  4. Wow. I really love this! But I do have a question about my sag girlfriend. Why is she playing with me? Like acting like she’s gonna kiss me but not? Its only been around 2ish months of us dating.

    1. Is she playfully denying a kiss, but then indulging you in one soon after? In that case I’d assume she’s just testing you to see how you’ll react in a light, playful way. If she’s not kissing you at all after 2ish months, then it’s unlikely that she’s as interested as you are.

  5. Do you think a libra man can dominate a sagittarius woman during sex. Im a libra and I also have submissive tendencies. We are both submissive but my girlfriend is more active. She loves being dominated though. I mean if she likes it that way ill do my best to please her and fuck her hard. It is just im very insecure at times, and sometimes she rides me in a very dominating way.

    1. Hi James. Yes, I think you can both give each other what the other wants in the regard. The important thing is clear communication. Tell each other what you want and try to satisfy that. Everything might not work as planned, but I think Libra and Sag have great potential.

  6. 90% of this story is me. Now, regarding the dominating thing, I took it as a very, light kind of dominating, & not so literal. We like masculine men. Not wimpy ones that we can boss around.

    It was nice to hear where I get all these character types from, & that it’s not just me.

    Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this insightful article.
    I am a Libra, dating a Sagittarius for the past 5 months. Things seem to be going very well and she see’s this as a long-term committed relationship. My issue is that I have some troubles with my career and other social and family concerns. I tend to be a bit melancholic, but try hard not to show it. I have noticed she cares to support me, but doesn’t actually empathise. This is a huge turn off for me, and in turn I have stopped trying to please her. When I discuss something that bothers me, she becomes defensive, and then I lose hope in our unity. I come across as being insecure and overeactive. She eventually may apologise, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. How can I rely on someone like this? I just wish we could go back to how it was when she tried extra hard to spark my interest.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. I can certainly empathize, as I’ve been in a similar place in my relationships. The #1 thing you can do is rely more on yourself via internal validation and to get your affairs in order. Work hard on your career, social and family concerns. Because the way it sounds with this Sagittarian woman, she wants to see you display and act with more personal strength. She is actively avoiding validating your issues, as she wants to see you act in a more masculine, self-validated way.

  8. Christopher Johnson

    I found this very informative. I’m a Virgo and my wife, a Sag sent me this. She thought it was the most accurate thing she’s read about herself and wanted to help me with insight. Interestingly enough, I’ve been reading a book called “The Way of the Superior Man” and its helped me to find balance. Many of the topics relate to being masculine to help your other half relax into a feminine role. I’ve been working on it and I’m seeing it. Making plans without asking, being creative with the plans, etc. Even with housework. I’ve tried to mold her into the housewife but learned that all I have to do is start (dishes, laundry, etc) and she will jump right in. It speaks to the “being treated as an equal” thing. The more I learn to lead, I think she finds herself able to be more submissive.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Christopher. That’s heartening she sent you this! That’s a good one, I enjoy David Deida’s books. Sounds like yu’re on a good path, you’re lucky to have one another:)

  9. Deborah Hershkovits

    Every word described here is valid. I am a Sag and I could never have described myself better. Thank you for putting this so clearly.

  10. Seriously, im READING ME! Very ACCURATE! It is easier that i can just share this info about me with my partner. 🤣 thank u! Love love love this!

  11. Sigh , this article really gives answer and way out to my question and burden about my sag wife and I’m a Scorpio ♏️ And also just realizing some factors about my self also , cause I felt the relationship is getting bored to her while recently celebrated out 3 years anniversary and she’s someone I intend to be with forever , Thanks to you I found enough reason and way to make our relationship strong and last long even tho we ain’t that compatible for each other but I will surely stay and continue going through this whenever it seems there’s a misunderstanding btw us to guide myself through tho I will also share her this link for her to discover who she’s exactly ..

    1. Hi there! I am sorry to hear about your relationship. I was once in a serious relationship with a Scorpio man, whom I am still very much in love with to this day. I love his command of a room, his ability to be quirky and fun, and his need to try new things. I hated that he could be too serious at times and when in lack of deep emotional connection, he often resorted to the bedroom, which was fine, but if I wanted more in the relationship than just sex, it seemed he could hold back a bit.

      Sags are an odd paradox, and to be honest, we may not know what we want from day to day—even worse, it may change from one day to the next. We’re wild spirits, we don’t want to be tamed, but we want an odd sense of security without feeling stifled—perceived freedom, if you will. If she wants to try something new, go with her, but explore it with an open mind; if you go in with perceived thoughts or ideas about something, then you will squelch her fire and her desire to share a new experience with her.

      If there is something new you would like to try, go for it and bring her along. Allow her to explore every facet of the experience, enjoy her exploration, also be fascinated with her. I loved being with a Scorpio because he would find what I liked or even disliked to be sexy and added to him loving me—and would make it a point to tell me—which was a big plus for me and made me feel like I was being seen. I think Sags liked to be seen by our lovers and understood for our quirkiness without judgment.

      We already know we can be A LOT. We don’t need a constant reminder about it or man-splained about how our personality can be disruptive to others (because, to be honest, we don’t care what others feel or think about us—especially people we don’t know). At times, this was one of the challenges of being with a Scorpio man. We may push the limits, but I think it’s best to stay strong and be yourself. Be comfortable in your skin and be the sexy man that you are. Own your swagger and be the fantastic strong man Scorpios are known to be. Be proud to be with a woman who can and will dance to the beat of her drum, who will break the rules, not on purpose but rather push limits because regulations kill freedom, and who will always speak her mind, even if no one asked her. The key here, Scorpio, is to be the confident man you are and stand firm with her. If she says something off the wall, go with it, if she wants to dance to a fun song at a restaurant, let her and enjoy it with her—let’s be honest here, Sags like to make people happy, and we aren’t satisfied if you aren’t satisfied with us (especially if we love and care for you).

      However, all relationships are two-sided; as the Sag, I needed to learn to communicate and keep the communication open. It wasn’t cool that I would leave for days without warning and need to say anything. I also needed to learn not to think that my Scorpio man wasn’t trying to take away my freedom. Instead, he simply wanted to be involved and know what I was doing. I also needed to learn that boredom in a relationship from time to time is not a killer or means things are going south; instead of that, it was a time to spice things up when I felt like I needed a bit more in the relationship. In that case, I would ask my Scorpio man what he needed to keep things spicy for him. I also would try something new in the romance department—taking a romantic bubble bath together with wine and music or audible without the intention of sex at the end was always exciting and fun. Trying a new restaurant or show or experience and dressing up for it always made up both happy. I also learned to enjoy the mystery of my Scorpio man; when I thought I figured him out, he would always go in another direction to keep me guessing. It was a big turn-on to allow him to be himself in many ways.

      I also had to learn not to be so dominant at times and have a need to control (again, that odd paradox of Sags wanting to be free but also need to control) and allow him to go with the flow. My Scorpio man liked new things, but he needed time to feel out the situation; rather than pushing him to explore everything, I learned to let him lean back when he needed to and jump in when he was ready—and to respect his boundaries of when things were too much. My Scorpio man took on being dominant well in our relationship. He gave me the freedom to be a woman without feeling like I needed to fulfill specific “Feminine Roles” like a housewife or a mother. When it comes to being dominant, it’s more about being made to feel sexy and the ability to let go. A man that could plan a dinner date but keep the mystery in the evening was always a plus. Being told to show up as sexy as possible to an event and given the time and means to dress up and show off was amazing!

      Since both signs are super blunt, communication is fantastic between us, but we knew how and when to push each other’s buttons. Whi e we don’t always show it, Sags can be emotional and sensitive. If you asked her about her feelings when you can’t see them, you might be surprised that you made her upset. She may need some time and space to sort through things, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you anymore. Instead, it’s the Sags way of making sure we don’t blow everything up—since we c n be fire setters when we want to be but then regret it later. It also behooves you to tell her how you feel when communicating; we are optimistic and very caring people in this department when it comes to the people we love. If you tell her that she has hurt you or that what she said upset you, she will take that into account.

      Finally, it won’t be hard to ask her to plan something for fun; know that it won’t be perfect and maybe a hot mess, but find the joy in it anyway. Explore and fall in love with her in her comfort zone (even if it may be a bit uncomfortable).

      While I don’t know you personally, I have a good feeling that things will work out and that you still very much LOVE your wife. Just know that you’ve got this and that you can rekindle things. Tell her you to want her and tell her that you want to see things from her eyes. She needs to feel secure to allow for you to be there. Re-establish that by simply being there and letting her be free.

  12. Growing in Light and Love

    Thanks for this! I’m a cusp sign (Scrocpi-Sag), mostly lean Sag. Love, love, love this article!

    If you have time could you write a few articles about cuspers? Especially ones like this for women? It would be amazing!

    Thanks again! 💖

  13. I’m a Sagittarius and this article resonates with me. I’m an energetic person, so optimistic of mostly everything. I always do it my way or the highway… you choose. I love my freedom so badly and I’m so untamable.

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