Why Are Taurus People So Good in Bed? Top 5 Reasons, Explained

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Ah, Taurus. Why are they so damn good in bed?

Taurus is an earth sign that’s ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, seduction, and love. Their animal ruler is the Bull, which is a universal symbol for virility and sexual prowess. These people are dependable, ardent, and chock-full of sensuality.

With these qualities, it’s no surprise that Taurus has developed a reputation for being so good in bed.

Taurus people typically know how appealing their sexual abilities are, too. They’re skilled in the bedroom and work hard to hone their pleasure-providing abilities. And that oozing sexual confidence really adds to their allure.

Let’s take a closer look at the top five traits that make Taurus people so damn appealing in bed.

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1. Their sensuality

Taurus is one of the most sensually driven signs in the zodiac. They’re earthy, grounded in their bodies, and prefer to live out their sexuality through the five senses. This sign craves bodily contact above all else.

Their all-encompassing carnality finds an outlet through long playful and deep kissing, endless slow foreplay, and plenty of eye-gazing. 

Taurus can be quite animalistic in bed, but it’s usually measured and reigned in. They are always soft, even in the throughs of intense sensual and sexual indulgence. Taurus sex is all about ramping up that feeling of close bodily contact and strengthening the depth of connection.

Taurus rules the sense of touch, and the expression of love through physical touch is always a huge Taurean turn-on. A shoulder, neck, back, foot, or hand massage will put any Taurus in the mood. They’re also some of the best at delivering sensually arousing massages.

The sign of Taurus rules the neck and through, and this area of the body is often a huge erogenous zone for them. They’ll often go weak when a partner focuses attention on their neck and throat. Kisses, playful nibbles, bites, and the soft (or hard) grip of a hand here can really get them going.

Another common aphrodisiac for Taurus is food. This highly sensual sign loves to eat and Taurean people typically enjoy the accompaniment of food with sex. Some will literally want food to become a part of the sexual act itself (think strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream), while others enjoy savoring an indulgent, candle-lit meal before sex.

Taurus’s deep craving for sensuality can sometimes be hard for a partner to satisfy. Their well can still need filling even when a partner gives up in exhaustion. Having a partner who shares Taurus’s endurance and a strong sex drive is often a requirement for sexual satisfaction.

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2. Their expertise in creating a cozy ambiance

Taureans are the love-den masterminds of the zodiac. The overall ambiance they create is one of the reasons that Taurus is so good in bed. No one knows how to set a better scene for lovemaking. 

If you like creature comforts, Taurus will likely be your sexual match made in heaven. Be ready for a warm, clean, comfortable (only the best fabrics for Taurus), candlelit setting with food delights, and soft mood lighting expertly arranged throughout the space. 

Expect soundscapes with the perfect ambiance and scents that lift the spirit and arouse the heart. Maybe even some rose petals and a bearskin rug. Comfort is always on their mind, and they really do go all out for a worthy tryst. 

While Taurus loves the homefront for their sexual excursions, they’re also game for some fun out in the wild, so long as it’s comfortable and relatively private. A romp in the woods can appease them, as this earthy sign loves nature. A beach or balcony can be nice, too. Just make sure that the lighting isn’t harsh, the surfaces aren’t dirty, and there are no distractions that will pull you away from your shared sensual immersion.

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3. Their steadiness

Taurus is a no-frills sign that likes to get down to business in bed without pretense. Sex with Taurus is slow and steady, just like their relationships as a whole.

Sure, they might be one of the more vanilla lovers in the zodiac. But vanilla is a classic flavor for a reason – and Taurus knows how to churn it up the best. 

One of the best things about vanilla? You know exactly what you’re getting. In the same way, Taurus gives you the goods without fail.

Their lovemaking, while not always exciting, provides consistent pleasure with a defined beginning, middle, and end. And their high libido and staying power mean they can keep you rolling in pleasure all day long.

You won’t get games with Taurus. What you see is what you get. No uncertainty or unpredictability. Sexual positions won’t be very experimental, and you typically get two speeds: slow and sensual, or fast and stimulating/rough. You won’t typically find much in between. Of course, what they lack in variety, they make up for in endurance.

This all might not appeal to more variety-seeking signs, but it’s often refreshing for others. 

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4. Their dedication to sexually satisfying their partner

While not the most adventurous in bed, Taurus is certainly near the top in dedication to mutual pleasure.

Taurus is very focused on taking care of their lovers in bed, and won’t leave the encounter until you’re feeling satisfied. They really give taking care of you they’re all.

They may not be the kinkiest or most adventurous sign, but if their partner really wants it, they will indulge them.

If you love any part of your body touched or given a particular focus, Taurus might be your best match. They will focus wherever you want them to for as long as you want them to.

why are taurus people so good in bed

5. Their affectionate side

Taurus’s planetary ruler Venus is all about romanticism. These people can be the most tender and affectionate lovers that you’d come across. If you want to feel as though you are being wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket whenever you’re with your lover, choose grounded Taurus.

Sex is a natural expression of love for these sensitive people. They’re physically strong yet emotionally gentle. They’ll help you relax while flooding you with passion. They’ll never make you feel hurried in bed, and the way they linger all over your body, enjoying every spec of you, feels amazing. 

Their traditional vibe gives off that classic romanticism that many of us crave. They never take the romance or sensuality out of sex, which is comforting and unfortunately hard to come by at times.

They’re also great, attentive listeners who take care to absorb every word you say. They’re usually kind and soft with their words, though they will indulge in some dirty talk; especially if it will turn their partner on. Just be sure to be careful with your words when talking dirty to a Taurus in bed. Anything too abrupt or crude can throw them off and douse their arousal.

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There you have it, five reasons why Taurus’ are such great lovers, both in bed and out.

If you want a cozy earth sign lover who provides stability and regular sex, Taurus is likely your ideal mate. They match especially well with Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces. Equally steadfast Capricorn is my favorite sexual match for Taurus.

If you want to catch them, just be sure that you take care of yourself, especially grooming-wise. Never rush them, never try to skip foreplay, and be willing to feel a little bit “possessed” by them. They might deny it if asked, but Taurus can be very jealous and possessive lovers. 

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4 thoughts on “Why Are Taurus People So Good in Bed? Top 5 Reasons, Explained”

  1. Wrong.. wrong & wrong. There is nothing “vanilla” about my lovemaking as evidenced by the Gemini & Sag males that were so impressed with it..they still message me about it 4 long yrs later..What a jackass thing to say “Loren”.

    1. Hi, Tasha. This post is about a general Taurean approach to sex and intimacy. But you’re more than just your Taurus Sun sign. You’d need to look at your whole chart to properly gauge sexual style and approach.

      What’s your Mars, Venus, and Moon signs, for example? Are your Mutable signs angular, perhaps? Strong Mars/Pluto aspects? etc.

      1. I would also say that I’m. surprised to have us described as “vanilla.”
        Being that we are such physical creatures, many of us indulge our senses in kinky sex/BDSM.
        Are we rather habitual? Yes, we know what we like and it’s hard for us to change. But a hedonistic Taurus is anything but vanilla! 😜

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