Why Are Virgos So Good in Bed? The Top 5 Reasons, Explained

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Virgo may have gotten stuck with the reputation for being prudish and sexually inexperienced (you know, the whole “Virgo the Virgin” thing).

But, this isn’t exactly the case. Yes, Virgo is pragmatic and can be a bit cold at times, but this is an earth sign, after all, and earth signs are very lusty and sensual.

Many Virgo natives are actually feverishly sexual and know, with intimate detail, all the ways to pleasure their partner to the maximum. They can be low-key experts in the bedroom, much to the surprise of many of their partners. 

So, what are the surprises that Virgo’s packing in the bedroom that make them so appealing?

In this post, we’ll reveal all of Virgo’s sexual secrets and reveal once and for all why Virgo is so damn good between the sheets.

Now, let’s get into it.

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1. Their grounded, therapeutic approach to sex

Being an earth sign, Virgo grounds energies well. They’re naturally sensual and in touch with the physical world. Virgo is the sign of the healer, after all. It’s a very service-oriented zodiac placement that’s focused on health and well-being. 

Many Virgos view sex as an essential element of energy, body, and soul maintenance. They know how to use sex to release tension and fill up the heart in a balance-instilling way. 

Their healthy attitude towards sex can help their partner better connect in love and romance. Their patient, nurturing, and thoroughly healing touch makes them great at comforting a partner who’s experienced all varieties of trauma and needs a safe space to heal.

They know how to touch a partner slowly and sensuously in a way that melts them physically, energetically, and emotionally. Their ability to reliably instill relaxation like this makes them imminently rewarding sexual partners. 

Perhaps the best part about Virgo’s earthy practical side is how no-frills sex is with them. They might be a bit high-strung in their personal life, but they’re also easy and low-maintenance lovers. 

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2. Their attention to detail 

Sure, impeccable attention to detail doesn’t sound too swoon-worthy. While not overtly sexy, we’ll get into how practically useful this Virgoan trait is in bed. 

First, let’s highlight what a lot of us, unfortunately, deal with in bed – an unaware partner. Someone who absentmindedly goes through the motions of sex and doesn’t pay attention to what your body (or you, for that matter) are saying. 

We all know how that goes, and it’s ultimately never satisfying.

Cue Virgo, who wants to know everything about your body, and is intuitive enough to pick up on your most subtle signals. And who also is an excellent and attentive communicator.

With Virgo, you don’t have to stress or strain to get all of your little sexual quirks laid out on the table. They’ll intuitively pick up on what you want in bed, all in an appealing, slow, and sensual way. 

And of course, this Mercury-ruled sign is excellent with their hands and tongue. They know exactly what to do with all of the data that they glean from your body language. 

You might not initially recognize how amazing it is to be so tuned into, that is until you get freaky with another zodiac sign and realize what’s missing technique-wise.

And of course, Virgo is very attentive to the details of the environment. They make sure that your sexual setting is conducive to a great time, as well.

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3. Their devotion to pleasing you in just the right ways

Earth signs, and Virgos in particular, are the overachievers of the zodiac. In bed, Virgo is there to please, and won’t quit until their partner is thoroughly satisfied. They love to play the caretaker and are total givers in bed.

As mentioned, Virgo is the pinnacle of attentiveness and respectfulness in love. Their partner definitely comes first, your pleasure is their pleasure. They will not give up until the job is done well.

If you encounter any difficulties in bed, Virgo’s fixer nature kicks in, and they work hard to sort out any issues you’ve confronted. Because of this, you can grow a lot individually and as partners in a sexual romance with Virgo.

As a mutable sign, Virgo can naturally gravitate from being in charge to being submissive. As a sign of service, Virgos tend to love taking on a submissive role in service of their partner’s more dominant desires. Most Virgos will eat up being with a dominant partner. They get off from getting you off, usually by whatever means necessary (more on this later). 

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4. Their sexual versatility 

While Virgos look rather unassuming on the surface, they have a surprising depth and sensual intensity inside that’s waiting to be awoken. If anyone still holds the perception that Virgos are predictable and boring – then they probably haven’t met one yet in bed.

Remember, too, that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication. Virgos usually have fantastic imaginations and are often well-read.

Sexual intimacy is a great way for Virgo to feel comfortable in peeling away all of their complex layers of creative expression. Their depth of sexual abilities runs quite deep, and they can happily indulge in a wide variety of sexual techniques and positions on a whim. They’re typically up for just about anything in the bedroom, which makes them quite fun lovers. 

In fact, many Virgos both male and female love to show the ropes to inexperienced lovers. They’re great teachers that provide a ton of sexual education all in a safe, loving, and compassionate way. 

Even though Virgo is an earth sign, their mutable nature means that they will switch things up often enough to keep any partner interested. They might be rough one night and gentle the next. Who knows what tricks they’ll have up their sleeve next to keep you guessing?

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5. Their kinky side

Virgo is probably the biggest wildcard kinkster in the zodiac. Surprised? Well, it’s usually the quiet ones who are the really freaky ones, after all.

Most Virgos will try just about anything in bed at least once. They’re inventive and curious enough to experiment with all sorts of BDSM and kink-type activities. They enjoy power play and are often naturally submissive. They’ll often be aroused by the idea of being consensually forced to do certain acts. It helps them relax and get out of their own head. But they can also switch it up and take the dominant role quite naturally, as well.

Basically, if you’re adventurous in bed, you’ll never have a boring sex life with a Virgo. You can ask them for an inch and they’ll give you a mile in bed.

The key with Virgo is making them feel safe to open up. They can be modest and shy when they don’t feel at ease. But that prudish facade falls away fast when they feel held and comfortable, making way for quite the wild side.

Feel free to bring up your deepest and darkest kinks. Virgo is truly open to trying things that many others in the zodiac wouldn’t be willing to do, provided that their partner is completely upfront and transparent about it.

If they don’t like something in bed, they’ll let you know immediately and will help things move seamlessly onto the next stage. Really, don’t hesitate to share your fantasies with Virgo. They’re no-nonsense and very accepting.

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There you go, five reasons why Virgos are so good in bed! Fun fact, they’re also fantastic lovers all around and make great long-term partners. 

They’re not the easiest mate to catch, though. They’re quite cautious in love and can be very picky when choosing a partner. So if you do find yourself fooling around with a Virgo, consider yourself fortunate!

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