Why Are Capricorns So Good in Bed? Top 4 Reasons, Explained

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Capricorn might not be the first sign that comes to mind when you think of bedroom prowess.

The sign of Capricorn is the poster child for practicality, thoughtfulness, and integrity, which doesn’t exactly scream sex appeal. But Capricorns have a sexual magnetism that catches partners off guard and can be low-key terrors in the bedroom. Nobody can undress you with their eyes quite like Capricorn.

Of course, Capricorns are usually cold in their demeanor and can be very picky. They don’t sleep with just anyone. Although they put on a cold front, they can also be surprisingly sensitive, sensual, and deeply lusty.

In this post, we’ll be diving deep into the top four reasons that Capricorns are so damn good in the bedroom.

Whether you’re the partner of a Capricorn or a Cap yourself, this post is for you.

Alright, let’s jump right in.

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1. Their dominance

Capricorn people are highly competent and love to be in control. They’ll usually be on top of every situation they enter, sex included.

If you like things kinky with lots of power play, this dominating sign is likely your perfect match. They like to be in charge, so be ready to submit. They’re reserved, so they might not be the ones to initiate S&M, but they’ll be able to satisfy even your most intense needs when put to the task.

Their ability to lead in bed can be a huge turn-on for the right partner. Sex feels like such a release when you’re under the control of a confident lover, and Capricorns are one of the best at it (along with Scorpio).

Capricorn’s straightforward approach to sex can be quite refreshing. They’re more about doing it than saying it and won’t beat around the bush when it comes to initiating things in the bedroom. What a relief!

Capricorn won’t just bulldoze over their partner when initiating, either. They’re very pragmatic lovers with an astute ability to read others. They know how to time their advances, and they’ll have the sense to pull back when their approach isn’t being well received. 

When having sex with a Capricorn, experiment with positions that put them on top, both figuratively and literally. For example, a Capricorn woman might enjoy cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, as it gives them a lot of control.

As they get comfortable with a partner and feel able to control the pace, their lusty and conquering side can come out, and they can really start to push the boundaries of passion. This can be quite a fun ride!

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2. Their competence and versatility between the sheets

Capricorn people take pride in how they perform. They’re obsessive about putting effort into their skill development in all areas of life. And sex is no different.

In bed, Capricorn will do all they can to excel at pleasing their partners. They’ll take charge and push both of your limits to try new things, all in the name of having a good time.

Capricorn loves to push limits and boundaries. It’s not so much due to kinkiness (though Caps do often love BDSM), but mostly due to their obsession with mastery. They want to leave no stone left unturned, and they want to feel competent at whatever they try. Once they’ve mastered some component of sexual expression, they’ll want to move on and explore another aspect.

Capricorns are great lovers for anyone interested in exploring their limits beyond vanilla sex. They’ll find a willing partner in Cap, who will work tirelessly to satisfy and please their exploratory lover’s taboo desires. Power play is particularly up Capricorn’s alley, so look no further than Cap if you’re after a capable dom!

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3. Their passion

Capricorns may have a cool and refined exterior, but they’re usually bubbling with sensual passion underneath it all. You’ll usually have to learn Caps’ ways before you pick up on their sexual charisma. 

Once they’ve relaxed and let go of some of their reservations, they can reveal themselves to be one of the most enthusiastic lovers in the zodiac with a deep kinky streak. Where some might have thought of them as workaholics uninterested in sex, you’ll see that Capricorn is always in the mood.

They work hard, and sex gives them a great opportunity to blow off steam. Like their symbol, the goat, these men and women are very horny. They’ll often surprise new lovers with how passionate they can be. 

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4. Their commitment to satisfying you

Capricorns will work hard to give you pleasure. As long as you don’t rush them, they will take the time and effort needed to discover everything about your sexual needs, from head to toe.

They truly want to be the best at everything they do, and in the sexual arena, that’s always a win-win.

This trait translates to good communication between the sheets, as well. They want to know what you like in bed and will use appropriate words and gestures to figure out your wants and needs. They’ll employ all of the stamina and self-control they can muster.

Sure, they can be a little unemotional or rough at times. But they will show their softer side in bed when pressed to. You’ll benefit from telling them exactly what you like. They can handle it.

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While Saturn-ruled Capricorn can be cold and rigid at times, they’re also high-ceiling sexual partners that can bring you to the peak of sexual fulfillment. 

Once the ice is broken and they feel secure with their partner, Capricorn becomes an anytime, anyplace lover with a deep desire for sexual exploration. Never underestimate how often a Capricorn thinks about sex. 

If you’re sexing it up with a Capricorn, remember that they can be quite complex, and your intellect is a turn-on for them. Stimulate their mind and appeal to their visual natures, and you’ll have them hooked. Additionally, competence and achievement are incredibly attractive to Capricorn. So keep your life well-rounded if you want to catch one of these lovers. Carry yourself well, and have plenty of patience. They’re slow movers in sex and love.

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