Why Are Aquarians So Good in Bed? Top 3 Reasons, Explained

why are aquarius people so good in bed
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What is it that makes Aquarians so fun between the sheets?

What is it about sex with them that’s so addictive?

In this post, we’re diving into all of the unique quirks of Aquarius that make them such adept, open-minded, and enjoyable sexual partners.

So strap in, and let’s get straight to it.

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1. Their unique approach

One of the hottest things about Aquarius is that they follow their own rules regarding matters of the heart.

Aquarius isn’t bogged down by society’s long-standing uniformity and sexual repression in the bedroom. They aren’t worried about standardized sexual templates or routines, nor do they feel bogged down by unnecessary traditions.

They have their own morals and standards that are entirely self-generated, which brings an attractive breath of fresh air between the sheets.

Because of their free-flowing sexual nature, Aquarians are often openly in pursuit of non-traditional techniques which could spice up their sexual lives and better allow them to transmit their erratic, electrical sexual energy. Aquarius loves varied cultures and ideas, so they might dive into reiki or tantra.

If you’re sick of modern sexual confinements and crave profound sexual freedom, Aquarius could be your go-to sexual liberator.

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2. Their spontaneity

The planet of Uranus rules Aquarius, and it makes them need constant excitement, novelty, and variety in their sexual life.

If you like the idea of sneaking into an elevator or office or hiding away in a plane for a quickie, then Aquarius might be your guy/gal.

Even if you’re at home for a quiet date, you should always be prepared for something unexpected. Restless and inventive Aquarius always has something up their sleeve.

While Aquarius’s on-again/off-again sexual nature can be upsetting for some, their sudden arousal that catches you off guard can be quite jolting and exciting in a fun way.

Even once you grow familiar with an Aquarian’s sexual tastes, you can never rest assured of what they’ll do next. They could easily surprise you with an entirely new sexual approach, whether in the form of a unique sexual taste or even a sudden inclination toward group sexual dynamics or bisexuality.

Aquarius always keeps you on your toes sexually, and that’s exciting.

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3. Their experimental side

Diving deeper into Aquarius’s surprising sexual temperament, we have to look at how novel their experimental nature can be.

While most people in modern culture are sexually stale and predictable, Aquarius is entirely on the other end of the spectrum. They compulsively rebel against monotony in every aspect of their life.

It’s nearly impossible to shock an Aquarian sexually. After all, they’re the most forward-thinking sign in the Zodiac, so openness to new things is their standard mode of operation.

They’re majorly turned-on by unconventionally. Anything bizarre or unusual jumps out at them, and any new technique or form of sexual practice that they or you haven’t experienced yet immediately gets added to the to-do list. 

Although Aquarius is a detached air sign, they’re surprisingly kinky and lusty. Bizarre and unusual practices really get them going. 

And like the other air signs, intellectual and mental sexual stimuli can give them a thrill. A liberated, imaginative, and curious mind turns them on beyond measure.

Nothing is ever really off the table for Aquarius between the sheets, which is thrilling and hot. Are you into something complex or forbidden by conventionality? You can try it with Aquarius. Social stigmas be damned!

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4. How relaxed they make you feel about being yourself

Personal independence and its encouragement in others is an essential part of Aquarius’s approach.

As mentioned, they have their own unique set of morals and standards, which are unlikely to conform to anyone else’s, but in turn, they fully accept others’ right to do precisely as they please.

If you’ve ever been insecure about an unconventional aspect of yourself – perhaps related to your class, age, race, gender, sexuality, etc., then you’re in good hands with Aquarius.

They have no barriers to love and sexual interest. They’re strongly attracted to unconventionally and differences in general. They want a sexual partner who differs in some way from the norm. The more out of the ordinary, the better.

Physical differences won’t faze them. They can look beyond prominent scars, lost limbs, or other deformities and see the unique, special qualities in someone that society might have labeled disabled.

They don’t want a sexual partner to feel shy and, as such, make sure that the relationship they share is very comforting and highly sensual. 

And, of course, they’ll have no problem exploring your unique fantasies and desires. Every corner of your mind is safe with them. 

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As an air sign, Aquarius isn’t the most sexual specimen in the Zodiac. They’re a fixed sign, so they have considerable energy for sex. But they’re not always going to be passionately sexual at the drop of a hat. They can quickly go without sex for long durations, especially when they’re in periods of over-thinking and intellectualizing everything in their life.

But they’re still super hot sexual partners for the variety of reasons listed above. They’re incredibly comfortable to be with sexually and can introduce a lover to all kinds of fun and unusual sexcapades. 

Open-minded acceptance reigns with Aquarius, and that’s truly a unique trait, especially in the sexual department. They will open you up and charm your pants off with their non-possessive, excitable, and heady loving. 

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Theirs is a safe, shame-free, and creative love connection that keeps things interesting. Well worth a try!

If you want to catch an Aquarians sexual fancy, emphasize what turns them on by keeping things constantly fresh and alive. Avoid stagnancy and staleness like the plague. You want to always be ready to change the pace.

And don’t overcrowd them emotionally! Even the most committed Aquarius is happiest with a semi-detached set-up. The need for lots of personal space is a core need of theirs. So always be sure to give them plenty of time apart.

Absence makes their heart grow fonder. You need to make them feel your absence in order to make them feel your presence.

And, of course, remember that they love to have a uniqueness when choosing a sexual partner. The more unique, the more they crave them.

So, what have your experiences in bed been like with Aquarius lovers? 

Let us know in the comment section below!

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