Why Are Cancers So Good in Bed? Top 5 Reasons, Explained

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What is it that makes those emotional, lovey-dovey Cancerians so damn good between the sheets?

Cancer is a very sexual sign, and the people born under it are often quite preoccupied with sex. They ooze with emotion and sex appeal and are uniquely able to turn almost any situation into a sexual one. 

Cancer may be cautious in love, but once they’re comfortable with someone, they unleash a sexual sensuousness that can rival every other sign in the zodiac. 

In this post, we’ll uncover that mysterious Cancerian sexual allure and dig into every aspect of their sexual nature – revealing just what makes them so damn irresistible in bed.

Grab a cup, get cozy, and let’s dive into five key traits that fuel Cancer’s sexual prowess.

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1. The way they make you feel nurtured and cared for

The sign of Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon. This lunar influence gives these people heaps of emotionality, intuition, and nurturing capability. Cancer is the sign of the mother, after all.

Cancers are the biggest caregivers in the zodiac. When you have sex with one, you can’t help but feel energetically, emotionally, and spiritually nurtured. It’s second nature to tune into their partner and make them feel as cozy and secure as possible.

Some people view Cancers as too sensitive and emotionally volatile. But, when you have sex with them, you’re able to see how emotionally mature they can be. They are very good at holding space for your emotions, just like a mother would. This is true of both male and female Cancerians. 

It is so cozy (and sexy) to feel doted on and closely tuned into by a Cancerian lover. In a world of tuned-out and selfish lovers, the way a Cancer holds energetic space for both your rawest emotions and your deepest sexual passions can be truly mesmerizing.

Passion and romance flourish in a sexual relationship with Cancer. Every touch, kiss, and cuddle is charged with depth and passion. Few others in the zodiac can sensually intoxicate another as Cancer can. 

Cancer rules the home, so they, of course, know how to set the mood with a clean and comforting environment. They’re master mood setters and know how to employ dim lighting, aromatherapy, and food in a way that instills comfort and tranquility. 

If you find yourself opposite a Cancer lover, be sure that you make them feel safe and cared for, too. Cancer needs to feel nurtured and held to open up into their strongest sexual selves. 

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2. Their playful open-mindedness

Cancers have a wide range of emotional and sexual expressions. They can be wildly passionate, energetic, and libidinous one moment and then gentle, soothing, and loving the next. 

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, after all, and their moods and tastes can change wildly. Experimentation in bed comes naturally to them. They’re usually into dominance play, bondage, group sex, toys usage, etc. 

Cancer is highly accepting of others and incredibly nonjudgmental. Cancer loves to please and will usually try just about any variety of sexual exploit in bed if their partner desires it. They’re always happy to meet you where you’re at sexually, so long as you make them feel loved and cherished.

They themselves are very inventive and imaginative and can develop ideas that blow their partner’s mind. Cancer is never a bad pick if you love roleplaying and playfulness in bed.

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3. Their passionate side

Cancer is incredibly sensitive and emotionally charged in bed. They love passionately with their whole heart and mind. 

If they feel safe and emotionally connected, they can get turned on super easily. Showering together, sensual massages, watching or reading sexual material, and playful fighting gets them going. 

When it comes to passionate kissing, Cancer is one of the best. Deep, highly-charged sexual kissing is their specialty. A particularly passionate kiss with a Cancerian person can feel hotter and more thrilling than sex with another person. 

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4. Their capacity for emotional depth and intimacy

While every sign can be passionate and thrilling in bed, sex with a Cancer goes far beyond the primarily physical approach to sex than many other signs take.

Depth of emotional connection and intimacy during sex is directly linked to their sexual fulfillment. Cancer wants passion and to experience sex that’s incredibly vulnerable, intimate, and tender. Disconnected sex doesn’t get them going, as they can’t simply enjoy the raw physicality like, say, a fire could.

Cancers are astounding at picking upon another emotional state. Their intuition is tremendous and comes out full blast between the sheets. This is especially true if you carry a lot of sensitivity or emotion of your own. So, if you’re looking for more than just a wham, bam romp in the sack, it’s not a bad idea to turn to a Cancer. 

Cancer will always make sure that you feel as cozy and seen as possible in bed. They’re all about the feels and will be able to connect with you in a way that encourages you to reveal your rawest, most unfiltered version of yourself. In turn, they will bear their soul to you, as well. This can create some fantastic experiences that few other signs can replicate. 

While Cancer is very responsive emotionally, these people can sometimes be hesitant to express themselves verbally, at least until they’ve become entirely comfortable with their lover. They’re very good at communicating nonverbally with their eyes, hands, and overall body language. But, often, they don’t even need words. 

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5. Their dedication to making you feel good

I’ve mentioned it a bit leading up to this section, but it bears repeating and is deserving of its own section.

Cancer people are some of the most unselfish lovers in the zodiac. Both the men and women of this sign instinctively use their intuitive prowess to quickly understand every need of their partner and do whatever they can to satisfy them.

You’ll rarely have to even say what you want. They can so easily read you and tell whether you’re enjoying or are bothered by some topic or sex act. And they will find ways to validate emotions within you that you might not have even known that you had.

Their willingness to stop at nothing to satisfy a lover’s every sexual need can even be too strong at times, as they often have a hard time with boundaries. When it comes to their partner, they have no limits or boundaries when it comes to pleasing them. 

This is why they’re so cautious about opening themselves up to someone. Once they’re open, they’re heavily influenced by the Other.

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There you have it, the main reasons why Cancer people are so damn good in bed. 

If you’re looking for a passionate, tender, and emotionally rich sexual experience, link up with a Cancer. Just know that this sign means business regarding relationships and sex. It’s rare for them to indulge in a one-night stand, as they need to feel safe and supported by the depth of a connection to let loose and enjoy sex. 

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