How to Text a Cancer Man & Build His Attraction (7 Texting Tips)

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Texting is an essential skill in modern dating. When courting a Cancer man, you’ll want to spend some time texting, some time talking on the phone, and a bunch of time getting to know each other in person.

Through texting, you can:

  • Pave the way to meeting up in person (dates are the best way to build attraction and establish intimacy)
  • Move from friendship vibes into flirtatious, romantic-level vibes
  • Push a casual sexual or romantic relationship into a more committed one
  • Revive a dead or dying connection

Yes, you can do all of these things through text! But you have to know how to navigate his texting style, or you’ll just end up scaring him away.

Don’t fret, though. With this article, you’ll learn the finesse needed to make your Cancer man absolutely love texting with you.

Take the following strategies to heart, do them well, and you’ll have him in an ear-to-ear smile every time he sees a text from you.

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1. Don’t text him all the time

It can be really tempting to text your Cancer crush all the time. But there are some reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

For one, when you text him a bunch, you’re eating into the excitement of the next time you see him in person. You’ll end up sharing all about what you’ve been up to and other aspects of your life, leaving less to talk about in person.

On the other hand, texting can also be a great tool to build anticipation with your Cancer man. But you don’t need (or want) to text very much to do that. You just need to send a few potent, well-timed texts (which I’ll explain more about how to do).

Remember, the most important aspect of attraction is acing the actual dates. You want your text conversations to serve your eventual in-person meetups, not diminish them. Spending multiple late nights texting each other before meeting up just won’t help sparks fly on your eventual date.

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The best use of texting is to set up actual dates together. But to keep you on his mind and build anticipation, you’ll also want to inject a little bit of playful energy into some short text conversations. Never randomly text a vapid attention grabber like “Hey”, “Hello”, or “What’s up?”. As a general rule of thumb, don’t text unless you have something to contribute (and I don’t mean contribute by giving him updates on your every move – too much!).

A good way to stop yourself from texting too much is to avoid responding to his messages immediately. You want to spread your conversations out. Choosing to wait 30 min to 5 hours is good. It builds his anticipation for your response. Don’t wait too long to text back, though. You want to avoid making him think you’re not interested. Certainly don’t wait a whole day, unless you were truly busy.

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2. Emphasize playful and flirtatious banter

Since I don’t recommend texting your Cancer guy all too often, you’ll want to make the texts you do send count.

To most out of your conversations, you can show your interest while building excitement and anticipation by utilizing a lighthearted, playful fashion tone.

Tease him a little, play coy, or start an inside joke. Use your own signature humor and style. Think of how you text your best friends and family in funny ways. better yet, review your text conversations with them to get ideas.

As a rule, you want to keep your messages positive and exciting. Always read your messages before you send them and rate the tonality on a level of playfulness.

You can use your playful energy in practical ways, too. Say he’s beating around the bush when it comes to setting up a date together. You can playfully prod him into making a move.

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3. Don’t shy away from using emojis and GIFs

Some guys aren’t always big on using expressive emojis (think more uptight signs like Virgo). But most Cancer men are all about sending emotionally charged smiley faces, winky faces, cute animal GIFs, funny inside joke GIFs, etc.

Say you found out you both love the same show. Say that show is the office. Your Cancer guy would probably love it if you start responding to some of his messages with Michael Scott reaction GIFs.

Of course, you don’t want to go over the top with this. Just try to use tasteful timing (and tasteful GIF selection), and he’ll love you for it.

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4. End your text conversations on a high note

When it comes to texting your Cancer man (and dating him in general), you always want to keep him wanting more. This keeps him chasing you and will solidify your romance.

It’s why I lead this article with the idea of texting less than you might feel compelled to.

You always want to maintain a strong level of magnetism between you. So you don’t want to end your text convos on a neutral, or especially, a low note. You want to end them at a peak moment, ideally unexpectedly.

So feel your way through a conversation. When things are feeling really good between you two, find a way to exit the conversation. It could be as simple as “hey, it’s been so good talking, but I have to go. Talk soon?

He’ll be a bit caught off guard, in a good way. And your heightened vibe will carry over through into your next conversation.

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5. Reminisce on positive moments you’ve shared together

Cancer men are major sentimentalists and love to hold on to experiences that made them feel good.

It’s always a good idea, then, to use your text conversations as a way to stir up a nostalgic moment between the two of you as a way to infuse your conversation with good feelings.

It could be something really simple. A movie marathon you had. A first kiss. A dinner you cooked together.

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6. Send occasional texts just to make him feel good

On a similar note to reminiscing, feel free to (occasionally) reach out just to make him feel good just by saying something nice.

You could say that you hope he’s having a good week, or that you’re looking forward to the next time you see him. Cancer guys are sentimental and love when you reach out like this.

Don’t overdo this, of course. You don’t want to be spamming his phone with these messages or seeming needy for his attention. It should feel to him like a genuine thought popped in your head and you just felt compelled to tell him, not like it’s a maneuver to get him to talk to you.

Do it on an occasional basis just to infuse your shared vibe with some lightheartedness.

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7. Avoid double texting as much as possible

I’ll close with a pretty basic golden rule of texting.

Don’t double text unless it legitimately makes sense to. Sometimes you’ll have to update him with more information than what was in your prior text. That’s fine.

What you shouldn’t do is text him because you’re impatient to hear back from him after your last text. It’s just a bit needy and not a good look. Take a step back and wait for him to respond.

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This is of course not an exhaustive list of how and what to text a guy. This isn’t the most nitty-gritty, detailed tip guide. But these general principles will help you go far and stand out as a superior texter that will help you get your Cancer guy to respect you.

What do you think about these tips? Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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