Who’s the Best Match for Cancer? All 12 Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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Loren Elara

Loren Elara

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Cancers are caring and sensitive in love. They follow their feelings and fall hard for their partners. They tend to commit quickly and pour themselves into their romantic relationships.

Cancers do best with partners that can handle their emotional intensity and occasional needy energy. They need a partner who appreciates all they have to give and doesn’t take advantage of them. For a Cancer to thrive in a relationship, they need to be treated with the love that they deserve.

In this post, we’ll be ranking all of Cancer’s best matches in the zodiac. Before we start, remember that Sun signs are not the end-all-be-all of romantic compatibility. You should always investigate the entire chart to get an accurate picture of a couple’s potential in love.

With that said, let’s dive into the list of Cancer’s best matches!

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1. Scorpio

Elements: Water/Water. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Cardinal/Fixed.

The Cancer/Scorpio Water sign pairing creates a profoundly fulfilling and emotional match. They share an intuitive connection that’s easeful and familiar in a way that relaxes their guarded natures. 

They’re both highly devoted, reliable, nurturing, and protective partners, which galvanizes their feelings for each other. Both thrive with emotional deep-diving, and there’s total openness and lack of judgment between them for this form of expression.

Sexually, this dynamic is a hot combination. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Scorpio by Mars and Pluto. These contrasting feminine and masculine planetary rulers foster a strong yin/yang polarity. Their sex life is well supported by mutually high libidos and desires. Both are typically kinky, though Scorpio must be careful not to dominate too much without the proper care and coddling that Cancer craves.

Scorpio does need more alone time than Cancer, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Cancer trusts Scorpio and respects their independence.

Overall, this intuitive pairing has immense potential. Their wordless connection soothes their psyches and makes them feel completely at home together.

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2. Taurus

Elements: Water/Earth. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Cardinal/Fixed.

This is another loyal and affectionate pairing. Cancer and Taurus do particularly well together because they share a focus on home, family, and financial security. 

Together, domestic duties are shared joyfully, patience and tenacity abound, and there’s always a shoulder to lean on.

Aesthetically, their planetary rulers, the Moon and Venus, complement each other excellently. They both love harmony and peaceful, pleasing surroundings. This relationship brings fertile ground for sensual indulgence. They both love to savor the world around them, including taste, smell, and touch. Their sex life is excellent, as both feel safe and sexy with each other.

All in all, this pairing is excellent for love, friendship, and sex. They each focus on security, Cancer emotional security, and Taurus material security and help fulfill each other’s desires. Committed, stable, and secure long-term partnerships are essential for both.

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3. Pisces

Elements: Water/Water. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Cardinal/Mutable.

This connection is another excellent match for Cancer, full of affectionate and caring energy. And like Cancer/Scorpio, Cancer’s relationship with fellow water sign Pisces is similarly psychic.

These innocent at heart signs long for a true playground romance, and that is precisely what they get with each other. Childlike play fills their days.

Both signs are security-minded, and Pisces loves that Cancer is excellent at acquiring material success. They love a safe home environment, and they’ll grow a lot together to create one.

Their sexual life is all about high emotionality and merging. They love to create a pleasure nest behind closed doors in the safety of their home. They’ll deep-dive into their Lunar and Neptunian worlds together in this environment. Their both attuned to fantasy and will never run out of inspiration. 

This can be a fairytale romance. There’s a lot of love to go around here. But, they must watch out for the potential pitfalls of this watery union. Both can be self-pitying, self-sacrificing, and self-abandoning. Fortunately, they’re well-suited to lift each other up and out of any pitfalls.

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4. Virgo

Elements: Water/Earth. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Cardinal/Mutable.

This is a patient, grounded, and loyal match. They have compatible elements (water and earth) and understand each other quite well. 

Earthy Virgo has patience for Cancers’ moods, and watery, intuitive Cancer empathizes with Virgo’s fussiness and hypercritical side.

Both signs are generally home-dwelling and financially prudent. Cancer appreciates the pragmatic and logical capabilities of Virgo, especially when Virgo handles all of the details of their life with their perfectionistic attentiveness. Cancer can be a worrier, so it’s quite soothing for them to feel that all is well-managed.

Socially, both are pretty capable. Cancer has a knack for magnetizing people, and Virgo approaches relationships with a great utilitarian air. 

This isn’t the most passionate pairing in bed, but it is comfortable, sensual, and sexy. Cancer may feel restricted by Virgo’s nitpicky and analytical tendencies, but if they can avoid Cancer feeling criticized, then their sex life will go far. 

All in all, this is an admirable combination. Virgo is all about sensual touch, and Cancer represents emotional expressiveness. Their mix of personality traits and behaviors makes for great sex and a solid, loving relationship.

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5. Cancer

Elements: Water/Water. Aspect: Conjunction. Modalities: Cardinal/Cardinal.

The Cancer/Cancer relationship is cozy and familiar, although there’s a risk that it could grow stale due to them being so similar.

This relationship is very affectionate, loving, and loyal. They sense what the other needs with ease. They can be moody and sensitive, but they understand each other, so it’s rarely a problem.

They both love to be home a lot, so there’s no friction there. However, it can be hard for them to get out of the house when needed.

Sexually, they mirror each other’s needs and know how to bring satisfaction. While they enjoy the same things sexually, there’s a lack of polarity due to them being fundamentally similar, which can decrease sexual excitement.

This relationship can work quite well. There’s mutual understanding, and both want long-term security, not a fling. However, issues can crop up if both partners want to run the show. Cancer can be controlling at times, and power struggles can lead to resentments that undermine loving feelings.

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6. Capricorn

Elements: Water/Earth. Aspect: Opposition. Modalities: Cardinal/Cardinal.

Being opposite signs, this relationship can either be a tremendous success or an explosive failure.

Capricorn is considered the father of the zodiac, while Cancer represents the mother. The two create a good relationship that’s built around security and loyalty.

Cancer feels stable with Capricorn, and Cap feels nurtured and entertained by warm Cancer. Sexually, emotions and good sex can flow if Cancer can melt Capricorn’s stubbornness and inhibitions. 

Capricorn can sometimes come across as too emotionally cold for hyper-feeling Cancer. It will go a long way if Capricorn can learn to lighten up and show a little more affection.

If they can manage to balance their differences, this relationship can thrive. If not, they’ll butt heads trying to control and change the other.

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7. Leo

Elements: Water/Fire. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Cardinal/Fixed.

This is a loving and passionate combination. Both love to receive praise and are happy to give it as well.

While Capricorn and Cancer are true opposite signs, Leo’s Sun’s rulership contrasts nicely with Cancer’s Moon rulership. It’s another mother/father archetypal blend. 

Leo’s generous nature makes Cancer feel special and like family, while Leo laps up the nurturance and supportive attention that Cancer gives so freely.

Unfortunately, their elements, water and fire, don’t always blend well together. And while they can have a great sexual affair or relationship, it can be difficult for them to succeed in the long term.

Both signs have a domineering streak, and Cardinal Cancer won’t want to be ruled by Fixed-sign Leo. If Leo is arrogant, it will upset Cancer, and Leo finds Cancer’s moodiness annoying. 

If the Cancer person can remember to shower the Leo with lavish praise regularly, and Leo can temper their ego and extravagant side just a little, there’s a chance for them.

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8. Libra

Elements: Water/Air. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Cardinal/Cardinal.

This is a Square sign pairing, which adds intrigue but a lot of potential challenges.

Cancer might not understand or appreciate Libra’s need to be around other people so often, and Libra might struggle to meet Cancer’s emotional needs. Libra hates conflict, but their avoidance of it can make sensitive Cancer interpret them as emotionally detached.

On the plus side, both signs are incredibly romantic and share a deep belief in the specialness of a committed relationship. Sure, they’ll have disagreements, but these two are great at make-up sex after an argument. 

If they can learn to adapt to each other, they can grow and thrive together. Hosting parties at home together could be their salvation, as it combines their shared love of entertaining with Libra’s gregarious nature and Cancer’s love of taking care of others. 

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9. Aries

Elements: Water/Fire. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Cardinal/Cardinal.

These signs are Square each other on the zodiac chart but have the potential to make an excellent team, nonetheless.

Their elements, fire (Aries) and water (Cancer), can make things tricky. Fire can boil water, but water can also put out the fire.

This difference may manifest for them sexually, as Aries may act with impulse and impatience, while Cancer requires time and patience to feel comfortable enough to be intimate. Over time, Aries might think Cancer is too much work, and Cancer may experience Aries as too insensitive. 

Both signs like to lead (Cardinal element) but in different ways. Cancer likes consistency and flow, and Aries is all about swift movies and quick changes. This relationship tends to thrive when Aries takes the initiative on outer-world aspects of life while Cancer manages the home front. Again, these differences can create rifts and power struggles between them. 

Sustaining this relationship will likely require consistent effort by both of them. But if they work for it and learn to accept their differences, this relationship can be gratifying for both of them.

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10. Sagittarius

Elements: Water/Fire. Aspect: Inconjunct. Modalities: Cardinal/Mutable.

This relationship can struggle to find its bearings due to Sagittarius’s free spirit nature conflicting with Cancer’s need for a secure home life.

Cancer requires emotional security before they can feel safe in a love affair. If independent, free-roaming Sagittarius can’t give Cancer the closeness they need, this relationship won’t get far. 

While these two can have a lot of fun together, they often miss their compatibility window in life. A young and bold Cancer might dive headfirst into a love affair with charismatic Sagittarius, only to learn that they can’t keep up with Sagittarius’s wild explorations.

And by the time Sagittarius is ready to settle down into domestic life, Cancer’s already nested and raising a family.

But, if they link up at the right time, both can be deeply committed, so there is potential if it all lines up. 

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11. Gemini

Elements: Water/Air. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Cardinal/Mutable.

Cancer and Gemini are both wacky and fun, which they can riff off together to great effect. Still, these signs are fundamentally different in crucial ways that can limit their overall compatibility.

Cancer is highly emotional, while Gemini dwells in the intellectual plane and doesn’t like to dwell on emotions often or for very long.

Cancer needs consistency and emotional depth of feeling to nurture true love, while Gemini likes to be on the move and experience a constant stream of exciting new stimuli. Cancer can quickly grow restless in the face of Gemini’s frenetic, quick-change pace of life. And Gemini might feel bogged down by Cancer’s desire for a steady stream of feeling and sex.

This is a good choice for a fun affair, but maybe too erratic for Cancer long term. It can work if Cancer learns to accept Gemini’s lighthearted, fun, and flirtatious nature without becoming clingy, and if Gemini can put more attention on their partner rather than spread it out in dozens of directions.

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12. Aquarius

Elements: Water/Air. Aspect: Inconjunct. Modalities: Cardinal/Fixed.

This can be a challenging relationship due to how these two navigate emotions and thoughts. While Cancer is an entirely emotional being, Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs in the zodiac. 

While Aquarius is objective and detached, Cancer is entirely subjective and emotionally involved with life. Aquarius appreciates that Cancer is warm, affectionate, and commitment-focused. But they’re still emotionally detached.

Cancer will likely struggle to tolerate how dispassionate and aloof their Aquarius lover is. If Aquarius goes through one of his turned-off phases, Cancer will probably take it personally and feel abandoned.

There’s a chance for this relationship to be long-lasting, though it won’t be easy or always satisfying. Cancer will have to broaden a bit to Aquarius’s perspective, and Aquarius will have to accept that Cancer’s emotionality has a wisdom of its own and should be tended to.

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There you have it, Cancer’s best matches of the zodiac. Before closing, remember that Sun signs are only a small part of the picture regarding astrological compatibility!

To get the complete picture of how a relationship might fare based on astrology, you’ll want to take into the entire charts of both people.

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