5 Ways to Get a Cancer Man to Chase You (Make Him Obsessed)

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Cancer men are total romantics at heart. They’re very sensitive and cautious when sizing up a partner.

Because of Cancer’s sensitivity, these men are highly scrutinizing when deciding to chase a potential partner. They need to be with someone that’s uniquely suitable for them, or they simply won’t open up (or chase) them for fear of being hurt.

Below you’ll learn the ways to get a Cancer man chasing and opening his heart to you. You’ll also learn what you should not do if you don’t want to avoid pushing him away.

Read on to learn how to get him thinking about you, prioritizing you, and pursuing you.

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1. Lead a meaningful and grounded life

Cancer men love to chase a woman who’s authentic, competent, and strong in her self-identity.

So to get him to chase, show him that you have boundaries, self-esteem, and a deep sense of your own value in the world. If you have financial prowess, that’s great and a good thing to flaunt. He loves resources because they give him security and allow him to be a homemaker.

You want him to see that you have your own full life – but make sure that your life doesn’t appear so full that he’d have no place in it. You need to be capable and self-sufficient, but not too much so, to get a Cancer man to chase you.

Cancer men need to feel needed and of use to their partners. If he doesn’t feel like you’d greatly benefit from (and deeply appreciate) him being in your life, then he will look elsewhere.

Note that these men love a cultured woman. Highlight any social intelligence and awareness of current events/trends that you have. Being well-read is great.

Above all, avoid trying to be the type of woman you think he wants, and instead focus on being the best version of the woman you already are. Authenticity is key.

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2. Don’t be afraid to flirt a bit and show your interest

Cancer men can be a bit unconfident when it comes to chasing women. Sure, they are natural flirtatious charmers. But they struggle to come out of their shells at times.

Before the chase, most Cancer guys will want to see you come out of your shell a bit, first. Only then will these men enthusiastically go out on a limb and chase.

So, be sure to drop him hints that you find him attractive and interesting. You don’t want to come off as desperate or overly needy, of course. But it’s good to get yourself on his radar by displaying some of your feminine charms. You can lean into him, bat your eyes, toss your hair, give him your undivided focused attention, touch him, laugh at what he says.. etc.

When getting close to him and showing interest, make sure he feels like you’re on his side. Cancer guys can be quite tribal and remain close to those who they feel safe with, while fervently pushing out those who feel like antagonists in their life.

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3. Show him that you’re family-oriented

Cancer guys have deep ties to their family, for better or for worse, depending on the quality of their family of origin.

Regardless of his family past, the Cancer man usually has an inescapable need to create a family of his own. This is the fairy-tale romance man of the zodiac, who seeks a fanciful domestic love affair with a fertile and family-oriented partner. 

You don’t have to be codependent with your family (though he may be with his). You just have to display a proclivity towards family matters. This might manifest as a closeness with your family, or having ideals around building your own family.

To get him to chase you, he must see that in you not only perfect relationship material but perfect marriage material. That you’d be someone with who he could build a family with.

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So, talk up your family when talking with him. Ask him questions about his family, especially about his mother or sisters. Ask him what his own family goals are (with timing and tact, of course). 

Be open to opportunities to hang out with his family. Focus on impressing his family unit, especially the women in his family. Learn as much as you can about his family when given the opportunity, and hold onto that knowledge for later use. It will majorly impress him if you bring up some of his family facts later on. 

And of course, make sure your own home is as clean, tidy, and cozy as could be (with as many feminine touches as possible). A little tip if he visits: have something that needs fixing. He’ll jump at the opportunity to help you out, loving every moment of it, and endearing him to you.

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4. Don’t hesitate to ask him for help and advice

Yes, the Cancer man wants a capable partner with esteem who follows her dreams.

But he also likes a little bit of codependence in his relationships. He likes to be able to provide support and assistance. He likes to feel needed.

So make him feel like a proper handyman and caretaker by reaching out for his help.

Maybe you need assistance with some practical matters, like chores or home care. He’s programmed to jump on the opportunity. He also likes to provide emotional support, so reaching out for emotional issues might perk him up.

The more you let him know how helpful he is to you, the better. When you confide in him, it makes him open up to you and confide in you. His desire to emotionally share nurture is tightly related to his desire to chase.

Don’t be afraid to talk about past relationships with this guy if the timing feels right. He likes to be the gallant knight, and if you mention that past partners mistreated you, it will trigger in him a desire to nurture and protect you. This protective desire of his will gets him to chase and insert himself into your life.

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5. Be reliable in the midst of his changing moods

Cancer men are ruled by the moon, and these guys can be the most emotionally sensitive in the zodiac.

A Cancer male’s moods might fluctuate a lot, he might take things overwhelmingly personally and can get stuck in protracted negative states.

Even if he’s having a meltdown and being overly sensitive and whiny, you should work to soothe him. Try to remain poised and patient with him. Don’t judge or be critical with him. He really hates that.

With that said, if he’s truly being immature and toxic, you shouldn’t put up with that. Compassion can only go so far. If he gets overly manipulative or passive-aggressive (a Cancer specialty), don’t take that in stride. Hold your boundaries.

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There you have it, five tips to get a Cancer man chasing you. 

What do you think about these tips? Do you have some of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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