Are Cancer Men and Women Loyal (Could they End Up Cheating?)

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If you’re after loyalty, chances are you’ve struck gold if a Cancer has fallen in love with you.

Yes, Cancer is one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac. Their loyalty to friends, family, and partners is extreme – sometimes to a fault. 

As a water sign, Cancer is highly tender, emotional, and vulnerable. They thrive from connection with others but also have deep fears about putting themselves out there for fear of getting hurt.

Trust and loyalty play directly into Cancer’s nature. Cancer is a very tribal sign that builds strong bonds and fiercely protects those close to them. Their feelings get hurt easily, and they’re careful to surround themselves with people they trust. 

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If you’re in with Cancer, you’re in. These people are incredibly giving to those in their tribe, to the point of twisting themselves into knots to make people feel comfortable and secure. They’re very reliable with loved ones and will always take care to be there for them when they need them.

Sure, it can be hard to build a connection with Cancer initially. They are very self-protective people. But, once they’ve opened up to you, they’ll commit to your relationship like few others and will remain loyal to you until the end. They do not bail on a friend or lover when the going gets tough. They hold on tight to what they have and are determined to work out setbacks with care and diligence. 

Just don’t expect unending loyalty right from the start from Cancer. You have to earn it.

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What leads a Cancer partner to cheat?

Not every Cancer will maintain a blind spot for the one they love and overlook dissonance in their relationship. While Cancer is one of the most loyal star signs, people from this sign do cheat.

If a Cancer decides to cheat on their partner, here are the common reasons that drive them to stray:

Unmet emotional needs. Many Cancers fall into codependence. They’ll try to smooth things over when there’s relational disharmony, even when their partner treats them poorly. If their partner doesn’t make them feel valued, cared for, or respected for an extended period, then a Cancer may consider straying. But that takes a while.

Their partner hurt them. Cancer needs safety and security to function in life and relationships. Cancer is the most tribal sign – you’re either family or foe. They are loyal to people they care about but can quickly turn a cold shoulder to those who hurt them. Even unintended slights can cause significant pain for sensitive Cancer. When hurt, they’ll tend to retreat into their shell and cut off or return the hurt, perhaps by cheating.

No relationship foundation. Cancer is tremendously faithful when they feel secure in their relationships. Their sentimentality and attachment bonds are strong. If they think that their relationship isn’t on solid ground, they’ll typically feel strung out and ungrounded, leading them to respond in stressful ways, perhaps leading them to cope by cheating.

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Cancer is one of the least likely signs to cheat. They rely on and cherish their relationships more than any other sign, and they don’t like to risk them through lying or deceit. If a partner handles Cancer with care and respect, then Cancer usually provides their partner with endless loyalty and devotion.

A Cancer who cheats likely feels out of control or insecure in their relationship. They each need change or more emotional involvement and affection.

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