Why Are Libras So Good in Bed? The Top 4 Reasons, Explained

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  • Sign: Libra
  • Dates: September 23 – October 22
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Planetary principle: Balance
  • Element: Air
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Qualities: Masculine, positive

Ah, the Sign of Libra. These Venus-ruled people tend to be impossibly soft-featured in a way that’s both cute and stunningly beautiful.

Libra is a sign that’s naturally inclined towards pleasure, romance, and sexual union.

Represented by the Scales, Libra possesses a strong sense of equality and likes to keep everything around them in balance and usually succeeds in doing so.

Of course, Libra shines in the bedroom with that signature charm and good-natured attitude. They’re very sexual, too. Most Librans would be happy to have sex seven days a week, as it fulfills so many of their emotional needs.

In this post, we’ll deep dive into the exact traits that make Libra so damn good in the bedroom. You’ll leave with all you need to know to bring out the best in them between the sheets.

Alright, let’s get into it.

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Their easygoing, affectionate approach to sex

Libra approaches everything in their life with an air of ease, grace, and overall niceness. Their pleasant nature makes sex with them feel effortless and light in a refreshing way.

Libra communicates well and is comfortable using their words and body language to express themselves sexually. They’ll tell a partner what they want to experience in bed and tactfully invite their partner to share their desires. 

They’re usually not in a rush in bed and are happy to slowly rub and caress you for hours on end. They’re often great at giving massages and love to cuddle both pre and post-coitus.

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How they infuse romance into sex

Libra is the sign of marriage and partnerships, and they bring that enthusiasm into their sexual experiences. They truly are in love with being in love, and their favorite parts about sex are the mental and emotional bonds.

Libra is masterful at all those warm little touches that make a sexual partner feel desired and a part of some grand romance. Libra loves to give small gifts to their lovers and whisper sweet nothings into their ears.

Having a loving, romantic sexual bout with a Libra can feel almost like a cliche at times like you’re playing out some Hollywood-style romance in bed. And that can be quite a fun thing to indulge in.

Libra is excellent at setting up a romantic environment for sex. They know how to employ just the right amount of music, scents, lighting, and cleanly-but-lively environmental adornments. It’s not uncommon to find yourself having sex with a Libra in a place that brings out the feelings of a storybook romance. Think of a relaxed indoor or outdoor space with lots of natural touches, nice sheets, and a soft comforter. Super cozy.

It’s important to note that while Libra is highly relationship-oriented, many people with the sign don’t need commitment or attachment to enjoy romantic lovemaking. They need to feel safe, connected, and in a dynamic of balanced give-and-take.

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Their attentiveness and desire to please 

Libra’s prowess in pleasing their partner makes them fantastic bedmates. 

When Libra’s having sex, they show their partner a ton of commitment to the act. They devote all of their attention to satisfying them. They’ll be entirely present in the act and have a knack for anticipating things their partner might need or want, sometimes even surprising them with something they didn’t even know they wanted.

While plenty of zodiac signs make great, attentive lovers, Libra’s skills in this arena are unmatched. Their responsiveness and ability to tune into their partner are on another level. While much of this comes from natural intuitive talent, it’s mainly born out of a strong desire to express love through genuine attention and a deep want to please.

Libra can mirror their sexual partner like a pro, and they’ll fluctuate between dominant and submissive behavior effortlessly in a way that matches their partner’s exact mood. Their responsiveness is out of this world.

Libra is highly tactile and shines with kissing and oral sex. They know how to bring a partner to their knees with excellent oral and cunnilingus skills. Their ability to assess their partner’s needs means they can map out their erogenous zones quickly in their mind. It all comes together in a great combination of perfectly tailored tactile loving that drives their partners wild.

Libra must watch out for being too attentive to their partner, as their partner can become spoiled and lose focus on returning the favor. In this way, Libra needs the balance of an equally giving partner to thrive.

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Their experimental side

Most Librans feel perfectly fine staying in the mainstream sexually, but if their partner is into more experimental sexual expression, they’ll be happy to oblige. They can be surprisingly kinky and sexually explorative when put to task.

Role-playing, BDSM, and toys can all appeal. Perhaps some hair-pulling, spanking, dirty talk, etc. The men of this sign can have a surprisingly strong appetite for dominating their partner, as their daily demeanor is often that of a people pleaser. But nothing too over the top – Libra seeks balance and doesn’t want things to feel like they’ve gone way overboard with it.

With Venus as their ruler, any sexual play that focuses on beauty or has a voyeuristic quality can appeal to them. Highbrow fetishes and fantasies usually have appeal. They might want to dress up (or dress you up) in some erotic clothing to admire (or even paint/photograph) you.

Librans can sometimes indulge in the sensory-indulgent, free-loving world of swinging and group sex. Libra loves to balance, and having multiple partners to tend to and provide for can provide great stimulation for them. 

All in all, Libra is quite open to sexual experimentation. But at the same time, they often don’t mind sticking to the same tried and true techniques or positions if they’re working and their partner is happy.

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All in all, Libras are great partners in bed. They’re pleasing to the eyes, seductive, tactfully talented, and love to send their partner into ecstasy.

If you’re after lighthearted, communicative, and lovingly romantic sex that feels harmoniously balanced yet highly erotic, then Libra might be your guy/gal.

Remember that Libra does best in bed with a partner they feel an intense emotional tie to. They’re great lovers between the sheets, but you’ll rarely glimpse their best sexual expression on a one-night stand. If you’re looking for top-notch one-off bouts in bed, other signs can provide you with a much more satisfying experience. But if it’s that sweet, loving connected feeling that you’re after, look no farther than Libra.

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