5 Ways to Get a Libra Man to Chase You (Make Him Obsessed)

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Libra men tend to be the most affectionate, doting, and relationship-oriented guys around. Partnership often defines these men, as they strive for the perfect coupling. 

Libras get a bad rap for being indecisive, and if you’ve ever been into one, you might have noticed that they can waffle back and forth in their decisions. This is especially true in situations with high stakes that they fear choosing wrong (like courting a potential partnership).

It can be downright hard to get a Libra man to let go and enthusiastically chase after you. It’s not uncommon for them to just flirt endlessly and struggle to make any move beyond that. Which can be very aggravating to be on the other side of.

If it’s been feeling impossible to get your Libra crush to chase after you, you’re in the right place. With the information in this post, you’ll get him thinking about you, prioritizing you, and pursuing you.

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1. Lead a purposeful and established life

Libra men like to chase women who are collected, authentic, and possess high self-esteem. These traits are prerequisites to his other favorite qualities in a partner – a calm nature, pastoral feminine beauty, a love of leisure, and cheerful indulgence. 

When looking for a partner, a woman who is grounded, persevering, and full of life will catch his attention and inspire him to chase. These qualities reveal a balanced nature, and the Libra man strives for balance in all areas of life

So, show your Libra man that you actively cultivate your intimate, familial, social, and work lives. You want him to see that you pursue whatever creative expressions light you up inside and that you have a strong sense of value and self-worth in the world. This will make his heart sing.

When a woman is deeply focused on developing herself and building a unique, high-vibe life, it always creates a positive reaction and pursuit from men. This is especially true for Libra men.

Having a high vibe social life, in particular, will get him chasing. Libra is the sign of socialization, and Libra men dream of being with a partner that has enough social prowess to be his equal in the social sphere. 

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2. Display good communication skills

Healthy communication is incredibly important to Libra men. These guys need to have clear and balanced discourse in their relationships more than most men. Without it, they can’t thrive in a partnership.

To get him chasing you, make him vibe on your conversations with each other. Communicate what you’re thinking effectively and be willing to share topics and feelings with him rather than leaving them left unsaid.

A Libra man will usually want to communicate when anything feels out of balance to him. If you want him to chase you, show him that you can rise to the occasion and talk things through, bringing them back balance with his involvement. This makes him trust you and makes you an appealing prospect.

Show that you’re comfortable talking on intellectual topics as well. Literature, politics, philosophy, spirituality, etc. Try to nurture any opportunity for deep conversations. They will bond him to you. Asking him questions about his life and family can spur these deep conversations.

Always, always pay him adequate attention in conversation. He won’t be drawn to people who check out while in discussion with him.

And avoid being caustic or argumentative. These guys shudder from abrasive or overly emotional arguments. Always try to remain even-keeled with him. Libra loves harmony and peace too much to indulge an arguer for long.

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3. Present yourself as a catch

To get a Libra man to chase you, you have to make him feel that you’re a prize worth pursuing.

How do you present yourself as a catch that he should chase? First of all, don’t come across as needy or dependent on him. Neediness conveys low self-value and that you’re desperate for romance. Not qualities that Libra men like to chase.

Instead, you want to come across as self-contented and patiently assessing him for compatibility. A true catch is picky. She has options and wants to see if the guy she’s into is really worth her time, not the other way around.

So shift into assessment mode to come across as a catch. As you get to know him, think to yourself: is he good enough for me? Does he deserve me? Does he have good qualities to offer me in a relationship? This instead of worrying so much about how you come across to him. You’re the prize! And he has to be the one to show his high-status level to appeal to your standards.

This can’t be faked, of course. You can’t gameplay having an independent life and personality. But you can accentuate your perceived quality by shifting into assessment mode, reaching out a bit less than he does, and giving him space to chase and miss you. 

Remember to always come across as an attainable catch, though. You don’t want to get him into an indecisive mode because he’s worried that you’re out of his league. 

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4. Avoid displaying needy behavior

Let’s focus more on stepping back from neediness because it’s important.

Libra guys aren’t impulsive chasers. It takes them a bit to decide whether they want to (and feel comfortable) chasing you. Because he’s so wavering, you really need to avoid putting pressure on him with needy behavior or you might thwart his decision-making, resulting in him getting overwhelmed not making any decision at all. 

You have to be able to wait until he’s ready. And for this, you need the opposite of needy behavior. You need to convey a “take it or leave it” attitude. You don’t want to seem disinterested (definitely show interest!), but do you want to be a bit stepped back, which keeps him from feeling pressure to make a choice. That way he can decide in his own time whether to chase you or not.

So put out a relaxed and patient vibe while getting to know him. Come across as playful and easy-going. Like you enjoy him and are open to see where things go, but not that you need him to like you. That you were okay before he showed up in your life, and that you’d be okay if he left it.

This will relax him and give him plenty of room to chase you. 

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5. Don’t be afraid to show your interest in him

Make sure that your Libra guy knows you enjoy his company and are open to him becoming more intimate with you.

If you want him to chase, you don’t want to seem overeager or begin chasing him. But you do want to seem interested in him and his life.

So ask him questions about his life and his interests. Engage him in deep conversations where you pay very close attention to him. Show your authentic, playful self. Libra guys love genuine and open people. 

Being open and engaging with him lets you both see if you’re each other’s type of person. It allows mutual interest to develop and gives him the desire and confidence to chase you. 

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6. Be a little mysterious

Being mysterious is a classic way to get a man to chase you. The Libra man is certainly not immune to a mysterious woman. If you play a little coy (without coming across as manipulative) your Libra guy will get a rush of motivation to chase and figure you out. 

Mystery is alluring, fun, and exciting. So resist the urge to disclose everything about yourself. Resist the temptation to reveal as much as you can about yourself early on to show him your value.

You still want to let your Libra man know about you and your desirable traits, but you only want to hint at your depths early on. Share about 70% of yourself and withhold about 30%, giving it time to be revealed. Hint at things but don’t reveal everything. This will make him want to figure you out to complete the picture. 

Just make sure this is all done playfully! You don’t want to seem like you’re just trying to game-play him. You want to be a little coy in a flirtatious way. 

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There you have it – six tips to help get your Libra man to chase you. There are of course many other strategies that can help get him to pursue you. Feel free to share some in the comment section below.

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