5 Ways to Get a Capricorn Man to Chase You (Make Him Obsessed)

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It can be quite challenging to get a Capricorn man to chase you. These guys don’t fall for new partners easily. 

Capricorn guys are reserved, patient, and practical in love. They also tend to have self-doubt, fear of rejection, and an overall hesitation concerning matters of the heart.

Capricorn men often need to be persuaded to get into the mood to chase a woman. This Saturn-ruled sign is not impulsive. They can be very hard to impress and are typically underwhelmed and unphased by the people around them. 

But ultimately, Capricorn men do love to chase when they are invested in someone. These men are achievers, and the thrill of an ambitious, romantic pursuit gets them off. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to get this private and reserved man out of his comfort zone and into hot pursuit of everything you.

Get ready because you’re dealing with Saturn’s sign. This won’t be a flippant affair, you need to up your game to get a Capricorn man obsessing over you and chasing you!

Let’s get into it.

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1. Show him your ambitious and reputable side

Capricorn men are status-oriented and prefer to be with women who are competent, capable, and charming. Someone who’s ambitious and focused on all things growth and self-improvement.

Appearances are important to him, and a partner who’s polished, grounded, and sociable is perfect arm candy to him and will help enhance his image.

So signal to him that you’re a climber in life. Try not to come across as passive in any way. He wants to see that you’re ambitious and able to follow through on your plans. That you’re not afraid to work hard to build a better life for yourself. 

Always try to show him the most growth-oriented aspects of your life. Express how you cultivate and balance your intimate, social, and work lives. Perhaps you’re a student, a budding entrepreneur, a self-development junkie, etc.

Whatever long-term plans you have, reveal them to him. He’ll respect your self-cultivation and will see you as an inspiring person to be around. He’ll want to build you up and help you grow. This makes him chase.

Authenticity is key here. You have to actually possess these traits. You can’t fake them. Capricorn guys have great BS detectors, especially around the topic of self-development.

So don’t try to become the woman you think he’d want, instead focus on being the best version of yourself. If you just try to adjust yourself to look pleasing to him, you likely won’t entice him into chasing you. 

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2. Showcase exemplary boundaries

Boundaries are essential for all relationships. Strong, healthy boundaries reflect self-respect and self-awareness. 

Capricorn men are particularly enticed by a woman with strong boundaries. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of restriction and limitation, and when expressed in a healthy way results in good boundaries.

So be unapologetic to your Capricorn man about what you like and don’t like. You don’t have to list your boundaries out or anything.

But don’t hesitate to voice them when necessary. If he’s rude or wishy-washy, definitely invalidate his behavior. Don’t put up with him talking over you, belittling you, or over-teasing you. 

Overall, you want him to feel that you won’t put up with bad behavior or bad relationships. That you have strong beliefs and ethics that guide your life, and that you’ll walk away from anyone who doesn’t meet your standards.

This is high-value behavior that signals high self-worth and will attract most Capricorn men into chasing you.

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3. Display incredible patience (no neediness!)

It’s never a good idea to rush or lean in too hard to a man who you’re trying to get to chase you. And this is especially true for a Capricorn man.

These guys take their sweet time assessing potential partners before they do much of anything. You need to come off as cool, calm, and collected if you want him to start chasing you.

If you try to hint too hard, or overtly call him out in a way that makes him feel like your forcing the issue, it’ll be a huge red flag for him. He’s very discerning and picky about choosing partners.

If he sees that you want him to move faster than the pace he’s taking, he might interpret it as insecure antsiness on your part. That you’re lead by a “need” to be in a relationship rather than patiently assessing him for compatibility. 

That won’t work for him.

Capricorn men need to feel like they can trust you before they’ll show romantic interest (such as chasing behavior). Because chasing makes him feel emotionally vulnerable. Remember, these guys particularly dislike rejection (i.e failing). 

So let him assess you. Show total calmness and composure, even if you really want him to make the move. 

The worst thing you could do is to try to play games with him. It shows him that you’re rattled. And he only wants a self-controlled partner that won’t react too intensely to things he does (or doesn’t do) in his own time. 

So relax and show that you appreciate his serious-minded nature. The more at ease you make him, the more comfortable he’ll feel, and the sooner he’ll chase you.

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4. Ooze feminity and earthy sensuality

Capricorn men are the most paternal of the zodiac. They have some steady fatherly energy to them. And they seek a strong maternal match to this energy.  

While they often come off as icily cold, inside they’re quite warm-hearted and funny. They’re also very sensual and earthy, being an Earth sign. They have high sex drives and love to be touched.

Capricorn men long for a highly feminine woman to balance him and soften his tough exterior. Someone who he can feel safe to nurture the intense sensitivity he feels inside.

A woman who’s both strong and intensely feminine really appeals to this man. High sex appeal is fine, but he doesn’t like brazen, scantily clad women.

He prefers a modest, maternal sex appeal. Capricorn knows that it’s not necessarily the women who are the most grandiose that are the best sexual partners. It can be the more reserved, quiet ones that ooze the most sex.

While the Cap man enjoys a competent woman who’s able to take care of business herself, it’s also a good idea to ask him for his guidance if you want him chasing you. These men are highly protective and supportive of their partners.

They’re concerned with keeping their lover safe and secure. Really try to dive into your feminine essence and find ways that his masculine energy can support you.

Provide him with your feminine support, as well. You can always flatter him and support his emotions. He can be tough on himself Just be sure that any compliments or emotional reassurance you give him is genuine. 

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5. Show him well-timed humor and playfulness

Capricorn men are actually quite playful and humorous when they want to be. Their humor is typically dry, witty, sarcastic, and delivered in a deadpanned sort of way.

If you’re able to laugh and joke with him, indulging him with sarcastic back and forth banter, he’ll grow obsessed with you for sure. 

He wants a partner who’s also witty, intelligent, can go dark with humor. Someone who can make him laugh and step back from his career-driven, ultra-focused life.

So do your best to engage his humor and help him feel a little more light and carefree when he’s with you. Just be ready to be serious and sober-minded when he needs you to be.

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There you have it, five tips to help get the Capricorn men in your life obsessed and chasing you. 

This was of course not an exhaustive list, but these tips alone when applied well can turn the Capricorn man onto you in a heartbeat.

Let us know what you think of these tips in the comment section below. And feel free to mention any insights you might have as well!

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