How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Chase You Again

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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So you’re wanting to rekindle the romantic feelings between you and a Sagittarius man?

Maybe he’s mad at you, maybe he’s bored of you – or there’s some other kind of discord brewing between you two.

No worries, cause we’re going about to cover some potent strategies for you to use to get him to chase you again.

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Will a Sagittarius man come back?

The Sag man is entirely capable of moving on and never looking back after a breakup. He’s a freewheeling, independent person, so it doesn’t take long for him to get over a fling or romance.

Don’t fret though, because there are ways to win back your Sagittarius guy. You’ll have to put in the effort, though, of course.

Life is an adventure to him, so you want him to see you as an adventure worth exploring again. You shouldn’t just sit back and wait for him to come back to you (unless you’ve applied some specific tactics, first).

So, instead of waiting around for him to call, be proactive and fix some of the issues that caused him to drift away from you in the first place. I have a ton of advice on how to be attractive to him in my course on how to thoroughly attract a Sagittarian man.

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How to get a Sagittarius man to chase you again

Once you’re out of his orbit or moved into the friend-zone, it can be challenging to catch him again.

But do the following things, and you’ll give yourself the upper hand.

Don’t push relationship vibes on him

If the Sag man has backed away from being romantic with you, it’s probably because he felt like you wanted the relationship more than he did.

He’s notoriously squirmy around relationships and pressure freaks him out. So if you hang out with him, don’t discuss any deep romantic yearnings that you have.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create sexual tension between the two of you (you definitely should). But do it while keeping things lighthearted and fun.

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Get active and outdoors

Sagittarius men love the great outdoors and being physically active. If you want to be with this man, get in the habit of being active so you can keep up with him.

If he’s still following your social media accounts, don’t hesitate to post any active or outdoorsy photos, as they’re sure to appeal to him.

You can even frequent locations that you know he likes to be at. This provides a great way to “happen” to run into him again. Chance run-ins are great because they are casual and put no pressure on him.

Excite him with novelty

When a Sagittarius stops chasing it’s often because he started to get bored with you. He’s a man that’s endlessly drawn to novelty and quickly gets tired of consistent routines.

Since he’s already chased you once he likely knows many of your habits and interests. So to attract him again, you should consciously switch things up. Develop new interests, show a contrary side of your personality, go on spontaneous trips.

If he’s keeping tabs on you, none of this will go unnoticed. He has a radar for change and excitement, and he’ll want to figure out what’s up with you.

These three tips are just a glimpse of what I cover on attracting him in my course.

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Ignoring a Sagittarius man to get him back – is it a good strategy?

A lot of people wonder if it’s a good idea to ignore a Sagittarius man to get him back.

Ignoring him, or just cutting him out for a while, can be a really good strategy to re-attract the Sagittarius man.

He is a freedom-loving guy who needs to feel independent and expansive in romantic relationships. So if you think the reason he lost interest in you was because of your high availability or crowding behavior, then intentionally keeping a distance from can be a way to draw him back to you.

The key here is showing that you’re unphased by his absence. He’s a man who hates neediness and clingy tendencies. So if he sees that you’re not phased by his absence he will be able to trust that in being close to you again he won’t feel that his autonomy is threatened.

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While you do want to make yourself scarce, you don’t want to be unfriendly to him.

Don’t make it seem like you’re mad or reacting to him. Because reactivity makes him think you’re insecure and needy. You never want him to think that you’re keeping him out of the loop due to animosity, or to trigger him (even if you are). Instead, you want him to see that you’re busy with your life and have lots of interesting things going on.

When you do happen to run into him, don’t ignore him to his face. Just be friendly and nonchalant. Don’t hold back if he asks you what you’ve been up to. But also don’t invite him to do anything or otherwise try to force connection or make him react. This nonchalant interaction should pique his interest, especially if you’ve got cool stories to tell since you’ve last seen him (he loves interesting things).

While this ignoring strategy will work well in most cases, there are instances where it won’t work well. Mainly, if you were never really that involved with the Sag man.

If there wasn’t already strong chemistry built at some point, then he probably won’t notice your absence at all. In these cases, you’ll want to employ a more active strategy to attract his attention. You can get tons of actionable advice for this in my course.

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If you apply some of the strategies in this post there’s a good chance you’ll get back on his radar. And hopefully, he’ll start to pursue you again.

The biggest takeaway is that you should keep things light when trying to get him to chase you again. This means being non-needy and relaxed with the vacuum of space that’s been created.

Never grovel or get dramatic. Don’t try to make him feel guilty or uncomfortable for drifting away from you. All of this will push him even further away and will make him feel more justified in distancing himself from you.

It’s best to drop any relationship pretext at all. Don’t bring up the past, just focus on being playful and having fun, now.

Are you having a tough time with a Sagittarius man acting distant? Or do you have advice of your own to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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22 thoughts on “How to Get a Sagittarius Man to Chase You Again”

  1. i’m a cancer and it happens for me to meet a Sagittarius man who happen to be slow in everything. We just met and now its been a month or so and we have not been on date before, we just text or call each other which it does not happen more frequently as i would like it to be. We have promised to meet and go out so that we learn a lot about each other but he cancelled and explained about how busy he is and that even at that moment he was going to attend a meeting with the client. I like the guy a lot but i fail to understand the busyness that he has. Hope everything will be fine

    1. Hi Sharon. A Sagittarian may put business before relationships. They value the freedom that business/financial that achievements bring them. To coax him out on a date, you pick something fun to do that could pique his interest enough to shake him from his other obligations. Make it a mystery, even. These men love a mystery. Good luck!

  2. I am libra and my crush is Sagittarius. He will leave university for two years in September for military service.He recognize that I like him too. We are good friend. He didn’t go to be boy friend nor stranger. He just stay in the middle with me.Do u think it will be annoy for him if I confess with the book that I wrote everything about him in past year. Sagittarius hate jealousy right because my the whole book is about my jealousy. I am afraid I will be far away from him if I do so . And I also want to follow him to airport when he go back to his country for military service but I am sure he will not allow me to go with him as he think it’s useless. I think I am gonna cry so bad when he leave me for 2 years Is that better to let him know how much I serious about him or not?

    1. Hmm. If your whole book is about jealousy, that could indeed turn him off from you. But, it might not be a bad idea to let him know how you feel. Better yet, show him how, by having a good time together.

  3. Hey I’m Virgo and my sag boyfriend just disappears it’s been 5 days still no call or text he did it before 11 days and I reached out and he said he was busy!
    He clearly told me he wasn’t in love with me
    I just don’t know why to do anymore I do love him I think I’m just emotionally attached more than in love.
    Thank you

    1. Hey Kamellia. It sounds like his aloofness may stem from fading attraction. Did he in fact tell you that he wasn’t in love with you? Either way, I would carry on with your life, and continue making good things happen for yourself. He may feel that he’s moved on, but when you focus on building yourself up you have the best chance to re-attract him, or attract someone better. Good luck!

  4. I’m a Taurus and met a Sagittarius guy about 8 months ago. He’s fun to talk to but also very aloof and not very affectionate so I think not a good match for me, doesn’t make me feel particularly good or wanted. Physically there is an attraction there but seems about all.
    Recently he’s gone quiet on me so I think it’s over now. Not sure what happened, maybe he got bored or met someone else.
    Have tried communicating with him but the response was I’m busy so I’ll take the hint and move on to a more compatible horoscope match!

      1. I’m a gemini woman. Me and this sag were talking for about 3 weeks now. He already told me that he likes me and wants to commet with me. He’s very straightforward and honest but maybe a bit controlling. Some conflict occurred two days ago and felt that he was hurt I apologized instantly, after that we talked normally he said that he likes me and gonna stay with me no matter what. Yesterday I sent him a message and he replied back and everything was normal, then I noticed that he removed his Facebook account and blocked me on another site. I was surprised why would he do that if he likes me. This is really confusing. Should I just move on :/

        1. Hi, Dia. He might have emotionally shut down a bit after your conflict. He probably has some issues around emotional expression, especially since he’s shown you that he can be controlling at times. I would take a deep breath and wait things out. Don’t lose sleep over it. You can essentially move on for now, while being open to him showing back up in your life. But since he ghosted you and blocked you, I wouldn’t put much energy into him anymore.

          1. Thanks for the reply. So he didn’t really like me, or love for him can be forgotten so easily? I’m still in shock lol since yesterday :’)

  5. I’m a gemini whose dating a sagg man and we are in a serious relationship. Its been 9 months. However he has become very inconsistent and distant. I think its because im always available and keep forgiving him for letting me down but this weekend I went away and only told him on the day however since then he has become even more distant. Its been 2 days and we haven’t spoken. Yes the odd text but that’s it. Its like he doesnt care. He didn’t ask if I got there or got home OK. I’m really confused as he said he loved me but its been some time since he’s said it. Its always me now and then he will respond with a love u too. Hes always busy I get it his business is his life but he asked me out and now its like I’m just there as and when he wants to talk. We hardly meet up either. Me going away making myself u unavailable should have made him maybe see something is different but instead hes pulled back even more. Any advice please. I’m seriously considering if this relationship is worth the stress recently.

    1. Hi Aisha. I think he might have lost some attraction. And it very well could have been related to your always being available and too quick to forgive (related to boundaries, self-esteem). I would give him space and live your life. If he’s a good match, he’ll show interest again after you’ve stepped back. If not, you know it wasn’t meant to be. Good luck!

  6. What’re your thoughts and suggestions for a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman being in a long-distance relationship?

    1. Those are two signs that can likely handle a LDR pretty well. But as with all long-distance dynamics, you’ll have to keep the sparks alive. To give you more targeted advice, purchase one of my single question readings, and I’ll look more closely at you and your Sagittarian man’s relationship.

  7. I’m a Cancer and am currently crushing on a Sagittarius. We share a friend group and they are really close to a Capricorn. When I started noticing this it would put me in a bad mood and I barely felt like hanging out with them But not as much now. I have already been a bit distant with them on my own part because I need space and time for myself. How do I attract them again? I don’t know how to keep things light and exciting for them. How do I know if this Capricorn is more than a friend to them? What are signs that indicate they like me or them? I’m also a somewhat emotional person and I wanna know how I can share that with them without making them feel down. I just wanna get more comfortable with them because I constantly feel like I’m walking on eggshells. I wanna be able to share if I’m having a bad day without things getting awkward. I’m also sensitive, how should I react if they hurt my feelings? How do I brush off things that I would normally find mean or rude. I wanna learn more about them, they almost never share any details about themselves, how do I ask? How do I fit in with their atmosphere so I don’t seem boring?

    1. Hi, Kenji. Sorry that it’s been tough. I know a lot of Cancerian people, so I understand you on all your questions. There’s a lot to unpack there, though. And knowing full charts would be best if I was going to answer them all. Consider taking up a reading with me!

  8. Hi , I am a female Virgo. I reconnected with a Sag male after so many years. We dated in our 20s and reconnected in our Mid 30s. Fifteen years later via social media! We have a deep intense and frenetic connection. A chemistry that is wild and unexplainable. We’ve been texting and calling non stop for the last couple weeks. We are Communicating long distance and he made plans with me to talk and meet up in person. But then he disappeared for 5 days. He messaged me and checked in and said he will be busy, that he’ll message me. Then poof! And I don’t know what he’s feeling and thinking? He responds to my texts right away. And usually always comes back. Should I call him? Or leave him alone? He has told me he’s interested but is afraid of commitment. Ugh. I don’t know what to do. I am in love with this guy. I can’t stop thinking about him, he feels like home to me. I can’t get him off my mind. When he goes aloof it drives me nuts. I don’t want to push him away but I don’t want him to think I’m not interested either. Please help!

    1. Hi, xtina. Sorry, this sounds like a tough situation! I’m sure this unpredictable, flaky behavior is due to that fear of commitment that he mentioned. He probably struggles to show up in a consistent and mature way with love interests. You’d be right in being frustrated by, and looking for answers for, his disappearance after making plans. But I do think you should respect his distance and wait until he messages you, as he said he would. It’s the best way to avoid pushing him away. Take this time to decide for yourself if his behavior is something you’d be willing to deal in a long-term partner. If you end up in a relationship, you’ll likely have to coax him into steady intimacy and be patient while he works to quell some of his flighty tendencies. Really consider if the feelings he’s bringing up in you now are worth it. They very well may be, but it’s something you should decide yourself.

  9. So I recently was with a Sagittarius man just broke it off today. We dated for 3 months. In the beginning we had a lot of chemistry and physical attraction but he would be so rude on the phone and expected me to just drop everything for him whenever he wanted. He did not know how to communicate everything was a fight to him and he’d hang up in my face and ignore me when id try to explain myself. He would then block me for 4 days over something that I apparently said which he would make up in his head just to fight and I’d let him go n not really care as a Capricorn I don’t have time for childish games. He’d later on come back unblock me n expect me to just be there for him but I’d get angry n tell him to leave me alone but he wouldn’t until I gave in. this continued for the whole 3 months. I eventually found out he was lying about his age he said he was 40 then openly told me he was 47 and I stil don’t know the truth coz he then said his older then that too n I also found out his birthday was also fake so he wasn’t a Capricorn too like ge originally said that was a lie I then found out he was on multiple dating sites n meanwhile made me delete all my social media only to find that he was chasing women on his and following a whole bunch of porn stars. Which I got very angry about and he tried to deny it to my face even with the evidence I had. The last straw was when we actually made up and I poured my heart to him n he said he loved me only to catch him on a dating site again an hour later instead of talking to me saying he was busy fixing his friends car (He actually pays these sites but never really paid or got me anything only one offs when he was feeling generous and he was so cheap saying a women shouldn’t ask a man for anything which I didn’t because I never needed to) when I confronted him he turned it on me again as he always does saying that I’m the liar he later confessed that yes he msged one lady that night but I know there was more and the next day I was upset coz my mom was taken to hospital he didn’t even ask I later found out instead of asking about me that night he was chatting on his fb to other women n just fell asleep without bothering to check up on me I lost it and just was done from there this is a man who made me meet his family by force and told me he loved me and would do whatever I wanted to prove his not a cheat and that he was serious and had me in his house daily would throw his phone at me to be like look it’s clear when really it was all hidden on his iPad so I just couldn’t deal with him anymore n pulled away he then came down to my work n I at this time knew I was done with his negative rubbish so I confronted him again coz I wanted to do it in person n what ticked me off more was that he’d be checking out every women walking past like anything I said was just not important I blew up at him n he called me sick n left only to msg me saying he didn’t want us to be together and when I agreed he flipped again saying stuff like im always fighting and r u really done and I stuck to my guns and said yes ur free to use ur dating sites again have fun n left it at that he then got angry saying I’m so sick and I’m such an angry women and I was like well u wanted it peaceful I did it peacefully yet u stil have a problem then then says he loves me and he wouldn’t come and see me if he didn’t but I’m the problem and I just didn’t want to hear his rubbish so I told him yes that’s fine I will agree to that and he was like ok well I’m free to go sleep with other women don’t ask me what I’m doing and I said yes that’s fine. He later msgs saying he couldn’t bring himself to tell his mum we broke up and I sent him back a whole list of what he did to me n told him to tell her that so she could understand n didn’t hear from him after that he didn’t block me … yet but I’m pretty done with him and feeling lower then a dog no affection no apologises ever never made me feel special to the point where I felt cared for he would always say I don’t want to tell u anything nice I do behind ur back because ur a show off but he would tell me anyway. It was all games and I was sick of being treated with so much disrespect he even would say all women are under his feet which shocked me to hear but I would pass it as his just being dramatic and all the signs I didn’t pick up on like I can’t stand women I don’t know why I like u so much and ur the only women that I’ve actually liked in less then a month and the only one I would bring into my house n meet my family I feel sorry that my family had to meet someone like u and that his never loved women besides me in his life and at his age that was very weird to me but I think it was a load of rubbish because In the beginning he told me he was serious with one he wanted to marry when he was a lot younger but she wanted To sleep with other men so when I asked how would u marry someone u don’t love he said they all just want to have fun that’s all so I’m guessing his telling me what he did to them just covering it up by blaming them. I do love him alot he made me happy to just be around him and I invested a lot of time bought him a lot of gifts and planned out my future with him and he’d be so happy wanting to be apart of my family but the negativity and the lies and all the games he’d play just bought it to a whole dead end for me and I don’t see how or why he would even consider marrying me for like it was a game too I know he will be back again after his slept around and had his fun with the multiple women but this time I’m very prepared to set him in place as I’m now happy I finally see him for what he is …. A lowlife manipulative lying loser and my biggest waste of time

  10. I’m a Gemini woman and I’ve dated a sag man off an on for a while now he was so perfect at the beginning of our relationship including the fact that we were friends before and he had a crush so we gave it a try but then he ended up cheating on me twice and I forgave him every time but then I played get back and everything went down hill and very toxic he said he lost feelings from the the get back and continued cheating I don’t understand how he can’t take what he has done to someone else. We made up but he has been so distant and said he doesn’t like showing emotions and it’s gotten worse since we’ve been long distance but says he wants to be with me and love me I love my sag but I’m very confused is the relationship ruined and I should just move on or try to work things out but how do I go about that with him what is best thanks

    1. Hi, Kye. I’m sorry to hear how things have gone in your relationship. From the context you’ve given, I’d say it’s best to forget this Sag guy and move on. There are much better men out there who are more deserving of you.

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