How to Get a Virgo Man to Chase You Endlessly

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So you’ve got your eye on a Virgo man, huh?

That’s great! Virgo is an intelligent, grounded earth sign (and a great catch).

He’s not the most flashy guy in the zodiac – not by a long shot. But he’s a solid partner who offers compassion, practical support, and true companionship to his loved ones.

One thing is for sure, this guy is particular. He’s a neat freak and the perfectionist of the zodiac. If you’re not a Virgo yourself, then there are some things you’ll need to learn about his tastes if you want to get him chasing you.

In this article, I’m going to cover the most important things you can do to get a Virgo man to chase you. And if you want to learn more about attracting this guy, this course has everything you need.

Alright, let’s get onto the tactics and get him chasing you ASAP.

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1. Embody feminine purity

The Virgo guy has a total weakness for women who display modest, pure, and maternally nurturing qualities.

He’s the sign of the Virgin, remember. And though this doesn’t mean that he is (or wants) a virgin, it does mean he’s hopelessly drawn to feminine, virginal symbols like purity, spirituality, devotedness, dignity, earthy, and unconditional love.

The more you can appear angelic, saintly, and dignified, the more this man will be entranced by you. Do this well, and he won’t be able to resist chasing you.

So heighten any earthly, artistic, or spiritual inclinations you have. When given the opportunity, nurture him in an enveloping, mothering way. Be humble and non-judgmental. Emanate an angelic radiance – white, flowing clothes and a calm, unflustered air really helps!

Virgo is a family man so preview yourself as a potential mother of his kids – someone he wants to show to his family to (which is an important step for him romantically). Of course, whether you’re actually looking to be a serious lover of his is up to you. This is just an unconscious trigger that he can’t resist.

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2. Personify sophistication and class

The Virgo man doesn’t like to stand out that much, but he does care a lot about how he’s perceived. He likes to come across as competent with polished judgment and refined standards.

This is reflected in who he likes to surround himself with. The Virgo guy is attracted to elegant and cultured people and detests slobs and slackers.

To get him to chase you, you’ll want to be clean, meticulously (& conservatively) dressed, and well-cultured. You’ll want to be calm and collected in social settings. Not phased by others’ moods – gentle, and easy to be around. You’ll want to avoid excessive bluster or over-enthused belligerence.

Make your home a classy dwelling that he’ll want to chase you to. Don’t let things pile up, get messy, or dirty. Virgo hates disorder and cleanliness. If visiting your place means he’ll have to confront disorganization, he won’t want to visit.

Don’t be afraid to contrast your refinement with a little bit of zaniness, too. He doesn’t want you to be perfect and controlled. He’s drawn to feminine energy and emotionality. You don’t want to repress yourself, you just want to appeal to his natural sensibilities and avoid overwhelming him.

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3. Make a point of displaying your resiliency

Showcase any challenging experiences that you’ve experienced in life and share how you’ve retained your positive feelings about the fundamental goodness of the world. He’s wildly impressed with people who’ve experienced hardship yet are left untainted by them.

Do you come from humble origins, but have thrived in spite of this by establishing your own ambitious vision? Did you come from a dysfunctional family, yet have established your own thriving life, complete with a comfortable living space, a clean vehicle, and clean finances?

He absolutely loves these types of stories, so emphasize any of your challenges in life to him and show him how far you’ve come.

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4. Invoke his savior complex

The Virgo man is a major fixer and thrives when he’s can offer help to the important people in his life.

He needs to feel needed, so reveal areas where he can be of service to you. This will give him purpose with you and will invoke in him a strong desire to chase you.

Remember those difficulties I mentioned emphasizing in point #3? Maybe you’re still unresolved with some of them. He loves to be there for people who’ve fallen on hard times. He wants to fix and save his partner and will listen patiently and support you through the process of healing and change. And as the time he spends with you increases, so will his involvement with you. He’ll find himself seeking you out more and more.

Appreciates and savors what he offers when he offers his support work to integrate any lessons he offers you (as long as they make sense for you, of course). He’ll notice, and be entirely satisfied.

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5. Offer him practical help

Virgo men immerse themselves in the small details and practical issues of life. He loves to busy himself with projects and routines. This lifestyle can be overwhelming for him because he always keeps so much on his plate that he has a hard time finding time for rest.

He can end up putting everyone else’s needs before his own. Virgos care so much about other people and love to feel needed.

This presents you with a great opportunity to offer your services in practical matters. Help him with little projects. Help clean the house. Help him plan for whatever he’s got his mind on.

Do this enough and he’ll grow quite used to you being around. He’s a traditional guy who yearns for a partner who can help him keep up an organized life and is attentive to his duties.

By helping him out as best as you can, you prove to him your value and he’ll want to keep you around.

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6. Loosen him up

Virgo guys can be nervous, fidgety, and wound up tight. His nature is so critical that he can become cynical and a bit gloomy about the state of the world.

Even though he likes to be sharp and critical, he ultimately still yearns for a more pure, carefree state of being. He wants hopes and dreams, not purely cynical and dour views.

You can make him seriously pine after you and chase you endlessly if you can inspire him with your own purity and high-minded beliefs.

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Remind him what it’s like to be carefree, have childlike wonder, hope, faith, and optimism.

Make him laugh. Be flirty and playful. Bring out his goofy and humorous side (he can be quite funny). Be goofy yourself (but don’t play dumb, he admires competence too much).

Do this right and you will completely enamor him.

If you get him into the bedroom, this is your chance to let your hair down. He likes to be reserved and well-conducted in public, but he’s still an earthy sensualist deep down and has a lot of wild energy that he can let loose in bed.

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