7 Essential Things to Know about Dating a Virgo Man

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Virgo men may seem reserved and unassuming, but dating them can be quite a thrill!

No, he doesn’t have the hugest personality in the room. He’s not brash or wildly outspoken. He has a different kind of charisma. He’s subtly seductive. He knows how to draw women in, but is never obvious about it.

In this article, I’ll clue you in on all the important things to know about dating this guy.

Sound good? Let’s dive in!

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1. He puts on the (subtle) charm

Virgo men have this potent, mesmerizing gaze that they lay on potential partners. It’s this signature, penetrating underlook of his that you feel when it hits you (It’s penetrating, but not uncomfortable so, like a Scorpio’s can be). It’s steamy, though not overbearingly intense. There’s an innocence to it. A coy, caring attentiveness – but it’s hot-blooded nonetheless. The famous Virgo Hugh Grant personifies this look.

Virgo’s charm, gentleness, and nice manners show up in a smooth fashion across the board, not just in his glances. He’ll be patient and attentive to you and your shared experiences together right from the start. This makes him an enjoyable date.

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2. He could be a bit shy early on

Virgo men can be shy and quiet at the beginning of a romance. He’s reserved because he fears coming off in a less-than-perfect way, as he’s something of a perfectionist.

Another factor in his shyness is that he’s not the most emotionally aware guy in the zodiac (he’s mentally driven and neglects his emotions). He has a hard time trusting his emotional nature and trusting that others wouldn’t hurt him if he were to open up emotionally.

But with time (and a good dynamic between you), the Virgo guy show’s a different, less serious side to his nature. He’ll become much kinder, more loving, and reveal a surprisingly funny, entertaining side to his personality.

So if he seems too serious at first, trust me, as long as he keeps crushing on you, this will change!

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3. He’ll observe you closely and want to know everything about you

If you date this guy, be ready to have everything about you put under a microscope. Virgo analyzes potential lovers from head to toe.

Every little action you take, every word you say, and every facet of your attire will all go under close scrutiny.

After thoroughly scanning your outfit and personal hygiene (down to the loose threads on your blouse and the cleanliness of your fingernails), he’ll start to probe into your inner qualities.

He’s always looking for potential shortcomings in life. And assessing a romantic partner is high on his list of priorities. He takes love, commitment, and family seriously, and he wants to be sure he does the job right.

He just won’t be able to help it. It’s drilled into his nature. He’s a compulsive perfectionist and checklist addict. He needs to know what makes you guys compatible (and what might not). He’s not in a rush to do this, either. He will go through a painstaking process of studying your eating, grooming, health, and work habits over a period of weeks or months.

He knows he has high standards and is picky when it comes to love. He will intellectualize the process to suss out potential flaws, and won’t accept anyone who’s less than an ideal partner for him.

He won’t be crass about it (he’s a gentleman, after all). And once you’ve passed his scrutinizing tests and earned his favor, he’ll relax the probing and replace it with doting and affectionate attention.

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4. He starts contacting you regularly

A Virgo who’s found a steady date will want to keep in regular contact.

His sign is ruled by Mercury, which deals with communication in all its forms. He might text you, call you, email you, or leave you little notes. He’ll test different ways to communicate to see what works best for you. This is his way.

If he’s started reaching out to you frequently, that’s certainly a good sign that your dates have been going well, and that he’s really starting to like you. This man doesn’t really initiate much of the time when dating (he can be scared of rejection), so it says something that he’s putting himself out there and communicating. It certainly indicates that you mean something to him.

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5. He makes himself useful to you

Virgo men like to show they care through acts of service. If you’ve been dating for a while and he’s starting to find ways to make your life easier, it’s a sign of his attraction.

His help will likely show up in the form of practical assistance, especially early on (it takes him longer to open up to emotional sharing and supportiveness with someone). Simple, practical issues are his bread and butter, and he’ll jump right in to help early on in your dating life.

Does your lawn need mowing? Is an appliance in disrepair? Do gutters need cleaning? You don’t have to mention these things – he will notice. He always picks up on anything in his surrounding that’s not functional, clean, and tidy. And he won’t hesitate to offer his help to get things back in order.

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6. He’ll be incredibly patient concerning the progress of your relationship

Virgo’s are intentional and cautious around love. He prizes efficiency and hates to waste energy on things that aren’t of consequence. Finding a partner is important to him and he wants to do it right.

Due to his scrutinizing nature, it can take him a long time to warm up to a new suitor. He may even prolong a romance by entering into friendship first. He might do this to keep his romantic feelings at bay while he determines if he’s really making the right choice to be with them.

As mentioned, he needs to get to know you well before starting anything serious. And he expects his partner to be patient, too.

This may feel hard for you. What’s taking him so long? Why is he drawing things out? You might wonder if he’s really into you.

In time you’ll know. Just be patient. Because once he is sure that he likes you, he’ll be all in.

If you’re antsy and unsure, and it’s been a while since you’ve started dating, just ask him. He’s not the lying type. If he’s not into you by this point, he’ll tell you. If he is as into you as you’d hoped, you might be surprised at how relieved he is that you said it first.

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7. Don’t expect a storybook romance

If you’re a total romantic and dream of a highly sentimental love affair, this might not be your guy. The Virgo man is an interesting and exciting date, but he’s not one for grandiosity or idealized love.

He’s a practical lover. He assesses a love connection with crystal clear eyes and builds a relationship on the merit of that connection. If you’re after a fairy tale that’s love built on wonderment and poetic abstractions, perhaps look to his opposite sign, Pisces.

This is of course is affected by the rest of his astrological chart (I recommend getting a full synastry reading if this is someone you’re serious about).

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The Virgo man’s Ideal Date

He loves to learn new things. So a date that’s built around skill acquisition would be right up his alley. Think cooking classes (healthy cuisine, please), riding classes, painting classes, a book club, or planting new arrangements in your garden. A fun one would be an arcade. He’s so analytical and would enjoy playing all the different games.

When planning a date with him, make sure to take care of the meticulous details. Make your reservations well ahead of time, prep your outfit, prep your mind and emotions. Do this well, and he’ll be very impressed. Especially if you make it appear effortless.

No need to spend a lot. He’s quite thrifty and doesn’t like frivolity. But don’t make date plans that involve dirty or dingy locales. No dive bars for the Virgo guy. Think inexpensive but refined settings, like a museum or art gallery.

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A quick tip to improve your chances with a Virgo man

Cleanliness is godliness to him. So always look your best. Wear your finest outfit (classy and refined over made-up and gaudy) and take serious care of your personal hygiene before going out on the town with him. He dresses to impress, and expects you to do the same.

If you’re taking him home, make sure your place is clean (spotless, ideally). He’s always assessing if you might qualify as a live-in partner, and he won’t cohabitate with someone who doesn’t keep a sparkly clean home.

You can learn a lot more Virgo guy attraction tips in my How to Attract a Virgo Man course.

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