12 Clear Signs That a Virgo Man Likes You (Are you His Crush?)

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So, is that Virgo guy you like into you, or not?

Virgo can be a little hard to figure out. He’s charming, put together, intelligent, well-groomed, and a good conversationalist. He might be a little shy, but he’s also seductively mysterious. He likes to keep to himself.

That’s great and all. But how do you know if he’s into you? Is he looking to rock your socks off, or ia he just being polite? Read on to learn if this mutable Earth sign has the hots for you or not.

If he doesn’t simply try to kiss you right away (which he might!), here are some telltale signs that a Virgo man is attracted to you:

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1. He studies you intently

The Virgo guy isn’t flippant when it comes to love (or anything, for that matter). He’s intentional. Before he plunges into a  romantic rendezvous, he needs to know what he’s getting into.

If he’s starting to like you, you might pick up on it because you catch him analyzing you intently. Not just your clothes or your smile – everything about you. You might feel like an ant under a beady-eyed child’s magnifying glass.

He needs to know all the facts and details.  A Virgo’s perception is their reality. More so than other astrology signs. He might start checking you out from across the room. You might lock eyes randomly – and you’ll get the sense that he’s been gazing at you for a while.

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When you cross paths you’ll likely come face first with his inquisitive side. He might ask: what are you up to? Where are you from? What brings you here? He might comment on your outfit or hair (he’s incredibly observant).

When he asks you these questions, notice how intent his gaze is on you. If he likes you, he’ll be fixated, analyzing not only your answers – he’ll also be locked in on your movements, your tone, your mannerisms. Any little detail he can glean information about you.

You’ll really know he’s keen on you when he starts to inquire about your problems (he’s a total fixer). He’ll start to probe into your past, your family, and your inner workings.

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2. He reaches out and communicates more

If you’ve been introduced and have left an impression on him, he’ll want to learn plenty more about you. This man is ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication and mental stimulation. So, if he likes you, he’ll be sure to keep the communication rolling.

He might text, call, or interact with you on social media. He might start reaching out frequently. He won’t be annoying about it since he has a sensibility around tactfulness, but his actions will certainly let you know that he cares.

If you want to test this, comment on his social media posts. If he likes you, he’ll want to reciprocate and will comment back quickly. He might make a sly, intelligent joke, as he likes to showcase his wit and cleverness. He might talk to you about movies, music, or some worldly issues.

If his interest in you continues, expect him to ramp up communication. It should be enjoyable, as these men are great conversationalists, are observant, and listen well.

If he’s really into you, he’ll call you daily (or more!) and might leave you little notes or write you letters.

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3. He brings up small details that you’ve mentioned in passing

As I’ve said already, these men are quite observant. And this becomes especially apparent when he’s attracted to someone (in this case, you!).

He might randomly bring up some small detail you’ve mentioned in conversation. It could be the name of your childhood pet, that motorhome trip you took with your grandparents when you were young, your favorite pink rubber boots you had as a kid, or your best friend’s name from summer camp.

You might not even remember bringing these things up, but trust me, if he likes you, he won’t forget any details of your conversations.

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4. He keeps putting himself in your physical vicinity

Virgo men are intentional with their time and routines. If you notice him physically coming around more and making an effort to spend more time with you, that’s a big sign that he’s into you and prioritizes you over his (many) other obligations and concerns.

Because, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t be continually looking to spend time with you. He doesn’t like to waste time. His days are planned, his schedule is packed (even when he vacations).

If he likes you, he won’t hesitate to use subtle tricks to get in your orbit. He’s not crafty or shifty, but he is intentional and utilizes details to his advantage. He might learn your schedule so he can know where you’ll be. He’ll then bump into you randomly. He’s searching for ways to be around you.

He might even host a party or event just as a way to get you to come to him. Don’t be surprised if he invites you to a game night at his place! (Be sure to bring a fun crossword puzzle).

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5. He’s being shy around you

As an earth sign, Virgo men are competent, grounded, and cool by nature. But can also lack confidence and be pretty high-strung and nervous. In romantic situations, especially new ones, he can be particularly shy.

He might appear timid or self-conscious. He might dodge eye contact. He might want to touch you and try but be pretty awkward about it. Take note of his body language. See if he’s wanting to open up but feeling restricted.

This is usually because he’s nervous about doing things right. He’s a perfectionist and doesn’t want to come off wrong.

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6. He makes time for you

This guy is very intentional with how he spends his days. He’s organized and plans everything down to the hour.

He loves his routine and alone time, but as a mutable sign, he’s also quite adaptable. When he likes someone he will be flexible and change his schedule to make things work. So if he’s starting to shape his schedule around you, that’s a big deal, and means he likes you.

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7. He loosens up around you

Virgo guys can be uptight in most situations. In fact, it’s hard to find a Virgo that’s ever fully relaxed. He’s always on the move. Always analyzing, always improving.

He will only relax around the people he trusts and enjoys. If he’s falling for you he will feel comfortable and will chill out in your presence. He’ll smile a lot, be lively, confident, and show his big sense of humor.

You’ll know he’s lightened up when he tries to make you laugh a bunch, tells you little jokes, and works to impress you. He’ll also want to talk a lot. He might be more open to playfully debating or arguing a point with you.

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8. He goes out of his way to offer you a helping hand

Virgo is all about being of service. It’s his love language. He’s a bit less comfortable with affirmation and emotional declarations. Direct actions that show he cares are far more his speed.

When he likes you he’ll try to nudge his way into your life by becoming useful to you. He’ll slowly turn into a highly involved friend as he positions himself to become indispensable to you.

He loves a damsel in distress. Any problems you have he’ll dive right into supporting. Does your kitchen need repairs? He’ll be on it. Does your garden need tending to? He’s there. Do you need a last-minute pet sitter? Need help with your homework? Have errands to run? Forgot your lunch? You get the idea. If he likes you, he’ll want to help you out.

So if he’s providing small gestures of support without even being asked, you can bet he cares about you and is getting used to the idea of being in your life.

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9. He surprised you with romantic gestures

When a Virgo man likes you he’ll start to infuse his acts of service with a little more romance.

He might give you a clever little gift or card. He might give you flowers or gifts (he’s not super romantic but he likes to impress and show he cares). Since he’s an earth sign, he might shower you with sensual gifts like tasty (but healthy) foods and massages.

He might plan a trip for you two to go on. He might pick up the tab for your dinner together. Take this as a sign of his growing attraction, and be sure to show him how much you appreciate his actions. He likes to give freely and will be humble about his contributions, but know that he doesn’t like to feel taken for granted, either.

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10. He opens up to you emotionally

Virgo men are incredibly cautious and reserved with their emotions. He’s not the sappy or emotional type, and won’t just let anyone into his world. He erects strong barriers that shield his emotional core.

Because he doesn’t volunteer his emotions easily or often, it’s a big deal if he drops the barriers and starts opening up to you about what’s going on with his heart.

Remember, he’s something of a perfectionist and has clear-cut relationship goals. If he doesn’t see a future with someone, he won’t see a reason to open up to them emotionally or put energy into the shared dynamic. He’s sincere and purposeful in romance and won’t go for flippant or inconsequential relationships.

If a Virgo likes you, he might share specific emotional situations with you around his family, work, or romantic style. If he lets you in on any secrets, his flaws or insecurities, then you’re definitely on the track to catching his heart.

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11. He gives you compliments

He might compliment your style (he’s very aware of style). He might compliment your strength and resilience in life. He might compliment your femininity (he idealized femininity, especially softness, purity, and refinement).

Know that he won’t toss out compliments haphazardly or manipulatively. He’s an intentional person and means what he says when he says it. You can be sure that if he’s praising you for something, he means it.

Conversely, he might give you pointed critiques. This can also mean he’s into you. Just watch to see how his critiques might show that he’s actually into you. He might just be too shy to compliment you and is just showing some boyish tendency to poke at the girl he’s attracted to with criticism.

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12. He hints to you that he likes you

This isn’t typically the norm, but some Virgo guys will be direct and won’t hesitate to make the first move with you if they like you. Most are much more cautious and instead indirectly signal that they’re assessing you romantically. He will hint with romantic gestures and acts of service, and if he really likes you, he might be more brazen with some offhand comments that reveal his thoughts about you.

Virgo’s eyes are also a good indicator of his attraction level. He won’t be able to resist hinting at his level of affection for you with his gazes. If he holds your gaze with a tender, attentive affection, or puppy-dog look, that means you’re drawing his focused attention.

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BONUS: A Tip to Build Attraction

Here’s a little tip to make him like you more:

Showcase your affinity for health and wellness. He loves to be health-conscious and is likely a hypochondriac because of how much he thinks about health and sickness. He also loves intelligent conversation. So draw his mind in with the conversation about some of your favorite healthy foods, supplements, or wellness routines. Show him that you have a vision for becoming healthy, vibrant, and strong and he’ll want to be a part of your journey.

There are many more tips like this in my course on How to attract a Virgo man. As well as tons of tips about what not to do to attract a Virgo man.


Virgo men can be a bit indecisive and slow in the field of love. But with these tips, you’ll be able to get a good idea of whether a Virgo guy likes you or not.

To know where to take things from there, I suggest reading my course on how to attract a Virgo man.

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  1. Thanks for the read! I think im falling for my virgo trainer at my job i met in august. I don’t know why he gives me nothing but mixed signals. His eyes are just so powerful though from the moment he first started watching me. He started off with compliments. Paying attention to little things like my socks and how cute they are. Buying food, and sharing fruit out his lunch, drinking after me. Our story is a little different. He has actually confessed of liking me and how cute I am and ask for my number to take me out. But then he claims his dad got sick. So I got his dad a nice post heart surgery pillow. He loved it! He still said he wasn’t ready to date because of his dad but he still likes me and what we have genuine. Lately I’ve been hanging around another guy. And my Virgo man stop speaking for a couple days. So i asked him why he said he didn’t see me. Even though I feel that’s a lie. But then he goes to tell me I’ve been busy lately(talking to another guy) . Now I don’t know why he is acting different. Actually gave me a very intimate hug one day and held me in it and thanked me for his dad‘s pillow that I gave a month ago. I know he likes me because of the way that he looks at me but then I still get confused. I guess because I just want more from him. I’m trying not to be selfish. And be considerate of his dad. Everyone around us has picked up that he likes me and I like him too. One of the reasons why I don’t like talking to him in front of people. I do not like being vulnerable. I am a Leo woman

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