How to Text a Virgo Man like an Expert & Keep Him Interested

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This article will cover everything you want to know about texting a Virgo guy.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • When to text him (and when not to).
  • How often to text him.
  • What to text him.

And more…

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Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. These men pride themselves on their mental capacity and love to communicate, often by phone.

No worries if you don’t enjoy texting (or learning about texting) that much. I’ve laid out some simple, clear, and easy texting tips for you in this article.

By the end, you’ll be able to navigate texting the heady Virgo guy with ease.

Let’s get to it!

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1. Focus on being fun and playful

Your texts should have a light, fun, and playful element to them when dating and building attraction with the Virgo man. Even a couple of playful remarks sent over text can set the tone for a high-spirited in-person meetup.

The Virgo guy can be a bit shy early on while building chemistry. Plus, his tendency to overthink can make him anxious and uptight. Your playful texts put him at ease and bring levity to his life, which will make him want to be around you.

Your playful, fun-loving texts will build anticipation and make him excited to see you – which should be the ultimate goal of texting. Text to make plans and stage the vibe for the next time you get together.

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2. Don’t text him all the time

Keep your texts minimal and focused on meeting up in person. This can be hard, especially with a Virgo guy. Because, like Gemini, he loves to chat and communicate about all kinds of things (they both share Mercury as their ruling planet).

But you want to be focused on keeping him interested. And one of the easiest ways to get a guy to lose interest in you is to over text.


  • If you text all the time you’ll have less to talk about when you meet up in person.
  • It can diminish your perceived value by making it appear that you don’t have much else going on.
  • It makes you seem more common and less mysterious. Absence makes the heart go fonder. You make your times together more meaningful by giving space in between for him to think and wonder about you.

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2. Make your texts short and sweet

Try to make your texts not go on forever. Focus on making them short, sweet, and to the point.

This is good advice for texting any guy – but especially the Virgo. He has a straightforward, analytical mind. He likes to get to the heart of a conversation, rather than meander around it.

And again, it helps you have more things to talk about when you meet up in person. Texting should never be the focal point of a budding relationship. It’s best when texting is used for setting dates.

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3. Be classy in your style of texting

Virgo’s are perfectionist neat freaks and tend to be grammar nazis.

When attracting a Virgo, you really want to emphasize the most refined side of your character. So, when texting, double-check your grammar and word usage.

Abbreviations, emojis, and GIFs are super fun and can really enhance that playful vibe I mentioned in point one. But, you don’t want to fill your entire conversations with them before seeing how he messages, first.

If he never sends a GIF, much less a smiley face, then it’s probably best to mirror him. When it doubt, match his cadence. Always try to seem tastefully reserved and polished over garish or belligerent.

As a side note, I personally turn off auto-capitalization on my phone, and it’s funny that the small handful of people who commented on it were disparagingly were Virgos or had heavy Virgo in their chart.

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4. Don’t always be the one to initiate text conversations

It’s never a good look to be overeager in courtship. You want a push and pull, some back and forth. You go to him sometimes, he comes to you other times.

You’re likely excited about your Virgo guy, but do your best to initiate about half of the time, maybe less.

This is an important general rule of thumb for building attraction with texting. With this method, you don’t run the risk of having your conversations be one-sided (by always initiating), and also making sure that he knows you are interested in him by being warm, eager, and engaged.

One caveat with Virgo is this: he can be pretty shy and sometimes unsure of himself. He benefits from a more aggressive partner. So be sure that he knows how much you like him.

When you do initiate, and when you respond to his conversational texts, be engaging, and show how much you appreciate talking to him.

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5. Throw a little variation into your texting routine

So, you’ve gotten to know him a bit and you’ve started texting pretty consistently. To spice things up, try different frequencies of texting.

Text at a different time than you usually do. Don’t text at a time when he might expect you to. And preemptively start a conversation with him right before a time that he’d usually initiate a conversation with you.

This variety keeps him interested and on his toes. Especially by showing a sudden absence or unavailability. Remember, men don’t want a relationship on a silver platter. Your Virgo wants to earn your attention. By not being constantly available or routine in your interactions, he’ll be drawn to you even more.

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5. Don’t always text back right away

You might see this as a bit of game-playing. And sure, there’s some calculation to it. But it’s helpful because it stops us from seeming overeager (even if we are).

It’s always a good thing to show a little mystery and create intrigue in a relationship. Being available all the time won’t build attraction as well as creating a little space and suspense. And you can do this easily by creating gaps in your text communication.

So when he texts, don’t eagerly respond to it right away. Wait a little bit. How long you wait is up to you. Better yet, have a busy life and don’t always be able to respond right away! Virgo guys love someone who has a busy, organized life.

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Q: Should you text him again if you haven’t heard back?

No! Double texting is rarely a good look.

Of course, you shouldn’t be terrified of double texting. There are times when it makes sense to send a double text, like when something relevant and urgent comes up since your last message that’s important to communicate.

But you want to avoid double texting most of the time is because it comes off as needy. Typically, you’ll double text because you’re anxious that he hasn’t got back to you in what feels like the right amount of time – and that’s just not a good look. Texting again won’t be something that increases his attraction for you (unless he’s drawn to needy or possessive energy, which some Virgo men are since they like to feel needed).

Remember, you don’t know what’s going on with him. He might not have his phone. He could have forgotten his charger. Etc. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t bombard (or berate) him with texts.

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I hope you’ve found this post helpful. I give more advice on texting the Virgo man in my thorough course on attracting him.

Good luck!

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