7 Signs a Virgo Man is Serious About You (Is he in Love?)

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A Virgo man in love is a beautiful sight. He’s one of the most devoted lovers in the zodiac.

He might not be the most romantic guy, but don’t let that deceive you – finding love and partnership are incredibly important to him. He takes family life seriously, and always keeps the idea of building a family of his own close to his heart.

He’s drawn to love but also very patient in finding it. He’s a perfectionist in all things. He needs to ensure that every checkbox is ticked before he commits to a partner.

If you’re curious about a Virgo man and are wondering if he’s fallen in love with you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out exactly how he behaves when he’s in love (there are some key signals he can’t help but give off).

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1. He’s started treating you like he’s your husband

When a Virgo guy has fallen in love with you he typically goes all in and starts acting like you’re a married couple.

Here are some “husbandly ways” that he might act:

  • He’ll be your best friend. The best married couples are best friends first and foremost. Virgo understands this and will want to be intimately involved in your daily life.
  • He’ll be highly protective. Perhaps to a fault, even. This guy isn’t the type to get belligerently, over-the-top protective if another guy takes a pass at you, but he will protect you (and your honor) from attacks by others. If he’s in love with you he’ll always be on your side.
  • He’ll be highly supportive. A Virgo man in love will do everything he can to support you and your life. He’ll offer to take care of any tasks you need to get done. He’ll cook for you, help you with school or work assignments, etc. To him, your well-being is his well-being.

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2. He’s become incredibly reliable

A Virgo man in love will want to be your rock. He’ll be steadily, consistently there to support you.

It’s true that a Virgo who’s just crushing on you will want to serve you, too. The difference is that a Virgo in love will make more sacrifices, especially with his all-important schedule, to be there for you.

He’s very protective over his time and routine, so if he’s starting to pencil you in for much more time, maybe even dropping what he’s doing to help you, that’s a sign that he’s falling for you.

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3. He’s started to try to control you a bit more

Virgo’s are control freaks. It’s their nature. If he tries to limit your big spending, pushes you to tone down your revealing outfits, or inserts himself into planning your habits & routines, it’s not just him being a jerk – it’s him showing his devotion to you and how much he cares.

When he’s in love wants to merge lives. He wants his practical nature to merge with yours. It can be a bit annoying sometimes, but remember, if you didn’t matter to him, he wouldn’t even bother. Try to see it as endearing.

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4. He’ll want to constantly be in conversation with you

A Virgo man in love will want to communicate all the time. He’s not like a Sagittarian guy who might drop off the map for a week (or weeks) at a time. No, communication is paramount to this guy in relationships.

If he loves you, he’ll call you all the time. When you’re not in person or on the phone, he’ll send you emails or texts to recap or add to details from your previous conversation.

Luckily, your conversations shouldn’t get drab or dull. He has a bright, brilliant mind and rarely runs out of things to talk about. He has those cute puppy dog eyes and unflinching attentiveness that keeps you satisfied and fuzzy inside.

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5. He lets you glimpse at his vulnerable side

The Virgo man is guarded and hates to show weaknesses. He’s constantly seeking perfection, and he hates to reveal the uncomfortable truth that he hasn’t reached his ideal state of perfection (yet!).

Because of this, he typically doesn’t show much in the way of emotionality to other people. He mostly closes off from his raw emotional nature due because he can’t control it like he does everything else in his life. He’s a cerebral person and emotional fragility scares him.

He won’t invest in a relationship unless he envisions some fruitful results in the future. And he definitely isn’t going to open himself up to potentially being criticized or hurt for no reason.

So if he’s starting to open up to you and show his vulnerable side, that’s a big indicator that he’s falling in love with you and wants to take a bigger step towards intimacy.

The Virgo in love will reveal personal things to you, like his dreams, his finances, his relationship goals. This means he trusts you enough to drop his usual walls down.

If this is happening, keep making him feel comfortable, and expect your relationship to continue blossoming.

6. He’s involving you with his family

Family is super important to Virgo guys. He’s likely to be very close with his family (watch out if he’s estranged from them, that’s another story).

When he’s really into you he’ll introduce you to his family. If that goes well, he’ll want you to be around them more. When he’s in love with you, he’ll want you to be fundamentally involved with them.

It’s hard for him to fall head over heels for someone until they pass this test. But if you have passed it (especially if his mother approves of you), and he thoroughly enjoys having you around his family, consider yourself in. And trust that his love for you is likely growing by the day.

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7. He’s creating a lot of highly meaningful, intimate moments

Virgo’s are traditional and a bit ceremonial. If he’s in love with you, he’ll want to start creating special, memorable moments together.

He won’t necessarily prove his love by broadcasting it to others. He’s a private man, a bit of an introvert, and likes to create intensely intimate moments that just the two of you share.

He might take you out to a movie, a favorite restaurant, or a park that you frequented when you first started dating. He could bring wine, massage oil, or some delicious food.

He won’t spoil a lover like this unless he really cares for them. He’s not big on casual dating and casual romance. He won’t try to dress up a date and make it extra romantic just get you into his bed.

If he’s taking the time to invest in you, showering you with close, intimate experiences, it means you mean a lot to him.

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Is your Virgo man in love with you?

So, is your Virgo guy showing you any of these signs?

Do you think there are any signs I’ve missed that show that he’s in love?

Please share your comments and experiences below!

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8 thoughts on “7 Signs a Virgo Man is Serious About You (Is he in Love?)”

  1. Elisabeth Evita Adyatmani

    Yes my Virgo man is totally crazy in love with me 😍 thank, love to read what you wrote, it gives me knowledge knowing more about my man 🥰

  2. Yes I am talking to a Virgo man and he’s so sweet and caring and texts me a lot and he wants to move out to Delaware next year hi mom and his friends saw my picture and they want to meet me and I am going to Vegas to thank you

  3. Soooo many of the things you have said are true about the virgo man I am involved with and it has given me such a better understanding of this person thank you. Several times I wanted to give up on him but I too have similar things about myself keeps me hanging on to him. I’m crazy in love with him and want to take our relationship to the end. I do see me spending the rest of my life with him. Thank God for finally finding him.

  4. mouna djama kayad


  5. Well I can’t figure out my friend he tells me we’re only going to be friends and he does everything for me I mean whenever I need help he’s there he see me cry he wiped my tears he makes it all better I mean if that’s not love I’m confused can someone reach out and help me understand this guy more we’ve been talking like for a year now please reach out and explain I’m confused

  6. I’m dating a virgo for about 5 months now and we barely meet, once in a month and we write with alot of emojis every day, but somethings he sends less emojis somethings send more, sometimes he writes more and sometimes less, he’s not consistent,
    so please I need advice what to do.. I like him very much though..

  7. I am with a Virgo man…he is caring and thoughtful..but wondering why he spends so much time on his phone..when he can have a conversation with me? We do talk but he never seems to listen?

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