Rating the Best (And Worst) Zodiac Matches for the Virgo Man

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This article is scannable synopsis of the most (and least) compatible signs for the Virgo man.

Who does Virgo get along with most easily? Who stimulates his mind the most? Which sign has the best chance of long-term success with him?

Here you go, the most important Virgo man matches, from best to worst.

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Best Matches:

Let’s start with the good ones!

1. Cancer Woman

Ways they work well together: 

Virgo satisfies Cancers’ base needs for partnership and security. Cancer women are nesters who need a cozy place to call home. Virgo loves to work and to provide. He’s also a handyman and keeps his home in tip-top shape, much to her delight.

Cancer provides the nurturing and unconditional love that Virgo craves. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and intuitively understands how to satisfy Virgo’s emotional needs. He can be critical of himself, and Cancer’s nonjudgemental support goes a long way in soothing his anxious tendencies.

They’re both resourceful and family-oriented. These two have very similar goals, which keeps them on the same page most of the time. Cancer doesn’t fret over Virgo’s workaholic tendencies, as she appreciates his drive to provide. They both love to earn money.

They each love to show their care with gifts and gestures. Virgo is all about the details and loves to show his love via small gifts and gestures. Cancer loves how much attention and care Virgo shows for her. And she’s all about showing her appreciation in the same ways, which he loves. He never feels taken for granted with Cancer.

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Ways Virgo and Cancer may struggle together: 

Cancer’s high emotionality can clash with Virgo’s heady disposition. Cancer is the most emotional sign and needs constant closeness and tenderness. Virgo is far more cerebral than Cancer and can ignore Cancer’s emotional needs, especially when he’s stressed and neurotic.

2. Capricorn Woman

Ways they work well together: 

They’re both hard workers with their own roles and rules. There’s a definite synergy between these two around work and duty. Capricorn is a born leader, while Virgo is a dutiful employee. He’s happy to plug along on the minutia of work while Capricorn handles the high-level stuff. They rarely clash and are entirely supportive of each other’s tendencies to bury their head in work.

They both appreciate competence. These are two of the most capable signs in astrology. They’re both efficient and calculating and see projects through to the end. This translates to relationship goals together, as well. They’ll both apply all of their skill sets to improving and perfecting their shared union.

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Ways they may struggle together: 

Their emotions can easily take a back seat in the relationship. Neither sign is known for strong emotional awareness. Both are good at understanding the emotions of others but can struggle mightily with their own emotional natures. This detachment can result in them having a somewhat cold and distant love life. This can suit them both fine, but if there are issues, they might have a hard time ironing things out as time goes by.

Capricorn can tire of Virgo’s fixation on details. Being a Cardinal (leadership) sign, Capricorn likes to focus on the grand scheme of life. Virgo, a detail-oriented Mutable sign, has a tendency to get lost in life’s minutia and lose sight of the big picture. She might struggle with Virgo’s inability to remain focused on shared broad view goals.

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3. Taurus Woman

Ways they work well together: 

They’re both grounded and practical. This is a strong earth sign pairing. Both like to focus on the practical and pragmatic in life. This translates to the bedroom, where they savor the sensuality of physical closeness.

Virgo loves to be of service and Taurus is more than happy to be on the receiving end of it. Taurus is ruled by Venus and loves to be pampered. Virgo is all about pampering his partner. Taurus isn’t shy about sharing her appreciation of Virgo, which is important for him to receive.

They’re both partner-oriented. Each sign is seeking stability and support in their relationships. And both offer ample amounts to the other. Both are protective of the other and will cherish their time together.

Ways they may struggle together: 

They can each be a bit judgy. Virgo is self-critical and needs a partner who gives him a lot of love and room to be his neurotic self. Taurus can at times be judgy with him, which he can struggle with. And Taurus doesn’t like the judgy side of Virgo being directed at her, either. Taurus is stubborn, bull-headed, and likes to do things the way she wants.

Emotions might not flow easily between them. There’s a lot of care and acceptance between them, but both be a bit stiff and slow to open up emotionally. They need to make sure that they don’t get complacent with their emotional development together, or their relationship could get a bit stale and lack spark.

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4. Scorpio Woman

Ways they work well together: 

They’re both analytical and highly observant. These two have similar ways of viewing the world. They’re both shrewd judges of character and quite savvy. They easily speak to each other on a similar level and can discuss subjects in all manner of detail. They know they can learn a lot from one another.

They’re both highly dedicated partners. Scorpio and Virgo both take partnership seriously and will put their all into perfecting their union. They see eye to eye on how to tend to the basics of the relationship for the long haul. They’re both loyal and need loyalty from a partner, so they mesh well.

They can get a lot done together. Virgo and Scorpio both carry the potential to be powerhouses of productivity. With their powers combined, they can achieve a lot.

They both need alone time and are happy to give it to each other. Both like their introvert time to tinker and work on self-development.

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Ways they may struggle together: 

Scorpio’s intensity and desire to communicate about deep emotions can leave Virgo a little unsettled. Virgo is all about having practical analysis and dialogue with his partner. But he doesn’t like his emotional nature being pried open or scrutinized. He may grow frustrated with Scorpio’s constant desire to look at the emotionality of the relationship so intensely.

Both are capable of being ruthlessly critical. Fights can be nasty between them if they allow themselves to cut the other down. They’re hyper-aware of theirs and their partner’s shortcomings, so things can get fierce.

Worst Matches:

Okay, onto the less ideal partnerships for the Virgo guy.

1. Aquarius Woman

Ways they work well together: 

They’re both devoted partners. Aquarius might have a harder time settling down than Virgo, but once Aquarius commits, she will be the type of loyal and dependable partner that Virgo craves.

They’re both intellectual and intelligent. They are both major brainiacs. As a team, they can brainstorm all kinds of things. They’ll be able to match wits and keep each other entertained endlessly.

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Ways they may struggle together: 

Aquarius typically desires more freedom than Virgo is comfortable with. Virgo isn’t super jealous, but he can be possessive. Even though he’s an introvert, he’s also partner-oriented and likes to spend a lot of time with his lover. Aquarius is more detached than he might be accustomed to.

Virgo might feel a lack of romance in the partnership. Virgo isn’t the biggest romantic, by any means. But he does like deep relational involvement. Dating an Aquarius is a casual affair, likely more casual than Virgo can handle.

There can be a general lack of spark and emotional engagement between them. They tend to have different emotional rhythms and needs. They can have a hard time creating and maintaining a spark between them. Neither likes to talk about emotions, either, so they can repress a lot throughout the relationship and lose intimate chemistry in the process.

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2. Aries Woman

Ways they work well together: 

Aries helps the usually timid Virgo step out of his shell. Virgo tends to lurk in the shadows and play life safe. Ever cautious, he prefers to steer clear of risks. Aries is the opposite and will push Virgo to step out of his safe little bubble and take some calculated risks.

Ways they may struggle together: 

Aries might feel bogged down by Virgo’s hesitant tendencies. Aries hates to wait, and she will rarely second guess her actions, preferring instead to barrel forward and learn as she goes. Virgo wants to assess everything first before acting, checking off a complete list of possible outcomes – especially the negative ones. If Aries can’t push him into a more action-oriented life, she can grow tired of him.

Virgo might grow tired of her unpredictability and hot-headedness. Virgo likes control. He’ll take predictable order over excitement. Aries wants to spearhead new ventures all the time, often haphazardly and without planning. This can drive him up the wall.

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3. Sagittarius Woman

Ways they work well together: 

Sagittarius helps Virgo expand his adventurous side. Sagittarius likes to adventure and to have a lot of fun. Virgo is cautious and preoccupied with work and projects much of the time, so he benefits from the expansive opportunity that Sagittarius represents.

Sagittarius benefits from the practical focus and objectivity that Virgo brings to the table. Sagittarius can be a little aversive to the daily duties and tasks of life. This happens to be where Virgo shines. He might not take her seriously.

Ways they can struggle together: 

Virgo can be hurt by the brash, blunt style of Sagittarius. Virgo is surprisingly sensitive. It can be hard to notice because so much goes activity goes on behind the scenes in his overactive mind. He can be really critical of others, and especially of himself. Sagittarius can be blunt to a fault, and might not know how to navigate the tumultuous world of Virgo’s sensitive, perfectionist self-image.

Virgo likely won’t take Sagittarius seriously enough. Sagittarius loves to roam and isn’t super keen on commitment, while Virgo, is commitment focused. Even if they commit, Virgo will likely grow anxious about how free-roaming and flirtatious his Sagittarius continues to be.

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