7 Simple Ways to Make a Virgo Man Miss You Like Crazy

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It can be hard to get a guy you like to miss you and want you more.

When it comes to making Virgo men miss you, I’ve got your back. The following seven tips offer specific ways to make a Virgo man miss you like crazy.

Read it through a few times, apply the information, and watch him start craving you in no time.

Let’s get to it!

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1. Be a paragon of order and cleanliness

One of the most surefire ways to attract the attention of a Virgo guy is to be incredibly clean, tidy, and organized.

He absolutely LOVES cleanliness and organization. He’s magnetized to orderly environments and people. So if you and your environment are kept clean and spotless, he’ll want to spend time around you and will miss you when you’re not around.

Of course, you’d also catch his attention if you’re messy and untidy – but not in a good way. Clutter and messiness stick out to him like a sore thumb. Don’t be a sore thumb if you want him to miss you.

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2. Be an oasis of mental stimulation

Virgo is a mentally driven sign. He’s constantly engrossed in thoughts and involved with intellectual activities.

He loves to talk and is a keen conversationalist. He’s a perceptive observer of human nature and psychology. He wants a partner who can hold their own in a conversation, is knowledgeable about many subjects, and has a variety of interests. In the least, his partner needs to be mentally engaged with him and willing to grow and learn.

If you want him to miss you, make sure he misses the brightness of your mind. When you’re with him showcase your most well-crafted opinions and subjects of knowledge. Use wit and clever side remarks. Prove your abilities as a logical thinker. Impress him with facts and details. Display intelligence and clarity of thought. Show an appreciation for his views. Engage with them, elaborate on them, and even challenge his ideas in a lighthearted way.

Don’t be afraid to talk about a wide range of issues. But do watch out for your use of grammar and vulgarity. Virgo men are drawn to refined and polished personalities. Be clean in your language and use good articulation.

Do this with grace and charm, and you will be irresistible to him. He will thoroughly miss you when you’re not around.

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3. Provide a listening ear for his thoughts, concerns, and anxieties

Virgo men rely heavily on their mental powers and will typically neglect the wisdom of their emotional nature. Because of this, he tends to busy his mind and get bogged down by unprocessed anxieties and insecurities (he’s particularly prone to anxiety).

He’ll typically cope by entering an always-on, worker-bee mode. He’ll fly from one project to the next without taking the time to slow down and process his internal emotional waves.

What a relief for him, then, to be around someone (you) who provides him with attentive, caring, and understanding energy.

When the timing is right, you can invite him to share about any plights he’s been dealing with. If he takes you up on the offer, he can unwind a bit by sharing the concerns that have been weighing heavily on his mind.

He will appreciate this and will grow attached to you and miss you dearly when you’re gone. Over time, as he shares with you his challenges and flaws, you can help him to better see his virtues.

Be patient when working to open Virgo up like this. He can be reluctant to share his feelings with others, especially in the early stages of a friendship or romantic relationship. Deep inside, though, he’s sensitive and wants to be appreciated. He will open up if you show consistent, nonjudgemental attention.

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4. Help him get things done

Virgo men are chronic busybodies. They’re usually either working diligently at their job or are preoccupied with one (or many) projects on the home front.

He loves to get things done, but he can wear himself thin in the process. He’ll appreciate you so much (and miss you like crazy when you’re not around) if you can help him get a lot of things done when you spend time together.

Just be ready for some hectic, busy activity and be sure to be focused detail-oriented, because he’s particular and nit-picky (you want him to enjoy your support, not be annoyed by it).

In the least, tidy up after yourself when you’re in his space and go out of your way to make sure his place is spotlessly clean when you have the opportunity. Just don’t try to reorganize anything for him! He likes to keep things in a very specific order.

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5. Help him relax and loosen up

Because he’s a perfectionist and chronic worrier, he tends to be really high-strung. It’s almost impossible for him to enter a completely relaxed state. He has so many concerns and things to improve on that are swirling around in his mind (plus he’s likely been running away from his self-critical emotions for years).

He’s rigid, but he’s drawn to partners who loosen him up. If you can help him chill a bit and see the world through more of a glass-half-full perspective, he’ll cherish you and will miss you intensely when you’re not around.

It helps to try to get him in his body and out of his overactive imagination, where he’s constantly ruminating over hundreds of possible outcomes from the variety of situations in his life.

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Some ways to help him relax:

Get active. He loves exercise and fitness and it’s a great way for him to burn off excess nervous energy.

Go out in nature together. Virgo has an earthy connection to the outdoors, but he sometimes forgets this. Get him into the dirt and into the forest so he can regain perspective. Hiking and camping are great options.

Give him a massage. As an earth sign, he likes to touch and be sensual. It will ground him and make him feel appreciated.

Plan a fun dinner. He’s a foodie and enjoys cooking. Make a healthy, nourishing dish, and enjoy a bottle of wine together.

Go volunteer together. Virgo loves to be of service to the world. Giving back relaxes him and soothes some of his internal pressures.

Inject humor into his life. Virgo’s can take disappointments too seriously and grow preoccupied with their shortcomings. When he’s like this he forgets his fun, playful childlike nature. Remind him of his youthful nature by not taking life so seriously and being light and fun yourself.

Remind him of how great he is. Virgo men are hyper-critical of themselves, yet also want to feel needed and appreciated. He’ll feel a lot of relief if you reassure him of his value and how much you appreciate him. Remind him that he’s a human and that it’s okay not to be perfect. Appeal to his logical side by reminding him that no human is perfect.

Remind him that he’s allowed to take a break every now and then. Virgo’s can get really stressed about their work and projects. If he’s been extra busy and tense as a result, make sure he knows that it’s okay for him to slow down a bit!

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If you can get him to relax he will grow to rely on you and will miss you when you’re not around.

6. Give him abundant space

This is a golden rule when working to get someone to miss you.

You know that saying: absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s true. Your Virgo guy can’t miss you if you’re always around and don’t give him any space to.

So take time apart. Try not to be easily accessible. Let him long for you.  Don’t always respond immediately to his messages. By not leaning into him energetically, always ready to respond, you raise your value and make him wonder what you’re up to. This creates some mystery, which is always a good thing.

Giving him space reassures his introverted side that he will have time and space to be alone if he’s in a relationship with you.

It’s okay to let him wonder what you’re up to occasionally. He doesn’t need to know exactly what you’re doing every second of the day. Leave a little room for mystery.

To do this well, you don’t want to be faking the space you’re creating. You don’t want to just be waiting impatiently until the next time you two talk. You actually want to be busy with your life. It will make you far more intriguing than if you just stayed away purely to create an effect on him.

So put your focus on other things and have your own life going on.

The more time you spend apart, the more you’ll both want to be together. If you give him the space to miss you, he surely will.

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7. Be a little ethereal and mysterious

Virgo men have a soft spot for saintly and maternal women. He loves purity – purity of heart, spirit, and mind. He’ll be attracted to partners who are either highly spiritual, emotional, or artistic.

So work to show a higher octave maternal side. Be dignified, patient, and unconditionally loving to him. Avoid seeming broken up by losses or mistakes. Try to be unflustered by mishaps. Unshakeable and nonjudgemental.

If you can create this kind of saintly, virtuous, calm aura, he’ll be completely magnetized by you and will want you around all the time.

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There you have it. Seven tips to help you make your Virgo guy miss you.

I have a ton more information about the Virgo guy to make him fall completely in love with you in my course on how to attract a Virgo Man.

Do you have any tips of your own to make a Virgo guy miss you?

Let us know below.

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