5 Surefire Ways to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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It’s easy to miss the Sagittarian guy’s happy-go-lucky persona when he’s not around. He’s so lively, enthusiastic and fun.

But making him miss you? That’s another story.

He’s one of the most independent and self-contained signs in the zodiac – so you need some skills if you want to make him miss you when you’re not around.

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But if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Below you’ll find out exactly what you can do to make the Sagittarius man’s attention glued to you. Whether you’re already together or not.

1. Be fun and lighthearted

If you want the Sagittarius man to miss you it’s important that you mirror certain qualities of his when you’re together.

Some important qualities of his to mirror include: being outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous and open-minded.  But the most important quality to mirror is his ability to create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

Sagittarius is the fun-loving child of the zodiac. He wants to be a kid forever and wants every day to be a raucous, playful excursion.

So to make him miss you you should indulge this side of him whenever you can. If you represent fun and good times he will love to be in your company and will miss you when you’re not around.

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2. Understand him intimately and cater to his ego

Everyone is a bit of narcissist. We all enjoy being around people who pay attention to us and build us up. No one can resist a person who understands them and pays them targeted attention.

The more skillful you are at this with the Sagittarian man the more likely he’ll like when you’re around and miss you when you’re not.

So work to understand what he likes, dislikes, and strives for in life so you can cater to him in a very specific way that he’ll love.

Check out my course on attracting a Sagittarian man if you want to learn extensively about how he ticks and ways to appeal to him.

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3. Help him achieve his goals

Once you’ve put in the work to learn all about your Sag man you should have a good idea of what his goals and dreams are in life.

As a Sagittarius, he will no doubt have some big goals that he’s working towards. He’s growth-oriented, ambitious and puts his goals first in life. He’s always struggling to achieve and improve towards something.

So focus on doing what you can to make yourself useful in helping him achieve his goals. If you’re able to insert yourself into his goal process he won’t be able to ignore you and will think about you when you’re away.

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4. Present yourself as a challenge for him to overcome

Being too available is A common mistake that people make when trying to make the Sagittarian man miss them.

“If he knows how much I’m here for him, he will for sure miss me!”

Unfortunately, that’s rarely true.

Sagittarius is the archetypical Conqueror. He’s aggressive, determined and loves to overcome an obstacle. If he doesn’t feel that you’re a challenge – he won’t get those good feelings of accomplishment and, subsequently, won’t prize you.

Yes, I did just lay out a moment ago the importance of making yourself useful to him. And you absolutely do want to show that you’re there for him. You want to prove that you’re worth being in his life, but, at the same time, you don’t want to be too available for him because it will make him grow bored of you (which is the opposite of missing you).

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So make yourself useful, but don’t be too available. You’re a prize, after all, so make him feel compelled and motivated to earn you. Do this well, and he will definitely start to miss you. Much more on this in my course.

5. Eliminate any needy tendencies

This ties in with being a challenge, but it’s worth covering again from this angle.

Don’t be too available – and most importantly never display neediness around the Sagittarius man. This includes jealousy and possessiveness of all kinds. There is no better way to repulse a Sagittarius man than by showing him a strong needy or jealous side.

Not only will it not make him miss you, but it could also make him not want to have any romantic feelings with you at all.

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Instead, when you’re around him you should showcase your freedom, confidence, and adventurousness. Be explorative and ready for anything and he’ll be sure to think about you when you’re gone. You’ll be the first he calls when he’s planning his next excursion.


It can be a challenge to make the Sagittarius man miss you. He’s independent and is often happy to be doing his own thing at his own pace. But he’s still a guy, and predictable to some degree. He longs for attention just like anyone else, so it’s always possible to make him miss you.

Always remember that his biggest fear in relationships is becoming dragged down by his partner. He needs the freedom to be on the go and face any obstacle at any moment. So his partner needs to have the constitution and resolve to do the same.

As long as you provide him with enough pleasant, laid back satisfaction and usefulness, you have a great shot at getting him to think longingly of you as he falls asleep. You can learn how to master this in my course on attracting a Sagittarian man.

What did you think of the points made in this article? Do you have strategies of your own to share? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “5 Surefire Ways to Make a Sagittarius Man Miss You”

  1. Thanks! This hits the spot! I’m a Gemini and madly in love with a Sag! I admit I might not have been the most fun when we were together, this was due to circumstances of my mom dying. I am grateful though that we are friends and he knows he can turn to me, especially now that he’s in a similar state of grief. I appreciate your insights in the Sag psyche! Many thanks.

  2. I am a Capricorn and in a relationship with a Sagittarius man this article was very on point about every aspect of a Capricorn and Sagittarius relationship.

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