5 Clear Signs that a Sagittarius Man is Jealous (& What to Do)

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Sagittarius is one of the least jealous signs in the zodiac. It’s just not really in his makeup. His carefree, freedom-loving, live-and-let-live personality means that jealousy just doesn’t come up that often.

When he does get jealous, it’s not something he enjoys or revels in. Mostly because he’s forced to confront the fact that he’s become dependent and reliant on the affections of another person, which he hates.

While jealous feelings are rare for this man, they do occur from time to time.

Below you can read the most common ways he acts when jealous, plus how you can navigate his jealous emotions.

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5 Signs that a Sagittarius Man is Jealous

Let’s take a look at the important signals he can’t help but give off when jealous.

Starting with…

1. He jokes about it

When a Sagittarian guy starts to feel jealous he probably won’t even recognize it initially. It’s not a trait he likes to see in others, and especially not in himself, so he blocks it out of his awareness.

But you will be able to recognize it in certain ways. His humor, for example.

Sagittarius men rely on humor a lot in life. His charm and light-heartedness endear him as the jokester or jester of the group.

Since he uses humor so much, you’ll likely catch his jealousy show up there first in subtle, casual ways. He might start making jokes or poking fun at you or the target of his jealousy that comes across as mildly passive-aggressive.

Just read between the lines and it shouldn’t be too hard to tell when true feelings come through in his jokes.

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2. He becomes possessive

The Sag man prizes freedom, especially in his personal life and within relationships.

He hates it when partners become possessive over him and prides himself on his live-and-let-live nonchalant attitude in relationships.

Because he’s so averse to possessive emotions, it’s a big deal if he starts acting territorial or overprotective with a lover. You can bet it’s likely stemming from unconscious feelings of jealousy, even if he tries to play it off as protectiveness.

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3. He becomes uncharacteristically irritable

The Sagittarius man is usually the happy-go-lucky guy that’s always ready to cheer his friends up.

He’s quite resilient when it comes to maintaining a good attitude. There aren’t that many things that can knock him off balance and put him in a bad mood.

So, if he’s acting a little irritated, broody, or overall emotional with you then there’s a good chance his feelings are being caused by jealous thoughts swimming through his head.

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4. He gets passive-aggressive

Sagittarius men are rarely passive-aggression. He resents passive aggression when he sees it in others, and will often call it out directly. When angry himself he’ll usually be blunt and direct about it.

But everyone, especially under the spell of jealousy, can act in ways that aren’t typical to their nature.

Even though it’s not his MO, the Sagittarius man (like every person) can fall into passive-aggressive behavior when he starts feeling jealous or possessive over a partner. He does this because he doesn’t really want to admit that he’s jealous. And passive-aggression (sort of) masks his true reason for being upset.

So if you sense him becoming passive-aggressive, know something is likely up.

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5. He gets openly angry

As a fire sign, it’s not too uncommon for an upset Sagittarius man to fall into eruptive bouts of anger. And when he’s overwhelmed by jealous feelings he might erupt about it directly to his partner.

This can be upsetting, but at least his displeasure is open and brings clarity to the situation.

If you want advice on how to soothe your Sagittarian man, I have a lot of tips on how to best navigate his emotional nature in my course on how to attract a Sagittarian man.

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous

If you want to make this guy jealous it’s not going to be easy.

Even if you succeed, you might not get the exact results that you’re looking for.

If you still want to try, my recommendation would be to go out on adventures with other men and share photos or videos so he can see. This triggers two things in the Sag man: his fear of missing out and his innate competitiveness.

If you do succeed in making him jealous, he might want to work to court you again, which would be great.

On the other hand, there’s a good chance he’d the opposite route and decide to move on entirely. He’s pragmatic and might assume that you’ve moved on yourself.

Or, he could become angry and explosive (this man can have a temper). And the resulting fight could cause him to want to end things with you entirely.

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How to Calm his Jealousy

If your Sag man is acting jealous you’ll want to make him remember that he’s acting out of alignment with his natural self. Sagittarius men usually don’t fall into jealous bouts due to their lack of possessiveness.

There’s a chance that by letting him know he will snap right out of it then and there.

If he does have good reason to be jealous, be upfront about it. He hates dishonesty more than infidelity, so be truthful and let him assess the situation from there. He might get mad, but he can also be quite forgiving.

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So try making him jealous if you want, be beware that you’re playing with fire. I have much better advice on making him miss and want you in my course on attracting Sagittarian guys.

What have your experiences been with jealous Sagittarian men? Let us know in the comment section below!

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14 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs that a Sagittarius Man is Jealous (& What to Do)”

  1. I started a new job. He came over to see me after my first day. He asked me, have you met any interesting people at work? I said no not really. Just regular people. Then later it became so did you meet any interesting men at work, again I said no. I have one male direct report named Steve. He’s the instrument guy (I’m lab quality manager). Later he said you sweet on Steve? Well no he’s about a hundred years old. Lol. Then I moved closer and sat at his feet and held him. There is nobody else that I’m interested in, not at work not at home, not anywhere. The only one I’m interested in is you.

    1. Hi Dawn. That’s nice of you to notice his anxiety and reassure him. He’s clearly a bit insecure about commitment. Just keep reassuring him how important he is to you. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Okay so I work with this Sag guy and immediately on his first day I saw him constantly watching me, then when other people would talk to me he would find a way to insert hisself in. Then whenever I would communicate to other guys he would get Very jealous, and I wasn’t quite sure why? You know because Im not his. That has happened on multiple occasions (his jealousy) it’s almost like he’s possessive of me because he likes me. Where is this coming from, what is this, and what does this mean? I think he’s cute, how should I take this is he possessive and crazy or just likes me a lot.

    1. Hi Nadi. This is pretty atypical behavior for a Sagittarius. He certainly has some jealous attachment issues, seeing that he’s being possessive of a crush. I’d guess that he has some Scorpio placements in his personal planets (plenty of Sagittarians have Scorpio Venus and/or Mercury), and/or some other jealousy-provoking placements. I would see it as a bit of a red flag. Possessiveness like that can signal deep insecure patterns. But if you think he’s cute, I wouldn’t entirely steer clear or anything. Just proceed with caution and watch closely how he behaves as more intimacy builds.

  3. Aishwarya Raj Lakshmi

    Me and my Sagittarius guy were best-best friends we used to play together and laugh together as well but then I left and abandoned him by writing a letter saying let’s never meet each other ever in our life but now he found me and said your game of rat and cat ends here and clapped
    I was so ashamed we r just friends now and now he texts me and reply to me by emojis is he still angry or flirting with me??
    I mean my boyfriend is Capricorn who is also my Sagittarius best friend s friend
    My Sagittarius friend told me before not to talk about him but I didn’t lessened now he is
    he uses this emojis too much ??✋??????????
    He only replies to me by emojis and only texts me emojis now

    Why is he treating me like this??
    What is his intention??
    What can I do??
    Is he jealous??
    He knows that I’m girlfriend of his best friend who is Capricorn
    What is his intention??

  4. Well, me and my Sagittarius friend were actually playing a video game, and this girl started to help us out in the game. I was being really nice to her for helping me out but he became jealous that I didn’t care about his feeling and that I was leaving him out. I don’t know why he thought I liked the girl because I myself am a girl, and there’s nothing bad with girls liking girls, but I like boys. He later changed his attitude and was more aggressive and cold and I knew I did something wrong. I talked to him and asked him what I did and at first he didn’t want to tell me, but I later on I kept telling him that he’s very important to me and that I don’t want to lose him, and that’s when he opened up, telling me how he felt and what I did. I’ve never been involved in a situation like this so I was very scared that I wasn’t trying to hard and that I was going to lose him, but it ended up in good terms. He started talking to me in the nice, kind, sweet attitude again, and he said that that when he’s ever mad again, he’ll come and talk to me first. I’m just very glad that we’re still friends and that we understand each other more.

  5. If a Sagittarius man rarely commits, what’s the point of dating them? Especially if you’re older (such as in your early 40’s). I’m looking for a partner to share my life with, not a casual sex, travel, or having fun buddy. However, I met this amazing Sagittarius man and I really like him and it seems he likes me even more than I like him, at this point. We have a lot in common. He’s a Sagittarius with a Libra Moon, Scorpio Ascendent. I’m a Capricorn, Scorpio Moon, Aries Ascendent.

    What’s a girl to do?? Lol.

  6. My Sag and I had a heated argument one night. He packed his things and walked out of my life. Four months later he showed up at my doorstep wanting to rekindle but I refused and continue with my life. He stayed in touch for three more months. I missed him so much, these pass 7 months. I decide to give love a try again. He told me he didn’t like the idea I was dating other men and asking very personal questions about them. I had no idea he’s a jealous man. I told him, you abandoned me. I called and texted you a few times after you left, you didn’t respond. I started living again. Knowing this side of his personality, I don’t know if I want to this relationship.

  7. My sag guy is older than me but he’s always broody and irritated , and I don’t know why, he’s always scolding me I’m assuming that he doesn’t love me .

  8. My sag bf is awkward I don’t understand him at times, we started relationship last week and we already good friends, he us careless, free spirit, lazy, honest, 2 straightforward with words, even if the word hurts u it’s none if his business, he likes his freedom and e st time he uses the word give me space or s break, am Pisces and am like whatever u gave to me i will return it to u we are cat and mouse in friendship and relationship. I went our with my friends yesterday I did not tell him about it he became angry mix with laughter he concluded that I was with a guy I assure him that am not, we were debating that on phone he almost kill my ba3 phone lols when ever I call him he won’t pick up but once he call me I pick till yesterday I did not pick 2 times and later pick the 3ed one lols he even gave me the time to come back, but still I did not sleep he kept on saying it and not only that he always call my male friend name on any discussion we had I just told him continue tho I already no how to follow him Bec being a Pisces it’s easy to read people and no what to say the right time

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