5 Clear Signs that a Sagittarius Man is Jealous

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Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

Hi, I'm the resident astrologer on the site. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any questions or insights of your own let us know in the comments

Sagittarius men aren’t known for being jealous. It’s not really in line with his freedom-loving, carefree nature, so it doesn’t happen that often.

When it does, he never enjoys it, or revels in it, because he’s forced to confront the fact that he’s become dependent and reliant on the affections of another, which is something he hates to admit.

So while it’s rare, it does happen. Below you can read the most common ways he acts when jealous, plus a little bit on how to navigate a Sag’s jealous emotions.

Signs that a Sagittarius Man is Jealous

1.) He jokes about it

Sagittarius men rely on humor a lot in their life. Their charm and natural light-heartedness play well with being the jokester or jester.

When he’s in the initial phases of jealousy he probably won’t even recognize it, seeing as it’s not a trait he likes to see in others, and especially not in himself.  So his jealousy will likely come out in a subtle, casual way – which means probably by making jokes or poking fun at you.

If you’re at all capable of reading between the lines, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell if his true feelings are coming through in his jokes.

2.) He gets possessive

The Sag man prizes freedom, especially his personal freedom. He hates it when partners become possessive over him, and prides himself on his live-and-let-live nonchalant attitude in relationships.

Because he is so averse to possessive emotions, it’s a big deal if he starts acting territorial or overprotective with a lover, and it likely stems from (or isn’t too far off from) some feelings of jealousy.

3.) He gets uncharacteristically irritable

He’s usually the happy-go-lucky guy that is always ready to cheer his friends up.

He’s quite resilient, and there aren’t too many things that can knock him off balance and put him in a bad mood.

So if he’s acting a little irritated, broody, or overall emotional around you then there’s a chance his feelings are due to intrusive thoughts of jealousy swimming through his head.

4.) He gets passive-aggressive

Sagittarius is not a sign of passive-aggression. He resents it in others when he sees it, even calling it out often with his blunt critiques.

But everyone, under the spell of jealousy, acts in ways that they don’t typically like to. Even though he dislikes it, the Sagittarius man (like every many) can fall into passive-aggressive behavior when he perceives the need to feel jealous about a partner.

5.) He becomes openly angry

As a fire sign, it’s not too uncommon to see an upset Sagittarius man fall into bouts of anger. If he’s truly bothered by jealous feelings, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him erupt about it directly to a partner since he prefers to be blunt and straight up with people.

How to Make a Sagittarius Man Jealous

If you’re wanting to make him jealous, it’s not going to be super easy. And even if you succeed, you might not get the exact results that you’re looking for.

My recommendation would be to go out on adventures with other men and share photos or videos so he can see.

This triggers two things in the Sag: his FOMO and innate competitiveness.

If you do succeed in making him jealous he might work to court you again, which would be great.

But he could also assume you’ve moved on and lose even more interest in you, or he could get angry and explosive (this man can have a temper). A resulting fight could cause him to become even more disillusioned with you.

So give it a shot if you want, be beware you’re playing with fire.

How to Calm his Jealousy

Sagittarius men usually don’t fall into jealousy because they aren’t that possessive, and prize freedom above all else.

So if your Sag man is acting jealous you’ll want to make him remember that he’s acting out of alignment with his natural self. There’s a chance that by letting him know he will snap out of it right then and there.

If he does have reason to be jealous, let him know. He hates dishonesty more than infidelity, so be truthful and let him assess the situation from there. He might get mad, but he can also be quite forgiving.


What have your experiences been with jealous Sagittarian men? Let us know in the comment section below.

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