5 Potent Tips to Make a Libra Man Miss You like Crazy

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It’s a terrible feeling to desire someone’s love and attention and not feel it reciprocated.

Building someone’s attraction for you is rarely easy. And the indecisive Libra man can be a hard guy to catch.

If you’re trying to catch more attention from a Libra man and get him to miss you, then you’re in the right place.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a new flame or a past lover, the tips in this article will appeal directly to his attraction buttons and get him feeling the love for you that you crave.

Read on to learn exactly what to do next to get your Libra guy missing you.

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1. Make your life as beautiful and harmonious as possible

Libra guys may be indecisive much of the time, but he is clear about what constitutes an ideal partner.

He’s after a graceful woman who embodies beauty, truth, and justice. He wants to be captivated by her luminosity, awestruck by her integrity, and hypnotized by her sense of balance.

So, if you want to get him to miss you, play up your natural beauty and most-inspired feminine qualities. 

Come across as the well-balanced maiden that he’s always dreamed of. Emphasize your sweet side and most angelic qualities, but also keep edge. He doesn’t want a pushover in a partner, he prefers to be with someone who has good judgment and calls things as they see it. 

Remember, Libra is romantic in the deepest sense of the world. He wants to admire a woman, even pedastalize them. To get him missing you and daydreaming about you, you want to slot yourself into his romantic ideals. He craves beauty and elegant femininity, so be that for him. The more saintly and angelic you can be, the better.

Functionally, this looks like:

  • Being kind to all. Don’t be rude or indifferent to anyone. Have compassion for all people and animals, no matter their situation.
  • Being enthralled by the grandest romantic ideals. You want him to feel like you share his magical ideations of love. That you want to feel the beauty of a simple and true union.
  • That you embrace higher ideals. Libra doesn’t want to be with someone who’s hyper-practical or carries the heaviness of the world on her back. He wants to be able to embrace his dreams and feel good about appreciating the finer things in life without feeling judged. Warmth abounds in his life, and he yearns for someone to share with him the pleasures of stopping to smell all of the roses.

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2. Make your appearance as refined as possible

Like any man, Libra appreciates some edge to his woman. But, ultimately he craves balance more than anything.

Appearances are important to his sign, and a woman with poor manners or hygiene will certainly cause him displeasure. 

Play up your most directly attractive features while also maintaining a calm and serene composure. Speak softly and discriminatingly, and never be tactless or attention-hungry. Classic always appeals to the libra man, so try to avoid any look that is too bright, flashy, or revealing.

3. Be an enviable socialite

Libra is a highly social air sign that flourishes with abundant human interaction.

He is drawn to women who can match, if not exceed, his social abilities. If you’re naturally good at dealing with people and can talk to just about anyone, you’ll already jump out to him in a big way.

If this isn’t a skill you’re accomplished at, it’s good to brush up on your social skills, especially your conversational prowess.

Libra men are intellectuals at heart, and a person who can keep up with him in conversation greatly appeals to his senses. This is doubly the case when he meets a woman who shares his taste in music, books, and art. Or, in the least, is open and curious about his interests.

If you can’t show him any social or conversational competence, his interest in you won’t develop very far. For a lasting relationship, it is essential for this man to find a mate who he can comfortably share hosting duties and make frequent appearances at local social occasions.

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4. Make him feel appreciated and impactful

To get the Libra guy missing you, kill him with kindness. It’s important for Librans in friendship & romantic relationships to feel valued and appreciated for all they do.

The sweeter you act around him, the more he’ll want to be around you and absorb your energy. You don’t have to hold back with showing this guy how much you care. This guy likes old-fashioned swooning romanticism. Just don’t be needy about it.

Whatever sentiments you share with him, make them known. These men are drawn to find partners with similar values to themselves. 

This guy loves to talk, so soak in his philosophical pontifications whenever you can and echo back what you’ve heard with well-thought-out questions sprinkled in. He absolutely loves people who listen well and actively engage in conversation with him.

Work to be his muse. Give him the praise he needs to solidify you as an inspiration for his art or passion projects. 

If you get in disagreements with him, avoid arguments at all costs. Keep things balanced and calm, and really hear him out. If you can successfully resolve conflicts with him through patient discourse and kindness, you’ll really pop out to him with romantic potential.

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5. Don’t rush or pressure him into a commitment

Yes, he loves to love and wants a partner who’s just as enthusiastic as he is. But he’s also a frequently slow-moving and indecisive guy who doesn’t like to feel forced into making decisions.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Libra will usually go through an extended evaluation period. He doesn’t enter relationships lightly, and he needs to be sure that he’s weighed all potential options and pitfalls before he dives in wholeheartedly. 

Even if he’s infatuated with you deep down, he needs to see if it will ripen into true love.

If you try to rush him or act dramatically in any way, he’ll be immediately put off. Don’t remind him how much you miss him or are wondering if he misses you. It throws him off.

If you want him to know how much you care, drop subtle hints. You can send little messages or give him other reminders that you’re there. But be very careful! This can backfire easily. If you send off any signals of neediness, it will put him off. 

Don’t forget to lead a full life outside of your interest in him, too. You don’t want to seem too available when you’re with him and when you’re apart. Focus on other people and other activities just like you would normally in your life. He wants a woman who’s drawn to a deep, loving relationship, but also values herself and her own journey in life deeply.

And definitely don’t play games with him. He will see through them and likely lose any budding interest he has in you for good.

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There you have it, five tips to get a Libra man missing you. Succeed with these signals, and he’ll be sure to start missing you and ruminating over your romantic potential together.

What did you think of the recommendations in this list? Did we miss any important considerations to getting a Libran man to miss you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I’ve recently begun a relationship with a, well an apparently absolutely typical Libran male! I am all fire, sun in Aries, moon in Leo (Virgo ascendant which is my saving appearance of grace!).
    It seems that the stars have aligned… we are the five points above. I chose to be these, to not cling like a baby koala, to follow my respect of him and not argue but listen… and reading this has made me determined to be conscious and aware and be strong enough to not pull at him, while aching to call him every five mins and tell him I love him… So, thank you very much indeed for the confirmation. I do need restraining, fairly often.

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