The Taurus Man in Bed: 9 Things to Know About His Sexual Side

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  • Sign: Taurus
  • Dates: April 21 – May 21
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Planetary principle: Production
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Quality: Feminine

Settle in for a comprehensive dissection of the Taurus man’s sexual nature. This is the most in-depth article you’ll find online about the Taurus man’s sex life!

Let’s dive in.

1. How important is sex for a Taurus man?

Sex is undoubtedly an essential part of life for the Taurus guy. He loves it and needs it. But he can also go for long stretches without it when he doesn’t have the right partner on hand.

Part of the reason for his earnest desire for sex comes from his love of women and his passion for raw, earthy sensuality. Venus rules him, and the scent or sight of an elegant woman is all it takes to turn his mind to sexual thoughts.

If the right opportunity presents itself, he could happily have sex every day of the week. Partnered Taurus guys usually settle on 4-5 days out of the week.

Single Taurus men don’t have a set time frame for having sex with a new mate. It could happen on the first date or within several months. He’s one of the more patient men in the zodiac. Still, physical expressions of intimacy are central to his style of connection, so sex often happens sooner than later in his relationships, so long as there’s comfort and trust.

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2. How long do Taurus men like sex to last?

Usually, quite long. Patience is his sexual virtue, and quickies hardly satisfy him. He prefers the occasion to feel more like a lavish, seven-course meal. These guys like to take their time with virtually everything they do. It’s rare to find a Taurus who’s in a rush to finish the act.

Sex that lasts about an hour is usually right up his alley. But 2+ hour sexcapades accompanied by 30+ minute foreplay sessions also pique this guy’s interest. He won’t turn down a quickie, but he won’t find it particularly satisfying. 

Rushing him in bed is rarely a good plan of action. He’s a slow, meditative lover. He wants to sink into a space of immersive sensuality in a way that only marathon sex sessions can provide.

He loves to tease, roll around and explore bodies, and become awash in sensual stimulation. While he can certainly live up to his symbol, the bull, he tends to be on the slower, sleepy side of sexual expression. What he lacks in variety (more on that later), he makes up for in endurance.

Taurus men usually aren’t premature ejaculators; instead, they can have the opposite problem of erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation. And it’s not always due to impotence, but just a symptom of his high threshold for stimulation. It takes some time to warm this man up.

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3. Are Taurus men comfortable initiating sexual activities?

He may be highly sexual, but Taurus men are not your typical predatory animal. He’s the strong silent type, and passivity marks his style of sexual pursuit. He signals his readiness and expects the woman to do the prerequisite pouncing. He plays the patient, aloof sex object – which woos women into jumping his bones. 

As such, most of the time, a Taurus man falls into a sexual tryst; the pattern is him seemingly being seduced into it.

He’s usually well aware of what’s happening. It’s not that he’s manipulative or cunning; he finds it simpler to use his natural appeal to attract her. Taurus men are simply fond of finding the easy route in such matters.

When he’s truly at ease and the moment is right, he’s often comfortable initiating the sexual act itself. He does this slowly and cautiously. Taurean men can have more insecurities than their quiet confidence lets on. Some genuinely are pretty shy and struggle with fears of rejection.

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4. Are Taurus men typically into casual sex?

Taurus men will often enjoy having sex with one or more partners when they’re not in a relationship. Having other people desire him also gives him an exquisite sense of satisfaction. These guys love women and feminity and have a large capacity for feminine presence in their life.

Safety is paramount for Taurus men, though. They are security-minded and usually a bit more cautious than other males in the zodiac. He prefers the comfort, control, and familiarity of having sex with someone he knows. So one night stands aren’t huge on their list of sexual desires.

There’s certainly a distinction between how he shows up for hook-ups and his deeper relationships. Even though he’s very physically focused sex-wise, he’s still a highly romantic man, and sex has a profoundly emotional appeal to him. He remains pretty detached with casual flings. And only serious partners get that out of him.

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5. How well do Taurus men communicate their sexual needs?

Taurus guys are decent at communicating sexually. Typically more so than his words. They’re very touch-focused, so you can learn a lot from them through their body movements and hand gesturing.

A lot of Taurus guys do struggle with being silent. When they are vocal, it’s usually subdued: whispering, not yelling. But the less inhibited ones will make a lot of sounds, which indicate their pleasure.

Ultimately, expect him to ask and direct primarily through touch. 

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6. Are Taurus men usually vanilla or more adventurous in bed?

On a scale of 1-10 (vanilla to full-on kinky), Taurus men usually fall somewhere around 6-7.

They’re strong and enjoy athletic lovemaking (once you get them warmed up). But they’re usually more consistent than experimental. They oscillate between two primary flavors: slow and sensual and full-on Bull thrusting.

A quiet, cozy setting with oils and candlelight usually tops their lists of fantasies, as does some quaint, outdoor, picnic-style scenario.

They’re very tactile and oral. Oral sex is big for Taurus men and a key component of foreplay. They love to give and receive it (they’re usually excellent at cunnilingus). They love deep kissing and highly sensual touch. Exploring with hands and tongues is ecstasy for them.

BDSM can have some appeal for Taurus. Lighter bondage (collars, restraints) and teasing usually tickle his fancy. They’re usually on the dominant end but are often comfortable dropping into a submissive role from time to time. He might not introduce too much in the way of kinks, but he’ll usually be open if presented to him.

Sex toys and gadgetry aren’t usually big for Taurus men. He’ll more likely enjoy introducing food to the bedroom than toys. He may find sex toys pleasurable, but they usually won’t hold his interest. He’s much more earthy and skin to skin in his approach to sex. He’s more of a sensualist than an eroticist. 

Above all, he loves watching his partner during sex. He loves to see how much he gets her off. Her enjoyment and climaxes greatly excite him.

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7. What qualities in a partner are major sexual turn-ons for a Taurus man?

Looks. Looks are critical, as Taurus is a highly physical sign. Natural beauty appeals to his earthy aesthetic. Hygiene and cleanliness are essential. A sweet smile, openness, friendliness, and physical attributes like weight are also important to him. He’s turned on by a partner that takes care of herself. 

Confidence. Taurus is the sign of self-esteem, and a good deal of it in a partner is necessary to turn him on. A self-possessed and assured woman arouses him. Neediness and insecurity don’t excite him at all. Security and stability are aphrodisiacs to him, and he wants a partner with a tremendous inner strength that won’t crumble from life’s challenges.

Authentic femininity. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which makes him turned on and tuned in to feminine energy more than most men. A confident, intelligent, and submissive feminine spirit lights him up. Crassness and prissiness put him off. Superficiality repels him. Any artificial behavior gives Taurus the sense that sex will be efficient and tidy, which is a Taurus turn-off.

Devotion energy. Taurus’s energy is very devoted, and he likes to see that reflected in his sexual partners. He’s turned on by a woman that focuses her attention on him in a way that garners a strong connection. Insensitivity, wishy-washiness, and a ‘who cares’ attitude send him running.

A keen ability to activate his senses. Taurus men are slaves to their senses. He loves to see, touch, taste, and smell. This is especially true in the bedroom. He loves the natural scent and musk of a woman (so long as she follows general hygiene etiquette). He loves food and wine, especially before sex. He loves his whole body to be stroked, adored, and pampered. Nice-feeling skin and fabrics are essential. Sweet perfumes, with tastes like vanilla and tobacco, really get him going. 

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8. How important is the environment for sex with the Taurus man?

The atmosphere is pretty important to these guys. Outdoor sex grounds him and appeals to his earthy sensitivities. Lush settings will heighten his trysts substantially. 

Attention to decor and ambiance goes a long way with him. Candlelight is always a guaranteed win with him. Dinner, a bath, and good music get him hook, line and sinker. Comfort is essential, above all. 

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9. Are Taurus men big on cuddling and sexual after-care?

Absolutely. Taurus is very touchy-feely. They love to stay home, relax, and cuddle after sex. Showering together, watching a movie, or playing a game before bed is his idea of perfect after-sex care.

If you like to stay bodies entwined after sex and enjoy some loving, intimate pillow talk – then he might be your guy. 

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So, how do you feel about Taurus guys after reading this? Is his unhurried pace exciting enough for you? Do you have experiences of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “The Taurus Man in Bed: 9 Things to Know About His Sexual Side”

  1. Well that was very helpful thank you for this article on tauraus sexual side I was very comfortable in reading it the reason I read it is because I have a soulmate and he is a tauraus and so I wanted to know I geuss about this it feels very interesting to me thanks and by.Also one last thing to add in I am a Capricorn so yeah it really is a blessing having him a strong tall handsome taurus in my life ok by now.

  2. I’m a Taurus and usually pretty sceptical about astrology stuff. I read out of curiosity and I will be honest from my perspective as a Taurus male that was pretty much spot on. well done 👍

  3. I agree with the prior comment. I’m a mid-aged Taurus man who knows myself and what I like very well. The description above is very much spot on for a Taurus man. Great work

  4. Very Correct,I feel comfortable reading this great job👍🏼. …..I really have a crush on this Taurus guy and I am Virgo,…Thanks once again for this wonderful tips 😚

  5. Some of this is very spot on for me and my Taurus. I pretty much checked off all the things me and my Taurus loves to do with each other. We are very sensual but yet erotic at times which is a interesting and a balance for us. I love to romance him sexually lol more like seducing him. I get so aroused seeing him eat my home cooked meals, his scent, the way he sounds sexually it’s something about that man thats get my blood rushing in places that I love so much! I love the way he taste man the list goes on and he have no need to be insecure around me because I chose him every time! The man is literally a walking piece of art lol. I do my best to make sure he is satisfied in bed especially since he takes great care of me and our children and can’t no one take that from us! When I hear him moam my name and those eyes roll back I know I got him and he’s hooked on me. I’m a Virgo w Scorpio rising and Cancer moon. He’s literally heaven sent and I’m the full package every thing he could possibly want and need in a woman I provide to him. Oh and I’m one of Virgos that practice good hygiene while still enjoy my Taurus to enjoy my scent and everything about me without over doing it or making him run away. I love that he adores me and stay close to me

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