9 Clear Signs That A Capricorn Man Likes You (Is he Into You?)

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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So you’re crushing on a Capricorn guy, but are the feelings mutual?

Capricorn men don’t express that much and can be surprisingly shy and slow in romance. This makes them hard to gauge and the courtship process tends to be confusing.

But Capricorn men do give off signals of attraction – you just have to be observant and know what to look for.

So pay close attention to the information in this article. By the end, you’ll likely know if your Capricorn guy is into you or not.

1. His eyes have been locking in on you

Capricorn men are very ambitious in all aspects of life. When they have a crush, they will focus on them with unflinching determination. A Capricorn man who likes you will study you as much as he can to better understand if you are worth his time and energy.

Initially, he will study you with his eyes. His eyes will linger on you. He’ll sneak glances at you when you’re not looking (or he thinks you aren’t).

He’ll also meet your eyes. Eye contact is one of the most consistent signs of attraction out there. When you meet eyes, he might hold your eye contacts with a steady, contemplative gaze. He might hold it until you look away, signalling his masculine energy to you. A more shy Capricorn with a crush will look away from you quickly when your eyes lock.

No matter his reaction, the important thing is that you sense his reaction. The stronger his response to you (either by holding eye contact or dodging it), the more you’re affecting his emotions. A high emotional response signals interest.

2. He regularly initiates conversations with you

Capricorn men are unlikely to take the brazenly flirtatious approach with a crush. They prefer a slow and steady method and will do this by gently engaging you in conversation.

He’ll find ways to talk to you. He’ll make sure that you have ample discussion topics and that there isn’t a lull in your conversations. If you pay close attention, you’ll likely be able to sense that he’s working hard to ensure your conversations are flowing well.

He’ll also reach out over text or by phone calls. He might make sure that your conversations feel a little bit cold or formal. But don’t let that through you off. If he’s taking the time to reach out like this and maintain small talk, it means he’s really drawn to you and wants to open up more with you

3. He compliments you frequently

Capricorn men with a crush tend to dole out compliments regularly. He’ll compliment your looks, your personality, and your talents.

He might comment on a particular item of clothing you’re wearing, your hair, or just overall express you good you’re looking. He might compliment the way you speak, your intellect, or your capableness.

The more he compliments your non-physical aspects, the more you can assume that his attraction for you runs deeper than surface-level interest.

4. His body language and facial expressions signal heightened interest

A Capricorn that’s into you will smile at you often. His smile will be genuine and you can feel that he’s making sure that you feel his warmth. It won’t be a fake, socially expected smile. It will be real and organic.

He’ll also angle his body in your direction. It’s a natural habit for him to adjust his body to face what interests him. If that something is you, expect him to position his torso, legs, feet, head, etc in your direction.

Another clear sign that your Capricorn man is attracted to you: he’s mirroring your movements and body language. You might shift to one side, and he mirrors the same movement. This shows that he’s highly tuned into you and is subconsciously matching your posture and energy because he wants to connect.

If your Capricorn is particularly stoic and reserved with his body language, you can try to give him a jolt by mentioning another man that you might have an interest in. Perhaps you mention that you were asked on a date.

Pay close attention to what your Capricorn does. If he likes you, he won’t help himself from having some sort of reaction to your statement. It might only be a micro-scowl on his face that lasts for a second or two, so pay close attention.

5. He’s been getting closer and closer to you physically

A Capricorn man with a crush on you will eventually work to get physically close to you. He’ll enter your personal bubble of space, and the distance between you will get narrower and narrower.

He might find innocent reasons to get closer to you, like standing or sitting by you when there’s room to stand elsewhere. And when he is close, he’ll get even closer – even brushing up against you.

He might also lean towards you when you talk. Try talking a bit lower to him so that he has to lean in towards you, does he linger there even after you’ve started talking louder?

6. He’s respectful and shows genuine interest in you as a person

Capricorns are busy guys who are particular and choosy. They don’t like to waste time on people that they deem unworthy of their energy.

If your Capricorn guy is showing a strong interest in all aspects of your personality and life that’s a big sign that he’s committed to opening up energetically with you.

He might use your name a lot in conversation, ask a ton of questions about you, remember all the details of what you share with him, give you use undivided attention (no phone use), etc.

It’s a big sign of attraction if he’s taking a strong interest in things that you like. And an even bigger sign if he’s confiding in you emotionally. That’s a huge level of interest and trust that signals high interest.

8. He goes out of his way to touch you

Touch is a clear indicator of interest and an effective way to grow attraction between two people. The calculating Capricorn man knows this and will touch you to build your interest in him.

If he likes you, you can expect him to casually or “accidentally” touch you, perhaps he brushes your shoulder or body. Maybe he finds an excuse to touch your hand. He might be more obvious by resting his hands on you, offering you a massage, or hugging you whenever the opportunity arises.

That arm wrestling contest he coerced you into? Yeah, that’s a way for him to initiate touching you, as well. He might also playfully punch your arm, wrap you up in his arms, or poke and prod at you. This is an open invitation to playfully fight back.

Any physical touch like what’s mentioned above is a clear sign of interest – unless he touches all of the women in his social life like that (more on that later). But remember, Capricorn men won’t touch a woman who they dislike or lack interest in. It’s not worth it for him to give off the wrong impression if he’s not interested.

You can always test his level of interest by touching him and seeing how he responds. If he reacts strongly – and especially if he touches back – then he likes you.

9. He creates opportunities to spend time with you

Time is precious to Capricorn men. They are hardworking and highly ambitious men. They know their value and schedule their time well.

Because of this, it’s a huge indicator of his interest when he works you into his schedule and tries to spend a lot of time with you.

He might initiate texting or phone conversations to set plans to meet in person. This shows that you’re on his mind and that he wants to bridge the gap between you. He won’t reach out like this if he doesn’t like you.

He might offer to help you with something. These guys love to show how useful they can be to a potential partner.

If he starts to include you in his daily plans, he is absolutely into you!

7. He treats you differently than he does other women

This is the most important aspect of the article. None of the above signals of interest matter if your Capricorn guy is highly social and affectionate with all of the women in his life.

If he acts in the above ways with everyone, then you’ll likely misinterpret his actions for attraction.

But, if he’s only treating you in these ways – only touching you, only talking you up, only trying to make plans with you, then he’s clearly chosen you as a romantic interest.

Here are some signs that he likes you and is treating you differently than other women:

  • He’s going out of his way to offer to help you, but not offering the same to other women
  • He’s paying far more attention to you than to his other female friends
  • He acts enthusiastic, teasing, or nervous around you, but not with other women
  • He laughs at your jokes and humor in an outsized way but doesn’t engage so much with other women’s humor
  • He shows off or performs around you, but not around other women

There are many other ways that he might act differently around you if you’re his crush. Just be on the lookout for how he acts with you and with other people.


Those are the main ways he’ll signal his interest. There are a couple of other signs-  like he might act jealous or possessive over you (these guys can fall hard) – but mostly everything has been covered.

If you’re only seeing one or two of these signs, be patient. Capricorns tend to hold back and slowly reveal their feelings.

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